Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)


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  • dollove
    dollove 5 months ago +19716

    Me: everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat! ITS NOT A DRILL
    *Turns off music and TV*
    Me: New Episode Of Game Theory!!!!
    *I SWEAR* This is me literaly everytime I get the notification😂 its actually pretty fun to do.
    My guess is.......23? 20? Something around there.😒 pretty sure its going to be something with no sense that will blow our minds o.O
    BTW matpat I really want to know spongebob's age since he goes to work, is in a driving school but he acts like an 8 year old or something 😕

    • Omit
      Omit 27 days ago +1

      Who is ronnie

    • Straight Busta
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    • Alpha Bangoura
      Alpha Bangoura Month ago

      Spongebob is 32 years old. He was born in 1986. It says it on his drivers licensence. Spelled wrong. Oof

    • David Smith
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    • Saint Sinner
      Saint Sinner Month ago

      Exactly what happens when my phone's battery is depleting...

  • Joseph Catanzarit
    Joseph Catanzarit 3 minutes ago

    Worst prank ever (school starting on 1-4 (for Japanese people)

  • A Huge Nerd
    A Huge Nerd 2 hours ago

    my guess is 18

  • XOTIC Kitten
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  • BeanBean
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  • Marie Thomson
    Marie Thomson Day ago

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  • Coxy
    Coxy Day ago

    Starts at 10 years 10 months and 10 days

  • Toan Tran
    Toan Tran Day ago

    May is 10... and her uhh body part is umm. How do I say it... a little bit bigger than what a 10 year old should have...

  • Dominga Ceballos
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  • Ryan Eblen
    Ryan Eblen 3 days ago +1

    He gonna be 25

  • The Star_Knight 18
    The Star_Knight 18 3 days ago +1

    I think ahs's age by 2017 is 26 years old

  • The Derp Boi 666
    The Derp Boi 666 4 days ago +1

    Ash is 31

  • Zani XY
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  • N'Kae Nelson
    N'Kae Nelson 5 days ago

    Ash is 21 years and a half

  • Tan Man
    Tan Man 5 days ago

    Professer birch and oak, lol.

  • dork on the left lane

    May was 10....

    And looked like that?

  • Triforce Of Gaming
    Triforce Of Gaming 5 days ago

    I prefer Ash x Serena, but that’s just me.

  • Auriansmule
    Auriansmule 6 days ago

    I basically ship him with everyone BUT Misty

  • CliffordCoolplays
    CliffordCoolplays 6 days ago

    Yo could you do how strong ashs Pikachu is cuz his thunderbolt is really strong

  • Amelia Jaekle
    Amelia Jaekle 7 days ago

    Why didn't Ash turn Pikachu into a Raichu?

  • SlashPaw 32
    SlashPaw 32 7 days ago

    Lol my birthday is may 22 ... And I'm 11 :0

  • Adiel sadai Ochoa
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  • Jubilee Gonzalez
    Jubilee Gonzalez 7 days ago

    I have all those starter pokemon stuffed animals 😩😩😩

  • breetoldyouso
    breetoldyouso 8 days ago

    I know this was posted a few months ago but on record I'm guessing he's 17 before I watch part 2

  • ya boy cesar vlogs 22


  • MarvelFan.IMissYou Stan

    The MatPatting

  • Alpha Gamer
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  • Iñaki Espiritu
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  • Sandy DeHaven
    Sandy DeHaven 9 days ago

    20 years old

  • Aga Volm
    Aga Volm 9 days ago

    So many cool things in this episode! And you aren't even FINISHED?! ... Actually not surprised. I know WHY he hasn't aged, or at least the 'theory' thereof, but you likely missed it. It was all the way back in the PILOT EPISODE, at the end! I hope you noticed it, too; I'm looking forward to seeing the rest ;) All this in just a few hours, pretty impressive. Never would have guessed the bananas ;P

  • Maya Montgomery
    Maya Montgomery 10 days ago +1

    Ash has alot of shows and movies.So i'm gonna guess hes this old : 82

  • 1-800-MUKETRASH
    1-800-MUKETRASH 10 days ago

    *As our misty replacement may*

  • Jared Spurgeon
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  • Gardin 0
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  • Shameem Kawsar
    Shameem Kawsar 10 days ago

    If you did not know the ash in red and blue’s name is red ash is the anime character red is the game character

  • Sky Ramirez
    Sky Ramirez 10 days ago +1

    No I ship Ash and Serena

  • Jacobo Ospina
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  • Ethan Long
    Ethan Long 11 days ago

    My guess is 19 years 6 months and 8 days

  • GlennTehGamer _
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  • Yendary Sama
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  • JillClaireX
    JillClaireX 11 days ago

    His age is 20 by sun an moon I think

  • Junmo
    Junmo 11 days ago

    21 years old

  • Rain Muur
    Rain Muur 11 days ago +2

    No you ship him with serena

  • Unthinkable TDM
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  • Patpico Dominguez
    Patpico Dominguez 11 days ago

    I agree with 21 but with Alola he goes to school and has a crush on a bunch of minors 🤔🤔 omg he's a-- (Blocked by TVclip)

  • lilipono
    lilipono 11 days ago

    what if the reason ash wears a hat is because he has a bald spot.

    MONSTER SMASHER1A 11 days ago


  • MentalMania
    MentalMania 12 days ago

    The day ash turns 11 is the day when the world ends

  • Error
    Error 12 days ago +1

    Idk 18?

  • slurpman
    slurpman 12 days ago

    twenty one

  • Trick shot Pigs
    Trick shot Pigs 12 days ago

    You forgot about red

  • Trick shot Pigs
    Trick shot Pigs 12 days ago

    How many years can you be ten Ash

  • SpiderTopher Racer1
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  • TerraDagon 2
    TerraDagon 2 12 days ago

    all the build up in the beginning just so he could make a puberty joke, classic mat-pat

  • LuckySpiral
    LuckySpiral 12 days ago

    Im not sure if you pronounced buddhist right.....

  • XXXloveisrealXXX _cool


  • Jenova Izq
    Jenova Izq 12 days ago +1

    Awesome video man you made me subscribe.

  • some guy
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  • UniNova Star
    UniNova Star 12 days ago

    I think Ash is gonna be like 20 years old till Pokèmon Aloha then, he is probably 21. Idk, it’s just a theory.

  • Dana
    Dana 12 days ago

    i guess he would be 24

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 12 days ago

    Out context, go to your friend and show 0:45

  • Lil Nali
    Lil Nali 12 days ago

    I think 24?

  • Rebecca Kelly
    Rebecca Kelly 12 days ago

    7:41what the heck

  • Tim Nguyen
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  • mashall me
    mashall me 13 days ago

    I feel sorry for you cause it takes a lot of time to make your vids hope u get trillions of subs.

  • PokemonFan1986
    PokemonFan1986 13 days ago

    Ash is actually almost 21 years old. Up to the Diamond and Pearl series he reached 18 years old but The Pokemon International Company didn't like that so they reset him to 10 years again in Best Wishes/Black and White. The only problem with that is all his old friends and people he knew from before kept their ages and memories from before Ash's reset and Ash also has his memories from before (mostly), so while he is about 12 now instead of almost 21 years, people like Jessie and James are still aging. You would think they will notice this error, find it weird, and try and fix it, but no, let us let it run it's course and cause awkward moments in the anime.

  • Hungree Snorlax
    Hungree Snorlax 13 days ago

    I heard my name UwU

  • PokemonFan1986
    PokemonFan1986 13 days ago

    To get his real age, shouldn't we just get his age from the diamond and pearl series as he aged up to that series (18 years) and add all the time from the series afterwards since as he was reset in black and white? He should be almost 21 by now.

  • sky blue bon
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  • cacty667 CACTY667
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  • GD RageDasher
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  • NbNation27
    NbNation27 13 days ago

    My guess is 23

  • Haya Ahmad
    Haya Ahmad 14 days ago +1

    I was about rewatch the vid, and i saw a bunch of comments saying this was Ronnie’s last video. I just realized that.
    RIP Ronnie 😭😭

  • Rodney Crites
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  • Samskee7 Channel
    Samskee7 Channel 14 days ago

    Grey theory confirmed?!?!?!?!?

  • Jesus Santos
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  • Darren Jiang
    Darren Jiang 14 days ago

    Can't you just say
    "Ash is 15"

  • w blade101
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  • Zamantha Tello
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  • Sky Phantom
    Sky Phantom 14 days ago

    12:40 17

  • kitty Kearney
    kitty Kearney 14 days ago

    maybe 21

  • CookieKatAnimations
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  • Jesus Valdivia
    Jesus Valdivia 14 days ago

    Anime theory??

  • Luke Robson
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  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 14 days ago

    Wait, but if he was born May 22nd, and was 10 in 1997 when the show started, he was born May 22nd, 1987 meaning he is 31 yrs 6 months and 8 days old.

  • Mehmet SARAK
    Mehmet SARAK 14 days ago

    Around 18

  • Lyra cat garl
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  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    Person vs human; respectively, individual vs race -cat dog person fish versus blacks whites Asians first word people

  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    Redo this yearly --please-- on his literal birthday.

  • shyguygamer turtle
    shyguygamer turtle 14 days ago

    23 years

  • Nicolas Scholten
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  • Dave Abian
    Dave Abian 14 days ago

    dude thats called anime theory

  • Alex :]
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  • sampal andrew
    sampal andrew 14 days ago

    tbh, misty is probably the closest relationship ash had with a girl. Every other relationship was plutonic or creepy as pointed out later

  • That cool guy Cole
    That cool guy Cole 14 days ago

    I didn't ship Ash with Misty........I shipped him with Sarina.

    Don't kill me pls.

  • Victoria Carriere
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  • Mohanul Aahil
    Mohanul Aahil 14 days ago

    Hmmm I think Ash’s age will be 22.

    P.S I did not watch the other one even if I commented this months after.

  • Mason Playz
    Mason Playz 15 days ago

    20 yrs lol.

  • Someone you don't know

    What if you did “comic theory”