Game Theory: What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)

  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
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    Have you ever noticed how in Pokemon, Ash Ketchum has been 10 years old for a LONG TIME? Does this kid EVER AGE? If he did, how old would he REALLY be? Well Loyal Theorists, I watched EVERY EPISODE of this series to figure out how OLD Ash Ketchum is in real time!
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  • dollove
    dollove 8 months ago +20530

    Me: everyone! This is not a drill! I repeat! ITS NOT A DRILL
    *Turns off music and TV*
    Me: New Episode Of Game Theory!!!!
    *I SWEAR* This is me literaly everytime I get the notification😂 its actually pretty fun to do.
    My guess is.......23? 20? Something around there.😒 pretty sure its going to be something with no sense that will blow our minds o.O
    BTW matpat I really want to know spongebob's age since he goes to work, is in a driving school but he acts like an 8 year old or something 😕

    • Stritt Four
      Stritt Four 23 days ago

      dollove p

    • Gold Slayer
      Gold Slayer 2 months ago

      U want to know what? He must be 11 because in pokemon the movie3 it was his birthday

    • Su Myat Mon Soe
      Su Myat Mon Soe 2 months ago

      dollove l

    • AXavier Omega
      AXavier Omega 3 months ago

      He is dead so we don't who he is haha

    • Omit
      Omit 4 months ago +1

      Who is ronnie

  • Cute Catgirl
    Cute Catgirl 17 hours ago


  • Manny Gamer
    Manny Gamer 20 hours ago


  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Day ago


  • Jakeey Elfee
    Jakeey Elfee Day ago

    21 and a half for a tournament

  • Mom’s Spaghet
    Mom’s Spaghet Day ago

    2:20 🤢🤮

  • FIAS Y
    FIAS Y Day ago


  • Kenzie Wyatt
    Kenzie Wyatt Day ago

    Ash is 24

  • Dolores Duran
    Dolores Duran Day ago

    *POLLIWAG! POLLITOAD! POLLIWORL...!* That Never Gets Old (6:11)

  • David Jin
    David Jin Day ago

    guys can everyone that watched this give it a like... i mean going through all the Pokemon episodes and then all that research... rlly gotta appreciate the effort... mad respect

  • ThatGuyy 28
    ThatGuyy 28 Day ago

    I thought ash said pikachu a hore😂😂

  • _KronicApples_
    _KronicApples_ 2 days ago

    My- my birthday is May 22

  • Amy Biedess
    Amy Biedess 2 days ago

    Don’t forget the movies

  • Joy Justin
    Joy Justin 2 days ago

    does look around 17 after aloha

  • Carl Grimes *launa*
    Carl Grimes *launa* 2 days ago

    I ship ash with Serena -_- ash is still...TEN he doesn’t age. LOGIC DOESNT WORK IN POKÉMON AND *EVERYONE* KNOW THATS

  • AccuesedSkink1
    AccuesedSkink1 2 days ago


  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 2 days ago


  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel 2 days ago


  • Constant Leopold
    Constant Leopold 2 days ago

    But the month May is in spring

  • Jammer
    Jammer 2 days ago


  • Leelee Wilson
    Leelee Wilson 2 days ago

    my B-Day is on his!

  • Alex Marks
    Alex Marks 2 days ago

    I ship Ash and Serina!!!

  • Amada Martinez
    Amada Martinez 2 days ago


  • TNT Man
    TNT Man 2 days ago


  • Star Liqht
    Star Liqht 3 days ago

    There’s a notable mistake where you said the 10 years 10 days or whatever thing HIS MOTHER SAID THAT which could mean that she means how long she was pregnant with him + the years which could be proven by estimating when Ash was conceded

  • Red eyed Angel #sans for smash

    Ash will be 22 is my guess

  • Austin
    Austin 3 days ago +11

    He started 10, slowly age to like 14 in Kalos, then somehow become 10 again in alola

  • stephanie luce
    stephanie luce 3 days ago

    hes 20 years old I just looked it up

  • stacey thomson
    stacey thomson 3 days ago

    Pikachu age 17

  • star girl
    star girl 3 days ago


  • Havah Right
    Havah Right 3 days ago

    He's gonna be 21/22

  • Sammy Hanson
    Sammy Hanson 3 days ago


  • Master Hawk
    Master Hawk 3 days ago +1

    Lol I loved your joke face his most formidable aponet puberty

  • Jayden Ross
    Jayden Ross 3 days ago

    "... called 'Pikachu's Winter Vacation." A nostalgia bomb just dropped

  • PandaMan
    PandaMan 3 days ago


  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 4 days ago

    19 years old

  • Jeremy Kane Orben
    Jeremy Kane Orben 4 days ago

    0:23 and gold only has 16, he’s got nothing on ash

  • Naomy Martinez
    Naomy Martinez 4 days ago

    20 or 18

  • Supercat 456
    Supercat 456 4 days ago +14

    Beats up Pokemon.
    Kidnaps Pokemon in ball.
    Pokemon becomes friend.

  • Mermain123
    Mermain123 4 days ago

    brock caught a lotad pretty early on in the advanced arc that becomes lombre 51 episoeds later (according to bulbapedia)

  • Alexander Hodge
    Alexander Hodge 4 days ago

    he will be 10

  • Zachary Whiteman
    Zachary Whiteman 5 days ago

    I estimate 25

  • Patrick Scheffler
    Patrick Scheffler 5 days ago +1

    30 is my guess

  • dr marsh mellow
    dr marsh mellow 5 days ago


  • Aiden’s Ice cream
    Aiden’s Ice cream 5 days ago

    Hey ummmm well that’s nice but ayyyy that’s long

  • RatedR Gaming101
    RatedR Gaming101 5 days ago

    Probably 20

  • Maddie likes potatoes 096752

    “According to Japan’s harvest calendar apples are in season for all months but summer.” Wait, did I miss something? Since when is summer a month?!

  • It's AshPack
    It's AshPack 5 days ago

    Ash is 1000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Fransico Gurt
    Fransico Gurt 5 days ago


  • Lena Wielandts
    Lena Wielandts 6 days ago

    12.06 only a week or something ago, I had to learn THAT EXACT cloud formation chart! Btw, why is it even there?

  • Shello84
    Shello84 6 days ago

    He will be 21 years old

  • Tiffany Garcia
    Tiffany Garcia 6 days ago

    We gotta game theory and film theory what is the two ones on the bottom

  • Tiffany Garcia
    Tiffany Garcia 6 days ago

    We gotta game theory and fe

  • Ava Shimer
    Ava Shimer 6 days ago


  • ElectroCat58
    ElectroCat58 6 days ago

    I’m sorry over 1000 eps? Netflix has just under 250

  • Captain Awesome27
    Captain Awesome27 6 days ago

    10:12 Huh! Okinawa... Oh my God.
    *Gets WW2 flashbacks*

  • Skye Strike
    Skye Strike 6 days ago

    Wth... since when does James ( a guy) have boobs???

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez 6 days ago

    Was there a part 2 yet?

  • J’s Noodles!
    J’s Noodles! 6 days ago

    So, it is possible that each region takes place a couple days, say 5 days after the present region, but the reason why this might be true is that pretty much, in all cartoons, it take like a month to air but only 1 day has passed, say for example, Mickey, it takes a couple days if not a month to upload a Mickey Mouse episode but it is like Mickey went for a quick walk and always comes back in the same way. So Ash is probably 12, if not, 13 years old. So. Ye. Also... sub to Game Theory and my channel. BUT I AM NOT DONE!!! The events like the holiday special and stuff might Corsalate (lol it is a Corsala pun) to a couple months, or they could be moving to a different part of the region, but, the time reboot Mat talked about, Ash keeps his age, so yea.
    Also Mat please make a theory that explains why Pikachu can defeat legendaries but loses to a lvl 5 frickin Snivy that has never even battled

  • Anime Girl 123!!!
    Anime Girl 123!!! 7 days ago


  • Elioli Tweddle
    Elioli Tweddle 7 days ago


  • Lindsey Erickson
    Lindsey Erickson 7 days ago


  • CV red
    CV red 7 days ago

    I believe he is at least 26 by now.

  • Omega Sniper
    Omega Sniper 7 days ago

    I prefer the classic version of ash and pikachu

  • Heather McDonald
    Heather McDonald 7 days ago


  • Devils CAN Fly
    Devils CAN Fly 7 days ago

    19-20 so yeah :)

  • mr. arty pants
    mr. arty pants 7 days ago

    Ash is actually shagy and uses 0.0000000000001 percent power to be immortal and never get acne

  • Marina Paxtor
    Marina Paxtor 7 days ago


  • Anything Anything17
    Anything Anything17 7 days ago

    My guess is 21

  • JM
    JM 8 days ago +2

    Mat: You ship him with Misty!
    Me: I ship him with Serena...

  • Coolio. Ellie
    Coolio. Ellie 8 days ago +5

    Mat I'm from 2019 and I have a game or film theroy for Pokemon , is ash's blood made out of ketchup

  • Toivogamer
    Toivogamer 8 days ago

    Ash age is 1450000!!!

  • ethan reid
    ethan reid 8 days ago

    i think it is 20

  • Kitsune Chan
    Kitsune Chan 8 days ago

    WHAT?!My b-day is on may 23!!!!!I could be the female ash ketchum

  • Denis Ngara
    Denis Ngara 8 days ago

    He 5

  • Carine Tomlinson
    Carine Tomlinson 8 days ago

    Game film theory

  • Yt Streamerbtw
    Yt Streamerbtw 9 days ago

    Ash doesn't age because of ho-oh

  • buskekrate19
    buskekrate19 9 days ago

    munter montantet

  • Alexandre SALAROLI
    Alexandre SALAROLI 9 days ago


  • Rita Indriseviciene
    Rita Indriseviciene 9 days ago


  • Christopher Estep
    Christopher Estep 9 days ago

    10:20 true! I lived there those places are packed full of smol nanners

  • Eclipse Starsinger
    Eclipse Starsinger 9 days ago +2

    Me: *Ready to watch a great Pokémon theory*
    *sees my hero academia*
    Me: welp I’ll be back here. In an unknown time. Yeah I might just go back to binge watching anime.

  • Anya Podbury
    Anya Podbury 10 days ago

    I guess 20

  • James Cook
    James Cook 10 days ago


  • 宏宏的大粉丝
    宏宏的大粉丝 10 days ago

    25 ash's age is 25

  • Sara Halvorsen
    Sara Halvorsen 10 days ago


  • UI Goku
    UI Goku 10 days ago

    Ash is 18 years old

  • lavender town rocket commander

    Final episode ash beats pokemon league but has one more challenge his father ash beats his father and they go home together wear everyone is waiting then it fades to black ash wakes up in the hospital a nurse says the coma patient is awake

  • Dr. Ebubekir Orsun
    Dr. Ebubekir Orsun 10 days ago


  • xNyxtale x
    xNyxtale x 10 days ago

    Ash s voice has changed to much.

  • Joni Hui
    Joni Hui 11 days ago

    Hes gona be 50

  • Sharon Reagan
    Sharon Reagan 11 days ago

    I watched all the episodes

  • Drix Liquid
    Drix Liquid 11 days ago


  • KawaiiCupCakez _
    KawaiiCupCakez _ 12 days ago

    guess is like 21 - 25

  • hi hi
    hi hi 13 days ago


  • Protecter of LOLI
    Protecter of LOLI 13 days ago

    Maybe 21 or 23

  • Fire King Solar Embers

    He's literally 19 in Kalos but comes back in Sun and Moon looking 10. He doesn't age because my theory is that he's been in a comatose state of mind since being zapped by Pikachu in season 1 episode 1 of Kanto . For real my dude never seems to age. But personal I'm guessing his age more likely around mine 26 only cause ultra sun and ultra moon is literally not completely done and yet another region has appeared for the Pokémon Games Sword and Shield, which means another 2-3 seasons will be based and covered through that in the anime as well. My guess is by my 28th or 29th birthday year I should hopefully see the very bitter sweet end of Pokémon the anime. Only been watching it since I was a god dang child myself. But the biggest thing I want explained before it ends is who the actual heck is this kids father and why the heck hasn't he been revealed yet with 22 seasons deep and 3 more on the way. Am I literally the only bro to bring that concern up. Not only that but how old is Delia Ketchum. She's got to be pushing 50 by this point yet doesn't look a day over 25. Let's be real that comatose theory is looking more accurate by the minute. Plus oak has to be pushing retirement yet doesn't look any older than the first episode. I'm telling you brother ash be in a coma for real and this journey is nothing more than his mind taking him on a trip while in a comatose state of being. I think by the end of the Galar Region ash will be 28, 29, or 30 years old but only be 10 cause editors be whack. That or finally light will shine and ash will be his's true age of 20-30 going into the Galar region. "What a Twist" that would be am I right. Or my coma theory is correct and at the end of the anime he comes out of it and is his actual age of 30. Lol to the viewers at that point.

  • The Mickey
    The Mickey 13 days ago


  • Narwal Appreciation Association

    Their logic is whack bcuz last show he is like 11 (Sun and Moon)