America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • Watch all the amazing auditions including Tyra Banks Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent 2018 (WEEK 1). What did you think of the best performances?? Let us know in the comments below...
    ▶︎ The Sacred Riana:
    ▶︎ Zurcaroh:
    ▶︎ Vicki Barbolak:
    ▶︎ Junior New System:
    ▶︎ La Fontane Umane:
    ▶︎ We Three:
    ▶︎ Iain Brown:
    ▶︎ The Savitsky Cats:
    ▶︎ Magician Shin Lim:
    ▶︎ Flau'jae:
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  • flufy pants
    flufy pants 6 days ago

    2019..apparently am stillhere..figures

  • mario hernandez
    mario hernandez 9 days ago

    9:56 Simons like great act but what's all the commotion
    Me: They just trew someone in the air

  • Diamond The Demon fox

    The dude in the beginning looked like MJ it’s low key scary

  • Korru. Raju Raju
    Korru. Raju Raju Month ago

    This is my favorite shooooooooooooooooooooow

  • Sophie Dunne
    Sophie Dunne Month ago

    Awwwwww the cats are sooo cute

  • Cullett Family iPad


  • Ashley.T
    Ashley.T Month ago


  • Beng Suan kuok
    Beng Suan kuok Month ago

    Undoubtedly, the best talents witnessed by the world today! For me, the talent that truly stood out was the magical card performance by SynLim. The talent showcased by this young magician just can't be emulated & replicated by anyone else - hence, it's the defining & ultimate talent available among the participants!

  • Joseph Blanche
    Joseph Blanche Month ago

    Love the band...

  • Barbara Aneta
    Barbara Aneta Month ago

    animals should not be involved especially when it can be dangerous or cruel for them like for this cats , they were put in danger !!!!! Jury should stop it !!! I am truly disappointed !

  • Lauren Osborn
    Lauren Osborn Month ago


  • صنعاني لفجة

    you know what i think?
    i think #Tyra is the best talented..
    she's my idol.
    love u much tyra

    YAQOOPKING Month ago

  • فوز محمد
    فوز محمد Month ago


  • Hayden Grider
    Hayden Grider Month ago

    Simons face at 22:55 is so great!

  • YeowsieGAMES!
    YeowsieGAMES! Month ago

    Sub to pewdiepie!

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares 2 months ago

    Shin Lim. How the f***??

  • Cyn Gli
    Cyn Gli 2 months ago

    Even though I've seen the illusionist/magician on (I think) BGT, he's still fabulous

    JR. ROSAL 2 months ago +1

    Filipino be Proud co'z of the one the contestant of America's Got Talent is Amazing and Superb Talent. the Group of the Dancing Skills, Mabuhay Filipino.

  • alex romm
    alex romm 2 months ago

    please just tell me WHY americans LOVE to die of cancer instead of a one time $20 spend to buy some cesium chloride and STAY ALIVE???

  • TheTalomir
    TheTalomir 2 months ago

    The 14 year old rapper was great, that would have been so popular in 2018

  • Fatima Ahmad
    Fatima Ahmad 2 months ago

    Tyra looks like a real fortune teller🔮🔮

  • Hazar Asaad
    Hazar Asaad 2 months ago

    روووعة شو المواهب مستحيل ما اجملن

  • John Bullbar
    John Bullbar 2 months ago

    I have 4 cats.

  • Anna Zaikina
    Anna Zaikina 2 months ago

    Why is nobody talking about the water one?? That was nasty 🤢 and i don't see no talent in spitting water in other ppls mouth.

  • Kimberley Ayers
    Kimberley Ayers 2 months ago

    Zucaroh should’ve won. Okay, I get it, magic is cool and stuff, but what Zucaroh does just takes your breath away.

  • amber
    amber 2 months ago

    I hope the trained cats get time to just be cats

  • BiBi Buchukoy
    BiBi Buchukoy 2 months ago

    nkaka proud naman makita kababayang pinoy sa americas got talent... and for sacred riana wala naman ngbabawal na sumali sya, iba naman ang asian got talent sa americas got talent..

  • BiBi Buchukoy
    BiBi Buchukoy 2 months ago

    the magician was famous, he was recognized as demon magician..

  • Samantha Hogg
    Samantha Hogg 2 months ago

    2032 their even better than the REAL backstreet boys

  • Ahmad Faour
    Ahmad Faour 2 months ago

    At 1.53 he exchanged the card

  • S TV
    S TV 2 months ago

    What is the name of that Asian magician in the beginning? I've seen his magic before too. I think he's a 👻

  • waelh75
    waelh75 2 months ago

    That magic act was unbelievable

  • Artman
    Artman 3 months ago

    Who knows, what the music playinig, while they dancing? (From 8.00 to 12.00) Please help me :)

  • Gen Wan
    Gen Wan 3 months ago

    omg! Riana freaked me out!!

  • Morteza Akbarzadeh
    Morteza Akbarzadeh 3 months ago

    Why is Melb crying because of the girl and boy singing?

  • Abigail Grange
    Abigail Grange 3 months ago

    I feel the song that we three sang... I'm in tears cause I lost my dad to cancer almost 2 years ago... #ripdaddy

  • Morteza Akbarzadeh
    Morteza Akbarzadeh 3 months ago +2

    Awwww the cats Are SO CUTE!!!!!!

  • Morteza Akbarzadeh
    Morteza Akbarzadeh 3 months ago


    • Morteza Akbarzadeh
      Morteza Akbarzadeh 3 months ago +1


  • Mohammed Latif Shaikh
    Mohammed Latif Shaikh 3 months ago

    भारतीयो में भी दम

  • Aderonke Jummy
    Aderonke Jummy 3 months ago

    Sacred Riana scarred Mel B for life

  • Amjad. Amjad
    Amjad. Amjad 3 months ago

    Waaw 😍😍😍

  • Oyakhire Mary Emmanuella

    I like Simon Cowell go Siiiiimon

  • Hindra Setiawan
    Hindra Setiawan 3 months ago

    The sacred riana 😍😍

  • All Health
    All Health 3 months ago

    OMG Riana again.....

  • syed daniyal
    syed daniyal 3 months ago

    shin lin you made fooled penn and teller twice but you fooled me 20 times

  • Fernando Fernandez Cajahuaringa

    this presentation em left with the heart in hand :"v

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 3 months ago

    Very entertaining

  • xXBattleBlazeXx
    xXBattleBlazeXx 3 months ago

    24:48 I literally said 'I love that' two seconds before she did...I'm shook

  • xXBattleBlazeXx
    xXBattleBlazeXx 3 months ago

    How much did all those heels cost?

  • xXBattleBlazeXx
    xXBattleBlazeXx 3 months ago

    OMG RIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xXBattleBlazeXx
    xXBattleBlazeXx 3 months ago

    That one little girl was being thrown around as if she were a lank of wood

  • Arjun pandey
    Arjun pandey 3 months ago


  • duke49 duke49
    duke49 duke49 3 months ago

    Can you imagine if that guy choreographed a college cheer line they would be Champs

  • นาง อบดวงพะจัน


  • Quamrun Nahar Zharna
    Quamrun Nahar Zharna 3 months ago


  • Uday Shumi
    Uday Shumi 3 months ago

    Start get anyd wit ads relly youtube ??!!

  • juan kteimporta
    juan kteimporta 3 months ago

    Comento en español porque me la banco.........................y,porque no hablo en ingles

  • Electronic view
    Electronic view 3 months ago

    wow, good

  • waelh75
    waelh75 3 months ago

    The cats are suffering. That's not entertaining

    A'VYONE 3 months ago


  • Hassan Mattia
    Hassan Mattia 3 months ago

    The cat gods have been compromised

  • gil hoan lee
    gil hoan lee 3 months ago

    Super talant

  • Vita Levina
    Vita Levina 3 months ago

    I almost vomit when the last guy drank the water passed on by the guys before him.

  • Nisi Giles
    Nisi Giles 3 months ago

    I am Wethrees's newest fan. I listen to that song a lot now

  • E3ECO
    E3ECO 3 months ago

    I hate it when they don't show the judges' comments.

  • Sol Rakoczy
    Sol Rakoczy 3 months ago

    Proud here...Philippine boys!!! haha very nice dude love it!!!

  • Bhima_Da_ King
    Bhima_Da_ King 3 months ago

    i know how the first guy did his trick. IF THIS COMMET CAN GET 8 LIKES I WILL TELL YOU!

  • Atur Raban
    Atur Raban 3 months ago

    How is this America's Got Talent?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wael Amin
    Wael Amin 3 months ago

    im a non member

  • Guillermo Gonzalez
    Guillermo Gonzalez 3 months ago +1


  • Jonathan Welch
    Jonathan Welch 3 months ago

    The girl with the creepy doll my daughter wants to see her

  • Lilly Bliss
    Lilly Bliss 4 months ago

    When that dude took Howies place I was deaadd

  • Myl MYL
    Myl MYL 4 months ago

    Es un programa maravilloso Gracias

  • HeRry Khan
    HeRry Khan 4 months ago


  • Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts
    Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts 4 months ago

    Don't like that possessed Chinese girl. I don't care if her magic is good. She's annoying. Sorry.

  • Phuntsok Leksang
    Phuntsok Leksang 4 months ago

    Csn anyone care to share the link of 11:22 back ground song!

    This is me or something eles... plz means a lot!

  • Karma Tenzin
    Karma Tenzin 4 months ago

    wonderful show!!!!!

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 4 months ago

    I lost my father to cancer on October 12 2018 and that 2nd to Last song is such a beautiful song it brought me to tears. Good job.

  • EthicalGro
    EthicalGro 4 months ago

    I could see how the first audition was possible. It is pretty easy actually.

  • Ammani Assaff
    Ammani Assaff 4 months ago

    The most impressive acts that I watched was firstly, that huge group of dancers and stunts that jungle group or something.😂😂 The second one that was most impressive for me was the group of boys with their awesome dance routine, and the third one was the cats.😂😂 If I were to pick a fourth favorite, it would probably be the "We Three" group. The ones I think were the dumbest and least entertaining to watch was the comedian lady, the guy who went first with Tyra or whatever, the guy who wanted to be a judge, and the spitting water group. The ones I didn't mention were probably the in between ones. Anyway, this is just my opinion so no hate please. :D

  • j k
    j k 4 months ago

    Riana was on asia got talent and won

  • Matt Cerone
    Matt Cerone 4 months ago


  • Newton Firefly
    Newton Firefly 4 months ago

    @Got Talent Global; All performances are enjoyable, entertaining and delightful.
    Better if compilation included full introductions, comments and voting. All and each should have the entire process from introduction through end reviews and voting.

  • Ginny Lovegood
    Ginny Lovegood 4 months ago +1

    The comedian though lol 😆 😝 😂

  • Ginny Lovegood
    Ginny Lovegood 4 months ago +3

    I hope the gymnasts/acrobats/dancers/idk what win 🤞

  • Ginny Lovegood
    Ginny Lovegood 4 months ago +1

    Simon I hate u

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed 4 months ago

    I love everyone except for Vicki barbalak

  • Suniel Knight
    Suniel Knight 4 months ago

    these are the most best talents that i have ever seeing n listening too

  • Matias Ambasciano
    Matias Ambasciano 4 months ago

    street kids rocking those balenciagas

  • Solomon Kwasi Sesah Mensah

    I really like this dancing team. Wow!! That's incredible!!

  • Melinda Ndlovu
    Melinda Ndlovu 4 months ago

    OmG dae dance group was so Eissssssh

  • Riley Draws with BEEP BEEP THE SHEEP

    29:30 *flight of the bumblebees starts playing*

    _this just got real_

  • Nils Bertaloth
    Nils Bertaloth 4 months ago

    Simon buzzed the Horror Girl.
    I guess we know who dies next.

  • Shubhang Rao
    Shubhang Rao 4 months ago +2

    19:59 which song is that?

  • Sicily Tocheniuk
    Sicily Tocheniuk 4 months ago

    the cats prob get beat for not doing the tricks when there at home :(

  • Grace Karanja
    Grace Karanja 4 months ago

    Hi I wish I had talent because this is my dream but I know God will make away for me to be like Angelica Hale

  • T Stahl
    T Stahl 4 months ago

    26:20... 😢❤

  • Prasanth Jana
    Prasanth Jana 4 months ago

    Dog 🐶 show very nice & super

  • Crazy Kittycat
    Crazy Kittycat 4 months ago