Making Eggs with Jacques Pépin

  • Published on Oct 5, 2015
  • Master chef Jacques Pépin shows us his favorite variation for preparing eggs: en cocote with a mushroom-shallot cream sauce.
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  • saadamiens
    saadamiens 3 months ago

    Love this guy

  • TMB247
    TMB247 Year ago +1

    Few years back when kids were home we had 30 Chickens and 20 Ducks ... We had at least 1 meal a day that was Eggs (most days 2 meals) and I am like Jacques, I just love eggs and I never tire of them...
    My Dr at the time kept warning me about the Cholesterol especially when I told him that I ate 12 - 20 eggs per day, one physical exam he sent me in for an extensive blood work-up and when it came back my results were far better than his were and I am years Older and I drink a dozen beers a day (along with all those whole eggs)
    All I could say is ... My body tells me what I need and I listen, it tells me I need beer and eggs.
    He still has Hair and it isn't Gray but he isn't that far behind me in those respects.

    • Spodobagodo
      Spodobagodo Year ago

      20 eggs! I think you'll have to change your TVclip handle to Cool Hand Luke, my friend!

  • Roberto Pinci
    Roberto Pinci Year ago +4

    Great Pepin......👏👏👏👏👏

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 2 years ago

    I love eggth too.

    ZOYSAK 3 years ago +1

    egg "kokot" :D :D :D

  • yannikin
    yannikin 4 years ago +3

    I'm not worthy

  • bravocado
    bravocado 4 years ago +11

    Still the maestro.