Will He Love This Star Wars Superfan as Much as We Do?? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • She is a diehard Star Wars fan, but will her date judge her for this passion? Watch to find out! It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story, Blind Date.'
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Comments • 777

  • unicorn22
    unicorn22 Day ago +1

    Yo, this is the first time that somebody is Czech on this snow! Česko jede!

  • Galaxy Unicorn
    Galaxy Unicorn 2 days ago

    They’re so cute :)

  • PurpleMask131
    PurpleMask131 4 days ago +1

    She definitely sounds like a nurse. The way she asks questions and expands on them is very “nurse-ish”

  • Chancey Pants
    Chancey Pants 6 days ago

    “What’s a patronus?” RED FLAG RED FLAG

  • Rumi Curry
    Rumi Curry 7 days ago +2

    she does have an aries energy. straightforward, brave. she's cool, smart and I think that dude was pretty shocked when he realized how cool she is. he became interesting in her. ps. he has the most beautiful teeth.

  • Angel H
    Angel H 8 days ago

    They are both bland people

  • musica soulara
    musica soulara 9 days ago +1

    she looks like his mother, this guy has no taste

  • BigMamas House
    BigMamas House 11 days ago

    He might not know what a spirit animal is....but...u dont know what an astrological sign is

  • Bar Ozery
    Bar Ozery 12 days ago

    I love them. I hope it worked out!

  • AJ9
    AJ9 12 days ago

    Is it bad that i am a dude and dont know all that geo mythical sign stuff. Or now anything about famous people? I know tools and construction

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 15 days ago

    I loved them they are adorable together. Also why is it that every DC comic characters are "a thing" ?

  • Michelle Ngozi
    Michelle Ngozi 17 days ago

    This may be the most compatible couple I've seen on here, good job soulpancake!

  • Ashley Holston
    Ashley Holston 17 days ago

    I love them together 😭😭😭

  • Farshad Fouladi
    Farshad Fouladi 17 days ago

    I wish I could meet a pretty, down to earth girl like her someday.

  • my pamilee
    my pamilee 20 days ago

    Perfect match no other could match.

  • Scottish Lass
    Scottish Lass 20 days ago

    Are we just not going to talk about the Jean-Luc Picard comment in the middle of the Star Wars conversation @ 6:27? No? I LOLed...startled my cat even.

  • Emma Illgner
    Emma Illgner 20 days ago

    Omg i literally guessed his name right before he said it. I must be psychic.

  • Sz Syd
    Sz Syd 21 day ago

    i would totally date her...even him!...and iam straight! :D

  • Lora Vipperman
    Lora Vipperman 27 days ago


  • Easyflux
    Easyflux 29 days ago +1

    Did she drop a Picard in their Star Wars discussion to test him, or did I just imagine that? :P

    • Easyflux
      Easyflux 29 days ago +1

      @Melissa Thiede That's so cheeky xD I love it lol..

  • Eileen85
    Eileen85 Month ago +1

    The way he looks at her. I don't know if that's just how he looks at everyone, but he looks at her like she built heaven and earth. He has such a beautiful smile

  • Ruben Sentosa
    Ruben Sentosa Month ago +2

    Basically they're a couple lol

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    the jean luc picard joke went way over his head and it hurt my heart a little bit

  • Mireya Rodriguez
    Mireya Rodriguez Month ago +1

    I live in Bakersfield and when she says “ I’ve lived in Mid West , Middle East, Bakersfield 😬 Exotic places” I busted out laughing 😂 perfect word to explain Bakersfield 😂

  • zaz
    zaz Month ago

    this was just a joy to watch !!!!!!!!

  • Arory Wind
    Arory Wind Month ago +3

    She is suuuch a nerd I love heeeer. And his Patronus most definitely would be a red panda.

  • Shannon
    Shannon Month ago

    These two were actually so cute together I really hope they work out

  • Jocelyn Ruiz-Moreno

    ....the way he looked at her and smiled right before she looked up to say if she would still date him 😍 I SHIP THIS! ♥

  • Ra S
    Ra S Month ago

    they're so cute!!

  • LasVegasBarbie
    LasVegasBarbie Month ago +3

    Her: "Im usually the funny one, they are the pretty one is usually how it works.."
    Her: "why did you say you'd date me at first? "
    Him: "I think you are really pretty.. "
    OMG! I loved his answer! Did you see her light up?! She IS the pretty one!!

  • Karen
    Karen Month ago

    i was surprised an episode like these ones didnt make me cringe until she said: You look so cuddly and delightful.
    I'm dead haha but i ship them.

  • PT b23
    PT b23 Month ago +1

    emotionally self sufficient lol

  • Lee Cousins
    Lee Cousins Month ago

    It's fake. She likes the new Star Wars movies

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths Month ago

    Big Dipper is his astrological sign.... interesting🤔

  • Alastor255
    Alastor255 Month ago

    ''I would want Ryan Reynolds to play me in a movie'' and the dude is so perplexed. Like a fish (in a funny way) just trying to understand

    • finest creations
      finest creations 29 days ago

      she has eyes n nose like jessica beil....and he wondered how he went wrong

  • dwiwidya prasaritha

    this one is my fav !!!

  • Diana Buck
    Diana Buck Month ago

    Melissa is so sexy. Like, she's very pretty, but the more she talked, the more attractive she became. The total opposite of Eric, who is a decent looking guy who got plainer the more he spoke. You deserve better, Melissa.

  • reilly jester
    reilly jester Month ago

    love her!!

  • Alissa frary
    Alissa frary Month ago

    I need them to get married.......& be my best friends, but let's focus on marriage right now

  • Ebo J.
    Ebo J. Month ago +2

    I do believe this is a fave of mine. I really enjoyed these two. Great conversation. I look forward to a follow-up. 😄

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Why is no one commenting on her Jean-Luc Picard Star Wars joke!?

  • Harper Sparrow
    Harper Sparrow Month ago

    Omggg, I love this pairing so much, I think they are really great together

  • Isabelle Ocampo
    Isabelle Ocampo Month ago


  • Shubam Khanna
    Shubam Khanna Month ago

    everybody on this series look like a celebrity from LA

  • B
    B Month ago

    she's SUCH a good flirter

  • Майя Гришанова

    It’s interesting how in every episode people project their own beliefs on each other instead of trying to actually guess the point of view of the other person

  • Rogue Guardian
    Rogue Guardian Month ago

    she loves star wars she's automatically awesome and a keeper

  • Gabriel Belmonte
    Gabriel Belmonte Month ago +1

    Damn she seemed like a keeper all the way

  • Quirky Quips
    Quirky Quips Month ago +1

    I hope you keep us updated with Eric and Melissa as their chemistry is off the first meeting chart. It sounds their schedules are similar so no excuses. As for Melissa calling out the Big Dipper as his astrological sign, I think that was her quirky humor. I love these two together!

  • Mariam AlRashed
    Mariam AlRashed Month ago +1

    She said “Kuwait” 💙... thanks for that and you are most welcome anytime 🥰

  • Nessie
    Nessie Month ago +1

    Are there any other CZECHS?? 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

  • Alexander Kovarik
    Alexander Kovarik Month ago +1

    My God she is gorgeous esp that smile

  • sha ban
    sha ban Month ago

    I hope they would be lovers

    • Melissa Thiede
      Melissa Thiede Month ago

      We are, I am a lover of The Force, and he of large scale DIY projects.

  • Lena
    Lena Month ago

    She looks soo smart

    • Melissa Thiede
      Melissa Thiede Month ago

      Thank you, :) it works well in job interviews and then I get to beat back my hidden impostor syndrome till things balance out. It also probably 98% those Warby Parker glasses, which fun fact I only got cause my bro has the same ones and our faces are identical, except for I still can't grow a beard.

  • Heather Murray
    Heather Murray Month ago +1


  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    Supergirl vibe to her. That would have been my guess.

  • rebecca pridgen
    rebecca pridgen Month ago +1

    Big Dipper????

  • Xaris Xeros
    Xaris Xeros Month ago

    What happened? I had left my "strong opinion" here, and was even challenged by one of the participators, can't find it now, and then I've lost the second one I left. Anyway, no problem, still having that "strong opinion", though not wishing to sadden anyone on the other side of the sea! All opinions can't be popular.

  • AC DC
    AC DC Month ago

    *She didnt get him because She is way too fixated on Sci-Fi, which is strange for a grown up 32 years old*

  • Julia e Sá
    Julia e Sá Month ago +1

    "I will introduce you to these films." Best comment of the episode... Hehehe