Natalie Portman Pirouettes in Pain While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Natalie Portman is an Oscar-award winning actress, a Star Wars alum, and the producer of a new documentary based on Jonathan Safran Foer's seminal book about factory farming, Eating Animals. But how is she with hot food? Find out as the Hollywood icon takes on a lineup of vegan drumsticks slathered with some of the spiciest sauces in the world. As the Scoville bombs rain down on her tongue, Portman discusses her beloved SNL rap performances, her Harvard days, and why it’s cool that Kanye used ballet dancers in his “Runaway” video.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  7 months ago +3513

    If you were appearing on Hot Ones, what would you put on your rider? (Note: We are very unprofessional and probably would not fulfill the request, but in theory what would you ask for?)

    • Eric Zetterlund
      Eric Zetterlund 24 days ago

      Boneless wings.

    • S Car
      S Car 2 months ago

      I would have to have all flats!! Plus some wheat bread

    • Meso Phyl
      Meso Phyl 2 months ago

      she had a great line about committing to eliminating one day of meat a week, thats great
      but too commit yourself with an extreme fascistic organisation like PETA, then you are plainly retarded.
      refresher of PETA in the Peenn&teller Bullshit show

    • Barbara Danley
      Barbara Danley 3 months ago

      Newcastle brown ale and a nice hug from Sean.

    • Nate Kewish
      Nate Kewish 3 months ago

      Milk, weed, beer

  • Mayhem Z
    Mayhem Z 12 minutes ago

    damn, she is hot!

  • Skwerli Gee
    Skwerli Gee 4 hours ago

    She comes off as a functional adult. I'm disappointed in myself for her.

  • James Sutherland
    James Sutherland 7 hours ago

    She is a soldier!!! Her eyes were watering since the second wing

  • A normal Christian
    A normal Christian 11 hours ago

    If people did not eat meat and dairy for a day it would make no real difference as there are more and more people alive now that will be eating meat and dairy, the the real answer is to cut down the population, its the only answer, but do we want to see that happen? If it effected the rich and poor maybe, but the rich people would be safe.

  • justin johnson
    justin johnson 18 hours ago

    Dude is the biggest troll lol

  • AfterShock
    AfterShock Day ago

    Strange topic just before you pig out on some wings.

  • Daniel Danielsen

    Intelligent women are hot....when she said Lebowski, I fell in love all over again

  • G Honda
    G Honda Day ago

    Jalapeno Poppers kill me! No way I could do this. Hat's off Natalie

  • JoshuaJ G.
    JoshuaJ G. Day ago

    We need Dwanye Johnson

  • renocloudstrife
    renocloudstrife Day ago

    I love u Nat..but sorry i love eat meat too

  • Ki Kim
    Ki Kim Day ago

    I think I just heard the classiest person in the world speak.

    YICHEN CHEN Day ago

    Tough girl

  • Dking 31
    Dking 31 Day ago +1

    Great show, but shouldn't advertise not eating meat; Pig, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and other meat farmers should not lose those there jobs or money over a celebrity saying don't do it. That is screwing with there income and how they live an how they want to make an income for the farmers and their families.

  • MsELaHood
    MsELaHood Day ago

    She’s definitely top tier

  • MsELaHood
    MsELaHood Day ago

    Love her 💕

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 2 days ago

    Burn for what you did to Anakin, think Mustafar lava is bad? YES! That's how it feels!

  • Stephen Caine
    Stephen Caine 2 days ago

    Wow, she took this well. Most people would be writhing in pain at this stuff.
    Also, if you hunt wild game you're not supporting "animal factories".

  • Kip Oblion
    Kip Oblion 2 days ago


  • Kobalt3
    Kobalt3 2 days ago

    Yes, get those Divas in there! God damn is ol'natty a hot one!

  • billy manilli
    billy manilli 3 days ago

    @9:10 😁

  • E M
    E M 3 days ago

    Go natural farming she should look into almond milk too she is beautiful!

  • Ricard Roberg
    Ricard Roberg 3 days ago

    *edited* nvm, my bad

  • Miguel Dasilva
    Miguel Dasilva 3 days ago

    I love when the chewing of the wings is really loud and audible, pls do more often

  • RandomXUsr
    RandomXUsr 3 days ago

    I'm making demands now hot Ones's. Sean you make damn sure that when Star Wars ep 9 comes, you get all the cast on here one after the next

  • Mauricio Mendez
    Mauricio Mendez 3 days ago

    Natalie Portman my respect u hold good and dont back up btw super great person hope social media dont change into something else best wish great interview hope we can see new people coming sweat too XD

  • RyanH321
    RyanH321 4 days ago

    Ew, no! Say it isn't so! How is such an intelligent, beautiful woman stupid enough to be a member of PETA?!? They put down more animals than a lot of those farms she spoke out about in the beginning! Hell, they even steal their own neighbors' pets and have them put down before the owner can get them back FFS! Why do the hot ones (pun intended) always have to be crazy, too!? She has a pet dog and is part of an organization that is against owning pets! I guess it's okay, though, when you're famous or something! Smh... :/

  • BdiddyB
    BdiddyB 4 days ago

    Forget the wings! -- SHE'S SO HOT !!!

    BASSBASS 4 days ago

    Whatever substance she's made of, we need to make more things out of it

  • Raistlin Majere
    Raistlin Majere 4 days ago

    I was confused when I saw "Natalie Portman" in the title. Shoulda put "Cunt."

  • Mathieu Torres
    Mathieu Torres 4 days ago

    Corey Taylor would be a hoot on this show.

  • type goth
    type goth 4 days ago

    I cant look at her sexual because I watched the professional a bunch of times and I image her as a little girl

  • rivalpiper
    rivalpiper 4 days ago

    Almond milk doesn't have casein, the protein in milk that binds with capsaicin to wash it down. Kinda sad watching people bolt down the almond milk and it's doing nothing more than water would.

  • mezzyjezze
    mezzyjezze 5 days ago

    So much respect for her, absolutely one of the most composed interviewees on this show ever. She's an amazing person. At the end though, she tells someone "water makes it worse, you gotta do milk", but she's drinking almond milk, which is probably just as effective as water. My understanding is its the lactase/lactose in milk that binds to some of the capsaicin molecules and clears the spice out. Almond milk doesn't have lactase/lactose, so yeah... just swishes the heat around your mouth like water does.

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 5 days ago

    pay attention to the news???? OMG right until then I was still in love with you Natalie.......nawww I still love you

  • dogboy
    dogboy 5 days ago


  • Theorcman2008
    Theorcman2008 5 days ago

    What a liberal bitch.

  • Wooditdo
    Wooditdo 5 days ago

    Love that you actually take a drink when they take a drink, even if you don't need it you make the whole experience feel inclusive like you're going through this shitty thing together instead of making it a competition. A1

  • samiches4500
    samiches4500 5 days ago

    If your willing to eat a tide pod then watching the cable news and voting is just for you!

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 6 days ago

    16:21 He said "Vegan Chicken Wings" :D

  • Billy Jabbar
    Billy Jabbar 6 days ago

    Great Host 🤙🏼

  • James Speer
    James Speer 6 days ago

    No one has ever looked so good while eating hot wings than Natalie Portman. The way her lips caress the wing during each bite. God bless America haha :)

  • Angel Cortes
    Angel Cortes 6 days ago

    shes so hot

  • Lord Dalron
    Lord Dalron 6 days ago

    I’ll never stop eating meat you she devil!!!!

  • Jay Madden
    Jay Madden 7 days ago

    She is so beautiful and intelligent to be such a complete-but polite-pain in the ass. Not that she would ever be with someone like me, but I couldn't deal with the borderline (?) ant-zionist, vegan, liberal that she is.

  • Samantha June Rodriguez

    I think she could handle more because she actually bit into the wing and ate the “meat” which sort of helps and most people only take tiny bites of the outside only.

    TEEN1DOL 7 days ago +2

    16:05 was really cute.

  • Christopher Pineau
    Christopher Pineau 7 days ago

    OK, poised and beautiful, yes. But when it comes down to it, I am not a fan because I don't feel anything from her no matter what role she's in. Which is a polite way of saying she can't act. I find her to be in the same boat as Kristin Stewart, there.

  • Ace Feeley
    Ace Feeley 7 days ago

    Hmmmmm.....I'd give her some of MY hot sauce!

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 7 days ago

    Eat Celery !!

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones 7 days ago

    She loves the dude ! What an amazing person !!

  • Tien Nguyen
    Tien Nguyen 7 days ago

    Water makes it worse.
    I feel like Sean should already know lol And for those that don't know, water does temporarily relieve the pain from the spice but what it is doing is spreading the spices around so when the pain comes back, it comes back hard. Dairy products relieve the pain and also reduces it.

  • Bethesda Boy
    Bethesda Boy 8 days ago

    I want her to have my babies.

  • Death Creepz
    Death Creepz 8 days ago

    The moment she brought up alcohol was your golden opportunity ! Mission failed we'll getem next time

  • LeREP James
    LeREP James 8 days ago

    Hard not to fall in love....I bet she has hurt a lot of poor idiots like myself in her time.....types like her are brutal because they dont feel like they need a man. I dont know this as fact lol but its true

  • NeesaShawol
    NeesaShawol 9 days ago

    Lets get Camila Cabello on here yo

  • Tiasmile
    Tiasmile 9 days ago

    Vegan chicken

  • Forrest Munden
    Forrest Munden 9 days ago

    I saw the real chicken wings being tossed up at the beginning of the video.They looked delicious!

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez 9 days ago


  • C. Swanson
    C. Swanson 9 days ago

    Wow. Whole new respect for Natalie Portman. Not because of her ability to endure spice, but for her intelligent, down to earth answers. A Hollywood liberal personality I can actually get along with on some issues. Factory farms, totally get it. Cutting out animals for one meal a day or a week, that’s actually a sensible request as opposed to the usual PETA rhetoric. I’m rather impressed by this interview.

  • Dee
    Dee 9 days ago

    "Watch the news"
    "Make sure we're not being controlled. . ."
    Not as bright as we thought

  • Shawn Granzow
    Shawn Granzow 9 days ago

    Was it soy milk? or what?

  • Brian HL
    Brian HL 9 days ago

    If you put a gag in Natalie's mouth, she'd go from a 9/10 to a 10/10 would smash.

  • Jack Harrier
    Jack Harrier 9 days ago

    She definitly got hotter

  • Sophie K
    Sophie K 9 days ago

    Wow, she owned this

  • Brandon Henning
    Brandon Henning 10 days ago

    I'm a total carnivore but she is right that factory farming is fucked up.

  • Vilbar dhanoa
    Vilbar dhanoa 10 days ago

    Have Jennifer Lawrence on the show

  • Bo M
    Bo M 10 days ago

    Made it right up to "the animal suffering"....:hitsbackbutton:

  • Jeff Schultz
    Jeff Schultz 10 days ago

    Vegan Chicken Wings are just disrespectful

  • #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    Her ignorance makes her look so ugly

  • #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    In other words, Donald J Trump is the greatest president in US history God Bless America

  • Tem S
    Tem S 10 days ago

    vegan really? stick with originality. sure vegan get vegan. but regular for regular people. pssst. is the dick you suck vegan?

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez 10 days ago

    She's so hot like the wings lol #1 my number one crush from my younger years...

  • Sheccid A.
    Sheccid A. 10 days ago

    I like her.
    Very intelligent woman.

  • Ed Tankersley
    Ed Tankersley 10 days ago

    Does she not eat Monsanto crops?

  • tweetthang96
    tweetthang96 10 days ago

    This was fantastic and I love that she was totally there for the spice lol

  • Peter Marola
    Peter Marola 10 days ago

    vegan wings and almond milk lol

  • bubbasdragon
    bubbasdragon 11 days ago

    I couldn't sit across from Natalie Portman and act normal. I've had a crush on her for 20 years. I'd probably try to ask her a normal question, but my mouth would say, I like the way your ass looks in that movie Your Highness.

  • Yanick Girouard
    Yanick Girouard 11 days ago

    That must have hurt when it came out! Damn!

    NORA RODRIGUEZ 11 days ago +1

    Lets do spice with @markweins he loves hot peppers 🌶 🤗🤗💋
    Do Hot Ones 🔥🐔 where he’s at in the world ❤️❤️❤️

      NORA RODRIGUEZ 11 days ago

      @markweins pleaseeeeeee !!! I love you both

  • Rodrigo Albuquerque
    Rodrigo Albuquerque 11 days ago

    A thousand times Charlize Theron over her.. Natalie Portman seems very snobby and almost trying to show she wasn’t enjoying being there

  • Harleydude
    Harleydude 11 days ago

    wtf is in a vegan wing?

  • asparagusman
    asparagusman 11 days ago

    She adds Russia meddling in elections conspiracy theories....what BS

  • Webetripin 4725
    Webetripin 4725 12 days ago

    Don't even bother with the vegan wings just have them drink the sauce

  • Schalk
    Schalk 12 days ago

    Nothing like watching a female suffer. Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean. I’m not that unique. And neither are you.

  • Cpk Unlimited
    Cpk Unlimited 12 days ago

    Love the show

  • Tomax
    Tomax 12 days ago

    Vegan...but drank milk?? The hypocrisy...

  • cnewrecards
    cnewrecards 12 days ago

    Wtf are vegan wings!!!

  • Artificial Insolence
    Artificial Insolence 13 days ago

    At 15:42 she aged 5 years in 10 seconds.

  • Taylor Maakestad
    Taylor Maakestad 13 days ago

    "Damn Natalie, you a crazy bitch"

  • eblgraphics
    eblgraphics 13 days ago

    Natalie Portman I love you since forever but hey meat is good.

  • Bert Jones
    Bert Jones 13 days ago

    She's not much of a foodie - talks a good game - but never said once about the flavor or lack thereof with regard to any of the sauces. L.

  • Derek Jonez
    Derek Jonez 13 days ago

    The news is propaganda, they make money from creating drama instead of presenting facts. Voting based on the news is not democracy especially when the media aligns their content with one of two political parties.

  • Fancy Tail Aquatics
    Fancy Tail Aquatics 13 days ago

    While I am very attracted to her, it is funny how almost all Vegans smoke. You know to offset something I guess?

  • Bret Harper
    Bret Harper 13 days ago

    My two fav hot sauces are Endorphine Rush and Yukatazee hobinaro reserve. Feels like your teeth are falling out.

  • Kyle Morriseau
    Kyle Morriseau 13 days ago

    I love how Natalie has a guy to watch her hair at the end there

  • insektmute
    insektmute 14 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I've never been a fan of hers and thought she seemed a bit stuck up. She seems really friendly and fun here though, like someone I could easily sit down and have a drink with. Really nice to see!

  • Gregg Roberts
    Gregg Roberts 14 days ago

    She was great in Star Trek.

  • Jesse Roberts
    Jesse Roberts 14 days ago

    Free range milk cows in big industry are easy. Make a solar powered mobile milker with one of those bar codes on the cows ass to keep an exact distance from the cow

  • Christin K
    Christin K 15 days ago

    we love a vegan queen!!!! (notice the soy seitan wings)