Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019


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  • mohammad esmaiel emadi


  • Mariana Mossino
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  • Yiğithan Erol
    Yiğithan Erol 3 hours ago

    OMGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!

  • NeonSniper
    NeonSniper 3 hours ago

    Sion: "1v5 noobs"

    THÀNH ĐỖ TRUNG 3 hours ago

    I swear, 'best' task force ever. Enemy is on the state, playing piano and high on every note but the team keep looking around very seriously but cannot even detect the trap right under their feet.

  • Iago 1430
    Iago 1430 3 hours ago

    1:35 morre fon fon de merda

  • Freeziecool FR
    Freeziecool FR 3 hours ago

    Cool but where’s Urgot

  • Bolivar Urriola
    Bolivar Urriola 3 hours ago

    no mames que sion mas feed

  • gunman 2250
    gunman 2250 3 hours ago

    Anybody know who the little lightning ninja is ?

  • papi cheikh
    papi cheikh 3 hours ago

    Make a movie please :’( at this point i am begging pleaseee! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ramon Hidalgo
    Ramon Hidalgo 3 hours ago

    si solo isieran una serie

  • kennenking
    kennenking 3 hours ago

    I fell In love with league again

  • LekrixGame
    LekrixGame 3 hours ago

    El ingenio florece como un lirio al amanecer ♡

  • Fabbi
    Fabbi 3 hours ago

    Make a movie, it would be a worldwide success, please Riot Games

  • Mom's Spaghetti
    Mom's Spaghetti 3 hours ago

    jhin!!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  • Master Yi
    Master Yi 3 hours ago

    Gg no jg :v

  • Ceren Bolluk
    Ceren Bolluk 3 hours ago

    Jhin just got me at the first second ......ı love it

  • Augustie
    Augustie 3 hours ago +1

    wish the gameplay actually look like this

  • Adam Małysz
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  • zsuetam
    zsuetam 3 hours ago

    Sion vs Irelia Kennen Yasuo Karma Akali look like Thanos vs Ironman Spiderman Guardians Galaxy Doctor Strange

  • Suzani Christina
    Suzani Christina 3 hours ago

    3:07 melhor parte
    Best part

  • NoobAlike
    NoobAlike 3 hours ago

    Nerf Irelia

  • Gentit - Brawl Stars
    Gentit - Brawl Stars 3 hours ago


  • Bernardo Santos
    Bernardo Santos 3 hours ago

    Finally riot! haven't seen you done one of these in a while! Great cinematic!

  • Nicolle Trevizan
    Nicolle Trevizan 3 hours ago

    do caralho

  • Hüseyin Uğur
    Hüseyin Uğur 3 hours ago

    Muhteşemmmmmm 💕💕💕

  • Cozo008
    Cozo008 3 hours ago

    Why don't Riot makes an anime?

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  • Mariana Souza
    Mariana Souza 3 hours ago

    Caras como eu amo vocês e esse jogo mdssss to mt arrepiada vocês são muito foda quero ver esse jogo crescer muiiitoooo

  • Respecc Whamen
    Respecc Whamen 3 hours ago

    this is true riot

  • No ID
    No ID 3 hours ago

    Draven can't kites

  • Gyths
    Gyths 3 hours ago

    Wtf riot where’s irelia’s oatmeal thighs

  • Kristofer Smith
    Kristofer Smith 3 hours ago

    So many wallpaper moments in this

  • Eddie Bazingoose
    Eddie Bazingoose 3 hours ago

    Riot: That company that makes music. Oh it also has that one game.

  • Niño Robot
    Niño Robot 3 hours ago

    Sion 1 vs 4 :v gg izi

  • Estrell4 0079
    Estrell4 0079 3 hours ago

    As Always , Jhin stealing the show.

  • ElSeba Jj
    ElSeba Jj 3 hours ago

    Report team focus sion

  • Pancho Poroto
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  • zPeke Play
    zPeke Play 3 hours ago

    A leguas se ve que karma, irelia, Kennen y akali son bronces, le hacen foco al tanque :v

  • Kálita Goulart
    Kálita Goulart 3 hours ago

    quero o filme na minha mesa agora

  • Gentit - Brawl Stars
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  • lucas 7768
    lucas 7768 3 hours ago

    Quem e a marvel perto das animaçoes da Riot

  • Troll Master
    Troll Master 3 hours ago

    I truly believe riot games should make more than just a movie becaue the lore is amazing.
    We have so many different stories just to start "the rune wars, noxus invading ionia, the tribes of the north, targon etc." These would all be such great ideas. Also with the new partnership with MARVEL STUDIOS, riot can make some incredible movies that wont only make the game even more famous but also entertain all non gamers in addition to making the ones that do play the game love it even more. Thank you riot games for everything you do and we are always waiting for any new pop up events and ideas you come with

  • samuel
    samuel 3 hours ago

    caralho ces sao mt bom 10/10

  • carlos hernandez
    carlos hernandez 3 hours ago

    I don't know but i see camille with those guards and the first thing i think is Lin Beifong lmao

    MAJKEL 3 hours ago

    Holy i thought that riven on a thumbnail is a real person wow!

  • ONicolai
    ONicolai 3 hours ago

    oq importa fazer isso e o jogo ser horrivel

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  • Matej Vejmola
    Matej Vejmola 3 hours ago

    Sion kill him all

  • Aisac
    Aisac 3 hours ago

    2019 y sigo sin entender porque Rito aun no saca una serie animada del Lore del juego >:v
    o una peli almenos o.0

  • Nautilus
    Nautilus 3 hours ago

    draven rework confirm. draven is now a melee fighter

  • music started
    music started 3 hours ago

    por eso lol es mi videojuego favorito :v increible cinematica ademas que epica musica :v este 2019 se viene con todo xd

  • Prince black
    Prince black 3 hours ago

    Why kayn isnt in this movie ?

  • MrEbizio
    MrEbizio 3 hours ago

    Can't wait to see T1 face of happiness :)

  • Vitaliy Red
    Vitaliy Red 3 hours ago

    Damm that is why they don't update the graphics in the game. It makes sense now. What a Cinematic! 10/10 Better than Blizzard?

  • Teodor Oprea
    Teodor Oprea 3 hours ago +1

    i cry wen i see this videoclip

  • NDT TvClips Reborn
    NDT TvClips Reborn 3 hours ago

    Trending aye!

  • Kills Denied
    Kills Denied 3 hours ago +1

    If yasuo missed a nado
    in at battlefield lmao

    SLASHETV 3 hours ago

    OLUXBU nerde

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  • SpoonBeats
    SpoonBeats 3 hours ago

    oh god it's so beautiful

  • Johny
    Johny 3 hours ago

    Sorry i dont speak feminism

  • Valhalla's Rágnarök
    Valhalla's Rágnarök 3 hours ago


  • Ludus
    Ludus 3 hours ago

    You guys say make a movie but this probably took at least 5 or 6 months to make for 3 minutes..imagine how much that'd cost. They'd have to make at least double the cost it took to make

  • Reptilian Reyiz
    Reptilian Reyiz 3 hours ago

    Riveni bi düzerim uyyy

  • HxT9
    HxT9 3 hours ago

    Gj rito.

  • Tanaka Asch
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  • Edgar Ustian
    Edgar Ustian 3 hours ago

    When Riot is better at making movies than balancing it's own game :'^)

  • Krystalism
    Krystalism 3 hours ago

    Daddy Draven

  • Augustie
    Augustie 3 hours ago +1

    better nerf Sion

  • Nicvett 45
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  • Maionette
    Maionette 3 hours ago

    Me duele mucho el nepe amigos ayuda

  • Omguserr
    Omguserr 3 hours ago

    Hasaki in 2019

  • Fernando Plata
    Fernando Plata 3 hours ago

    Cómo que Draven no le partió su madre a todos?

  • Luiz Guilherme Gui
    Luiz Guilherme Gui 3 hours ago

    Always, the champions fight against Noxus. It's really amazing how Noxus is too strong!

  • Marek Rebandel
    Marek Rebandel 3 hours ago

    New LOL Gamer: "Woah this looks fun! Maybe I should download it and play!"
    *15 min later*
    *sigh* "I got flamed the whole game for being new..."

  • Jimmy Lepiane
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  • MikoExtreme
    MikoExtreme 3 hours ago

    Riot pls make a freljord where ornn appears!

  • Pamir Cinar
    Pamir Cinar 3 hours ago

    This was a game changer

  • FL FleXx
    FL FleXx 3 hours ago

    if only their balance team was good as this

  • Dawnclaw
    Dawnclaw 3 hours ago

    Akali just threw smoke at his face
    what a queen
    who needs knives when you have smoke bombs

  • Marco Fabián Chayo Calderón

    Noxus 200 iq with Inting Sion

  • Reckoner Celeste
    Reckoner Celeste 3 hours ago

    These are always so good 😍😍😍 movie when?!??

  • xxpaul25xx
    xxpaul25xx 3 hours ago

    Destroying the oppression of patriarchy

  • PunnyS
    PunnyS 3 hours ago

    asslanım kennen :D

  • Doge
    Doge 3 hours ago

    sion in this movie : 1v9
    reality : 2/15/3 ( my friend lol :D )

  • daniel nightwing
    daniel nightwing 3 hours ago

    they call me mad all artists are mad

  • Naruto Chechen
    Naruto Chechen 3 hours ago

    2:31 in the game he would die at this moment lol

  • Graham Griffin
    Graham Griffin 3 hours ago

    Regular brain: My 4 goons and I can probably 1v5 sion.
    Advanced brain: I can beat up a couple of guys then fight Draven 1v1 gladiator style.
    Galaxy brain: I'm literally just going to play the piano while wiping out Camille and her army of cyborgs.

  • juan carlos perez cordova

    les falto shen on ta si es de jonia tambien XD

  • nagato online
    nagato online 3 hours ago

    Olha riot comprei projeto jhin pq tava na promoção e da próxima loja tomara que venha Catarina jurada de morte por 650 de rp

  • Rare Hunter
    Rare Hunter 3 hours ago

    Finally my boy Kennen gets in

  • Claudio H. Aceituno
    Claudio H. Aceituno 3 hours ago

    Solo un comentario... Draven no tiene los dientes tan parejos 2:16

  • Joseph Edu
    Joseph Edu 3 hours ago

    Kennen rework plez

  • Rhuan Gomes
    Rhuan Gomes 3 hours ago

    Querer isso arrepio até o cabelo do cu

  • Richyyy
    Richyyy 3 hours ago

    Thank you

  • 99batran
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  • Syndra Solteira
    Syndra Solteira 3 hours ago

    quem feedou esse sion?