• Published on Jan 11, 2018
    Content by Jay Baron.
    Snap @ walkingwithjay
    Music by: Dj Quads
    Song: A Bouquet of Roses
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  • The Dark Side Off
    The Dark Side Off 43 minutes ago

    ASMR !!

  • qeta 0418
    qeta 0418 6 hours ago

    Can you make "adjarian khachapuri" please?

  • Raiza B.
    Raiza B. 7 hours ago

    OMG Cute Foods!!! :D

  • Danae Lovely
    Danae Lovely 10 hours ago

    Where do you get those tiny toppings?

  • Autumn Carr
    Autumn Carr 11 hours ago

    Is this edible

  • Autumn Carr
    Autumn Carr 11 hours ago

    Where do you get the mini stuff from ?

  • Jincess S
    Jincess S 15 hours ago

    How did you get those tiny veggies??

  • Reno
    Reno 18 hours ago


  • A.J & the Ali Cats
    A.J & the Ali Cats 19 hours ago

    LOL where do you find all this little teeny ingredients

  • cαsτεнτυгd Ø
    cαsτεнτυгd Ø 21 hour ago

    Mini cheesecake please

  • Anime Vale
    Anime Vale 23 hours ago

    *cool kids in middle school read title* subscribes so fast you can't see him do it

  • GalacticPawz
    GalacticPawz 23 hours ago

    here with a giant doing litte tiny DOUGHpe food,

  • Ginette Parada
    Ginette Parada Day ago


  • Isabella Vega
    Isabella Vega Day ago

    Hola quería decirte q amo tu canal y lo sigo hace casi 2 años y que creo q es realmente lindo con la delicadeza que haces la mini comida y Ojala puedas entender mi idioma <3 ;)

  • Ness1604
    Ness1604 Day ago

    Oh god now I want pizza

  • Toby Delatorre
    Toby Delatorre Day ago +1

    Your awesome I love your channel

  • brad holmes
    brad holmes 2 days ago

    0:54 Liek if u cri evertim

  • Alex Assault
    Alex Assault 2 days ago

    Why supreme?

  • Cookie draws
    Cookie draws 2 days ago

    I am literally eating pizza

  • Crystal Blue Gem
    Crystal Blue Gem 2 days ago

    Aww this is so cute why don't you make a mini hotdog

  • Silver Werepanda
    Silver Werepanda 2 days ago

    Oh my goodness!!! So tiny!!!! So, do you eat them? 😄

  • Anaïs kaemmerer
    Anaïs kaemmerer 2 days ago


  • Jennahasmoves
    Jennahasmoves 2 days ago

    I'm just question where does he get those tiny vegetables from...

  • Odd Vlogs
    Odd Vlogs 3 days ago

    Are mini baguettes out of the question? Love the vids, Jay!Keep it up!

  • Sarah Martinez
    Sarah Martinez 3 days ago

    Donde demonios consigue esa cebolla tan diminuta OMG 😲

  • Catherine Muller
    Catherine Muller 3 days ago

    Any chance of a Spotify playlist of all this fabulous music that accompanied the fabulous foods?

  • Ariah Hairston
    Ariah Hairston 3 days ago

    I'm just a kid and my name is Ariah and I love your videos!And I 'm impressed that your an adult and most adults have bad eye sight.😑👀👓?♡😂

  • Lavender River
    Lavender River 3 days ago

    My cousin wonder if you ate the food that you make

  • Briana San Juan
    Briana San Juan 3 days ago


  • Xappy -iwnl-
    Xappy -iwnl- 3 days ago


  • cheese sandvich
    cheese sandvich 3 days ago

    Is that a new knife I see?

  • Sierra Claus
    Sierra Claus 3 days ago

    How do you get such small vegetables

  • Ian Chester
    Ian Chester 3 days ago

    where do you get mini ingredients??

  • Magmacream177
    Magmacream177 3 days ago

    I’m Canadian and I have no idea what “Canadian bacon” is

    MUNDO DE MAX 3 days ago

    like si quieres todo los accesorios que tieneo

  • Sandy Hook
    Sandy Hook 3 days ago

    Do you know Arriety!!!!!!

  • Owen Riley Watson
    Owen Riley Watson 3 days ago +1

    Spent 2 hours just listening 2 this music

  • nop nigg
    nop nigg 4 days ago

    Do u eat those

  • Shylo spark
    Shylo spark 4 days ago

    How in the actual hell do you get TINY MUSHROOMS LIKE THAT. *IM SHOOK*

  • aironas astrauskas
    aironas astrauskas 4 days ago

    Where you get that mini ingrediants

  • Weird Sibling Time!?

    So tiny 😱😱😱😱

  • Sam Mathis
    Sam Mathis 4 days ago

    I wish I new where to get this food

  • llamita raimbow :3
    llamita raimbow :3 4 days ago

    Mmmm delicius😝😝😝

  • Pancakes 89
    Pancakes 89 4 days ago

    Jay if your reading this I’m a big fan of your work
    Love it ❤️

  • Alex Garay
    Alex Garay 4 days ago

    Bruh where does Joe even get this food

  • Destinee T.
    Destinee T. 4 days ago

    I'm going to start making these recipes on a (Normal) larger scale and see how they turn out. :)

  • Dino210 195
    Dino210 195 4 days ago

    What do you do with the mini food you make

  • Lps SparksandFire
    Lps SparksandFire 4 days ago

    Those mushrooms are so cute! Screeeeeeech I love your vids!

  • Eltsu
    Eltsu 4 days ago

    Your videos are always funny and satisfying.

  • edacs little daddy
    edacs little daddy 4 days ago

    pizza for little hypebeast goblins

  • Cakearia Best
    Cakearia Best 4 days ago

    This is need to my ant restaurant

  • SimSeries
    SimSeries 5 days ago

    So cute, the only problem Is... You can't share It!!

  • LPS Ice Cream
    LPS Ice Cream 5 days ago

    That looks so tasty o-o

  • Gopal Boopathy
    Gopal Boopathy 5 days ago

    Is that edible

  • James Yun
    James Yun 5 days ago

    Mind Blown!

  • HinataFanX qp
    HinataFanX qp 5 days ago

    Stay happy please

  • jbn675478
    jbn675478 5 days ago

    the oven, haha

  • Hoovesandpaws 99
    Hoovesandpaws 99 5 days ago


  • Guppie The Gup
    Guppie The Gup 5 days ago


  • Jazmine Svay
    Jazmine Svay 5 days ago

    Hey were you get the small stuff from

  • mundo da diversão games

    Mini cola aww😁

  • mundo da diversão games

    Mini supreme pizza is soo cute

  • hervell stewart
    hervell stewart 5 days ago

    Make a pepporoni pizza

  • wet trout
    wet trout 5 days ago

    you should add a tiny model sleeping cat or a fish tank to give the set more detail! not that it's already detailed enough tho

  • C.B.
    C.B. 5 days ago

    Somehow I will still gain weight with one slice...

  • Richard E. Normas
    Richard E. Normas 5 days ago

    O ma gerd, its SUPREM, it must haz bin so expensive!!1!!!1!!

  • Fluffy Dragon
    Fluffy Dragon 5 days ago

    How the heck do you even have tiny onions and peppers O-o

  • bashzer0
    bashzer0 5 days ago

    That coke is fake

  • Cool Girl Quaderer
    Cool Girl Quaderer 5 days ago

    hungry now😄😄😅😄😃😃😃

  • Black & Radex
    Black & Radex 5 days ago

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd the supreme is where ????

  • Maggie Anonales
    Maggie Anonales 5 days ago

    Omgg. The knife makes it all better. Now here us were you used your mushrooms. Loveeeeee it.

  • Jessica Marquis
    Jessica Marquis 5 days ago

    the innocent side of youtube is amazing

  • It's Luii
    It's Luii 5 days ago +1

    That knife cuts better than my scissors

  • Top 10
    Top 10 5 days ago +1

    You take one hour to make it and you eat it in one second

  • MySmart Device
    MySmart Device 5 days ago

    Little Bits, you got competition.

  • Luke DeLeon
    Luke DeLeon 5 days ago

    But did you eat it after you were done?

  • Mimi Plays
    Mimi Plays 5 days ago

    Wow even the crust is smoother then others!
    i will order a HUGE pizza lol

  • DeathPixelGamin -Nerf

    Mini Chicken and dumplings

  • AllyCat Gaming
    AllyCat Gaming 5 days ago

    IM STARVING NOW!!!!!!! 😸😸😸😸😹😹😹

  • Green Mean
    Green Mean 5 days ago

    Beats a lunchable

  • ms1sharklee
    ms1sharklee 5 days ago

    This is so stylish cooking video with adorable miniature kitchen!!

  • Not a demon
    Not a demon 5 days ago


  • kesapasa 〉〉
    kesapasa 〉〉 5 days ago


  • Farah
    Farah 6 days ago

    Me on a diet

  • Kara Vonsailor
    Kara Vonsailor 6 days ago

    Hey Jay, I just recently found your channel and I love it. I've been in the blues lately and your videos are just so chill but also incredibly skilled. I've always been fascinated by the tiniest creations, and your channel highlights it in a very nice way. Thank you, have a nice day, and keep up the amazing work!

  • antisatsuma 510
    antisatsuma 510 6 days ago

    You eat this food?

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 6 days ago

    Were do u get all that stuff

  • Jon
    Jon 6 days ago


  • AngelaThe Cookie
    AngelaThe Cookie 6 days ago

    after the video he just eats it all

  • Myke Rosa
    Myke Rosa 6 days ago

    Can you make sushi next !

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel 6 days ago

    OMG 😮 if I was able to come there and was not vegetarian I would come and eat that 🍕. Being 13 and in middle school it is very annoying to be vegetarian.😒they ask me stupid and retarded questions!.

  • sweet alien
    sweet alien 6 days ago

    This is the cutest thing ive even seen!!

  • Cheyne Anderson
    Cheyne Anderson 6 days ago

    Such smol mushrooms

  • _um ok ig_ Heh
    _um ok ig_ Heh 6 days ago

    You should make mini fettuccine alfredo

  • Anneliese Contreras Motta

    I love this channel 😁❤

  • jkseraphim4
    jkseraphim4 6 days ago

    Where can I buy these cute tiny products?

  • CrippledWeeabo72
    CrippledWeeabo72 6 days ago


  • Gman Gorscope
    Gman Gorscope 6 days ago

    Good cook

  • María Fernanda Muñoz Nausa

    Love cool