How to Make Orgone Orgonite Chi Prana Ki Love Heal Starseed

  • Published on Apr 16, 2014
  • Fiberglass resin from HARDWARE store
    Black Iron Oxide - ebay
    dry quartz sand- home depot
    paypal email

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    What is the hardner you use, what is it called? How much do you use of it. When making the pyramid shape ones what do you use as the mold? How do you get them out of it? How long do you need to let them dry before removing them? Thank you so

  • Vishwanath Pandurangan
    Vishwanath Pandurangan 3 months ago

    Pls watch this video and let me know your thoughts. Orgonite is not working.

  • Dark Forrest Creations
    Dark Forrest Creations 4 months ago

    I don't want to shat on your side walk bro but there is no coil to transfer frequency I respect your fortunate advice but your polishing turds

  • marra1100
    marra1100 7 months ago

    could it be epoxy resin or polyester?


    Good job. I do my best! From Germany

  • Fransje Bik
    Fransje Bik 7 months ago

    In this video you can see the orgon energies. There is more of those video's comming soon.

  • Fransje Bik
    Fransje Bik 7 months ago

    😘😘😘 thank you so very much!!!

  • Matthew Bernstein
    Matthew Bernstein 8 months ago +3

    black iron oxide is used to make thermite and thermite is used to make explosives if you buy black iron oxide the black helicopters will 100 percent fly by your house

  • Andrea Morin
    Andrea Morin 8 months ago

    Lol, sand isn't crushed quartz, for one. Also, do you really think dying some sand black and mixing it with plastic is the way to cleanse the earth! Dipshit alert!!!!

    • Dark Forrest Creations
      Dark Forrest Creations 4 months ago

      Andrea Morin I know ,this poor fool has bad info no real measurements and it looks like he made it on the sidewalk A pat on the back for trying

  • QueenUmmi Maconcounty
    QueenUmmi Maconcounty 8 months ago

    Hi I love this, where is the harder? I didn't see it

  • Limitless Vibrations
    Limitless Vibrations 10 months ago

    How about the metals?

  • Kurt Standiford
    Kurt Standiford Year ago

    The black iron oxide, is that the same as what is used in the hand warmers that stay warm for about 10 hours?

  • Mio Angel
    Mio Angel Year ago

    Is the organite help a poisoned tree that is dying? Thanks!

    • Mio Angel
      Mio Angel Year ago

      Kurt Standiford. Thank you!

    • Kurt Standiford
      Kurt Standiford Year ago +1

      Mio Angel Many crystals will do that, rose quartz, clear crystal quartz etc.

  • Douglas Billman
    Douglas Billman Year ago +1

    Love AND PEace...

  • Katannya Alven
    Katannya Alven Year ago

    Love you too .... thanks so much for your great informative video Katannya

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    I haven't made mine yet but I am doing mine in a Cone shaped with the exact dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza using natural crushed red granite, limestone, twisted magnetic copper wire around a gold jewelry wire in a clockwise coil from the base to the point where I can have a capstone of gold, plus the iron filings placed on the outer areas near the limestone outer casing and the bottom of the coned pyramid has a half sphere that I can put water in it! I watched a Doc on how the Great Pyramid is actually a natural electrical generator similar to Nikola Tesla's Colorado Springs Tower! If he had built his tower using the Orgonite, it would have worked a whole lot better! Any thoughts from you guys about this way of doing it?

    • Kurt Standiford
      Kurt Standiford Year ago

      JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI* It is not possible to make a cone the "exact dimensions" of the Pyramid. The Pyramid actually has 2 sides on each of the 4 sides.
      But the Pyramid is an equilateral 4 sided ( 8 actually ) and the capstone was a metal called orichalcum and was rang like a gong as it was put into place which helped to seal the stones of the Pyramid. Good luck with your cone.

  • human 777
    human 777 Year ago

    Hey all,
    I sell black iron oxide orgonite in the UK, and since ConstitutionLost hasn't been active for a few months now, I feel as though a source of orgonite for those whom don't want to make it but try it is necessary. Costs £14.51 with postage through eBay, check out the link! P.s I am doing this for the benefit of all, and unfortunately in the current society we live in, I can't just send out orgonite for free.

  • A Cityzen
    A Cityzen 2 years ago

    Great video Superman :) Can you put a picture of the Whit house on top of one of these things and send the energy there? Cheers, peace out!

  • jse martinez
    jse martinez 2 years ago

    Is there a difference between pure and synthetic black iron oxide? or does it have to be pure?

  • hammerpower100
    hammerpower100 2 years ago +2

    love you brother!

  • Christian Andersson
    Christian Andersson 3 years ago

    Hi! I Love your videos! I wonder if pool sand works? It's Quartz sand too but bigger stoones.

  • Daria Dalton
    Daria Dalton 3 years ago

    10 lbs for 10 dollars I see no price like that on Ebay. Its expensive plus shipping.

    • A M B I L A N D
      A M B I L A N D 2 years ago

      It's actually $13 (+ $8 shipping) for 10lbs of black iron oxide on eBay. The sellers name is "alphachem08"

  • Zedruis
    Zedruis 3 years ago

    Can you tell me the United Kingdom measurements please as in the ratio ect, as is like to make but am confused

  • Firozé Salimi
    Firozé Salimi 3 years ago +3

    Can you get Sand from the beach , the sand on Siesta key sarasota is crushedd quartz crystal?

    • Ryan Anderson
      Ryan Anderson 2 months ago

      Most beach sand is fish poop. Not joking...

    • J Roberts
      J Roberts 10 months ago

      Siesta Key materials would be fabulous!

    • Kurt Standiford
      Kurt Standiford Year ago +1

      Firozé Salimi You can get quartz that are damaged and grind them up or quartz that is in stone form. Good sand is easier but the more pure quartz the better

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago +1

      yes as long as it is dry

  • The Realest Idealist
    The Realest Idealist 3 years ago +9

    I love the positive vibes I always get from watching orgone videos...from the orgonite itself, plus from the creators! Much respect to all my fellow light workers!

  • godgevlamste
    godgevlamste 3 years ago +1

    well said !!!

  • Rfazeful
    Rfazeful 3 years ago

    thanx love and lite

  • josé gonzález
    josé gonzález 3 years ago

    To create a live superorgonita you catch a pine conifer or drilling in the trunk without reaching the center of the trunk and quartz is introduced with metal shavings, re-cover with pine bark and arcilla.El environment improves buttIt is a very powerful superantena

  • satsang - full
    satsang - full 4 years ago +5

    Die mächtigsten Orgon Cludbuster. Nano Größe Metall und Quarz in die Form eingefüllt macht leistungsfähige Orgoniten. In Chemtrails kommt Nano-Technologie zum Einsatz, das benötigt entsprechende Orgon Nano-Technologie, um sie zu neutralisieren. Interessanter Ansatz!

    • Trawa
      Trawa Year ago

      In meinem Orgonite ist Agnihotra Asche auch drinnen. Und wenn die Kristalle einmal positive Informiert sind und im Hartz fest dann sind sie das auch, man kann sie lediglich abschwächen durch die Bestrahlung

    • Angelique F
      Angelique F 2 years ago

      na dann ist ja gut ;-)

    • Angelique F
      Angelique F 4 years ago +1

      Kann aber auch ins Auge gehen,geht auch ins Negative,da ist Agnihotra (Feuerritual)sanfter und genauso Wirkungsvoll gegen Chemtrails.

  • Adeiza Rezende Schecter
    Adeiza Rezende Schecter 4 years ago +3

    Thank you. I send to you love. peace harmony. We are ONE.

  • Stephanie Norris
    Stephanie Norris 4 years ago

    Hello, today i went and bought some premium play sand and it isn't the same colour as yours, is that alright. The company is the same but it's darker and seems a bit more like normal sand?

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago

      +Stephanie Norris sounds good you can always the msds sheet, needs to be silicone dioxie

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 4 years ago

    Bro can you be a little specific with how much resin you used? Thank you.

  • Jlet J
    Jlet J 4 years ago

    Could u please make a video that this orgonite works so I can convince my friends to start gifting. :)

    • Andrea Morin
      Andrea Morin 8 months ago

      Jlet J ,, because it's BS!

  • spark plug
    spark plug 5 years ago +5

    I was under the impression that it needed to be different layers of organic and unorganic materials to work the best. Would it be better to be different layers?

    • dolhascu adrian
      dolhascu adrian 4 years ago

      +ConstitutionLost how do you know that this is based an recipe i must be sure to not make mistake where i can learn more of orgone

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  5 years ago +4

      Layering does have an effect, but that does not make the most powerful Orgone. Nano sized metal and quartz crammed into the mold makes the most powerful Orgone. Chemtrails is nano technology we need Orgone Nano technology to beat them. One Love!