Trying 10 Army Foods VS Gourmet Foods!

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Wasssup everybody!! Join us in todays video as we compare packaged meals against gourmet meals! Whoever can distinguish the most amount of meals from one another will win DOPE or DIE, while the loser has to...well, I just let you watch to find that out! Enjoy!!

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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 4 289

  • brandon cordell
    brandon cordell 8 hours ago

    What a bunch of cry babies

  • Jolisa Lopez
    Jolisa Lopez 12 hours ago

    Matt wins either way lol

  • Amy Shelp
    Amy Shelp 13 hours ago


  • Joshua D'souza
    Joshua D'souza 13 hours ago

    I really want to see this because I want to see my three favourite people eat food from India (My home)

  • Joshua D'souza
    Joshua D'souza 13 hours ago

    I'm sonic sick

  • Alexis Chancey
    Alexis Chancey 20 hours ago

    You guys were probably very constipated after eating those MREs. They are made to eat in survival situations.

  • Judge Menace
    Judge Menace Day ago

    How did no one get the cheese omelet?

  • Margreet Heithuis

    MRE's are not that bad tho... But they do taste better when you eat the food when it's warm

  • Gail Dellinger
    Gail Dellinger Day ago

    im sonic sick

  • Daniel Cativo
    Daniel Cativo Day ago

    it looks like prison food from the movies
    Who agrees

  • Gaming Downunder

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t cook right did they use the ration heaters?

  • Benito Castellon

    MRE Is supposed to make you not use the bathroom

  • Bella Carter
    Bella Carter Day ago

    their blindfolds look like little tiny bras

  • Bugzee’s Passion
    Bugzee’s Passion Day ago +1

    MRES arent that bad especially when you are out in the field training they taste pretty good when your hungry lol

  • cookie crusher
    cookie crusher Day ago

    Im sonic sick

  • BurlyBigJ
    BurlyBigJ 2 days ago

    I didnt know they make bras for your eyes.

  • Axel 2417
    Axel 2417 2 days ago

    Aussie MRE is like 50% chocolates and lollies

  • Vythal
    Vythal 2 days ago

    Tanner had been tortured too much in this video 😂

    THE BEAST 2 days ago

    why were they being such big sissy's like cmon bro toughen up.

  • Gio Casalda
    Gio Casalda 2 days ago

    It is so good

  • Gio Casalda
    Gio Casalda 2 days ago +1

    Mre is the best food

  • Leonce Marceau
    Leonce Marceau 2 days ago

    I’ve had plenty of MRE’s. And none of them were as bad as these guys were making them seem. I’ve even had cold MRE’s and they were sufficient.

  • ehdo David
    ehdo David 2 days ago +1


  • y. Travie
    y. Travie 3 days ago

    I ate MRE’s at basic for ten weeks and every time I smashed them they really aren’t that bad

  • Trung Le Thanh
    Trung Le Thanh 3 days ago +1

    Bruh the M.R.E’s look really reallllly tasty no joke

  • Internet Nobody
    Internet Nobody 3 days ago

    MRE's are pretty good what kind did you guys get

  • Maurice Santiago
    Maurice Santiago 3 days ago

    i feel bad for that fish in the background

  • javier moreno
    javier moreno 3 days ago


  • Crested Gecko
    Crested Gecko 3 days ago

    Yum yum

  • Chelsea Mangawang
    Chelsea Mangawang 3 days ago

    I feel like they need to stop bullying Michael.

  • Isaiah Hurt
    Isaiah Hurt 3 days ago

    yall need hair there's a website called

  • Joana Vieira
    Joana Vieira 4 days ago

    You have to eat the Portuguese Army Food, is one of the best MRE

  • Vinylpie 100
    Vinylpie 100 4 days ago

    I have no idea how they are saying they are disgusting I’ve had one just to test it and it was delicious I’m glad our soldiers at least get something tasty to eat while Out in the field

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 4 days ago

    Michael: oh its not bad
    Also Michael oh its horrible

  • StarDoesGaming
    StarDoesGaming 4 days ago

    Only bad mre ive ever had was the pesto chicken alfredo? Something like that

  • Who ya gonna call Khan

    Well Daryl Dixon the walking dead survival instinct game version of twd he eats mre meals

  • GlennsGamingChannel
    GlennsGamingChannel 5 days ago

    Never mix neskwik whit water

  • Bryce Caulkins
    Bryce Caulkins 5 days ago

    Everyone saying the MREs aren't that bad are both right and wrong they taste fine but the textures are all so weird. But him saying he has to go to the bathroom proves they're faking everyone know you don't go to the bathroom after an MRE... :P

  • BenDynamic
    BenDynamic 5 days ago

    I had that first MRE and in my opinion, it has really good flavor and is pretty good at least i think the wont say the menu

  • JEB01234
    JEB01234 5 days ago

    I'm sonic sick

  • NT11 BOSS
    NT11 BOSS 5 days ago

    The chicken pasta is the best mre

  • In the D with us! A doll's life!


  • Angela Hollander
    Angela Hollander 5 days ago


  • GF Shell
    GF Shell 5 days ago


  • Mega Faggot Gaming
    Mega Faggot Gaming 5 days ago

    I've had mres for three years there not all that bad

  • MisFit Flows
    MisFit Flows 6 days ago

    After you eat nothing but mres for a week you will never want to eat them again

  • nicksnowflake
    nicksnowflake 6 days ago

    I love MREs

  • America hernandez
    America hernandez 6 days ago

    MREs are delicious, just don't eat so much of the gum lmao

  • DMBGaming_Yt
    DMBGaming_Yt 7 days ago

    I’m sonic sick

  • Love is Dumb
    Love is Dumb 7 days ago

    please tell me im not the only person who thought those blindfolds was a bra for a second😂😂😂

    SICK WHATEVER 7 days ago

    Tanner said 125 Robert changes it to 125,000

  • Hi im Trinity
    Hi im Trinity 7 days ago

    I’m sonic sick. Yum yum 🙃

  • Sky Racer
    Sky Racer 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but Tanner need to act like his age ..doesn't fit right on him....kinda trying to hard to be funny..and think before you speak...i apologize for the comment just saying...still love that channel no matter what..

  • Wesley Underwood
    Wesley Underwood 7 days ago +1

    There not bad at all I eat those when I camp some times and they are perfectly fine

  • Jeremiah Aguero
    Jeremiah Aguero 7 days ago

    At Charlie company 2-47 we devoured ours Bc drill sgts would check if we didn’t eat anything they would say the heat cat is on the prowl

  • Nevada Pantalleresco

    I have an MRI in my room right now and I love it I'm going to have to get more MREs they are so the chili is the best though not going to lie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jon 89
    Jon 89 7 days ago +1


  • L.B
    L.B 7 days ago +2

    -Tanner 2019

  • elvinas gaizauskas
    elvinas gaizauskas 8 days ago

    yum yum yum yum

  • Spicy Ike
    Spicy Ike 8 days ago

    MREs are great when heated, especially when backpacking or long camping trips! Yall need to suck it up and eat ya damn food!