How to Metal Etch Your Tools

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
  • DIY Metal Etching. Learn how to add larger sized numbers to your sockets so you can actually see what size they are, and learn how to etch your name or logo into your tools using a battery! This is great for gifts or just to mark your tools!
    Tools/Products Used:
    Reusable Stencils:
    3-IN-ONE rust prevent:
    Alligator Clips:
    ChrisFix Stickers (bigger than in the video):
    $10 Sockets:
    Giant Crescent Wrench:
    Car Battery Jumper:
    Nail Polish (or "borrow" some):
    Cotton Swabs:
    Repair Scratched Wheels:
    Remove Scratches on Your Car's Paint:
    Restore Hazy Headlights:
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  • Sun99%
    Sun99% 2 days ago

    This video great bro ⭐

  • Alex Patino38
    Alex Patino38 3 days ago

    I edged my bike frame 😂 it worked

  • Zade Overholt
    Zade Overholt 8 days ago

    Can anyone else hear his smile

  • Ralph Vigil
    Ralph Vigil 9 days ago

    I can’t wait to try it out.

  • swatson0061
    swatson0061 11 days ago

    Awesome video man.

  • Michael Bowman
    Michael Bowman 12 days ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to use an electric etcher with your stencils?

  • Color MehJewish
    Color MehJewish 12 days ago

    2:28 -- LMAO -- I never actually noticed you wrote "wooder" on it
    I needed a good laugh after work today -- thank you :)

  • Christopher Mcdonald
    Christopher Mcdonald 13 days ago

    Assume video kris going to mark all my tools now

  • Leomelvin Fernandez
    Leomelvin Fernandez 17 days ago

    Where can I get the blinker fluid I can't find it in any store 🤔🤪

  • Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh 19 days ago

    What people would do to save a few cents. If you have to have etching then buy some proper laser etched sockets. Time is money for Pete's sake what a waste

  • Luis Fernando Ramirez
    Luis Fernando Ramirez 25 days ago

    This is great!!!

  • Capivara of War
    Capivara of War 26 days ago

    >blinker fluid

  • Slim Trucka
    Slim Trucka 27 days ago


  • Wayne Cook
    Wayne Cook 28 days ago

    Mate i have $25,000 worth of tools it would take me 12 months to do it this way, I will stick to my engraver..

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 29 days ago

    Hey, the "blinker fluid" guy ! (Don't fall for these videos !)

  • Mobin92
    Mobin92 29 days ago

    Using table salt creates chlorine gas when you do this... So really make sure to ventilate or use baking soda instead.

  • Jim Barber
    Jim Barber 29 days ago

    Probably one of the best videos i seen

  • karel bellic
    karel bellic Month ago

    P12 volt DC? Amps?

  • sam yeates
    sam yeates Month ago

    Awesome thanks for sharing

  • Greg Silverado
    Greg Silverado Month ago

    show how to etch Lacy Green, that would be awesome

  • 4ward Nthought
    4ward Nthought Month ago

    So very cool

  • Steve Rosario
    Steve Rosario Month ago +2

    Hey great video, loved the concept. I only have one question, where did you make custom stickers like your logo? Any suggestions, diy, or place to get custom logos? I really would like my initials the way I write them but wouldn’t know where to start looking. Thanks for the video.

  • Warped
    Warped Month ago

    Since you etched the chrome off of the steel, you don't need to "Sharpie" the etched surface. It will rust all by itself now.

  • Jon de Carbonel
    Jon de Carbonel Month ago

    GOOD STUFF! When I was a machinist, we always had problems with other shifts stealing our tools.
    It was a daily event think of new ways to detour thieves 👽
    This is awesome.

  • Magnus Bech
    Magnus Bech Month ago

    Oh boy I misread the title

  • Boomer Valley
    Boomer Valley Month ago

    I can tell socket sizes with my eyecrometers

  • ProjectZGarage
    ProjectZGarage Month ago

    This is a great idea Im going to try this out and see how it comes out. Great way to figure out which tools are yours when you go help a friend.

  • James Nickerson
    James Nickerson Month ago +1

    Brilliant! Thank you. Getting older and my eyes aren't what they used to be.

  • xRuhRohx
    xRuhRohx Month ago

    When using vinyl stickers for etching, if you are custom ordering a sticker, ask the person who makes then to send you one "reverse weeded". That will be the outline, then you etch and peel. No need for fingernail polish or remover.

  • James King
    James King Month ago

    Thanks. Good trick to know.

  • El lee oh
    El lee oh Month ago

    👍👍 from this guy

  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago

    Thanks, good job

  • cartbuilder 61
    cartbuilder 61 Month ago

    Dude! That does look good you're a 7#&@+?6 genius!

  • Akshay Anand
    Akshay Anand Month ago

    thank you

  • joe bama
    joe bama Month ago +2

    learn how to recognize size with your eyes...don't need no stinking numbers.

    • You Tube
      You Tube Month ago

      I don't think he meant reading the number on the socket, more about knowing the physical size of the socket just by looking at it.
      I have been working on cars since the mid 90's and i can grab a metric socket and know within 2mm what size it is ... Same for looking at a bolt on my car, just looking at the physical size i can tell within 2mm what size i need.

    • Whigger Hunter
      Whigger Hunter Month ago

      Easy to say when your young and don't need reading glasses..

    • You Tube
      You Tube Month ago

      joe bama amen ..!!

  • Affliction of A Christian

    Love it

    GHOSTPAYNE Month ago

    Nice 👍🏻

  • Matt Rivera
    Matt Rivera Month ago

    And now the nice "etched" tools are rusting due to the oxidation process you dumb ass

  • Fearless Fred
    Fearless Fred Month ago

    But I don’t want my wrench to say Chris fix!

  • cool music
    cool music Month ago +1

    Should of also showed using the 9volt battery. Thanks for sharing. 👍

  • John Wolf
    John Wolf Month ago


  • Matthew Miglio
    Matthew Miglio Month ago

    Hey y’all watch out using NaCl while electroplating, it produces gaseous chlorine. I gassed myself once and it was very bad, use something safe

  • Boaty McBoatface
    Boaty McBoatface Month ago

    Why oil them afterward? The surface rust would just make it easier to see the numbers....

  • G W
    G W Month ago

    sockets # 3UCK$ !

  • Oliver Rosenkrantz
    Oliver Rosenkrantz Month ago

    "The salty solution” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • BerettaTV
    BerettaTV Month ago

    Not bad next time I take my tools home from work I might do this

  • Phillip Toone
    Phillip Toone Month ago

    I just use paint to color code my sockets and wrenches according to the resistor color code chart. It's cheap and I can see what size a socket or wrench is from across the room. It may not be pretty but it works for me.

  • Johng Roberts
    Johng Roberts Month ago

    Quality sux if you have to use a marker.

  • Robert Juarez
    Robert Juarez Month ago

    That's sick! Thanks bud 👍

  • Jimmy Strange
    Jimmy Strange Month ago

    That was alot of fun Chris!

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Well, cool technique but
    a $10 sockets are always a $10 sockets

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago

      Yup and they tighten and loosen bolts the same as the over priced brands. Say or ain't so.

  • Kwad Daddy
    Kwad Daddy Month ago

    Does this short out the battery?

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan Month ago

    Freakin brilliant

  • Greenstang 18
    Greenstang 18 Month ago

    How do you get different colors ?

  • MrChad97Z
    MrChad97Z Month ago

    does it work on the black sockets? black sockets are the worst.

  • Midwest DankAlumni
    Midwest DankAlumni Month ago +1

    I'd still lose my 10mm

  • Michael Berna
    Michael Berna Month ago

    Reverse electroplating.

    JUNIOR LEWIS Month ago

    Thanks for sharing another great video.

  • Curt Nicholson
    Curt Nicholson Month ago +3

    How well does it turn out on black impact sockets?

  • Fly Casual
    Fly Casual Month ago

    Operators are standing by