iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
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  • - KoreanJoker -
    - KoreanJoker - 20 hours ago

    my first phone was the Galaxy S1 in 2012. Damn, that thing was actually good at the time, and it has instilled a habit of never using the phone excessively while charging it because the battery would physically bloat in front of your eyes (I know tech has gotten way better with batteries and this will never happen now, but it's still good to be careful).

    Oh, and my newest phone as of now is the Note 10. Kinda stayed in the Samsung family, but I plan on getting a couple phones from outside Samsung (hopefully an iPhone 8, and a OnePlus whichever version)

  • Radd
    Radd 20 hours ago

    I want to see that xiaomi note 10 pro or realme X2 review

  • Cristian Cilioaică
    Cristian Cilioaică 20 hours ago

    HTC G1 DREAM Android 1.6

  • HieStealer 96
    HieStealer 96 21 hour ago

    review more true wireless earbuds, budget

  • Audai Awadallah
    Audai Awadallah 21 hour ago

    4:05 My mans made a career for himself

  • Shaun Johnson
    Shaun Johnson 22 hours ago

    I feel like you were low key challenging Lew (unbox therapy) to use the first iPhone for a week 🤔🤔🤔

  • Matthew Sloan
    Matthew Sloan 22 hours ago

    My first phone was the samsung galaxy s3

  • Zayd M0074
    Zayd M0074 22 hours ago

    5s. That was my first IPhone too

  • Rafael Marcon
    Rafael Marcon 23 hours ago

    It's funny how the shutter button on the original camera app interface became the app icon after iOS 7

  • Simon Torok
    Simon Torok 23 hours ago

    I got the original 8gb iPhone in 2008, a buddy brought it back from the US. Getting it to work in Australia was a giant pain in the arse, but damn if it wasn't a brilliant piece of tech!

  • Muhammed Asif
    Muhammed Asif 23 hours ago

    Mi note 10 Review pls

  • Vasan Gnavasekaran
    Vasan Gnavasekaran 23 hours ago

    My first smartphone is samsung but i dont know the model name

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez 23 hours ago

    Palm Treo 700. It was my favorite phone for many years!!! Until I got the iPhone 4S.

  • Essa Ali Mohammed
    Essa Ali Mohammed 23 hours ago

    The subtitles say I'm Kim PhD here...

  • Steven Novak
    Steven Novak 23 hours ago

    awesome video!

  • R.J. C.
    R.J. C. 23 hours ago

    I tried putting my sim in my old iphone 4 but it really couldn't handle things well. Specifically the apps I need for work like outlook and teams. The phone was ok and text worked. Browsing was challenging. It sure got some looks , though.

  • christina demps
    christina demps 23 hours ago

    That looked like two different dogs 🥴

  • onekoolfella
    onekoolfella Day ago

    First Smartphone: Palm Treo 650 (Sprint) then Treo 755P on Sprint
    First iPhone: iPhone 5s (actually waited in line for it)
    Prior Phone: Palm Pre 1 & 2

  • Nykelle St Brice

    I'm not sure you can consider it a smartphone but... Nokia N73!!!!

  • Bandtx
    Bandtx Day ago

    I think the first iPhone lead the design of smartphones, I wonder if apple never created iPhone, what would smartphones look like now? Would they have head to the design of a sidekick phone?

  • Gene Pionela
    Gene Pionela Day ago

    iPhone 3G was my first smartphone,
    2019 - Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

  • jebuss chrust
    jebuss chrust Day ago

    My first smartphone was the HTC Incredible (2011). Still think it's one of the best phopnes i've ever had. Loved the integrated rubber case and the small size of it.

  • crisismcnoodle
    crisismcnoodle Day ago

    2014- lg volt
    2019- Huawei mate 9

  • yt233
    yt233 Day ago

    When you’re running out of contents: iPhone OG

  • Th3_Rich_Sauce 552
    Th3_Rich_Sauce 552 Day ago +1

    Ok so I just got the iPhone 11 and tech TVcliprs like u are the only ones that actually use the size of my screen for $700 you’d think that I could use all of my screen but I just watched an Add by APPLE and the black bars were huge do you know why this or how to fix it because I wanna use all my screen

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith Day ago

    Steve Ballmer...“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item."

  • Anthony Chaves
    Anthony Chaves Day ago

    My first smarphone was the: Xperia U.

  • Selvarathinam Vinoch

    2010: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini
    2019: Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Hummad Syed
    Hummad Syed Day ago

    Yo ngl that camera was impressive...

  • Edwin Fernandez
    Edwin Fernandez Day ago

    It was actually the iPhone 4s that had a camera, not the 4.

  • Jon
    Jon Day ago

    fyi first iPhone didn't have app store either

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago

    8bit guy actually did the challenge already

  • chris pinkston
    chris pinkston Day ago

    Samsung blackjack was my first smartphone. iPhone 3 was first and last iPhone..Original Galaxy S ( captivate on at&t) was my first Android phone.. Pixel 4XL current device.

  • Ali Ibrahim Gaming
    Ali Ibrahim Gaming Day ago +1

    When you have no more video ideas

  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett Day ago

    Force iJustine to use it for a week

  • Qweef Eater 69
    Qweef Eater 69 Day ago

    “Im Kim PHD here”

  • Ahmed ツ
    Ahmed ツ Day ago

    you would you make this video? we all already know that that the 1st iPhone is better..

  • Eric Harrison
    Eric Harrison Day ago

    First phone was the Nextel i90. I still have it,... it lives in my work desk drawer.

  • CD8k
    CD8k Day ago

    First phone Green iPhone 5c - 7th Grade

  • CD8k
    CD8k Day ago

    You forgot to mention the dedicated TVclip app.

  • Dustin Wilkins
    Dustin Wilkins Day ago

    I need that T-shirt!

  • Lerumo s
    Lerumo s Day ago

    04:04 why add one of the chipmunks??

  • Johns Jackman
    Johns Jackman Day ago

    Nokia 5230

  • Gaitano
    Gaitano Day ago

    My first smarphone was a HTC Wildfire. Currently using an iPhone XR.

  • Frederick Bester

    What is the name of that keyboard is the first scene?

  • SteveTheSpaz
    SteveTheSpaz Day ago

    Motorola Razor and I loved that thing. You get make calls in a mine shaft no problem. Think I still have it.

  • Andrew Molinaro
    Andrew Molinaro Day ago

    My first iPhone was the iPhone 5. I later upgraded to a 6 and currently use an iPhone X. I likely won't upgrade again until the iPhone for 2020 is revealed.

  • Dr Doggy Dogg
    Dr Doggy Dogg Day ago

    Apple: we need more cameras

  • Noire
    Noire Day ago

    2010: T-Mobile Sidekick
    2019: Samsung Galaxy Note10

  • Justin Nani
    Justin Nani Day ago

    The first version of iOS was actually 1.0.0 which was patched in 2 days with 1.0.1.

  • Adam Greyson
    Adam Greyson Day ago +1

    I had the original iPhone. The most interesting thing Marques didn't mention is that the original iPhone, on iOS 1, didn't have an app store (there were no apps to download). I was actually not really impressed with the phone... then iOS 2 came out (with the app store) and the future became possible.

  • Ronalis Arias
    Ronalis Arias Day ago

    Samsung behold, and we think you should be that guy to use a first gen iPhone with iOS 3.0.1 for a week

  • Jason Starbird
    Jason Starbird Day ago

    I also started with an LG Voyager, and then moved on to the OG Motorola Droid. Like Marques, I was on Verizon and had few legit options. That Droid was a tank though. Slide-out keyboard was garbage, but the industrial design was right up my alley.

  • svbr
    svbr Day ago

    Can you please do a surface pro X review or trying to use it as your main device for a week?

  • Kapil Agarwal
    Kapil Agarwal Day ago

    Can we take multiple times free trials using different payment methods with same apple id...??(using same iOS drive)

    Please answer me...
    by the way i can google it but i just want to be sure about it..

  • Joost Knoef
    Joost Knoef Day ago

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was my first smartphone

  • Ish Uluturk
    Ish Uluturk Day ago

    I don’t own a phone .

  • isanka aberathna

    mata me dialog i phones tagi adila tiyenawada mage satiyata tagi dena rwma karakuwata passe mata enne phones ekamay eya laba ganne keseda thaggaya laba ganna kiyala ma hata masech enawa eya hariyatama mata dana ganna one mata one loku size pata apale phones ekak thamay eya Dina athnam mata pandura abilipitiya kahawaththa rathnapura dialog kompaniyen mata laba gatha hakida mage nama hm isanka uadayangani aberathna mage emel hm Isanka Uadayangani aberathna 11@gmail came hadunum path ankaya 836502817v

  • Viktor Maršíček

    iPhone 3G and still working. after that 4G and now 7+, next mayby 12 pro, it's depends...

  • Brandon Jim Abella

    iPhone 3Gs and it was amazing back then the first iPhone to have autofocus or touch to focus?