The future we're building -- and boring | Elon Musk


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  • lucky seven
    lucky seven 4 hours ago

    Think about the control car companies will have over your vehicle. They could turn your car off for non payment lol

  • bigcountry Wrenn
    bigcountry Wrenn 6 hours ago

    But yet Walmart cant open no more than 3 cash register's

  • reachthroughreality
    reachthroughreality 9 hours ago

    for the flying car thing: there are enough accidents on a 2 dimensional plane. Lets leave the third out.

  • ThePParadigm
    ThePParadigm 9 hours ago

    The joke on 'boring' gets lost in translation after listening to this amazingly 'dull' interviewer.

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan 10 hours ago

    30:23 "Maybe nothing will happen but at least the words were said". :(

  • Mansell5Senna8 5
    Mansell5Senna8 5 14 hours ago

    This man is changing our world for the better. More countries should get on board with his visions...

  • Peter Ciurea
    Peter Ciurea 15 hours ago

    Water table resistance can be easily achieved by positive pressure and a small degree of structural integrity. To hold a vacuum the structural integrity needs to be significantly higher. Think of a plastic 1 gallon bag. inflated, it would resist water penetration as well as deformation, with 1 atmosphere or less worth of pressure even tho the plastic film has little tensile strength under expansion and nearly none under compression. The same volume would collapse under vacuum. You would need a significant increase in wall thickness and rigidity. The distortion is vectored opposite, so the material would need tensile strength in compression. I love Elon, but both here and in the hyper loop stuff, he shows significant gaps in his knowledge about vacuum, which is strange, since you'd think he has to think about it day after day in SpaceX.

  • Britt Hill-Noprodonwant

    I am ' " a very sensitive seismic instrument" '. (10:04)

  • William Keys
    William Keys 19 hours ago

    Can't Ted get someone better than Chris Anderson to do the interviews? Elon Musk is a wonderful visionary and an incredible entrepreneur but he is not a political leader.

  • William Keys
    William Keys 19 hours ago

    I was enjoying this Ted Talk until Chris Anderson took a cheap shot at Donald Trump. Elon Musk should stick to technology and Chris Anderson should keep his opinions to himself. Donald Trump is a great President and he is making America Great Again. Musk is wrong re climate change and talks nonsense about immigration policy. MAGA.

  • OneKindWord
    OneKindWord 22 hours ago +1

    5:20 "We want to beat Gary" LOL!

  • nidar
    nidar 23 hours ago

    yeah then make self driven buses!

  • Phil Fry
    Phil Fry 23 hours ago +1

    Elon is intelligent. He also tries to warn people of the dangers of AI and nobody really listened.

  • Michael Brady
    Michael Brady Day ago

    Functionally autonomous vehicle = bus = public transit = nobody uses it. Majority of Americans do not want autonomous vehicles.

  • Hayden Dunning
    Hayden Dunning Day ago

    Things will only evolve the way he sees if our archaic government structure and the barriers of economic inequality for the average person are removed and replaced with a overall system that anyone can be financially independent.

    • Phil Fry
      Phil Fry 23 hours ago +1

      If you're living here in the US, then you are clearly ignorant. Everyone has economic equality. Only time that you are kept down is if you're a felon that served prison time. Other than that, There are no suppressed people.

  • tsbrownie
    tsbrownie Day ago +1

    There's an assumption that there will be more and more cars and people to move around. But the current fertility rate in all developed countries is such that they all will have significant population decreases.

    • Phil Fry
      Phil Fry 23 hours ago +1

      Yup. You can thank feminism for that.

  • HAHAHA17786
    HAHAHA17786 Day ago


  • Justin Tautou
    Justin Tautou Day ago

    I would like to remark how well this interviewer handled such a difficult-to-interview person.

  • Justin Tautou
    Justin Tautou Day ago

    Did he really do that in 2017?

  • Darryl Doherty
    Darryl Doherty Day ago

    The main contributer to climate change is greed. The wealthy 1% arent doing enough to carry forward renewable clean energy. So how do we earn back control over the private business sector. Share the wealth! #climatechange

  • S B
    S B Day ago

    What happens when you build tunnels in LA and there is an earthquake?

  • Carli Park
    Carli Park Day ago

    If i hear everything he just said on other ppl's mouth i would think their crazy, but the way Elon said everything w/ confidence convinced me to believe this is THE GUY who's not all talk


    flying cars= 9/11 everyday, all day

  • Casper .
    Casper . Day ago

    Tony Stark

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago

    Here's a thing: The tunnels should be electric car only to eliminate the problem of large costs on ventillation and at the same time motivate people to go electric.

    MADBONE Day ago

    Marvel hires Elon Musk for the role of tony stark

  • Anthony Sears
    Anthony Sears 2 days ago

    Nice lisp interviewer.

  • Anthony Sears
    Anthony Sears 2 days ago

    TED is just all about egos and narcissism.

  • Anthony Sears
    Anthony Sears 2 days ago

    Exciting future is not being in a world all about money. God luck. It's over. The end is upon us thank god. Oops, no god. Sorry to burst you bubble.

  • Nathan Watkins
    Nathan Watkins 2 days ago

    Is a faultline the best place to put a tunnel?

  • Mr paprikA
    Mr paprikA 2 days ago

    ... mmm

  • Phobos
    Phobos 2 days ago

    INT 10
    CHA 0

  • Don Al Corleone
    Don Al Corleone 2 days ago

    what a genius

  • Amelhan Nikondear
    Amelhan Nikondear 2 days ago

    you must think about structure above when you digging to deep.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 2 days ago

    im bored of this cuint

  • Flag Football
    Flag Football 3 days ago

    My lifetime idol human? High probability

  • Cathy Steevens
    Cathy Steevens 3 days ago

    i love you Musk

  • Turkish Diezel
    Turkish Diezel 3 days ago

    Such darkness ! He has so much to share

  • JustSaynPC
    JustSaynPC 3 days ago

    I think that all Governments should be immediately abolished and Elon takes over. He obviously has the foresight and ambition to make this world, and other worlds for that matter, better for humanity. Outside of Canada, I don't see many governments operating purely for the benefit of the people.

    MY VIDEOS 3 days ago

    Why are people laughing at this guy.

  • Jonathan Villarreal
    Jonathan Villarreal 3 days ago

    You real life alien my guy whatever you say gon be true😂😂

  • Justyn Christophers
    Justyn Christophers 3 days ago

    If its "not likely to crash in 100 or 1000 lifetimes," isn't that the same thing as saying, "One of every hundred odds of crashing every time you engage with the autonomous vehicle"?

  • Heynatcha x
    Heynatcha x 4 days ago

    He’s so not afraid of a failure. His brightest brain is really unique. I see no joke in his visions and I don’t find the way he talks funny. His brain works faster than his speeches and that’s rather attractive. He’s working on real sustainable future and I would buy Tesla car, build my house with solar panel if I could afford it. I love supporting fantastic works.

  • Nicole diaz
    Nicole diaz 4 days ago

    Jesus Christ I love this man

  • Daniel Gepp
    Daniel Gepp 4 days ago

    Please build the Enterprise Elon! hahaha :D

    ANTONY WAWIRA 4 days ago

    Thank you Elon Musk for creating global optimism by helping to tackle climate change.A pioneer indeed a living legend

  • Rameka Hawkins
    Rameka Hawkins 4 days ago

    this was a great interview with Tony Stark!

  • Myles Shimabukuro
    Myles Shimabukuro 4 days ago

    Elon Musk ... making America great again!

  • Jd Brunette
    Jd Brunette 4 days ago

    the boring company is a scam through and through, Elon knows this, it will never be feasable, practicle or cost efficient. But Elon is hoping on banking on his genius celebrity, environmental public policy foe clean energy and transportation, and he is hoping to eventually get massive governmental contracts for these Boring roads. The amount of money tht is potential for this company, if it can tap into public works money and public infrastructure money is huge. Elon could potentially make so much mony from this venture that it would make Space-x and tesla look like lemonade stands. He truly kows it will never be practical, otherwise civil and transportation engineers around the world would be doing this already. He is just banking on this making him the richest man in the world, if he can continually convince people this will work and be cost efficent even though he knows it wont. Very sly this guy is. A true snake oil salesman. By making it look like he is looking to find solutions that are environmentally sound, he knows this makes him bullit proof from public scorn or vetting. He is kissing society before getting ready to bendover the world. If he goes BIGLY on this with governments buying into it, he might become a trillionaire.

  • antonio covato
    antonio covato 4 days ago

    Has anyone left LA and arrived in NY without ever putting his hands on the wheel? I do not think so!

  • ____ ____
    ____ ____ 4 days ago

    these guys may do it

  • Emilio Luburic
    Emilio Luburic 4 days ago

    Elon Must,you must have mustaces,oxigen is in brein like Nikola Tesla.

  • Justice Kiachu
    Justice Kiachu 4 days ago

    Elon was asked that why not focus on decreasing poverty, etc.
    I think if he aspires for making mars life-sustainable and building a city. He could potentially solve parts of those issues

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez 5 days ago

    The BFR looks like a Space Dildo

  • Veterans Today Network

    Elon NO laugh! He's very serious whilst audience chuckles...bizarre!

  • Jacob Calderon
    Jacob Calderon 5 days ago

    Is it just me or did he realize he had to dumb it down for people to understand his concepts

  • Arvin Hermawan
    Arvin Hermawan 5 days ago

    How about earthquake?

  • luckystar cafe
    luckystar cafe 5 days ago +1

    joe rogan's dildo 34:29

  • luckystar cafe
    luckystar cafe 5 days ago

    what if someone bomb the tunnel?

  • Raw Tee
    Raw Tee 5 days ago

    Days what he means
    Mean few what he says!
    It's almost 2019
    And all of his dreams and more are coming true!
    D do not forget about what he did for Australia/ worlds largest & BEST BATTERY EVER MADE!
    SO FAR. As we all should tip a tophat !

  • Theofficialvca
    Theofficialvca 6 days ago

    Giga factory nuclear?

  • Theofficialvca
    Theofficialvca 6 days ago

    How to recycle alll these things. What is the impact on our planet.

  • Mains Blanches
    Mains Blanches 6 days ago

    Does he actualy believe we sent somebody to the moon or is he jocking us?...and the way he explains space exploration should tell him we never went there in the first place!!...he's he that naive? I think he is going off track or taking us off track in that part of the interview!!...

    • Brian Evolved
      Brian Evolved 4 days ago

      Dear Manis, I am quite sure you are wrong about noon landings. Elon will fly to the moon there soon and you will still not believe it.

  • Mains Blanches
    Mains Blanches 6 days ago

    Totaly amazing vision!! learder class!!...

  • Bradley Layton
    Bradley Layton 6 days ago

    I'm really looking forward to the hyperloop grid, and hope that we can integrate it with the pneumatic grid!

  • Dalton
    Dalton 6 days ago +1

    2 BILLION to make a tunnel that makes me laugh, it shouldn't cost that much to make an idea that could actually make traveling a lot more safer and prevent life threating scenarios

  • Tracy Dotson
    Tracy Dotson 6 days ago

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  • Carlos Malave
    Carlos Malave 6 days ago

    The Tesla Model 3 Is one of the best selling sedan in the U.S.. and so far it's Nov. 2018.

  • KP S
    KP S 6 days ago

    Curator seems to be drunk and lost

  • oldthrashbar
    oldthrashbar 7 days ago

    Reeee o4ange man bad. Religion of climate change! Reeee reeeee

  • IAË
    IAË 7 days ago

    dude is literally just Iron Man

  • Brendan Jennings
    Brendan Jennings 7 days ago

    "I tend to stay with Tesla for as far into the future as I can imagine" - loses chair position

  • Diego Aguilar
    Diego Aguilar 7 days ago

    9:02 "huh, i didn´t understand that"

  • John Jewel
    John Jewel 7 days ago

    I pick Elon Musk for a friend, dude !? That future seamlessly autonomously powered home transpot system is outworldish.Why not add Tesla%tv updates

  • Rui Mendonça
    Rui Mendonça 7 days ago

    The Bruce Wayne of real life.

  • Kristofer Beaulieu
    Kristofer Beaulieu 7 days ago

    if we want to go to space we have to be able to survive up in space via energy needs and minerals to create space platforms.
    space platforms with smelters for ores and to create the materials for a ship ! the technology is catching up but we shouldn't shoot to live of a planet but the outlying asteroid field for materials and living space . , I hope mr musk that you read this .

  • Tasha Allen
    Tasha Allen 7 days ago

    He's bloddy all brain.

  • cosmicnew
    cosmicnew 8 days ago

    he is a visionary,i have noticed watching this video that Elon Musk is only limited not because of him, but because of the lack of capacity of the people surrounding him to think beyond there own mental barriers.The moderator should have ask Elon Musk .: "Why do you think that people have such fear to explore there capacity and go beyond there mental barriers?"The Moderator has no clue who Elon Musk is,for him Elon Musk is just a celebrity its frustrating to watch him asking this questions and making those stupid remarks,i wish i could have the power to give Elon Musk everything he needs to push forward faster without limitations,give him support,resources,money what ever he needs to just do it faster because we as humanity just don't have time to waste ,that's what we have to finally realize.

  • Jobe Porter
    Jobe Porter 8 days ago

    5:57 Am I high or has this man's hands not grown since 2nd grade

  • chris smith
    chris smith 9 days ago

    Why would you build underground tunnels for commuting in an earthquake prone region of the world? Just think about it for a split second.

    • Brian Evolved
      Brian Evolved 4 days ago

      Dear Chris , If yo were able to think about what you said for more than a split would realize it is possible.......Peace

  • michael allen
    michael allen 9 days ago

    "A roof that LOOKS great".....THAT is the absurd wants and priorities of the American consumer. Much like saying "A gorgeous parking lot."

  • michael allen
    michael allen 9 days ago

    What is the point of a "nimble, fast, high torque" LONG DISTACE semi truck?. Most people are not aware that a diesel-electric train is simply an enormous diesel engine running as a generator for a electrical engine. As one could imagine the transmission alone, to pull 100 tons of train freight would weigh equal to the freight itself-if not more.
    I don't think Musk's "genius" is in innovation. But rather his tenacious nature in convincing people what can be done and the safety of it. People like "the same". If we didn't we would have Xmas on June 23rd for fun......just as an example. As boring as it is, certain "tedious" activities, ways of living, provide us with a feeling of security-even if false.

  • Hitendra Sidar
    Hitendra Sidar 9 days ago

    We : thinking when we reach mars.
    Elon : Reached

  • Mirella de Jonge-Jacobs

    In The Netherland we call this idee wholes in cheese. Let us all go digging in the earth, making wholes etc etc. Maybe the earth collaps finely. billions, trilions people enough to digg, If this became future for the world, I wish them good health beneath the earth. Good luck for you all and have sweet dreams.

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 9 days ago

    sounds like he's pressured to say he believes in climate change and immigration. they'd boo him off the stage were he not. sounds like marxist politically correct suppression of speech type of bullshit. not that different from when the church told you you either believe in god or will be killed. and people said "I believe!"

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 9 days ago

    21:00 "These trucks will be driven by real drivers right? You won't be taking away their jobs Mr. Musk?"
    If everyone loses their jobs due to automation who remains to buy those goods manufactured by the robots? The fact is not everyone has the capability to be an entrepreneur. Ultimately when robots are designing robots we've reached the end of man's usefulness.

  • j G
    j G 9 days ago

    It's too much of a future risk from earthquakes building a hyperloop in Los Angeles would be a great idea and other cities but not cities where they have active fault lines that would be a bad idea. And for one simple fact because sooner or later and a big earthquake that would be a absolute disaster and obviously have a loss of life from individuals that would be trapped into the ground in the event of an earthquake

  • j G
    j G 9 days ago

    Tunnels in Los Angeles great idea? Here's the problem it's it's on one of the biggest fault lines in North America being the San Andreas and other connecting fault lines for earthquakes

  • Mars Rover
    Mars Rover 9 days ago +1

    I will feel proud to tell people that I lived in the era of Elon Musk

  • garret cooper
    garret cooper 9 days ago

    It would be funny if Elon ran into the government digging secret tunnels with how deep he seems to plan on going. I just think of this because of how in depth he goes into how digging tunnels deep enough can be completely unnoticeable and he also delves into black market equipment to detect it lol. Mostly wishful thinking by me though. It would be cool if this was a huge master plan by Elon to expose the government

  • Abbas
    Abbas 9 days ago

    It’s the end of 2018 still never happened

  • -Tq-
    -Tq- 10 days ago +1

    I’m surprised he didn’t bring up the fundamental issue of flying transportation that it simply requires too much energy to sustain flight.
    I mean certainly in an energy abundant society it becomes plausible and the issue of flight anxiety becomes the major factor but until then it’s simply a huge waste of energy for cars to maintain flight.

  • -Tq-
    -Tq- 10 days ago

    Ugh why does he have to even mention social issues... I’m on board with all of his technological visions and mitigating climate change, but he has absolutely no footing to stand on in terms of bringing up immigration.

  • ZER0 -X-
    ZER0 -X- 10 days ago

    Apparently by 2050 we will have immortality, there are different forms of it, but one of em will be by renewing your cells, so you add on more years to your lifetime (something along those lines). This will also buy time until there is even better methods to add on life/stop aging. The people who get it will most likely be Elon Musk, so to achieve what he wants to in his lifetime is misleading somewhat because there is a very high chance that he will be one of the “immortal” (mortal, but won’t age) humans. Then again knowing this can be slightly demotivating to some because they may start procrastinating about future plans/dreams they have.

  • cibaca1
    cibaca1 10 days ago

    this interwiever is sach an idiot
    i would do that better than him for sure!

    NAYBEX 10 days ago

    great now i can drive over someone and blame it on the autopilot and protend am sleeping :D

  • Zaki Khawari
    Zaki Khawari 10 days ago

    Annoying interviewer

  • Brian Wurch
    Brian Wurch 10 days ago

    Only those who make money, or make money from those who make money from destroying economy for man made global cooling/warming profess it. Climate changed independent of man for history of world long before man measured temps or had shoes on their feet and could keep a fire at night. Quote the President correctly or you must expect to be called out on it disrespected in kind. Musk is obviously right. A pleasure to hear.

  • GabbishLee Gifted
    GabbishLee Gifted 10 days ago

    “I’m trying to think about the future and not be sad” - facts

  • GabbishLee Gifted
    GabbishLee Gifted 10 days ago

    I hadn’t imagined he could convince me that I would EVER want to travel to mars... 🧐 he got me... what ARE we living life for? Why not be multiplanet beings.. jusssst don’t leave me there. You know? lol