What Diamonds Look Like before they are Cut

  • Published on Jul 20, 2016
  • Interesting facts on how diamonds are selected from their natural state. We show how jewelers decide how to cut rough stones for the most sparkle. Did you know that diamonds come in many colors? Find out what is the rarest diamond here.
    More info: www.montica.com

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    ZIPPER 11 days ago

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    Siloe Nunes Month ago

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  • Siloe Nunes
    Siloe Nunes Month ago

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    ping lloren 4 months ago

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  • Muhammed Shabeeb T K
    Muhammed Shabeeb T K 6 months ago

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  • خالد الوصابي

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    ModernProspector 6 months ago

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  • TetrisCube 1
    TetrisCube 1 8 months ago

    They actually looks cooler uncut. I cant believe people pay such outrageous prices for diamonds. They are not the shiniest stone, nor the most colorful. Its just clever marketing that put people into hypnosis. Sure they can look good, but i prefeer rubies and jade etc.

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