What Diamonds Look Like before they are Cut

  • Published on Jul 20, 2016
  • Interesting facts on how diamonds are selected from their natural state. We show how jewelers decide how to cut rough stones for the most sparkle. Did you know that diamonds come in many colors? Find out what is the rarest diamond here.
    More info: www.montica.com

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  • Thomas delvin
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  • Thomas delvin
    Thomas delvin 7 days ago

    diamonds are not that rare as they want us to believe they are just sparkly rocks not worth the struggle to get them.. the money merchants keep the true amount of their availability hidden to make them more enticing. they are just rocks

  • Alvin Max
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  • Roxanna Weaver
    Roxanna Weaver 18 days ago

    Diamonds are the most abundant gem on this planet. I don't like diamonds. Give me the rubies, emeralds, amber, etc of the world. Those are much harder to find.

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  • Nezar Joharji
    Nezar Joharji Month ago

    4 main types of diamond
    1- IA which include nitrogen impurities and devided into IAa 95% of diamond from this type ( yellow color grades m,n ,l)
    IAb 2-3% of all diamond,
    2- IB type like canary fancy color
    3- IIA 1% of all diamond very white (D,E,F color ) no Nitaqain impureties
    4- IIB less than 0.01% of all diamond, boron inclusion gives it blue or gray blue color .

  • Mr. Khan
    Mr. Khan Month ago +1

    So tell me, if you travel the world and go to jewelry stores and they have showcases full of diomond jewelry, does that make diamonds a rarity?
    Indeed, those who believe that diamonds are rare are in clear manifest error.

  • hari anah
    hari anah Month ago

    Hallo,im from indonesia,i have stone white coloure like a diamond,but i dont know,its real diamond or only cristal,cause i found in ground.and maybe some one like to colection,inbok me.

  • Mylene Salipac
    Mylene Salipac Month ago

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    Jayrich Benson T. Month ago

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  • Rudy Franco
    Rudy Franco Month ago

    ive got a glass like color but it has red in it on the fether river its nice just the way it looks more like a rond rock

  • Phi Mien
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    Diamond is just compressed carbon. Literally worth nothing.

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  • Siloe Nunes
    Siloe Nunes 3 months ago

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    Windows Infinity 5 months ago

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    حميد محمد 6 months ago

    I am from Sudan. I have many gemstones like saphaire ruby and different types of garnet

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