What Diamonds Look Like before they are Cut


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  • Tan Man
    Tan Man Day ago

    Id rather have gold

  • Troy Martyr
    Troy Martyr Day ago

    His name is pretty fishy lol his name is Johnny Diamond and he works as a Diamond salesman...how clechè.

  • Александр Болбат

    1:40 - Investment in diamonds? Wow, I wonder how much money diamonds make for buyers...

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez 2 days ago

    For all of you watching... you need the girl first 😅😟😳

  • Tomoko
    Tomoko 4 days ago

    I like the cut of your jig...ya dig

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas 5 days ago

    #$$## er sb aca 805 future

  • ツNastyGamer
    ツNastyGamer 5 days ago

    i was wating to see a big diamond being cut fucking click bait

  • Furby wants to be famous

    *The crystal gems are shook*

    (Reference from steven universe, lol)

  • Alex Rodacan
    Alex Rodacan 6 days ago

    jewellery. it has two l’s not one

  • Mortchen The Madman
    Mortchen The Madman 7 days ago

    Fuck the diamonds man, buy morganite instead. It's harder, sparklier, and it costs cheaper. Personally, I would prefer pearls or amethyst stones instead. If somebody were to propose to me, fuck the ring give me a katana or a shrunken head. Something that's weird and exotic not a bitch ass diamond ring.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee 7 days ago

    Corporations rape countries like Africa which are rich and abundant with gems and diamonds. Watch blood diamond and you'll understand.

  • Kumamon Satan :3
    Kumamon Satan :3 7 days ago

    So thats why blue diamond is lustrous...

    MIKE POOLE 8 days ago

    That rough

    MIKE POOLE 8 days ago

    Where can I all my diamond in the ruff has not been cut

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez 8 days ago

    Affect the "performance of the diamond" LMFAO

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 9 days ago

    I thought pink was the rarest

  • xrcrx ftfghjg
    xrcrx ftfghjg 10 days ago

    diamonds are a colossal waste of money.

  • Victox LV
    Victox LV 12 days ago

    Nice video !!!

  • tiziobello
    tiziobello 13 days ago

    he reminded me of Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike

  • MrJesterLoL
    MrJesterLoL 15 days ago

    He needs a new tailor..

  • MasterofPlay7
    MasterofPlay7 15 days ago

    how can you cut diamond, aren't they the hardest material?

  • Ederson simples
    Ederson simples 16 days ago

    No Brasil os corruptos tem um montao de diamante

  • Farookh Matawi
    Farookh Matawi 16 days ago


  • trigger trigger
    trigger trigger 17 days ago

    Damn these niggas can show all the diamonds they have and I can only show the fake ass. Rings that I get at the grocery store

  • Two Buffalos Making Noise

    You sir are the cheesiest person I’ve ever seen.

  • Avi Ben Shushan
    Avi Ben Shushan 19 days ago

    Fun fact - diamonds are not rare at all compared to other materials , in fact - there are enough diamonds in the world to give each human on this earth a cup full of them.

  • Ellie White
    Ellie White 19 days ago

    **Is that Cooking Mama music I hear**

  • sweet Nsour
    sweet Nsour 19 days ago

    Hell yea i love red suwu!!

  • Mona Elisabeth Fløtten

    This was kinda cringe worthy.

  • Livia a
    Livia a 21 day ago

    This music made me cry...

    RAMBO 22 days ago

    You forgot to mention that diamonds are monopolized. Because the queen of England designated as and engagement stone back in the 1800's there you have it. So diamonds aren't the most expensive gems, there is so much of but they won't tell you that. I see people $5000 for diamonds at the store that low grade that you can buy a them for $1800 and which most gems at a jewelry store are commercial grade. Stones like the Pariba tourmaline out of Brazil, Zultanite, Demantoid garnet are work so much. My fiancé is going to get a zultanite engagement ring, just something different.

  • Mr Dolan
    Mr Dolan 23 days ago

    The only diamonds i buy r diamond tipped cutting blades

  • Mr Dolan
    Mr Dolan 23 days ago

    Diamonds r not rare they r just locked up in a vault

  • Nutshell Productions Channel

    The music just doesn’t fit and makes this video sound like a 10 year old made it

  • brightwhite nightlight

    He reeks of a used car salesman

  • Adriano Sanches
    Adriano Sanches 27 days ago

    Great video ...subscribing

  • Eric Kamov
    Eric Kamov 29 days ago

    _"Diamond"?_ - Are they _edible_ ???

  • Brody Hill
    Brody Hill 29 days ago

    Saloon music is distracting and loud. Still obssessed with your shiny lil rocks I see. Let's see how many carats fit in your stomach.

  • صمت الرحيل
    صمت الرحيل 29 days ago

    I have a diamond red color for sale

  • Xuân Huy Quách
    Xuân Huy Quách 29 days ago

    That guy actually is the best sale man on earth 😃

  • Ted Style
    Ted Style Month ago

    Hey we all saw blood diamond, we know how many fucking diamonds there are on the earth

  • Anwerdeen Anwerdeen


  • Jae Yoon Oh
    Jae Yoon Oh Month ago

    This guy reminds me of my pastor who asked for donations to buy a private jet. lol

  • SuperKeith00
    SuperKeith00 Month ago

    Very educational

  • Sharing the Bounty
    Sharing the Bounty Month ago

    Whoa..this dude sounds like a real wheeler dealer....Not sure if I would feel comfortable buying from him or not!

  • Romans116
    Romans116 Month ago

    Moissanite is better. Undisputed fact.

  • Aesop Tales
    Aesop Tales Month ago

    I didn't like him at first, but he grew on me. Think I'm going to buy a cultured diamond though.

  • IMB2U
    IMB2U Month ago

    LOL he calls himself "Johnny Diamond".

  • t2fast
    t2fast Month ago

    So much for the video title he showed hardly a thing of the rough diamonds.. you suck Johnny Diamond.... : (

  • kanabis roy
    kanabis roy Month ago


  • Joe Valdes
    Joe Valdes Month ago

    Thougt pink were more rare😔

  • Rashidali Rashidali


  • saman sabz
    saman sabz Month ago

    Diamonds are scams

  • Doom Father TM
    Doom Father TM Month ago

    I saw more cheese than diamonds, holy shit.

  • This Channel
    This Channel Month ago

    Yay! Now I want a diamond even more!

  • Randall Mehel
    Randall Mehel Month ago

    Thought we were going to see some rough diamonds ..lol Dummy Me

  • xxxiii xxxiii
    xxxiii xxxiii Month ago

    Gooooooood 💍💍💍💍💍

  • Isaiah H Town Holdin

    Thought this nigga said "Jonny Dang" 😂

  • Jar Dpo
    Jar Dpo Month ago

    Why don't they cut them with a pink sword? It's shattered diamonds before...

  • Peter Puschkin
    Peter Puschkin Month ago

    daddy long neck

  • Mariah Cox
    Mariah Cox Month ago

    New fan subscribed.i know more than the average person when it comes to diamonds and others gems I work in a pawn shop for nine years and was self taught.also I learn a lot from my Godfather who is one of the finest jewelers I know. I like your company I think it would be neat if you teach people the things to look for in a diamond. I look forward to your video's.

  • Melly Lee
    Melly Lee Month ago

    Hello Starlight you certainly have everyone a scare. There all just thrilled to see you save and sound

  • أبوجراح Homdi
    أبوجراح Homdi Month ago +1


  • nullerbamsen
    nullerbamsen Month ago

    Diamonds are idiotic...

  • More SkyTheGamer #1
    More SkyTheGamer #1 2 months ago

    What about the Diamonds that have carbon trapped inside of it the "imperfect diamonds" that jewelry people don't like

  • AKLF God Is Great
    AKLF God Is Great 2 months ago

    Blood diamonds 💎 no thanks 🙏

  • Rene LeBlanc
    Rene LeBlanc 2 months ago

    Dear Johnny Diamond, you did not tell us about type 3.... please respond.... thanks....type B2rather than type 3....

  • Zymik 2a5rt
    Zymik 2a5rt 2 months ago

    The diamonds will corrupt humans for doing this to gems

  • Raphael Granger
    Raphael Granger 2 months ago

    Diamonds are actually worthless and more common than people think. Greatest marketing gimmick in history. But don't tell your wife!

  • marshall capuano
    marshall capuano 2 months ago

    Johnny Diamond you sound like a fraud lol

  • giorgi aptsiauri
    giorgi aptsiauri 2 months ago

    i hate liars....

  • patel bhavesh
    patel bhavesh 2 months ago

    Hyyy i am from India i love diamond

    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD ! 2 months ago +2

    Louder plz!

  • wishan das
    wishan das 2 months ago

    I want diamond what price

  • Abhisekh Cakrawarti
    Abhisekh Cakrawarti 2 months ago

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  • betomata4
    betomata4 2 months ago

    lies diamonds too common so they are Worthless

  • The LaughingJoke
    The LaughingJoke 2 months ago

    most rare diamond is pink, 2nd is blue. dont listen to this asshole.

  • farshad94abedi
    farshad94abedi 2 months ago

    I'm actually a laser physicist who makes lasers from diamonds. I can tell you now, these forms of value in diamond are actually sooo boring. You can do SOOO many amazing things with diamonds! Like soooo many! And there's this guy telling to judge how well it 'sparkles'......

  • Alexandra Raducanu
    Alexandra Raducanu 2 months ago

    love it bro

  • Sahm Dhude
    Sahm Dhude 2 months ago

    Anyone that needs a useless, overpriced rock to feel special is a shallow, materialistic dolt. Diamonds are for suckers.

  • Chung ping Tang
    Chung ping Tang 2 months ago


  • Typhoon792
    Typhoon792 2 months ago

    What superficial bullshit. Who gives a shit? People do all sorts of harmful things to animals, other humans, an the environment over the artificial value we place in shiny rocks and things which serve no function (in terms of where the high cost is actually derived).
    What a primitive civilization that uses an abstract concept like money to reflect the actual value of resources, without any true ecological reference. The world shouldn't be for sale to the highest bidder. We will always be in shit (well, up until we destroy ourselves) if we have mindless apes like this one in an occupation selling cultural commodities which reflect a mental illness rather than any real utility, and people who further validate this as a relevant role in society.

  • Thushanth Madavambat
    Thushanth Madavambat 2 months ago


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  • Foreign Drake
    Foreign Drake 3 months ago

    The diamond way

  • palani muthu
    palani muthu 3 months ago

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  • ranjan kumar
    ranjan kumar 3 months ago

    Diamonds...... what are they.... They only stones.... Simply telling it's rare... Bull shit

  • jouie smith
    jouie smith 3 months ago

    good It was so amazing

  • Antwan
    Antwan 3 months ago

    this video made me feel like I was watching QVC.. 😵

  • Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon

    Pretty sure JOHNNY sold my mum a vacuum cleaner a while back. It blew up and shat itself about a week in...

  • Kirklyn Millicent
    Kirklyn Millicent 3 months ago +2

    Oh wow

  • Eugene Murphy
    Eugene Murphy 3 months ago

    Countless lives have been lost because of hardened solidified DIRT

  • Maria Mason
    Maria Mason 3 months ago

    Diamonds aren't rare at all. They grow them in labs and just withhold them and only supply them every once in a while to give the illusion they're more rare than they are.

  • koka mishvelidze
    koka mishvelidze 3 months ago

    Diamonds are worthless

  • salmangems85
    salmangems85 3 months ago

    “If she doesn’t live forever why give her a forever gift “?

  • Ivan A.
    Ivan A. 3 months ago

    I conclude that Pink diamond is an Off color 😶

  • Aaron O Rourke
    Aaron O Rourke 3 months ago

    blood diamond

  • HelloTardis
    HelloTardis 3 months ago

    Calling it bling is so fucking stupid

  • marie schluter
    marie schluter 3 months ago

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    • tech indian
      tech indian 3 months ago

      does he sell gems of 1000 dollars?