50 Updates Mojang WON'T add in Minecraft

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • The TOP 50 things Mojang WON'T Add in any minecraft update!
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    We all know that Minecraft 1.14 is great. Come on... you can see it everywhere. These minecraft updates have been so good at making the game feel fresh and fun. However... there are a LOT of updates that would make minecraft better but mojang will never add them! We created a minecraft update with all the things that mojang won't update to minecraft. We have all the mobs from minecon 2017. We also added in riding dolphins and so much more!
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    ✅ 50 Updates Mojang WON'T add in Minecraft
    ✅ By VelVoxel Raptor tvclip.biz/channel/UCEH6ORtkeUxwMBQiOrTstdA

    🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
    All music used with permission from its creator.
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Comments • 10 245

  • Logdotzip
    Logdotzip  5 months ago +6914

    Do you think Mojang should add these things to minecraft... or do you think that they're not in for a good reason??

  • Cubby Banaszak
    Cubby Banaszak 4 hours ago


  • Shibe Inu
    Shibe Inu 10 hours ago

    Dude sharks arn’t always angry

  • NurulX FatiX
    NurulX FatiX 13 hours ago

    The baby dolphin is one the game

  • Omar Bassam
    Omar Bassam 14 hours ago

    Mob c is going to be added to Minecraft 1.19

  • Liezel Guimba
    Liezel Guimba 16 hours ago

    And if mojang makes a minecraft two that would be the update. if that happen right.

  • Liezel Guimba
    Liezel Guimba 16 hours ago

    Mojang will start imagining that and start working on it it will be fun if he do it.😉😉😉

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Mojang developers are lazy smh

  • Ara Kim
    Ara Kim 2 days ago

    "notch isnt in charge of minecraft anymore so hey maybe it'll change!"
    ....... WHAT?! HOW? ive stopped playing minecraft for years and recently got into it again, can someone tell me what happened to notch?

  • CardTuba Playz Minecraft

    17:21 then you can duplicate diamond blocks!

  • TheCaptainCats Videos

    Minecraft: No Riding Dolphins Its Animal Abuse
    Also Minecraft: Let Players Ride Pigs

  • Jerald Amarela
    Jerald Amarela 3 days ago

    Kill mojang

  • White Raven
    White Raven 3 days ago

    “There we baby dolphins”

    *laughs in baby dolphin*

  • Hairy Spiders
    Hairy Spiders 4 days ago

    My dreams have been crushed

  • shrek's remaining braincell

    *We can hear a... grunt... coming from this building*
    Please no, please stop.

  • shrek's remaining braincell

    what about me

  • tom britton
    tom britton 4 days ago

    Emerald tooooooooools

  • Pink Bubble Gum
    Pink Bubble Gum 4 days ago

    Noooooooooo WHY shark PLS add shark on Minecraft 😭😭😭😭

  • Tonie Everhart
    Tonie Everhart 4 days ago

    I realy really really want the mushroom villages they are just probly too lazy to make a mushroom villager... -_- *o*

  • Alpha the one
    Alpha the one 5 days ago


  • Лазар Симуноски

    0:58 *FBI OPEN UP*

  • Brian Conklin
    Brian Conklin 6 days ago

    And Microsoft!

  • Toykitty Toya
    Toykitty Toya 6 days ago +1

    Totally SHARKS. Multiple types. Like the great white, lemon shark, etc. Also the oceans we have now are unhealthy oceans cause without sharks you don’t have a healthy ocean.

  • Allmyte Anzen Ni
    Allmyte Anzen Ni 6 days ago

    Mojang: No Guns or things that resemble them
    Also Mojang: c r o s s b o w s

  • NaughtyDragon
    NaughtyDragon 7 days ago

    They should also add a feature where bats attack villagers when its night and when they attack villagers theres a chance it will become a vampire

  • NaughtyDragon
    NaughtyDragon 7 days ago

    There should add palm trees to beaches that instead of dropping apples they drop coconuts kinda like the coco beans on jungle trees and they should make it so that if u stand under a palm tree theres a chance a coconut will fall on you and take damage and also cause u to be dizzy for about 10 seconds

  • Jason white
    Jason white 7 days ago

    Yo Mojang can u add 🐧s and hens that will make Minecraft more normal

  • SyBreno Games
    SyBreno Games 8 days ago

    minecraft 2 was an april fool released game and got removed the next day

  • Shadow The Wolf
    Shadow The Wolf 9 days ago

    I would probably like the emerald and obsidian armor

  • Shane Jo Liam Murray

    Well I think its dum they won't add paintable wood cause that's kinda encouraging them to do there own work.

  • Arin Wolfe
    Arin Wolfe 9 days ago

    I seriously wish the mirrors would happen. I hate having to make a glass floor and then building that section of my house underground but swapped just to get the same effect.

  • Arin Wolfe
    Arin Wolfe 9 days ago

    Mix all the potions and combinations to get POTION OF GODLY POWER

  • Game of Joel
    Game of Joel 10 days ago

    Or in 6:04

  • Game of Joel
    Game of Joel 10 days ago

    Its a pepe in the sky 5:34

  • Lindsay Parks
    Lindsay Parks 11 days ago


  • Xbox_Thatboysavo
    Xbox_Thatboysavo 11 days ago +1

    They say anvils are too expensive what about the free brewing stands

  • •Unicorn_water• •-•

    4:47 : you can use commands to get a similar-STOP

  • Tyler Rendon
    Tyler Rendon 11 days ago +1

    What about snakes

  • Nicko Bro
    Nicko Bro 11 days ago

    “We need pyrmaids”
    Me:we have temples

    • blue
      blue 7 days ago

      Actually temples suck.
      They have nothing special on them
      Just rotten flesh and cobwebs and sometimes emeralds. It's kinda pointless

  • ToxicPlayer 90
    ToxicPlayer 90 11 days ago +1

    To add all of them

  • Christian gaming as the gamer

    Mojang: *adds the update with the phantom*
    Me: why u would add squids when there is another and won't add it dis sucks aw man

  • kiwi Eevee
    kiwi Eevee 12 days ago

    I have an idea for the duck it drops duck feathers which are used to craft a eltra

  • Siobhan Flynn
    Siobhan Flynn 12 days ago

    I wish they added Minecraft 2

  • Harold Lewis
    Harold Lewis 12 days ago

    Mojang should add everything you just recommended

  • carnotaurus
    carnotaurus 13 days ago

    shark should be added

  • Mante Wittermans
    Mante Wittermans 13 days ago


  • yailelp El pro
    yailelp El pro 14 days ago


  • Knarkus M
    Knarkus M 14 days ago

    Its possible to break bedrock in survival

  • StarryBlueberryNight Playz

    I would love when we can color or paint oak wood planks

  • Burger64
    Burger64 14 days ago

    There are no ways of destroying bedrock in surviva-
    Trees: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • Eli Lackey
    Eli Lackey 15 days ago +1

    Mojang: no baby dolphins

    Bedrock: let me stop you right there

  • xXMinty SniperXx
    xXMinty SniperXx 15 days ago

    I would say... idk how but one day my cousin and came to an abandoned village all broken and filled with spider webs and zombies, so we took out the zombies, walked for a bit before night time walked back to the village to use the beds and saw new villagers living in with all the walls repaired, clean and everything fixed

  • Fluffy Chicken
    Fluffy Chicken 16 days ago

    I could’ve sworn I saw “Cave Update” on the updates that will never happen list

  • Karen Buchanan
    Karen Buchanan 17 days ago

    I hate Minecraft because of mojang

  • Karen Buchanan
    Karen Buchanan 17 days ago

    Mojang you need to ad vare mod in Minecraft

  • Random User
    Random User 17 days ago

    #51 a use for bats

  • DannyLikesTrains KP
    DannyLikesTrains KP 18 days ago

    Vertical slabs!!!

  • Saraluv109
    Saraluv109 18 days ago

    I love it how you just


  • Oribe Kyut
    Oribe Kyut 18 days ago

    Minecraft 2

  • Moip s
    Moip s 18 days ago

    There actually is baby dolphins