The Most Grateful Owners On Hotel Hell


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  • ObviouslyRalph
    ObviouslyRalph Day ago

    Fookin good guy

  • Sebastiaan haverhals

    1:30 whahahaha *holly shit*

  • Rach Pickle
    Rach Pickle 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is a big softie. What a big heart💜💜

  • Timmy Plant
    Timmy Plant 7 days ago

    May I boop the dogs 😂😂😂

    ITS A DIO 7 days ago

    Gordon really is a good guy.

    JAMES C 10 days ago

    Need more like this

  • Colin Kim
    Colin Kim 10 days ago


  • Kratos Gamerization
    Kratos Gamerization 11 days ago

    I'll take Ramsay with some wholesome sause please

  • Mliwia
    Mliwia 12 days ago

    even *Gordon* has a puppy voice

  • Dewald F
    Dewald F 12 days ago

    Need Gordon's help with my spaza shop

  • Phyph
    Phyph 13 days ago

    "Bye Gordon!"
    Camera man: Umm...

  • sara roodhuizen
    sara roodhuizen 13 days ago

    The dog twin of Gordon

  • DeathlyHallows
    DeathlyHallows 14 days ago

    Damn Gordon, this almost made me cry

  • Ege Onel
    Ege Onel 14 days ago

    I'd stay in that riverside hotel with my doggo, it actually looks awesome.

  • Skela
    Skela 14 days ago

    “I’m gonna kiss ya too”

  • fortawesome1974
    fortawesome1974 14 days ago

    Contrary to what some people may think, Gordon doesn't enjoy to berate or chastise people!! He want's to see them succeed and does everything he can to help them achieve that!! He has a massive heart and seems to love helping people that actually value his opinion, advice and expertise!!

  • agentkilmer
    agentkilmer 14 days ago

    Their are some owners on this show so infuriating that I want them to go out of business, biggest case in point on Hotel Hell is those two spoiled brat bitches who’s daddy bought them a hotel.
    The man with the Asian wife and children were probably the most gracious owners in all of Gordon’s shows.

  • Yasmain 8
    Yasmain 8 15 days ago +1

    Whohoho amazing ❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Zeng
    Elizabeth Zeng 15 days ago

    Sniff sniff waaaaaaaaaaaa😭

  • Campervan Cookout
    Campervan Cookout 17 days ago

    Beautiful to watch. :)

  • Lyle Carpenter
    Lyle Carpenter 18 days ago

    Loved David and Sukie, seemed like they really deserved Gordon's help

  • TDB11
    TDB11 18 days ago +2

    The woman who shat on her carpet 😂

  • allthingshyper
    allthingshyper 18 days ago

    Gordon's dog is adorable I cannot handle it. For all his swearing and screaming, Gordon is a fantastic dude.

  • The Gardener70
    The Gardener70 18 days ago

    Gordon is an angel, that happens to cuss alot

  • 2brite4u W
    2brite4u W 19 days ago

    Awww the owners are so grateful

  • DBZFighter79
    DBZFighter79 19 days ago

    please tell me all these hotels are still up and running

  • Jiggly puff
    Jiggly puff 20 days ago

    Damn, the last was one touchey.

  • Emily Kemp
    Emily Kemp 20 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, you are such a genuine person

  • Samad Syed
    Samad Syed 20 days ago

    I’m just...

    D A M N
    F L A B B E R G A S T E D

  • Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell 21 day ago

    Good things come to good people.

  • Jan Dukic
    Jan Dukic 21 day ago

    most wholesome episode of anything Gordon has ever recorded

  • Sanny D.
    Sanny D. 21 day ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay may rule the kitchen with an iron fist, but has a heart of gold for helping those who are truly grateful for his help

  • Breanna Sosa-Lopez
    Breanna Sosa-Lopez 23 days ago

    Just beautiful!!!!!

  • EpicPie9121
    EpicPie9121 23 days ago

    "Rumpole? Hello mate!"
    Best part.

  • Talal Abualouf
    Talal Abualouf 23 days ago

    Only reason I came is cuz of the doggo

  • Settempex
    Settempex 24 days ago

    Dog: Wtf is going on?

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 24 days ago

    i love you gordon

  • We Care
    We Care 25 days ago

    *Gordon Ramsay* is the pride of BRITAIN 🇬🇧

  • Dat Phan
    Dat Phan 26 days ago

    What a great guy

  • Dat Phan
    Dat Phan 26 days ago

    I just love gordan after watching this incredible video

  • T0xic
    T0xic 27 days ago

    Nice people for once

  • I Don't Suck
    I Don't Suck 27 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is really remarkable. I’m surprised he is paying all this cost he does in this video :(. He is sometime really harsh but he had good intentions for them❤️

  • Jude Francisco
    Jude Francisco 27 days ago

    Love the owners. They're very grateful.

  • Brady Kuhn
    Brady Kuhn 27 days ago

    What kind of dog is rumple

  • Ayush Aripirala
    Ayush Aripirala 28 days ago

    The side of Gordon we all need to see

  • singingcowboy674
    singingcowboy674 28 days ago

    More and more respect and admiration for Gordon with every video!

  • Ders snek in me boots
    Ders snek in me boots 29 days ago

    Dirty mouth, golden heart

  • Theanimelover
    Theanimelover Month ago

    Gordon is such a great guy

  • RandomdudeZ9
    RandomdudeZ9 Month ago +1

    The wholesomeness is off the charts. This is why I sub to you. Food and happiness.

  • Firm Grip
    Firm Grip Month ago

    Legend status called Gordon to concede.

  • TrollsRule20
    TrollsRule20 Month ago

    luxury kennels for ur luxurious doge

  • Amigo J
    Amigo J Month ago

    that sweet couple he rented the apartment for will never fails to bring me a couple of tears to my eyes.

  • i vmx
    i vmx Month ago

    what a cute doggo

  • bharath chandran
    bharath chandran Month ago

    How many lives has this man changed... Love you Gordon

  • Gabriel Playz
    Gabriel Playz Month ago +1

    Their faces where like :O
    For the entire video

  • lollipops and dimes inc.

    I absolutely love this, but I would prefer happy, joyous cusses and swears. Much love to Gordon!! ❤❤

  • Wachi2000
    Wachi2000 Month ago

    and a couple of months later .... closed ... beep boop

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski Month ago

    Checked reviews and its getting 4-5 stars and overall rating of 4.7 stars. The owner is probably one of many who uses gordon's advice and not turning into a shithole again.

  • Please Overstay
    Please Overstay Month ago

    What a proper British bullpupper

  •  Month ago

    Gordon, you single handedly changed the world. Never seen someone so revolutionary. I am a musician, but you inspire me with the passion you have for what you do. You helped me out when I was drowning in negativity. You are an absolute inspiration. I love you.

  • Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith Month ago

    I live Gordon's dog he's so cute. Omg

  • Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith Month ago

    I love Sandy.

  • Screaming Fetus
    Screaming Fetus Month ago

    Chef Ramsay in a suit? Wow, just when I thought things couldn't get any better.

  • NPC Cabana G. G.
    NPC Cabana G. G. Month ago

    I thought Sandy was the *DOG*

  • Oli Jay
    Oli Jay Month ago

    Ah the shit carpet people

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures Month ago

    Is uuuuh he their slave

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago

    Of course he has a English Bulldog

  • Dakota Bero
    Dakota Bero Month ago

    Who came here from Amy and Sam

  • Ethan Ma
    Ethan Ma Month ago +1

    he uses his money wisely

  • Fahad Nezam
    Fahad Nezam Month ago

    First video Ramsay doesn't say 1 curse word in.

  • sineadbradyfan
    sineadbradyfan Month ago

    I love all these hotel owners. They are each of them so cute! :)

  • B. Berya
    B. Berya Month ago +2

    I don't know why but the first owner made me cry too💟🤗!!

  • Normie here
    Normie here Month ago

    -whats missing?
    -my dad

  • Hecc :0
    Hecc :0 Month ago


  • Can we get 10.000 subscribers with no videos ?

    That dog there like " I don t give a fuck , where's my dawg food ?'

  • Motivation Exceeds Me

    Spot the actors

    TONKA Month ago

    The guy at 3:44 is a dickhole, if you see the whole episode and pay attention to him he acts like a little sarcastic shit

  • deva deva
    deva deva Month ago

    u r a great human gordn

  • PassTekk
    PassTekk Month ago

    This is all cool but there's a *D O G*

  • glenn curley
    glenn curley Month ago

    Better therapist than Dr. Phil.

  • Lam0 Lam0
    Lam0 Lam0 Month ago

    Wow this is amazing I would love to go there

  • Wesley Kristianto
    Wesley Kristianto Month ago

    Is this staged?

  • Dusky Lake
    Dusky Lake Month ago

    Omg why did Ramsy give all this to the woman that shat all over the carpets ???

  • Itz Hubz
    Itz Hubz Month ago +1

    My dogs called layla 😂😂😂

  • Red Denki
    Red Denki Month ago

    Oi rupple come'ere!

  • Holly James
    Holly James Month ago

    Rumple is so CUUUUTTTEEE

  • Kendall Holtzman
    Kendall Holtzman Month ago +1

    The bulldogs gotta fuckin Australia flag on it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Xirtual
    Xirtual Month ago +2

    Pretty much *WHOLESOME*

  • The Funniest
    The Funniest Month ago +1

    Sometimes he becomes mad and crazy but sometimes he becomes kind and generous

  • Himanshu Naidu
    Himanshu Naidu Month ago +1

    4:00 isn't this that woman who would have diarrhoea problems in hotel rooms and not even clean them?

  • Jenni Sykes
    Jenni Sykes Month ago +1

    I only came for the dogs❤️

  • Russell Sapphire
    Russell Sapphire Month ago +1

    I'm confused, I thought Gordon was just a chef or something.

  • Peter Cruz
    Peter Cruz Month ago +1

    I cried like a baby

  • netter man
    netter man Month ago +2

    those teeth tho

  • Nasty Layla
    Nasty Layla Month ago +1

    layla my name..

  • Honor
    Honor Month ago +1

    1:30 that owners reaction made me so happy , poor guy needed this

  • Bozhidar Evtimov
    Bozhidar Evtimov Month ago +1

    Have you ever work for him in one of his restaurants?? You will be amazed when you see what is happening there... in bad way..

  • Annagurl07
    Annagurl07 Month ago +1

    It’s like he has a different way to show affection. I like it.

  • reezy lp
    reezy lp Month ago +1

    U'r Okay?

  • JasonDaSavage 11
    JasonDaSavage 11 Month ago +1

    I just cringed when I saw this mans teeth yellow