Wage War - Who I Am (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • From the album ‘Pressure’ - available now
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    You learn to live with pressure
    When it’s the only thing you feel
    It’s never like you see
    It feels like you never know what’s real
    I don’t cave on the outside
    But it wears me down in my own mind
    Don’t forget I’m human
    I’m not alive for your amusement
    Lost in your delusion
    You don’t know who I am
    Don’t forget I’m human
    I’ve got the open wounds to prove it
    And you don’t get to choose it
    You don’t know who I am
    You learn to live with judgement like it’s a shadow on the wall
    It’s never good enough
    It just wants to see you fall
    Guess that’s life after all
    So sick of reading what you say
    Say it to my face
    #WageWar #WhoIAm #Pressure
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  • Jack C
    Jack C 2 days ago

    Whos going to see them in london in january?! 🤤

  • Marcantonio Lorusso
    Marcantonio Lorusso 4 days ago

    Impatto emotivo unico 👍

  • Rishi Boruah
    Rishi Boruah 4 days ago

    ... hates who I've been

  • Wittenmyer Music
    Wittenmyer Music 7 days ago


  • alexander Sukh
    alexander Sukh 14 days ago

    Скрим не нравится

  • Rob Simp
    Rob Simp 18 days ago

    Omg this have me goose bumps can relate completely

  • Juss 213
    Juss 213 18 days ago

    A lot of people are complaining that this album sounds generic af and maybe so, but the fucking lyrics hit me harder than any album has in a long time! I fuckin love it!

  • Brandon Bourque
    Brandon Bourque 21 day ago

    That breakdown was phenomenal

  • Tyler Ell
    Tyler Ell 22 days ago


  • Tyler Ritzert
    Tyler Ritzert 24 days ago

    That breakdown makes me turn into Kyle and I start punching my drywall... the double bass at 1:34 is my heart rate when I’m listening to this song

  • sic
    sic 26 days ago

    I was enjoying this until that Mr Whippy looking mthrfkr started whining...

  • Josh Douglas
    Josh Douglas 28 days ago

    Wage War just got booked to hang with Emo Night Brooklyn! if you're in florida in december come rage!!!!!

  • Keeton
    Keeton Month ago

    I love you guys😭 I'm fuckin not right, I was taken away before my time, and when I woke up it all was gone and I was stuck with that implant in my brain! Im not gonna make it, my spirit has been on a torture stake! It's the Lies of the world! please pray for me as I put Everyone's Love together and make it one love

  • Keeton
    Keeton Month ago

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  • Keeton
    Keeton Month ago

    "I am the Alpha"

  • Keeton
    Keeton Month ago

    But I need to teach you guys how to reap with a sharp sickle, First you need a sharp Sickle in your hand that's hard as rock and it needs to be a two edged sickle to separate the good and bad, then the sharp sickle has to look like Loyal love!, Then when you HAVE the true sharp sickle in your hand you find some good dirt where scheme is taking place then YOU STICK IT in the GROUND, and then you leave it in the ground for few hours, then you take you take the sickle shaped with love out of the ground, then you have what you wanted to reap in your hand and it's stored in a nice clear hard rock! I know where it began and I know the cause and effect of problem of where the problem began! Repent guys, and keep your shadows and your Reaper entities and keep BRYANT ELMER who's name is the Reaper, I have the keys of Death and of Hades, and Hades was born on that month in that year on that day and death was born from the spiders womb 12 times inside the twin towers on 9-11-01 on the 8th floor where the teserac cube is located in Odens Throne room, and The hammer of Dropped dropped twice one in each tower and that's what made the twin towers fall to the ground it wasn't the plancs, the planes couldn't of done that and there were no bombs planted in the towers! It was the truth about the Hammer of Death that did it! And with that being said that's how it happened, and that's what Justice looks like! I AM Justice! CAUSE The you get the effect! that would be the cause, and I delivered the effect! I have the keys of Hades and my name is Keeton LM!

  • Keeton
    Keeton Month ago

    I have Loyal Love For You Guys Wage War!

  • Cory Kirkland
    Cory Kirkland Month ago

    Hey everyone I just posted a cover of there song alive ! Would be awesome to get some feedback 🙏🏻

  • Matouš Lánský
    Matouš Lánský Month ago

    Omg just ban clean vocals in this genre, ruins up everything.

    Jay XXXKRAKEN90XXX Month ago

    I can't quit listening to this song man. The lyrics hit home for me. I am definitely a fan of Wage War now lol.

  • batman13823
    batman13823 Month ago


  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen Month ago

    Good fukn tune right here!!

  • truth truth
    truth truth Month ago

    Cool at first, then it turned gay.

  • ChanceStearns
    ChanceStearns Month ago

    God damn this band kicks so much ass

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter Month ago

    i freaking love this song!! i think it's my new favourite band!

  • Axiebuoy Lifestyles

    Why are metal bands today look like they are libtards? They sound like libtards and look like libtards

    • Axiebuoy Lifestyles
      Axiebuoy Lifestyles Month ago

      @Delain124 so what is it?
      Libtard closet gay rock?

    • Delain124
      Delain124 Month ago

      Yeah this is not even a metal band so what are you talking about?

  • Fadwa Adnan
    Fadwa Adnan Month ago

    Yes. I love this.

  • Fadwa Adnan
    Fadwa Adnan Month ago

    Yes. I love this.

  • MTB Riders Weimar
    MTB Riders Weimar 2 months ago

    Say it to my Face!!!

  • kornfreak78
    kornfreak78 2 months ago

    Breaking Benjamin brought me here. They mentioned you guys as new music they listen to. I LIKE WHAT I'M HEARING!! :)

  • David Krahl
    David Krahl 2 months ago +1

    Why is the dude screaming into mic?!

  • misfiTed One.
    misfiTed One. 2 months ago

    everyone look up metanoia by drxnes!

  • Kriss HATER
    Kriss HATER 2 months ago

    0:54 song Turn to SHIT.

  • Bayu Denta Wy
    Bayu Denta Wy 2 months ago


  • Blaine Sawatzky
    Blaine Sawatzky 2 months ago

    My absolute favourite band

  • Die ChannieJ
    Die ChannieJ 2 months ago


  • Gigi dieudo
    Gigi dieudo 2 months ago

    I am here totally by random .... but i loved your music ! Big congratulation from France ! U rules !

  • 宏則西村
    宏則西村 2 months ago

    The guitar riffs they make is very polished,
    I like it.

  • Nick Morpus
    Nick Morpus 2 months ago

    Wage War, Tool, Slipknot, Korn, and As I Lay Dying all releasing new material this year and all of it is good. I'm in heaven.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 2 months ago

    top track!! cannot beat a good bit of metal

  • Crazy Asss
    Crazy Asss 2 months ago

    Love it !! My anthem .. perfect 💯🤟

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang 2 months ago

    wooooow that´s amazing. I think i had missed anything... but i never heard from this Band. Many greetings from Germany

    THE WOOD PB 2 months ago


  • Corey Stewart
    Corey Stewart 2 months ago


  • Proper Dose
    Proper Dose 2 months ago


  • Mank Patrick
    Mank Patrick 2 months ago


  • Matt Grojean
    Matt Grojean 2 months ago

    I really really love this new record!!!

  • Bloocher
    Bloocher 2 months ago


  • Rc0le MK
    Rc0le MK 2 months ago

    1 milli 1 MILLI!

  • Amlan Suryabanshi
    Amlan Suryabanshi 2 months ago

    The more similar songs you reply on this post, the better Wage War will get. Go!

  • Michael C
    Michael C 2 months ago

    The year of the metal

  • Domi Grin
    Domi Grin 2 months ago

    Really good!

  • Ria Loves Sushi
    Ria Loves Sushi 2 months ago

    I have never heard of Wage War before, and hoooooly shit this band is awesome!! I love this song!🤘🏽🙏🏼

  • Bigmike
    Bigmike 2 months ago +3

    My friend showed me this band and now I'm a fan! Gonna buy my friend a case of beer for this! 🤘🤘🍺🍻

  • Herwan Dinata
    Herwan Dinata 2 months ago +1

    *Where’s my BLEGH?*

  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn 3 months ago

    this back soft vocal ruin this band

  • Christian Romero
    Christian Romero 3 months ago


  • Kevin Leyenda
    Kevin Leyenda 3 months ago


  • Стас Пидорас

    Этот альбом просто пушка!!!!

    CHAPPiE 3 months ago