• Published on Jan 5, 2017
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    Time to play some Cards Against Humanity!
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Comments • 2 613

  • Zoë Purdy
    Zoë Purdy 18 hours ago


  • Ashton Swafford
    Ashton Swafford 18 hours ago


  • random idiot
    random idiot 20 hours ago

    Dear smosh, thank you so much. You have helped me through a tough time. My 24 year old cousin died recently. (We were amazing friends) and you helped me get through it thank you so much.

  • Abby Reagan
    Abby Reagan Day ago

    9:47 Courtney picking her nose 😂

  • Abby Reagan
    Abby Reagan Day ago

    Courtney- yells?

    Confused Noah-bless you?

  • David Tuomi
    David Tuomi Day ago

    They could be the cast of suit life of Zack and Cody

  • Young Kj
    Young Kj Day ago


  • Channythemanny
    Channythemanny Day ago

    I drink to forget but I always remember

  • Joseph Doe
    Joseph Doe Day ago

    Shayne's laughter is the best.

  • Ldbeastmode 06
    Ldbeastmode 06 2 days ago +1

    Play that’s what she said. It’s a fun game. It’s basically cards against humanity except when it gives you the setup, the cards you have says things that you can say “ That’s what she said “ to.

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 days ago +1

    13:13 left hanging sad and then try to play it off like it never happend

  • Samantha P.
    Samantha P. 2 days ago

    Anthony! 😥

  • tipsytopsyteenager
    tipsytopsyteenager 3 days ago +1

    Suffrage is the right to vote... not suffering.

    Women's suffrage is when women were finally allowed to vote like men.


  • pichu qween
    pichu qween 3 days ago +1

    Omg....I remember the first time I played this game and I was like 7 years old and I played it with my family O_o Awkward....

  • Claire Altena
    Claire Altena 3 days ago +3

    8:40 Well, if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have a date with Shia LaBeouf

  • linh abejuela
    linh abejuela 3 days ago

    0:18 Olivia... what’cha lookin at???hmmmmm?

  • Nathan Bramblett
    Nathan Bramblett 4 days ago

    It's apples to apples but wours

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 4 days ago

    pin me daddy

  • TheLostLight13 ps4
    TheLostLight13 ps4 4 days ago

    It's like apples to apples

  • Janelle Davis
    Janelle Davis 5 days ago +1

    Why does Keith's voice give me vibes from that zebra of of Madagascar

    • Spidey Gaming
      Spidey Gaming 4 days ago

      Search for the voice actor for Marty and you'll know🤣

  • Tanner Airey
    Tanner Airey 5 days ago

    Shane you got Sheldon catchphrase wrong it's buzzing.

  • DBZpanda
    DBZpanda 5 days ago +6

    seeing some of their reactions to the cards make me feel like I'm a bad person.

  • NicoleMSP5
    NicoleMSP5 5 days ago +7

    Everyone: who did that?
    Courtney:yeah...who would do that...
    Ppl behind camera: *laughing*

  • BlondeBurger 62
    BlondeBurger 62 6 days ago

    They do know that suffrage means voting

  • Livingdeadgirl 17
    Livingdeadgirl 17 6 days ago

    Old Macdonald had a -brain tumor-- EIEIO!

  • Double trouble ASMR
    Double trouble ASMR 6 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does Courtney look so pissed

  • destiny norris
    destiny norris 7 days ago

    i feel like Olivia is really sad inn this

  • olafianician
    olafianician 7 days ago

    I spent 10 minutes cracking up at "Well if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have a date with friction." and I don't know why.

  • MysticalHuskySpirit Lily

    12:47 ~ Everyone laughing about the exhibit on vaginas.

  • Katherine Poole
    Katherine Poole 7 days ago +3

    How Noah beat Courtney in this Squad Vlog is as much of an underdog story as Alexander Hamilton’s story is.

  • Evidd Jance
    Evidd Jance 7 days ago

    Noah and Keith's bromance gets me every time!

  • Arianna Hernandez
    Arianna Hernandez 8 days ago +3

    13:17 courtney gets left hanging by noah

  • Beat PewdiePie With No Content Challenge

    My ass is Asian


  • mythos gacha prosuctions

    courtney: try and beat me you guys
    noah: hold my beer

  • mythos gacha prosuctions

    courtney's hair make her look like taylor swift

  • Redskull Games
    Redskull Games 8 days ago


  • Willamina Edwards
    Willamina Edwards 9 days ago

    For the one person reading this your awesome but I have a funny story
    So when my cousin was 7 his dad had a Tahoe and he called it the hoe for short and my cousin would go around calling it the hoe and one day he was telling a story in class at a catholic school he said “he and his dad went to Lowe’s and got a snow cone in the how the day before”. his dad got a call from the school that day.

  • Sammyjoy_ Playz
    Sammyjoy_ Playz 9 days ago

    A tabernacle is a choir

  • Jaguarjames222
    Jaguarjames222 9 days ago +1

    Should've kept Auchwitz for what gives me uncontrollable gas

  • An yee
    An yee 9 days ago

    This game is so offensive LOL. I love it

  • Lps Senna
    Lps Senna 9 days ago

    The Big Bang theory is literally my fav show that exists I started watching before I was even 3 I’m now Older but still wow and now the Big Bang theory is a finished show :(

  • Lps Senna
    Lps Senna 9 days ago

    This is basically chips and gauc on Houseparty

  • ImahinionTM
    ImahinionTM 9 days ago

    13:18 Courtney got left hanging 😂

  • Spllitzzi
    Spllitzzi 9 days ago

    This is too funny 😂😂😂

  • Dungeons And wagons
    Dungeons And wagons 10 days ago

    Did cortneys voice change

  • Nolan Foster
    Nolan Foster 10 days ago

    8:27 that smile tho

  • Terissa Graham
    Terissa Graham 10 days ago

    13:19 Courtney puts her hand up for a high five from Noah but Noah doesn't give her a high five .

  • Bayley Taylor
    Bayley Taylor 10 days ago

    You guys should play the Australian version of cards against humanity, its so funny

    • Bayley Taylor
      Bayley Taylor 10 days ago

      @Mr. Paulerbear because i have no life

    • Mr. Paulerbear
      Mr. Paulerbear 10 days ago +1

      Bayley Taylor why are you asking this on a 2 yr vid

  • Asianboy15
    Asianboy15 10 days ago +6

    6:41 He hit the woah two years early😂

  • Isabella Arbona
    Isabella Arbona 10 days ago

    7:08 Look at Courtney.

  • Meagan Braveman
    Meagan Braveman 10 days ago

    Oliva looks like a BADASS

  • Rosxe_a
    Rosxe_a 11 days ago

    Courtney: high five noah
    Noah: ignores the high five


  • Ryan Whittington
    Ryan Whittington 11 days ago

    omg shayne sounds like remmy bux o plenty from fairly odd parents

  • Hailea Garner
    Hailea Garner 11 days ago

    When Courtney tried kissing Noah, Shayne was giving Noah the death stare.

  • Kenan Cajic
    Kenan Cajic 11 days ago


  • Art Person
    Art Person 11 days ago

    I watched this awhile ago, and choked my cereal. Today I rewatched this, and also choked on my cereal. Both times is was Raisin Bran.

  • TinyNinja123
    TinyNinja123 11 days ago

    Courtney’s face when she heard Keith’s laugh!

  • Keira Brodsky
    Keira Brodsky 12 days ago

    Why are all the Smosh people so attractive ugh

  • Keira Brodsky
    Keira Brodsky 12 days ago

    Olivia is honestly gorgeous

  • snowy panda
    snowy panda 12 days ago

    Play clue

  • Phil Rogers
    Phil Rogers 12 days ago

    4:56 I know a lot of things including a boom

  • Lil B
    Lil B 12 days ago +1

    aye, who crapped first?

  • Olivier Dostie élève

    The deppression on shayne’s face this hole video though

  • Gacha_ Space ッ
    Gacha_ Space ッ 12 days ago

    Thought she was gonna,” ass is Asian and you can kiss it”

  • Bryce Burton
    Bryce Burton 12 days ago

    Courtney sounds so tired

  • Cindy Phan 7B Sanderumskolen

    2:00 I drink to forget..... but I always remember...

  • Kori Boyce
    Kori Boyce 13 days ago +1

    First video I really felt the incouragment to like lmao😂😂

  • Shelby draws
    Shelby draws 13 days ago

    Why was Keith kinda flirting with liv liv the hole time

  • Alexis Bucknall
    Alexis Bucknall 14 days ago +21

    I thought Olivia said
    Shayne you are a prime c*nt....
    Sometimes being Australian has its downs

    • Ella Kneale
      Ella Kneale 6 days ago +2

      Alexis Bucknall
      Down? Sounds like an up to me 😂
      Also 👊 I’m Aussie too

  • Nataeo the dank
    Nataeo the dank 14 days ago +3

    I drink too forget but I always remember

  • Miss Chanandler Bong
    Miss Chanandler Bong 14 days ago

    Just got my girlfriend pregnant. High five bro

  • Pandan
    Pandan 14 days ago


  • Margaret Senatore
    Margaret Senatore 14 days ago

    My mom farts and runs

  • Paula Faulds
    Paula Faulds 14 days ago +1

    1:02 Courtney’s face!! OMG 😂🤣

  • Deedee Fitzhenry
    Deedee Fitzhenry 15 days ago +1

    13:18 Courtney is my life

  • Audra Fewell
    Audra Fewell 16 days ago +5

    13:18 here court 🙏🏻 damn Noah you missed it

  • Lazy Egg
    Lazy Egg 16 days ago +2

    6:46 Keith was hitting the woah before it was even cool

    • I like Alpaca
      I like Alpaca 13 days ago

      No just no

      You can just tell that you are 12

  • Tamsin Brazier
    Tamsin Brazier 16 days ago

    You should also play “what do you meme?”

  • Benjamin Hewitt
    Benjamin Hewitt 16 days ago

    this is pathetic man, cards against humanity is no fun with pansies like these who are afraid to play dirty

  • Mr Nub Bones
    Mr Nub Bones 16 days ago

    4:16 those don’t exist sorry but it’s true

  • Tracooo0
    Tracooo0 17 days ago +1

    I love how Olivia looks so awkward whenever Shayne makes a joke

  • Pernell Adams
    Pernell Adams 17 days ago

    Olivia: My ass is Asian
    Me: So you had Mongolian spot? Me too
    If you don’t know what a Mongolian spot is please look it up.

  • Ethan H
    Ethan H 17 days ago

    My personal favorite combination of cards when I played is "I never really fit in at school until I joined the *total f---ing chaos* club.

    JAY ACKROYD 18 days ago +1

    keiths impression of road head

  • gdels
    gdels 18 days ago


  • Adedud _04587
    Adedud _04587 18 days ago

    Omg is Keith high? Lol

  • Narrator
    Narrator 18 days ago

    13:18 sad courtney, sad

  • Cloe Duenes
    Cloe Duenes 19 days ago

    13:19 when you find out you don't have real friends (look at Courtney)

  • BudgetMe
    BudgetMe 19 days ago

    Courtney’s like Vanoss in this game

  • Raccoon Pow
    Raccoon Pow 21 day ago

    Stan lee 😢

  • Zak retsas
    Zak retsas 22 days ago

    I love how Olivia is choosing her favourite cards based on logical and rational thoughts. 😂😂 you're just supposed to pick the one that you think is the funniest

  • XtractChuno2
    XtractChuno2 22 days ago

    In 6:31 Olivia's head looks like it's floating.

  • Livs random life
    Livs random life 23 days ago

    13:19 virtual high five 🖐🏼

  • FootyTootyFruityBooty
    FootyTootyFruityBooty 23 days ago

    greean apples

  • Bella Chan
    Bella Chan 24 days ago

    Haha 13:17

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 24 days ago

    Sorry I’m so sweaty. I was just aggressively checking out Shayne

  • Miya Scott
    Miya Scott 24 days ago

    9:48 Courtney picked her nose

  • Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams 25 days ago +25

    This is how many people think that this is the dream group

  • J Gulitz11
    J Gulitz11 25 days ago

    Soooo can someone do a count of how many times Courtney picked her nose 😂😂😂

  • ElegadoAdrian
    ElegadoAdrian 26 days ago

    I don't think Keith knows the difference between Rev. Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr