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  • abbeyylope aj
    abbeyylope aj 7 hours ago

    everytime there’s a bad or controversial card noahs just like

  • Flame8gameOn
    Flame8gameOn 8 hours ago

    I love how keith says weird. (Wer.u)

  • Yonder Yonder
    Yonder Yonder Day ago

    13:20 Don’t give up. There’s always a next time.

  • iTS_WeDnesDAy MYD
    iTS_WeDnesDAy MYD 2 days ago

    What about dick fingers rule

  • resonance Relay
    resonance Relay 2 days ago

    The hidden meanings behind this game is white people answer black peoples problems

  • Ellie Platton
    Ellie Platton 2 days ago

    13:18 did anyone see when Courtney got ignored by Noah not that needs to be another court series

  • Lord Bunny
    Lord Bunny 3 days ago

    They are way too soft on this game. The school shooting was hilarious cause this game was meant to be dark

  • Lance Russel Cayayan

    7:54 Courtney was picking her nose then ate it.😂

  • JAlly Farms
    JAlly Farms 5 days ago

    CAH Rocks

  • JAlly Farms
    JAlly Farms 5 days ago

    the best way to play this game is to be as morbid as possible

  • AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi

    15:54 same, Noah, same

  • Sav C
    Sav C 7 days ago +3


    GACHA_ _DOGGO 7 days ago

    *My ass is Asian*


  • C. Bennett
    C. Bennett 7 days ago +1

    8:40-9:08😂😂thats sad and messed up it sounded like a story if you put it together😂

  • Daniela Liokossis
    Daniela Liokossis 8 days ago

    13:27 olivias face

  • KendallDaPug
    KendallDaPug 9 days ago

    Courtney is actually so hot like dayum I love her

  • Dancing Lilies
    Dancing Lilies 9 days ago

    6:38 omg I played this soo many times lmaoo

  • Rwby Rose
    Rwby Rose 9 days ago

    Play this again

  • raquel knott
    raquel knott 10 days ago

    I know it’s an old video but.... warm and fuzzy inside makes me thing of mold 😇🇿🇦

  • Salted_Noreo
    Salted_Noreo 11 days ago +1

    well, if you'll excuse me gentlemen, i have a date with, drowning the kids in the bathtub

  • Madisyn Golab
    Madisyn Golab 11 days ago +1

    OMG Today me and my friends played this at school and I got the card that said "If you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have a date with ________." One of my friends put a card that said "The Devil himself" but it didn't win, because I chose something else that was funnier.. (If you want to figure it out, get the game)

  • Maya Wild
    Maya Wild 11 days ago +2

    9:39 I was playing the game and that was the exact same.

  • Plank Space
    Plank Space 12 days ago

    Shayne sounded like Cameron’s impersonation scene from Ferris Buelers Day off 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Artsy Kat
    Artsy Kat 12 days ago

    olivia's greys anatomy refrence tho..

  • Emelyn Rivas
    Emelyn Rivas 13 days ago


  • Kenadie Dyche
    Kenadie Dyche 13 days ago

    6:44 - 7:10 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Teri King
    Teri King 13 days ago

    it's like apples to apples

  • Stefanie Lazoroski
    Stefanie Lazoroski 13 days ago

    9:24 to 10:12 you got beat Courtney

  • Big Papa
    Big Papa 14 days ago

    She got REJECTED

  • Amalie Gabriella Mathilde Engholm

    there's literally a statue of a bunch of geese in Denmark lol

  • Evie and Alice
    Evie and Alice 14 days ago

    My parent play this and they say “it’s not for kids” well.... uhhh yeah

  • Madisays 13
    Madisays 13 15 days ago

    Shayne looks so skinny/small in this video. And is not a bad thing

  • Donovan Haynes
    Donovan Haynes 15 days ago

    im sorry but does anyone else think keith looks and sounds like chris rock

  • Dave Supreme
    Dave Supreme 15 days ago

    Wow... There are alot of new people in Smosh. But this was pretty funny!

  • Sprinkle Xtreme
    Sprinkle Xtreme 15 days ago

    At the beginning I feel like you guys don't know what suffrage means. It means the the right to vote.

  • J.D.B The Buchanan
    J.D.B The Buchanan 16 days ago

    Did he call lady gaga wired?

  • Garrett Ott
    Garrett Ott 16 days ago

    The Asian girl gets offended on most of the answers (+_+)

  • Zomby Food
    Zomby Food 16 days ago

    9:46 Courtney

  • Agustin Garza
    Agustin Garza 16 days ago

    Raid head thats facked

  • Elaine Braces
    Elaine Braces 17 days ago

    i love olivia'slook.she looks noiceee

  • Mr.Nooby
    Mr.Nooby 17 days ago

    Does anyone else have a crush on Courtney she’s very beautiful

  • LoveYoutubeTooMuch _
    LoveYoutubeTooMuch _ 17 days ago

    I'm a child....
    From Africa

  • Jennifer Allid
    Jennifer Allid 17 days ago

    I love cards against humanity

  • 50 subscribers with no videos

    boi your kinda playing the game wrong it's the funniest card that wins

  • Gacha Stuff
    Gacha Stuff 18 days ago

    Posted Jan. 5 2017
    This Comment Posted Jan. 5 2019

  • brudbbb1
    brudbbb1 18 days ago

    Is this Dave Chapelle's son?

  • Music Wolf
    Music Wolf 18 days ago +1

    About 1:40 I live in tabernacle.... it’s a town in New Jersey 😂

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator 18 days ago

    12:17 Which one?

  • Scott Rhodenizer
    Scott Rhodenizer 19 days ago

    "They need America's #1 comedy"
    You're a dick man.

  • SuperTigerGirl
    SuperTigerGirl 19 days ago

    I love to play cards against humanity

  • God Of Potatoes
    God Of Potatoes 20 days ago +2

    These guys are like cards against humanity with one being black and the others white

    • God Of Potatoes
      God Of Potatoes 3 days ago +1

      Maddieocre Noah skin is still white and I know they should add a yellow card just for Olivia

    • Maddieocre
      Maddieocre 4 days ago

      But one's Asian and ones Jewish

  • Mermaid Next Door
    Mermaid Next Door 20 days ago

    5:08 Olivia looks like a floating head lol

  • GachaBiznezz
    GachaBiznezz 20 days ago

    13:17 *-Courtney depressed because she get no high five-*

  • Vamp Vamp
    Vamp Vamp 20 days ago +1

    Lol they’re so open about things and that makes thing funnier XD

  • Infinity  Gamer
    Infinity Gamer 20 days ago


  • Jack Loja
    Jack Loja 20 days ago

    When shayne did the rich voice he sound like the rich kid in fairy god parents

  • Zajfh Yxuebd
    Zajfh Yxuebd 21 day ago

    Play uno. But every turn you do has a dare

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose 21 day ago

    13:16 Courtney gets rejected by Noah

  • TheRegularK-poploverthatyouallknow 4life

    I’m from Afghanistan...great

  • Brook.Fraz09
    Brook.Fraz09 21 day ago

    8:02...olivia you talking about grey's anatomy

  • ItsLucy
    ItsLucy 21 day ago

    9:47 look at Courtney (and same)😂😂😂😂

  • Blue raspberry Explosion

    Is Shane from the Goldbergs ?🤣

  • TheawsomCheesBal
    TheawsomCheesBal 22 days ago

    I actually like low-key wanna see the world series of the underground rail road. Like they have to get to the finish line without you know I feel like there is some way to make it like really cool and stuff like a really lit obstacle course

  • Kiz Bdale
    Kiz Bdale 22 days ago +1


  • loopy koopa
    loopy koopa 22 days ago

    There might be something. Wrong with me... Why do I find "African children" so funny?

  • Sydney Cecil
    Sydney Cecil 22 days ago

    :) :) :)

  • JR Doodle
    JR Doodle 22 days ago

    Me and my siblings played this and for the card "ESPN2, the world series of _____________. " I put Geese

  • Aiko Abarca
    Aiko Abarca 23 days ago

    At 6:53 oliva was like I don’t get so I’ll just laugh

  • Michelle Delgado
    Michelle Delgado 23 days ago

    yall should play fortnite monopoly

  • Izzy Matthews
    Izzy Matthews 23 days ago

    i love Shayne's laugh so much - it's so contagious and i love it!

  • Marie K
    Marie K 23 days ago

    13:18 Courtney trying to get a highfive was the sadest thing I‘ve ever seen 🥺

  • Jennie From mars
    Jennie From mars 23 days ago

    7:52 *courtney causally picks her nose,transfers the booger too the other hand,and eats it*
    *Mission ACCOMPLISHED*

  • Ireelyenjoy Bread
    Ireelyenjoy Bread 24 days ago

    They started with the same black card in the other viddoe

  • Help Me
    Help Me 24 days ago

    Little do they know there are 9-14yr olds watching this content (AKA me)

  • Erin Elizabeth
    Erin Elizabeth 24 days ago

    Is it bad I laughed at the brain tumor I mean I used to have one

  • Sharon Perez
    Sharon Perez 24 days ago

    Like Bigbang kpop

  • VampireOfWhiteRedRose
    VampireOfWhiteRedRose 24 days ago

    12:17-12:20 Which one???

  • Trinity Thornton
    Trinity Thornton 25 days ago

    7:07 Courtney stop picking your nose 9:47 COURTNEY GOD DAMN

  • Skillz Skull
    Skillz Skull 25 days ago

    I’m going to the Smithsonian museum interactive exhibit mass shooting

  • Priscilla Akuffo
    Priscilla Akuffo 25 days ago

    So the adult version of apples to apples?

  • zxd z
    zxd z 25 days ago

    If you like this play fun employed

  • Archie Miller
    Archie Miller 25 days ago +3

    9:45 she picking her news. tf

  • Abby Backler
    Abby Backler 26 days ago

    Did anyone notice that Keith was saying Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. I don't think he listened in history class. Its just Rev. Martin Luther lol

  • Raegen Smith
    Raegen Smith 26 days ago

    Suffrage means voting right?

  • Tyler Laceda
    Tyler Laceda 27 days ago

    2:45 What video was that?

  • Mia de Vos
    Mia de Vos 28 days ago

    9:47 Courtney picks her nose. I just thought y’all should see

  • Charlotte Hamilton
    Charlotte Hamilton 29 days ago

    I have this game and I’m only 12. I played it on Xmas eve

  • Gacha Kiwi
    Gacha Kiwi Month ago

    Adult 🍎 to 🍏

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    Why did everyone go to Noah when they said aushwitz

  • HeyItzJenine
    HeyItzJenine Month ago


  • The legend Himself
    The legend Himself Month ago

    Finally someone else wins

  • Amy Tussing
    Amy Tussing Month ago

    You should play superfight! It's funny and wierd but it is simple and easy to play!!! 😁 BTW, you can get it on Amazon

  • photospere
    photospere Month ago

    you guys have no idea how much i love this game

  • LiNdSeY BiNdSeY
    LiNdSeY BiNdSeY Month ago

    I played cards against humanity do im not even 12

  • Supreme Gen
    Supreme Gen Month ago

    Half the time it looks like Olivia has no neck

  • ChargerThe ElectricalWolf

    BAZINGA (Sheldon)

  • justpeachy
    justpeachy Month ago

    when they're laughing at a joke u don't get so u just stare at the screen awakwardly

  • Kryptocity
    Kryptocity Month ago

    12:18 more like this week's amirite

  • Cat Nugget
    Cat Nugget Month ago

    Liv Liv

  • Chloe Yemettas
    Chloe Yemettas Month ago

    Did anyone see Courtney pitting her nose Like if u agree

    Nope just me