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  • Scentisky Fortenine
    Scentisky Fortenine 9 days ago

    Let's stop this nonsense of so-called sovereign states separating people into colonies called countries. We are not cattle or insects that come from or belong to a colony. #EndGlobalApartheid

  • Mohaimin Nadeem
    Mohaimin Nadeem 17 days ago +2

    Fuck china.

  • Jar Aung Phone
    Jar Aung Phone 21 day ago

    Hate to say but black Africans are the dumbest. They won't be able to complain about human rights to Chinese. They think whites are the bad guys, wait until Chinese show their dragon claws.

  • jettylee2
    jettylee2 21 day ago

    very funny!! so &#%* funny!! looser spinning hard!! hahaha LOL.

  • Pro Genji
    Pro Genji 22 days ago

    remember Patrice Lumamba? This entire situation seems all to familiar.

  • NikovK
    NikovK 24 days ago

    I guess it rains down in Africa.

  • star grow
    star grow 26 days ago

    I think that colonial called colonial. Is stupied idea

  • Raymond J Blaze
    Raymond J Blaze 26 days ago +2

    Africa is for Africans! Not for the Asians and Europeans.

    • Raymond J Blaze
      Raymond J Blaze 21 day ago +1

      +SID Hunter Hahaha. Are you serious? Please tell me you are joking. Asians are racists as hell; especailly towards black people. China is burglarizing Africa, and they plan on robbing Africa of all its valuable resorces. Plus as a young black man, I have experienced a lot of racism from Asians.

    • SID Hunter
      SID Hunter 21 day ago

      China just want to threaten mixed race kids and China land that colonial by European in the past. Chinese just let them to where they were from so there are no racism exist anymore. Asian treats people all races by respect and human being unlike White European, Asian just improve economy and money only,

    • SID Hunter
      SID Hunter 21 day ago

      Raymond J Blaze this is dumbest propaganda media ever . Asian people never divided the races card like evil white bastard who collapsed the world to spread their culture religious and stupid ideology or enslaved innocent people. Asia is for Asian and Europe for European and America for native Americans and Africa for African and pacific for Pacifica Islander so the human rights is there.

  • Wayne Koh
    Wayne Koh 29 days ago

    "Don't take this the wrong way... But tell me about Djibouti..." LOLOLOLOLOLOL, Pure F_cking Gold!!! You Are A G_d!!!

  • Leonard Chitunhu
    Leonard Chitunhu 29 days ago

    Does this guy really hate China?

  • dM
    dM 29 days ago

    The Chinaman's Burden!

  • No Hope Equals no fear

    So in summary, hoards of rapists and terrorist into europe is good.
    Charity, immigration and investment into africa is bad.

  • No Hope Equals no fear

    Wait... i thought open borders was good???? Oh. Its only good for the west???? At least the chinese dont rape and murder the locals because of their religion

  • SSSwordmanLynx
    SSSwordmanLynx Month ago

    300 years later the blackkk bloodline still needs parents.
    So now enters China.
    Ask Iran.

  • Teddy Cooper
    Teddy Cooper Month ago

    He was having none of those booty puns.

  • thiwa karan
    thiwa karan Month ago

    Here you go...china ball is shaken lolzzz...

  • 野村ERIK
    野村ERIK Month ago

    Check out this "expert on Africa" at 1:16... Looks like he has lots of expert things to say... About Africa. Doesn't have much of a tan or an African dialect, but somehow I believe him anyway. I mean he looks so pure, trustworthy, and white.

  • Zinat Ahmed
    Zinat Ahmed Month ago

    THE HATE FOR CHINA IS REAL🤣what the fuck did Europeans do for Africa HUH nothing🤔 Europeans looted/murdered africans. i say WELCOME CHINA. China is doing business with africa period.

  • center trance
    center trance Month ago

    lol the size of jabooty doesn't matter

  • Shaunny Deagan
    Shaunny Deagan Month ago

    But china is violating the same human rights as hegemonic France, that still has influence on some African countries

  • Kusho Kame
    Kusho Kame Month ago

    china will breed out blacks in africa.

  • imkool0316
    imkool0316 Month ago

    your BOOTY?

  • Gavin Mcinally
    Gavin Mcinally Month ago

    Did you have sex wiv Jeff

  • japan
    japan Month ago

    Some people insinuate that I am Japanese, but I honestly have no idea where you might have got that impression, and frankly I'm offended.

  • japan
    japan Month ago

    China are still the goodies right? 万年天皇最高陛下存在I am not nationalist and am non-Japanese. Yes, and white.

  • japan
    japan Month ago

    I want to join ISIS because ISISchan is pretty and I like eating watermelons.

  • Spadey Say
    Spadey Say Month ago

    Dear Dumbo, isn't that what the stupid west has been demanding that China be like.....the West and America. So what's your beef about China colonising Africa as the west have done for centuries. Come tell China that colonising other nations are bad after China has done it for the next 2 centuries. Your cheap propaganda stink like your droppings.

  • TheRABman _
    TheRABman _ Month ago

    I seen an African spokesperson being interviewed and they said “when the Europeans came at least they built hospitals,schools and roads...China just take”

  • Pan African
    Pan African Month ago

    Wow, this is very funny after more than 200 years of the West having chains on Africans neck and killing all our freedom fighter now China is competing and helping Africans build their infrastructure and now the western media is worry about Shit hole countries. Please! Yes, Africans should worry about too much debt with China, but Africans have been in debt with Western Banks with nothing to show for. My fellow Americans if you want Africans to listen to you any more you better come to compete with China. Africans are more interest in development than so call western democratic nonsense.

  • K K
    K K Month ago

    Well, let's be fair. We built China under the guise that they would open their markets to the US. Then China was suppose to re-build Africa under but its stalled now. They have reneged and its causing a lot of trouble. Not very honorable for an honor based country. China needs to open its markets and let us rebalance our trade. Unless they back down this could actually come to war and I don't think anyone wants that. Let's get beck to the plan. The population of the world is now going to shrink so Africa really is the next bit of expansion in the global project to get us over the hump since our money systems and massive retirement populations need growth to feed them.

  • Samuel Merchante
    Samuel Merchante 2 months ago

    Also Nicaragua a country in central America with a promise to build a Canal, china has given the Goverment of Nicaragua a substancial amount of money that will never will pay off creating Nicaragua one of the Chinese base.

  • Michaellas Felixis
    Michaellas Felixis 2 months ago

    Fuck USA, USA made war in Africa.
    But China will NOT make a war.

  • Mortimer Hasbeengud
    Mortimer Hasbeengud 2 months ago

    If the communist party wants to bribe local politicians in africa (or the us!) they can. X will cross Y, when the locals react to a lower standard of living, or even being killed by PLA troops setting up bases. For the US, we are a warlike power (honestly) because we sort of have to be, in light of the old Soviets, the Modern CP, the Islamists, so spending a bit, more, to neutralize, PLA bases, is no great effort for us. Kaboom!

  • bythebay2008
    bythebay2008 2 months ago

    No country or place should be "Colonized", it brings back the memory about the age of colonization/subjugation in the 1500s which killed so many indigenous people. And up to this time, they are still suffering. But "China Uncensored" is a channel that is entertaining and informational. I hope the host do well in his career, he is good.

  • dracoboy
    dracoboy 2 months ago

    Stop saying half truth. How about European colonial masters who stole Africans future?

  • Raphael Leonidas
    Raphael Leonidas 2 months ago

    White people and westerners , US, and Europeans are a bunch cry babies. They had raped, murderer, exploited the continents for over centuries, now the Chinese want to invest in africa and replace the dirty colonial masters, they cried foul. They have no shame.To all my AFRICAN brothers kick out all the vestige of Europeans Colonialism and Imperialism out of Africa. GOD BLESS THE CHINESE AND THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA.

  • buddhasattva
    buddhasattva 2 months ago

    Only the West can decide what's best for Africa, you mean.

  • buddhasattva
    buddhasattva 2 months ago

    'Democracy', what I call the new 'bastard' bible. Sell that to the developing countries to control them or put these countries in their place. Sell 'democracy' and 'rape' these developing countries.

  • Grace Collins
    Grace Collins 2 months ago

    Africa wants all the advantages of a first world country without understanding the 1000 years of sacrifice, hardship, struggle, bloodshed , revolution, dissent, forgiveness, consensus and sheer hardwork that it took to climb out of barbarism to get to where they are

  • Osiris Adonai
    Osiris Adonai 2 months ago

    The Chinese are doing more for Africa than you sorry ass Palefaces

  • Isaiah Simmons
    Isaiah Simmons 2 months ago

    very serious news

  • ElPocho DelMundo
    ElPocho DelMundo 2 months ago

    Hey, come get it, China, it's too much monkey business

  • bingbird23
    bingbird23 2 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with that guys ankles?

  • J M
    J M 2 months ago

    Mckinsey report June 2017 on Chinese business in Africa :
    1. 89 percent of employees were African, suggest that Chinese-owned business already employ several million Africans.
    2. Nearly two-thirds of Chinese employers provide some kind of skills training.
    3. Half of Chinese firms have introduced a new product or service to the local market, and one-third have introduced a new technology. In some cases, Chinese firms have lowered prices for existing products and services by as much as 40 percent through improved technology and efficiencies of scale.

  • lobecosc
    lobecosc 2 months ago

    Nice Toto reference. Interesting video.

  • Cosmo Ray
    Cosmo Ray 2 months ago

    China Uncensored is racist tour China.
    Listen to what the African leader and analyst has to say. Hear it from their own mouths. Remember people there are always two sides to each story.

  • DM Sanders
    DM Sanders 2 months ago

    Nobody takes the Western Media's opinion on China-Africa seriously. China-Africa will become amazing allies. China saw the chance to make friends and did just that.

  • theoverengineer
    theoverengineer 2 months ago

    Sidenote: America` involvement in African slave trade: about 32 years, 1776 - 1808-ish when finally Congress banned international slave trade.
    China`s contribution: 1990`s? - on, so far 28 years of a mix of bonded labor, forced labor, forced marriage types of slavery.

  • zjeee
    zjeee 2 months ago

    I like this channel but I couldn't help but laugh when Jeff was talking about China's influence and then in contrast painting up American influence as something shiny and pretty. I think he said something about there has never been a country in the history of the world promoting freedom and pro-democracy like America. How about the proxy wars fought by the Soviets and America in Africa, Pinochet, Saudi Arabia, Saddam Hussein (before they overthrew him for the second time) the South African apartheid government... I could go on. The US has done good things don't get me wrong but let's not be delusional the driving motivation is mostly economical or geopolitical factors not spreading democracy and freedom. This is an interesting and important topic, would have loved to see somebody else being interviewed though, maybe of African descent next time or just not so biased I'm a bit tired of Chinese propaganda I don't want to listen to American propaganda too :p.

  • 萬歲普京
    萬歲普京 2 months ago

    Are you guys jealous or what ? China is taking over the black continent, something you white pigs can't do! Hahahaha remember Tibet and how Tibetans cries, hahahaga

  • Garry Lam
    Garry Lam 2 months ago


  • Shell Jackal
    Shell Jackal 2 months ago

    Many guys are funny. How many guys who talk about the "neo-colonialism" are Afican ? LOL! I guess less than 0.0001%. People who can say the true do not get the access to the internet, thanks for many "free and wealth counties" and their "kind and clever" citizens.

  • Xiao Liu
    Xiao Liu 2 months ago

    Random 'good' white guy talking about this again ?

  • Alejandro Bolaños
    Alejandro Bolaños 2 months ago

    Djibouti jokes ftw 🤣🤣

  • Krishan Thakur
    Krishan Thakur 2 months ago

    China is going to ruin the world literally

  • Krishan Thakur
    Krishan Thakur 2 months ago

    Africa and even space belong to land grabber China since ancient times lol

  • suresh b
    suresh b 2 months ago

    It's time to send them back

  • Yual Dut
    Yual Dut 2 months ago

    I find the comment very fascinating and misconceived and I don't blame that on the individuals making them. I can't expect an individual who hasn't had the chance to study the history of sino-african relationship. As an African I believe Africa should do business with both the western and eastern world that can benefit both parties involved mutually. The west is putting in an effort through aid. Wether that is benefiting the African economy or not is another story but non the less the effort is there. The decision that most African are making in dealing with China rather then the West, in regards to economic trade is mostly influenced by actions that have happened in the past which are in no way in existence today. But non the less it still has an impact to most decisions Africans make today in regards to business dealing on an economical level. Living in the U.S. it makes perfect sense to me on why there would be a misunderstanding of the situation going on in China dealing with Africa. specially since most of us here have information that we can study about Chinese dealing even if we tend to be biased in attaining that information. But the other side of the coin on why China is succeeding in convincing African nation on a trading aspect is the history of what Africa has had on the world stage in helping China get to the position it finds itself in today. Most average western citizens don't know that African nations have helped China become a permanent member of the United Nations back during the the late 60's. In return for that favor by China to Africa, China promised to modernize the continent. I don't blame the media for misunderstanding or over looking this piece of history and conveying the message to western citizens cause they don't know this as well. Before these deals of China with African nation came to the attention of the west is it wasn't apparent even though China was doing this before the where a major economic powerhouse. What we're now sewing is the end result of what has been going on before it challenged our position on an economic level. The United States specifically invested as much aid and capitol to Africa since after world war 2 as it has to Europe in rebuilding Europe after the war. Both continents receive over a trillion in capitol. The on different and x factor in all this is Europe had American companies involved in the rebuilding process from the capitol where as in Africa just got capitol sent with no knowledge or resources from American companies that Europe recieved. China wether one looks it wrong or right is actually sending in their companies and capitol and teaching knowledge in the building process of modernizing Africa. But most of us in the western world don't witness that aspect and rightfully so but it result in perceiving China as a modern day colonizer and I would make perfect sense given the history of Africa and dealing with outside powers. But the proof is in the pudding and half of the 10 fastest growing economies are in Africa as we speak. And another aspect that feeds this misconception of Africa, is most western media focuses on the poverty aspect a little to much and neglect the achievement and progressed that have been made even that which include western capitol not just chinese. This narrative is what feed slot of the misconceived ideas that China is colonizing Africa and using it for purely resources only. The average western citizens has no clue that there are multiple cities in Africa built with Chinese and African workers that are in some cases are on par more advanced today that then most advanced cities in western countries and I don't blame them. The most we see of Africa is the negative aspect in the western world like famine and wars. I know cause that's what I see on tv with anything regarding Africa. That has an affect on who I would wanna do business with if I chose to go back home to my continent and start a business as an African. That has an affect on me as an African on how I'm perceived by a westerners or an easterner. I'm saying this as an African that immigrated to the western world. And from my perception of having to have lived and Africa and witness what China is doing and how they treat me as an African compared to how I'm treated here in the western world would have an affect on who I choose to do business with. Not just me but any human regardless of background. That little information if we chose to dig deeper will give us an equal footing with China in doing business in Africa. We're not losing economically to China in Africa cause their better at business or if you will colonizing. We're losing cause of how we portray Africa and approach Africa on all levels.

    • Big Dick Clique
      Big Dick Clique 2 months ago

      Africans need to stop relying on outsiders to help them.

  • Virginia Solomon
    Virginia Solomon 2 months ago

    What kind of grown man doesn't sit with his feet planted on the floor? A shady one...

  • Xperim
    Xperim 2 months ago

    No! The size of ja booty DOES matter!

  • james fry
    james fry 2 months ago

    of course the size of yah booty matters cause i like big butts

  • Lelouch Godspell Levil Katsuragi

    America devote more than any one for democracy?....hmn....Is that include Libya? that country has the strongest economy in the area, people have water network, houses, cars,...until USA turn it into hell and people have to live in a battle field without food, water, medical,... Some time i feel that the liberation of democracy not much different with the communism

  • frank van der
    frank van der 2 months ago +1

    Thanks g*d there is no censoring of social media in the West. Globalist and conservative blogers are treated equally by Facebook or TVclip. There is full freedom of speach.

  • Truth Troll
    Truth Troll 2 months ago

    Funny when Europeans came to massacre and enslave africans and control Africa, they said it was their "duty" to spread civilization, when things changed and they rethreated and left the poor africans, then they wouldn't give loans to African countries because they didn't fit certain "criteria", even though the IMF imposses a lot of ridiculous restrictions that only makes things worst, now China comes to make business and invest in infraestructure in Africa which be long term beneficial for Africa, but suddenly, because of building infraestructure and helping kickstart Africa's economy they are "brutal colonizers".

  • ivex321
    ivex321 2 months ago

    we had enough of you :)

  • Josh Brackelsberg
    Josh Brackelsberg 2 months ago

    No country with a central bank contributes to human freedom. Fiot money and Keynesian economics provides the structure for a highly sophisticated, systematic, scientific system of slavery.

  • Garrett Lee
    Garrett Lee 2 months ago

    Oh well done. keep doing this, to spread hatred.

  • Syde Cycade
    Syde Cycade 2 months ago

    All countries have had slavery at one time or anther, it's not even a real talking point.

  • contax2010
    contax2010 2 months ago

    South Africa Violence and Expropriation against White people by ANC Government is Part of CHINA „Investment“. China Mafia will pay the Corrupt Incompetent Comrades Mafia - But Population will be silenced. White Brothers and Sisters save yourselves this is NOT your fight anymore - you have been betrayed and used by all and now you are the last problem for China 🇨🇳 Total Control of Africa and World 🌍 Resources

  • contax2010
    contax2010 2 months ago

    African Freedom will be totally wiped out!!! This time there will be no Liberation Struggle because no one can fight and win against the China System of Control by Money Corruption. Worst nightmare of 3rd Millenium coming true

  • contax2010
    contax2010 2 months ago

    China exports it’s Dictatorship System !! China is a Totalitarian Country with Total Control over it’s People.
    African Freedom will be totally wiped and Africans will loose any wars to get freedom back

  • Zan bel
    Zan bel 2 months ago

    so what did the US contibute to human freedom?

  • Samwel Nyangala
    Samwel Nyangala 2 months ago +2

    I am a Tanzanian and I do acknowledge that our 'current' government has shamelessly introduced draconian measures and I appreciate that you mentioned the mistakes/bad history or mistrust between Africa and the USA. It is also my opinion true democracy is a good thing for Africa. However, if we consider how America is dealing with the Arab and Middle Eastern world in general, I do not see any reasons why Africa should jump in bed with the US and it's double standards.

    • Samwel Nyangala
      Samwel Nyangala Month ago

      +Big Dick Clique we are not useless we have just been conditioned to care for self-interest and not the country and when it comes to this we are very crafty and creative so I would not call us idiots too.
      We have seen what happened to those that cried for our rights (tortured and killed) or what became of them after gaining power (carried on with the same old exploitation) and that evidence breaks the spirit of many people leading us join in the exploitation or to search for a 'better life' somewhere else.
      I am not an expert in these issues but I have tried to explain my opinions as best as I possible without being disrespectful. Am not expecting you to reply but if you will, then please be respectful. Give or elude to some facts and we can #talkaboutit

    • Big Dick Clique
      Big Dick Clique 2 months ago


  • Shawn Harris
    Shawn Harris 3 months ago

    Since China and India showed up in Africa growth overall for the continent has hit double digits at times.
    What do you think about this?
    Is this the beginning of the end for democracy? Is the United States losing it's grip on the world?

  • Argenteus Imperator
    Argenteus Imperator 3 months ago

    UK , has probably done more for rights,...... 240-3000

  • Prince Jadon
    Prince Jadon 3 months ago

    Chinese are not going to do anything bad to africans they are helping the africans develop their economy they are not like you us people who think they are africans cannot move forward chinese are best for africa africa and chinese are brothers and sisters so stay away from our relationship evil people no matter what you talk about chinese and africa we are still brothers and sister chinese are not evil like you people stupid we don't need your stupid human right it's all about homosexual stupid people

  • Andrew HE
    Andrew HE 3 months ago

    Well that's nothing really coming as a surprise since China has already been colonizing Africa ever since the late 1960s and early 1970s under the slogan “Sino-African brotherly friendship and fraternity”.

  • Zenny Rayati
    Zenny Rayati 3 months ago

    I laugh at Africa for the stupidity of its government and the naivety of its people.

    • Big Dick Clique
      Big Dick Clique 2 months ago

      Exactly Africans are stupid and this is coming from an African.

  • MRDONALE2018
    MRDONALE2018 3 months ago +1


  • MrJizzy181
    MrJizzy181 3 months ago

    He said Djibouti... hehe...

  • seekiong tang
    seekiong tang 3 months ago

    This is not colonize thi is investment.colonize is bombing other country .for example afganistan,irak,sirya and let say freedom navigations please compare it

  • J M
    J M 3 months ago +1

    Why should America take over Africa got too many black people in it communist blacks. But I never hear you talk about white genocide of people. Have they come up with that biological weapon that kills millions of blacks hundred million five hundred million the biological weapon. And we have no more black communist I think Jeff needs to go down and live with the black people bring his family to Vanguard huh very close minded about white genocide how do you think is going to survive

  • TrollBuster GossipPunisher

    It is really funny to see table tennis players from the Congo in the last Olympics are Chinese 🤣🤣🤣

  • jman exe
    jman exe 3 months ago

    *Astounding coverage here C.U.* The Communist Chinese are kinda sorta soulless working ants, where ever a colony is the agenda of their brutal homebase is present.
    They should not be welcome in Africa, Jamaica, or anywhere else Chocolate people exist.

  • Daniel Oranika
    Daniel Oranika 3 months ago

    They're calling the Chinese communists and in the next breath talking about the African people seizing the means of production so the capitalist pig leaders and Chinese government don't profit. Incredible. Western colonialism was an attempt to destroy native culture and westernize them with Christianity, liberal democracy, and Western values. Chinese involvement is economic. Comparing the two is fucking criminal.

  • Daniel Oranika
    Daniel Oranika 3 months ago

    He just said they're bringing in Chinese workers and in the next breath said that a mine collapsed and killed 10 people so these people are suffering. So which is it? Kinda hard to die at a job you don't have... 🤔🤔🤔

  • Daniel Oranika
    Daniel Oranika 3 months ago +1

    Absolute liberal propaganda. Oh no, the evil Chinese are investing in Africa without spreading liberal (((democracy)))

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 3 months ago

    You are Fake News

  • Afrikan KING
    Afrikan KING 3 months ago +1

    Don't think you can go to China

  • justimun5
    justimun5 3 months ago

    Although I can understand the concerns regarding they Chinese method for investment and lending in developing countries. I also think that if Western countries see this as a negative or a threat then they should compete in investing. It's a free market in investing right? I'm sure developing nations will welcome it. If they think the Chinese way is wrong then prove em wrong, compete and give better deals to the developing countries. Because if not the criticisms will just sound like back seat complaining to the stakeholders involved on this matter. Just my two sense on the matter :S

  • Trvrr Zbsky
    Trvrr Zbsky 3 months ago +2

    ... I don't mind racist black Africans get crushed by China. China won't take any shit from their victim complex. On the other more serious hand, China will pollute the shit out of Africa with its toxic growth.... it just won't stop getting interesting

  • Mr Chriseezy
    Mr Chriseezy 3 months ago

    Funny how these people talk about human rights when they enslave African people to build their countries. The west called Africa as a hopeless continent in 2000 but China stepped in and they are doing better now.

  • Malcolm L
    Malcolm L 3 months ago

    Stupid Africans will never ever learn

  • Echo SFO
    Echo SFO 3 months ago


  • Tom Chen
    Tom Chen 3 months ago

    Let me get this straight, throwing blacks into chains and later claim to have done other good things, is some how more benevolent than throwing money at them?
    If I am black, I'll take the money thank you very much you hypocrites.

  • maxamed yasin sicid
    maxamed yasin sicid 3 months ago

    You want us Africans to be down and never developed, never trust Americans

  • maxamed yasin sicid
    maxamed yasin sicid 3 months ago

    Americans, assholes