• Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • Chris sits down with Jeff Smith of Vanguard Africa, to discuss China's colonial ambitions in Africa.
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  • Cognitive Dissonance

    This guy is an idiot. The US has bombed more countries than any other nations.

  • Ansel Thompson
    Ansel Thompson 8 days ago

    I am not against the China Africa relationships but African leaders must be more responsible and not tempt China with the opportunities to colonize them.
    The Elect Speaks:

  • Rad 303
    Rad 303 9 days ago +1

    All of the world has become too soft except USA, Russia, and all Socialist states. So the socialists is taking advantage. Africa was abandoned by Europeans. And has basically become an anarchy.

  • Snow Cinematic
    Snow Cinematic 9 days ago

    Africa is being colonized by the Chinese while West Europe is being colonized by the Africans and Arabians,and USA being colonized by the Mexicans.

  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    how democratic is it that usa sells tons of armour to saudi-arabia which they use to kill what ever they can in yemen and that IS confirmed!...

  • Jaymansalem 0nesze1os
    Jaymansalem 0nesze1os 27 days ago

    When I interpreted “miss the rains in Africa” I thought “miss the rein Africa” ie miss complete freedom(government-powers) of Africa.

  • Webodan
    Webodan Month ago

    I guess it's not racist when non-whites do this.

  • farrukh shahzad
    farrukh shahzad Month ago

    Why don't you talk about what European and American have done in Africa? This is the first time I've heard that Djibouti is country I always thought Djibouti was a port city of an African country

  • Amartya Basu
    Amartya Basu Month ago

    Whatever is being blamed on China hasn't us uk France did way worse than that on Africa?
    Now that people don't trust them anymore
    And majority of africans can't do anything other then eating chicken, booze and producing babies... They'll naturally be hunted by a powerful race
    Arabs did it
    Europeans did it
    Now time for Chinese
    Plain and simple
    Black people only shout and protest and don't do any work, moreover they lost their religion to abrahmic non sense
    Unless they leave Christianity and Islam
    And go back to their roots and build their own fortune..and most importantly learn virtues of patience and self control
    They'll never ever amount to anything
    They'll just be watching wakanda movies

  • T.Y WANG
    T.Y WANG Month ago

    The US or Russia never really care about Africa, all they did was selling arms to make profits, which overall "made Africa starve again".
    Chinese intention in Africa is pretty straightforward, they invest and build up infrastructures, in return the Chinese get what they need to sustain their market, literally a win-win situation for Chinese and African.
    If any of the 54 nations doubt Chinese intention they could have say no to China, but obviously African leaders are increasing their funds from China, the Americans are worried as neither do they want to invest in Africa nor hoping to see China building strong ties with Africa.

  • Douglas Strother
    Douglas Strother Month ago

    Slavery is alive and well in Africa.

  • halafradrimx
    halafradrimx Month ago

    Why do the chinese have a free pass on Imperialism?

  • f willis
    f willis Month ago
    watch this, it explains what the western did to the African

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago
      watch this and see how Africa can be prosperous under white leadership.

  • Lt Enclave Soldier
    Lt Enclave Soldier Month ago

    let the Chinese come to Africa can let Africans see Asian supremacy

  • gamevalor
    gamevalor 2 months ago

    Europe is being colonized by Africans.

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 2 months ago

    I love how this guys talks about China’s government all all the “great things it’s doing” in such a positively sarcastic way😎

  • Lawrence Miller
    Lawrence Miller 2 months ago

    This is the old claim the tyrants did some good, no they did these things to take over the people and resources, which is wrong.

  • Lawrence Miller
    Lawrence Miller 2 months ago

    US ended slavery over 100 years ago, it is done, just as Germany ended Nazism over 70 years ago, it is done.

  • Marfo Boakye
    Marfo Boakye 2 months ago +1

    No damn people or race can slave we Africans again that not gonna happens you people should leave we Africans alone

  • Jiahao Zhao
    Jiahao Zhao 2 months ago


  • Gorthaur
    Gorthaur 2 months ago

    Lmao at all these microcephalic shills in the comments apologizing for a world power that's probably pointing a gun at defenseless peoples' heads out of sight and demanding they report to the rest of the world that everything's fine and that their influence is beneficial.

  • Wilbur Slug
    Wilbur Slug 2 months ago +1

    Chris Crapple, probably financed by some far right maniac conservatives in the US ,spends his life criticizing another country. Whatever!

    • Wilbur Slug
      Wilbur Slug Month ago

      +Jerome Tesar I was criticising Chris Crappie , you dummie!!

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      Ah yes the solution is always to blame some 'right wing conspiracy' whenever Africa gets criticized LOL. :)

  • Jim Hawkins
    Jim Hawkins 2 months ago

    bunch of fools thinking and talking about what is good for Africa just leave us alone and phuc off .

  • Vicki k
    Vicki k 2 months ago +1

    Maybe the Chinese approach and culture will work much better for Africa. Non of us are clairvoyant we will have to wait and see but I wish them all the best and think the West should attend to their own problems and stop treating Africa like some charity case that needs them. We should mind our own affairs. Let China and Africa create what they will.

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      Why do the Chinese have a free pass on Imperialism?

      but ask any black man and he will say China is their friend and is helping them. LOL If blacks think that life was horrible under the white rule, just wait till China is through with them, blacks will be begging on their knees for the white men to come back and feed them.

  • lee graves
    lee graves 2 months ago

    Africa has been apart of China since ancient times.

  • True Grit
    True Grit 2 months ago +1

    What do we expect from low IQ African leaders making bad decisions? Haven't they learned from the mistakes of other countries?

  • Paul Meyer
    Paul Meyer 2 months ago

    A dictators joy then a lovely Trust Fund to keep the loot safe.

  • rab woody
    rab woody 2 months ago

    Think slavery as in 1800c America can't really be brought into any equation in the 21st century, we grow, we know, we become aware, we regret and move forward.

  • Kelvin Ma
    Kelvin Ma 2 months ago

    What else this news about beside lies??

  • Awesome Duff
    Awesome Duff 3 months ago

    I like your informative videos. However it is fun to pause just to see your face. lol

  • jacob nygaard
    jacob nygaard 3 months ago

    America a beacon of hope for democracy? Get the fuck out of here Jeff Smith, America invented the whole game of investing in dictators and terrorist to fuck other countries over. I don't think America has ever successfully introduced democracy in any country or state, all the attempts usually end in a total disaster or some perverted corrupt form of democracy,

  • snackhydra
    snackhydra 3 months ago

    You know what they say. CHINA NUMBA ONE

  • MelaniteX
    MelaniteX 3 months ago +1

    Hmmmm let's see China builds infrastructure in every country they go to...the US blows up infrastructure in every country they go to. Gee it's a difficult choice isn't it?

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      Truth is painful to hear. The Chinese are using the exact same European style colonialism to enrich itself.

    • MelaniteX
      MelaniteX Month ago

      +Jerome Tesar I don't believe you for a second sorry.... I actually believe you're a white troll. As Asians typically don't put in the effort vying for black attention that whites normally do.

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      I'm Asian so need no for your pretentious concern.
      Your excuse sounds like typical aprican gov't propaganda. "eh eh Chinese our friends don't worry" Blax are already experts at killing each other so the Chinese will just pay Apricans to kill each other in endless civil wars and conflicts. No need for the Chinese to stain their hands with impure aprican blood.
      A word from your new Chinese masters;
      You were colonized by Europeans but you learnt nothing from them.
      Oppression is just an emotional fad. Identifying as someone else 'past oppression' is highly immature and retarded. :)

    • MelaniteX
      MelaniteX Month ago

      ​+Jerome Tesar I just told you African nations are paying China via access to their rich mineral resources. However yes they've sold some land to the Chinese. China isn't going into Africa guns blazing and hanging Africans on trees like White people did that alone is enough reason to trust the Chinese over the Whites.

      Again Africa's trade has nothing to do with you. I suggest you worry about your own declining birthrate globally.

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      Can Aprica pay the bills? Or will they cede parts of their territory to China as payment.

  • i dote
    i dote 3 months ago

    the united states had been taking funds for decades saying they want to end poverty in africa but all they did was keep them poor and steal their resources

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      More like its the Apricans themselves who are the problem. They can't build proper civilizations and when they fail must be the West fault. :(

  • valeriano333
    valeriano333 3 months ago

    Never heard so much bullshit in so little time. United states is pro democracy? Yeah, right. They brought so much democratic regimes to South America. True heroes.

    • Jerome Tesar
      Jerome Tesar Month ago

      Agreed US should keep the money for themselves not help these shithole countries. They are like rejected girlfriends who always complain and blame everything else.

  • Patrick Lawrence
    Patrick Lawrence 3 months ago

    The strong always take advantage of the weak...

  • Bal Loney
    Bal Loney 3 months ago

    If the US will not fill the void... China for sure will... and sooner or later... it will be too late for the US to do something.

  • Blood in the Water
    Blood in the Water 3 months ago +1

    Africans just seem too inept to create a functioning, sophisticated society. They perpetually fuck up their countries until a greater force takes over.

  • Precious Ehiedu Onyibe
    Precious Ehiedu Onyibe 3 months ago +1

    As a Nigerian, my prayer is Africa and Nigeria should stand for itself because enough with foreign intervention. China is doing in max scale and openly what western nations did incognito. We need to realise what we have and are.

  • Squirrel Gray
    Squirrel Gray 3 months ago

    Hard hitting Toto related coverage as always.

    • lee graves
      lee graves 2 months ago

      Did you feel the rain down in Africa?

  • MadMan
    MadMan 3 months ago

    one day when alien arrive, china will claim they are related to each other before the big bang

  • eric Vandiver
    eric Vandiver 3 months ago

    Tell me about cha boooottay

  • sirJOZO_ _
    sirJOZO_ _ 3 months ago

    matrix bad guy talks to connor mc gregor who went to school

  • Cutie L
    Cutie L 3 months ago

    CIA - Cynical Idiots Acting like they are good and care for africans after centuries of genocide and exploitation

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase 3 months ago +2

    that's what they deserve for they did to the white farmers

  • Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha

    Hahaha they hate the Colonizers.

  • yliang1688
    yliang1688 4 months ago

    WOW, WOW, wow, colonization? It looks like that the westerner had forgot what they did to africa and asia during the last few century of killing, invasion, colonizing and slavery history.

  • ingedagte
    ingedagte 4 months ago

  • Scentisky Fortenine
    Scentisky Fortenine 4 months ago

    Let's stop this nonsense of so-called sovereign states separating people into colonies called countries. We are not cattle or insects that come from or belong to a colony. #EndGlobalApartheid

  • Mohaimin Nadeem
    Mohaimin Nadeem 4 months ago +2

    Fuck china.

  • Jar Aung Phone
    Jar Aung Phone 4 months ago +1

    Hate to say but black Africans are the dumbest. They won't be able to complain about human rights to Chinese. They think whites are the bad guys, wait until Chinese show their dragon claws.

    • Tegana J
      Tegana J 2 months ago +1

      +Jar Aung Phone god bless you for being honest. I'm white and married to a Chinese man. You are correct. I don't understand why the black people don't understand this fact!

    • Jar Aung Phone
      Jar Aung Phone 3 months ago +1

      +Cory RS What's wrong with pointing out? Somebody got to tell them they are making a bad move. Chinese are worse than whites. They have no mercy whatsoever.

    • Cory RS
      Cory RS 3 months ago

      You are judging an entire people by the actions of some. Sounds pretty racist to me.

    • Jar Aung Phone
      Jar Aung Phone 3 months ago +1

      +Cory RS which is true. Africans think whites are bad but Chinese are taking over Africa right in front of their eyes. And they are busy killing white farmers which is a dumb move. I don't hate them, I just think their actions are dumb.

    • Cory RS
      Cory RS 3 months ago

      You call me racist for thinking that Jar Phone is a fake name of a comment bot but then you say shit like this? Congrats, you've played yourself.

  • jettylee2
    jettylee2 4 months ago

    very funny!! so &#%* funny!! looser spinning hard!! hahaha LOL.

  • Pro Genji
    Pro Genji 4 months ago

    remember Patrice Lumamba? This entire situation seems all to familiar.

  • NikovK
    NikovK 4 months ago

    I guess it rains down in Africa.

  • star grow
    star grow 5 months ago

    I think that colonial called colonial. Is stupied idea

  • Raymond J Blaze
    Raymond J Blaze 5 months ago +2

    Africa is for Africans! Not for the Asians and Europeans.

    • Raymond J Blaze
      Raymond J Blaze 4 months ago +1

      +Happy VLOG Hahaha. Are you serious? Please tell me you are joking. Asians are racists as hell; especailly towards black people. China is burglarizing Africa, and they plan on robbing Africa of all its valuable resorces. Plus as a young black man, I have experienced a lot of racism from Asians.

    • Happy VLOG
      Happy VLOG 4 months ago

      China just want to threaten mixed race kids and China land that colonial by European in the past. Chinese just let them to where they were from so there are no racism exist anymore. Asian treats people all races by respect and human being unlike White European, Asian just improve economy and money only,

    • Happy VLOG
      Happy VLOG 4 months ago

      Raymond J Blaze this is dumbest propaganda media ever . Asian people never divided the races card like evil white bastard who collapsed the world to spread their culture religious and stupid ideology or enslaved innocent people. Asia is for Asian and Europe for European and America for native Americans and Africa for African and pacific for Pacifica Islander so the human rights is there.

  • W Koh
    W Koh 5 months ago

    "Don't take this the wrong way... But tell me about Djibouti..." LOLOLOLOLOLOL, Pure F_cking Gold!!! You Are A G_d!!!

  • Leonard Chitunhu
    Leonard Chitunhu 5 months ago

    Does this guy really hate China?

  • dM
    dM 5 months ago

    The Chinaman's Burden!

  • No Hope Equals no fear
    No Hope Equals no fear 5 months ago

    So in summary, hoards of rapists and terrorist into europe is good.
    Charity, immigration and investment into africa is bad.

  • No Hope Equals no fear
    No Hope Equals no fear 5 months ago

    Wait... i thought open borders was good???? Oh. Its only good for the west???? At least the chinese dont rape and murder the locals because of their religion

  • SSSwordmanLynx
    SSSwordmanLynx 5 months ago +1

    300 years later the blackkk bloodline still needs parents.
    So now enters China.
    Ask Iran.

  • Teddy Cooper
    Teddy Cooper 5 months ago

    He was having none of those booty puns.

  • thiwa karan
    thiwa karan 5 months ago

    Here you go...china ball is shaken lolzzz...

  • 野村ERIK
    野村ERIK 5 months ago

    Check out this "expert on Africa" at 1:16... Looks like he has lots of expert things to say... About Africa. Doesn't have much of a tan or an African dialect, but somehow I believe him anyway. I mean he looks so pure, trustworthy, and white.

  • Zinat Ahmed
    Zinat Ahmed 5 months ago

    THE HATE FOR CHINA IS REAL🤣what the fuck did Europeans do for Africa HUH nothing🤔 Europeans looted/murdered africans. i say WELCOME CHINA. China is doing business with africa period.

    • Tegana J
      Tegana J 2 months ago +1

      Yes, the hate is real. The Chinese hate you and are coming to enslave you. Glad you are excited about it! Might want to brush up on your mandarin!

  • Снежный Джони


  • center trance
    center trance 5 months ago

    lol the size of jabooty doesn't matter

  • Shaunny Deagan
    Shaunny Deagan 5 months ago

    But china is violating the same human rights as hegemonic France, that still has influence on some African countries

  • Kusho Kame
    Kusho Kame 5 months ago +1

    china will breed out blacks in africa.

    • Tegana J
      Tegana J 2 months ago

      And kill and enslave them

  • imkool0316
    imkool0316 5 months ago

    your BOOTY?

  • Gavin Mcinally
    Gavin Mcinally 5 months ago

    Did you have sex wiv Jeff

  • japan
    japan 6 months ago

    Some people insinuate that I am Japanese, but I honestly have no idea where you might have got that impression, and frankly I'm offended.

  • japan
    japan 6 months ago

    China are still the goodies right? 万年天皇最高陛下存在I am not nationalist and am non-Japanese. Yes, and white.

  • japan
    japan 6 months ago

    I want to join ISIS because ISISchan is pretty and I like eating watermelons.

  • Spadey Say
    Spadey Say 6 months ago

    Dear Dumbo, isn't that what the stupid west has been demanding that China be like.....the West and America. So what's your beef about China colonising Africa as the west have done for centuries. Come tell China that colonising other nations are bad after China has done it for the next 2 centuries. Your cheap propaganda stink like your droppings.

  • TheRABman _
    TheRABman _ 6 months ago

    I seen an African spokesperson being interviewed and they said “when the Europeans came at least they built hospitals,schools and roads...China just take”

  • United States Of Africa

    Wow, this is very funny after more than 200 years of the West having chains on Africans neck and killing all our freedom fighter now China is competing and helping Africans build their infrastructure and now the western media is worry about Shit hole countries. Please! Yes, Africans should worry about too much debt with China, but Africans have been in debt with Western Banks with nothing to show for. My fellow Americans if you want Africans to listen to you any more you better come to compete with China. Africans are more interest in development than so call western democratic nonsense.

    • Tegana J
      Tegana J 2 months ago

      Except the Chinese hate you, and are investing in Africa for their own self interests. They are going to enslave and kill you

  • K GN
    K GN 6 months ago

    Well, let's be fair. We built China under the guise that they would open their markets to the US. Then China was suppose to re-build Africa under but its stalled now. They have reneged and its causing a lot of trouble. Not very honorable for an honor based country. China needs to open its markets and let us rebalance our trade. Unless they back down this could actually come to war and I don't think anyone wants that. Let's get beck to the plan. The population of the world is now going to shrink so Africa really is the next bit of expansion in the global project to get us over the hump since our money systems and massive retirement populations need growth to feed them.

  • Samuel Merchante
    Samuel Merchante 6 months ago

    Also Nicaragua a country in central America with a promise to build a Canal, china has given the Goverment of Nicaragua a substancial amount of money that will never will pay off creating Nicaragua one of the Chinese base.

  • G Eduardo Bicelis G
    G Eduardo Bicelis G 6 months ago

  • Michaellas Felixis
    Michaellas Felixis 6 months ago

    Fuck USA, USA made war in Africa.
    But China will NOT make a war.

    • Tegana J
      Tegana J 2 months ago

      You're correct. They will just enslave and kill you

  • Mortimer Hasbeengud
    Mortimer Hasbeengud 6 months ago

    If the communist party wants to bribe local politicians in africa (or the us!) they can. X will cross Y, when the locals react to a lower standard of living, or even being killed by PLA troops setting up bases. For the US, we are a warlike power (honestly) because we sort of have to be, in light of the old Soviets, the Modern CP, the Islamists, so spending a bit, more, to neutralize, PLA bases, is no great effort for us. Kaboom!

  • bythebay2008
    bythebay2008 6 months ago

    No country or place should be "Colonized", it brings back the memory about the age of colonization/subjugation in the 1500s which killed so many indigenous people. And up to this time, they are still suffering. But "China Uncensored" is a channel that is entertaining and informational. I hope the host do well in his career, he is good.

  • dracoboy
    dracoboy 6 months ago

    Stop saying half truth. How about European colonial masters who stole Africans future?

  • Raphael Leonidas
    Raphael Leonidas 6 months ago

    White people and westerners , US, and Europeans are a bunch cry babies. They had raped, murderer, exploited the continents for over centuries, now the Chinese want to invest in africa and replace the dirty colonial masters, they cried foul. They have no shame.To all my AFRICAN brothers kick out all the vestige of Europeans Colonialism and Imperialism out of Africa. GOD BLESS THE CHINESE AND THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA.

  • buddhasattva
    buddhasattva 6 months ago

    Only the West can decide what's best for Africa, you mean.

  • buddhasattva
    buddhasattva 6 months ago

    'Democracy', what I call the new 'bastard' bible. Sell that to the developing countries to control them or put these countries in their place. Sell 'democracy' and 'rape' these developing countries.

  • Grace Collins
    Grace Collins 6 months ago

    Africa wants all the advantages of a first world country without understanding the 1000 years of sacrifice, hardship, struggle, bloodshed , revolution, dissent, forgiveness, consensus and sheer hardwork that it took to climb out of barbarism to get to where they are

  • Osiris Adonai
    Osiris Adonai 6 months ago

    The Chinese are doing more for Africa than you sorry ass Palefaces

  • Isaiah Simmons
    Isaiah Simmons 6 months ago

    very serious news

  • G Eduardo Bicelis G
    G Eduardo Bicelis G 6 months ago

  • ElPocho DelMundo
    ElPocho DelMundo 6 months ago

    Hey, come get it, China, it's too much monkey business

  • bingbird23
    bingbird23 6 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with that guys ankles?

  • J M
    J M 6 months ago

    Mckinsey report June 2017 on Chinese business in Africa :
    1. 89 percent of employees were African, suggest that Chinese-owned business already employ several million Africans.
    2. Nearly two-thirds of Chinese employers provide some kind of skills training.
    3. Half of Chinese firms have introduced a new product or service to the local market, and one-third have introduced a new technology. In some cases, Chinese firms have lowered prices for existing products and services by as much as 40 percent through improved technology and efficiencies of scale.

  • lobecosc
    lobecosc 6 months ago

    Nice Toto reference. Interesting video.

  • Cosmo Ray
    Cosmo Ray 6 months ago

    China Uncensored is racist tour China.
    Listen to what the African leader and analyst has to say. Hear it from their own mouths. Remember people there are always two sides to each story.

  • DM Sanders
    DM Sanders 6 months ago

    Nobody takes the Western Media's opinion on China-Africa seriously. China-Africa will become amazing allies. China saw the chance to make friends and did just that.

    • Tegana J
      Tegana J 2 months ago

      I'm married to a Chinese man. The Chinese hate black south Africans

  • theoverengineer
    theoverengineer 6 months ago

    Sidenote: America` involvement in African slave trade: about 32 years, 1776 - 1808-ish when finally Congress banned international slave trade.
    China`s contribution: 1990`s? - on, so far 28 years of a mix of bonded labor, forced labor, forced marriage types of slavery.

  • zjeee
    zjeee 6 months ago

    I like this channel but I couldn't help but laugh when Jeff was talking about China's influence and then in contrast painting up American influence as something shiny and pretty. I think he said something about there has never been a country in the history of the world promoting freedom and pro-democracy like America. How about the proxy wars fought by the Soviets and America in Africa, Pinochet, Saudi Arabia, Saddam Hussein (before they overthrew him for the second time) the South African apartheid government... I could go on. The US has done good things don't get me wrong but let's not be delusional the driving motivation is mostly economical or geopolitical factors not spreading democracy and freedom. This is an interesting and important topic, would have loved to see somebody else being interviewed though, maybe of African descent next time or just not so biased I'm a bit tired of Chinese propaganda I don't want to listen to American propaganda too :p.