2016 vs 2017

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
  • In 2016 so much has changed, but there are also some lessons we just haven't learned.
    SMOSH HOLIDAY SWEATER ►► smo.sh/HolidaySweater
    Ian Hecox
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Josh Mattingly
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, and Ryan Finnerty
    Produced by Ryan Todd
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
    Director of Photography: Billy Yates
    Editor: Leonard Wilkes
    Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
    Co-Producer: Rebecca Doyle
    Producer: Garrett Palm
    Associate Producer: Kristina Nikolic
    First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Production Manager: Andy Garwig
    Production Manager: Daniel Kesner
    Production Designer: Jade Spiers
    Art Director: Nick Delgado
    Art Assist: Kianna Bliven
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Assistant Camera: Nick Goto
    Gaffer: Mitch Anderson
    Key Grip: Katie Eleneke
    Sound: Ivan Harder
    Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
    Costume Designer: Lindsay Hamilton
    Key Production Assistant: Jake Sperling
    DIT/Media Management: Connor Hall
    Script Supervisor: Talia Brahms
    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
    Sound Mixer: Peter de Leon
  • ComedyComedy

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  • socheata long
    socheata long 12 hours ago

    where is Anthony

  • ToastyDoasty
    ToastyDoasty Day ago

    2:57 that's why you get adblock plus

  • Autumn Bedwell
    Autumn Bedwell Day ago

    Who else skipped passed the ads... xD

  • My Fqather Is G0d

    *What everyone says* *New Year New Me*

  • Z.A.N.A.
    Z.A.N.A. 2 days ago

    3:22 let’s going into the forest

  • Alex1993
    Alex1993 4 days ago

    The ad part!!!

  • Alex1 Time
    Alex1 Time 4 days ago

    Why is Anthony not in his videos anymore?

  • Nerdy Gamer
    Nerdy Gamer 4 days ago


  • pignna28
    pignna28 4 days ago

    Why does everyone complain because of Anthony, what happened to him?

  • MerMer1231415
    MerMer1231415 5 days ago

    0:32 0:45 cri

  • Travis Griffing
    Travis Griffing 6 days ago

    Just you wait until 2018 Keith....

  • Priscilla The Ramen Noodles owO

    *2020 jake Paul is now president, war is happening between jake Paul and Logan paul*

  • Andreas Doerr
    Andreas Doerr 6 days ago +1

    Where Anthony

  • YinTing Charles Chan

    3:11 one literally popped up

  • Zeki
    Zeki 7 days ago +1

    Those ads probably sponsored smosh.

  • igotrobux Zheng
    igotrobux Zheng 8 days ago +2

    2018 anyone

  • Anahita The Sergal
    Anahita The Sergal 8 days ago +1

    Wait wait wait... what happened to Anthony? He’s gone? I came back after 4 years what happened?

  • michaelgamer60 .DLC.
    michaelgamer60 .DLC. 8 days ago +1

    Im starting to hate this channel about 30%
    Anthony is gone
    Everthing is made of complication
    Evertime smosh is just mostly sad because im remembering anthony

  • Mhel Aka Blaze Gaming

    0:32 Anthony

  • Horacio Cuevas
    Horacio Cuevas 10 days ago

    Anthony was the best character in smosh

  • TROLLER4439KMA -
    TROLLER4439KMA - 10 days ago

    not even funny

  • Terraria Guide
    Terraria Guide 10 days ago

    2015: litereally best year when many games was released
    2016:usually war
    2017:incoming trump memes

  • chad solt
    chad solt 11 days ago

    Omg Jews:/ They already have revenge on Germans and part Germans.

  • arda kaya
    arda kaya 12 days ago

    they can make 25M or 30M when they get anthony back btw ANTHONY IS FUNNIER THAN ALL THESE PEOPLE

  • gg boi
    gg boi 12 days ago

    this is on my birthday

  • Halloween Oki :3
    Halloween Oki :3 12 days ago

    remember when smosh was good?

  • black ash greninja x
    black ash greninja x 13 days ago

    2016 is better

  • Jakesepticar
    Jakesepticar 14 days ago

    2018 sucks

  • Sassy Seashell
    Sassy Seashell 15 days ago


  • 100 subs challenge
    100 subs challenge 16 days ago


  • Joshua Roman
    Joshua Roman 16 days ago

    2016 - PUBG
    2017 - Fortnite Battle Royale

  • TrainMan764
    TrainMan764 17 days ago

    0:20 SJWs

  • Ov3rl0rd Hadi
    Ov3rl0rd Hadi 17 days ago

    smosh sucks now zzzzz

    THE SHOOTER 18 days ago

    The thumbnail just made me sad :(

  • Zac Nolan
    Zac Nolan 18 days ago

    99% of the comments about Anthony
    1% other stuff

  • Zaxo Zaxo
    Zaxo Zaxo 19 days ago

    2016 VS 2017 but where is 2018??????

  • S A D - E G G
    S A D - E G G 20 days ago

    Smosh isn’t the same without Anthony, Ian you and Anthony have come so far together to split up. I love smosh so much and have been around since it started coming around. I wanna cry thinking about this but I’m not gonna be staying with the smosh team anymore 😭

  • Heather Roadknight
    Heather Roadknight 21 day ago

    I hate advertisements on TVclip is he watching a video on the interrupt

  • Joey Guyton
    Joey Guyton 22 days ago

    I sure wish Smosh could go back to making videos of Food Battle with Anthony and Ian, but Smosh isn’t the same without Anthony :(

  • Minah Lee
    Minah Lee 23 days ago


  • emiliojr baguindoc
    emiliojr baguindoc 23 days ago

    Where is ian

  • Mr. DinoSaures HD
    Mr. DinoSaures HD 24 days ago +2

    The thumbnail with Anthony and without. So sad

  • Mvadzz
    Mvadzz 24 days ago


  • Fishysteve Plays
    Fishysteve Plays 26 days ago

    2016 was the smosh year.


  • DANKBuddies
    DANKBuddies 26 days ago

    they're still friends but hopefully Ian puts him in Food Battle 2018

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio 26 days ago

    1:12, 3:29

  • RoyDoesRandom :D
    RoyDoesRandom :D 26 days ago


  • Blue Creeper Playz 2
    Blue Creeper Playz 2 27 days ago

    **sees thumbnail**
    **Gets Shot**
    Me: I.... want....Anthony....back.......

  • Turboturtle 152
    Turboturtle 152 27 days ago


  • Caithy Tries
    Caithy Tries 28 days ago

    Put anthony in the thumbnail, im happy for 5 seconds, not having anthony in the video.....😣

  • LEGGO of my EGGO 011
    LEGGO of my EGGO 011 29 days ago


  • koizumi reiko
    koizumi reiko 29 days ago

    The first time watching smosh without Anthony .... No fun

  • Zora89
    Zora89 Month ago

    "This just in"

  • Fabrobin
    Fabrobin Month ago

    Smosh boyz vs Smosh boy

  • fern0
    fern0 Month ago

    yo just get androids not iOS

  • Kristina Cruz
    Kristina Cruz Month ago

    The thumbnail😫

  • Erolius
    Erolius Month ago

    They should do a few colabs with Anthony like Alex and Roi

  • 도토리모양도토리

    2005-2012 smosh

  • Nicholas Nathaniel Yuka

    why do you guys stop making the opening when it says something like is food truck still a thing im sooo hungry SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

  • - AMXEmpire -
    - AMXEmpire - Month ago

    Anthony is missing from the photo and Ian is wearing a bra

  • Seeker78
    Seeker78 Month ago

    The thumbnail depresses me

  • Daydream
    Daydream Month ago

    Thumbnail makes it look like they fused

  • Michael Styler
    Michael Styler Month ago


  • octoberboiy
    octoberboiy Month ago

    2016 was worse... everyone hated everyone else and people were polarized because of Trump and Hillary.

  • ZERO Vlogs And Tags

    Every single comment is about Anthony wtf

  • zaki fatim
    zaki fatim Month ago

    now smosh sucks without anthony

  • Crazy Llama
    Crazy Llama Month ago

    I miss Anthony😢😢😭😭😓😓

  • BlueJason 250
    BlueJason 250 Month ago

    This video was saying goodbye to Anthony 😭

  • Darthgamer620
    Darthgamer620 Month ago

    I wanna punch a nazi

  • Ericc Penicc
    Ericc Penicc Month ago +3

    Remember when Smosh actually used to be funny?

  • Jayden Trinity
    Jayden Trinity Month ago

    Who else saw the thumbnail and lost it cuz Anthony is gone 😢

  • DoodlebugGachazz
    DoodlebugGachazz Month ago

    He couldve fixed his phone instead of getting a new one... [ when Ian dropped his phone ]

  • QT Pie
    QT Pie Month ago

    99.9% “Omg bring Anthony back...”
    0.1% “I miss 2016...”

  • T A C O D U D E
    T A C O D U D E Month ago

    Wtf is this a lost gem?

  • Hershey’s Bar
    Hershey’s Bar Month ago

    The thumbnail says it all

  • tub yaj
    tub yaj Month ago

    1:14 Yes YEs YES!!!!!!!!

  • Grantas Zufarovas
    Grantas Zufarovas Month ago

    what happened to anthony

    NICULL Month ago

    What happend to Anthony? Did he die?

  • Jack Morin
    Jack Morin Month ago

    This made me cry

  • Pilgrim XIII
    Pilgrim XIII Month ago

    Ian sucks at everything

  • PhilipDaAnimatronic
    PhilipDaAnimatronic Month ago +1

    That thumbnail tho😂

  • Taylor’s Gacha Studio Vids

    Them in 2018...

    (Playing Fortnite)

    TAYLOR HUYNH Month ago

    I miss Anthony...

  • Reece Boyle
    Reece Boyle Month ago

    1938 vs 2018

  • micheal james
    micheal james Month ago

    ill never look at smosh normely again Anthony was so funny (please dont juge my spelling)

  • Dc4live 9000
    Dc4live 9000 Month ago

    2016 was the best

  • Kate Sermon
    Kate Sermon Month ago

    Can everyone please stop being so negative with hate comments about Anthony leaving? It was his choice! Not ours! Yes of course is was sad for us but we don't need to say that Smosh now is really bad, how do you think that is going to make *them* feel?! They are still making videos for us and you just need to respect that.

  • wolfy cutie
    wolfy cutie Month ago

    Is it just more or does anyone think smosh is still funny even back then and now?

  • ScanShot
    ScanShot Month ago

    The thumbnail im so sad i can't believe how Ian can still smile 😢😭😞

  • SCP- 035
    SCP- 035 Month ago

    I miss anthony 😭😭

  • Weirdo Cheerio
    Weirdo Cheerio Month ago +1

    2016 was basically the last year I had faith in humanity. Now it's just...I'm ready for us to go extinct.
    An asteroid could have hit us, one was actually close! But nope.

  • Hamburger 953759
    Hamburger 953759 Month ago


  • Billz
    Billz Month ago

    vs 2018

  • lucas Pettite
    lucas Pettite Month ago

    Smosh Games is the only Channel I find funny. Smosh is change and its really effed

  • It’s Katelyn ya bish

    Oh my god him and Anthony have to do something together

  • UCan'tPhaseMe
    UCan'tPhaseMe Month ago

    *we don't talk about 2016*

  • Garnet the real
    Garnet the real Month ago

    2017 vs 2018

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl Month ago

    They did such great vids when Anthony was still here...sorry

  • Fionnbarr Casey
    Fionnbarr Casey Month ago

    Well... that’s a god damn sad thumbnail

  • schemino
    schemino Month ago

    The thumbnail's depressing