The Bachelor First Look at Colton's Season and the New Villain!

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • 'The Bachelor' returns with a three-hour live premiere Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
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  • thirtythreeflavors
    thirtythreeflavors 5 months ago +1


  • Victoria Wolfe
    Victoria Wolfe 5 months ago

    catherine is so so ugly

  • Emily Miceli
    Emily Miceli 5 months ago +3

    It’s literally the same story every single season... this show needs to end

  • Pamela Cossey
    Pamela Cossey 5 months ago +2

    This show is getting worse. Seems to be about which girls are the least genuine and more like Barbie😕 way too much makeup n revealing gowns!

    • DT Brown
      DT Brown 5 months ago

      You better preach!

  • Mike Bambur
    Mike Bambur 5 months ago +1

    Biggest garbage show on television in last 100 years.

  • arthur workman
    arthur workman 5 months ago

    They either always have a stereotypical female villain or male who wants everything to focus around them. They're the center of attraction no one else matters. You kind of get sucked into all the girl's opening lines on who's going to attract his attention first and make that long lasting impression. But once that female or guy steps into the scene and it's like you sort of sense okay this person guy or female is the one who'll be this season's bastard or bitch of the season. And I think they intentionally hunt for that person when they're holding auditions. Devin is cute and so are many of these other women. But they always have women with the same names as all the women from seasons past. Courtney or Kourtney - Angelique - Cassie - Demi - Anna - Catherine - etc.
    I always thought none of these relationships worked - I see judging from just the premier they have a lot of relationships that developed into babies being conceived hmm. But those couples probably weren't the actual couples they were more than likely couples who were left over who got booted off their seasons.

  • Tall Girl
    Tall Girl 5 months ago

    My sis knows Demi from Texas and mrs North Carolina lives near Demi in virgina, stafford VA

  • youtubehost
    youtubehost 5 months ago

    I see this Queen out there has so many a number of things in her mind to tell Colton Underwood out there! Now I'll only look up on Colton's story only because I very much do see he's really a great looking guy out there ever since I saw him very little bit of him from Becca's story so why not?! :)

  • whattheflimflam
    whattheflimflam 5 months ago

    Yay for shows that make women look like a bunch of dumb money grubbing floozies!

  • Aishah Shahid
    Aishah Shahid 5 months ago +9

    This reminds me of the Selection...

    • kaye
      kaye 5 months ago +1

      Aishah Shahid it’s based off of it

  • Anonymous Post
    Anonymous Post 5 months ago +2

    Isn't it strange that Colton feels a need to broadcast to the world that he's a virgin? Isn't that a private matter and why is it that people are shocked by that? It used to be that most women and some men were virgins because our society had morals now it's seen as odd. Second, why would he go on a show and date a bunch of women who are most probably not virgins? Sad, sad, sad!

    • DT Brown
      DT Brown 5 months ago


    • DT Brown
      DT Brown 5 months ago

      I wholeheartedly agree with you! What struck me as quite odd was his seemingly stiff, and distant response to Heather and her virginity confession. She would be best to have relatability with... Trust me, virginity is sacred! You don't have to broadcast it 24/7. But the media is not helping either! Colton's desperate and immature, but I don't believe that he's genuine about finding a woman to love in a lasting relationship now, or perhaps ever. He needs time to self-discover, and not continue to mislead already vulnerable women, knowing that he really wants to be single! Too many "we're just friends" he's left behind for my taste! Weird!

    • arthur workman
      arthur workman 5 months ago

      That's what brings an even bigger interest to a show like this. First of all the bachelor has never had a male virgin let alone a female virgin on their show before. So with that being said with all the women vying for Colton's attention - you there will be that one female who'll try to steal his virginity away. That's what the show's producers are banking on. More drama - more ratings the guarantee for yet another season where they'll do it all over again. And all the people who dismissed ever watching the bachelor or Bachelorette will be back for another watch. These shows always have these people jumping in & out of bed with each other. It's a bedlam of sex up in there.

  • Kimzicle
    Kimzicle 5 months ago +4

    Do u guys remember Caroline form Aries season I would ship her and Colton lol

    NIKKI KIKI 5 months ago +6

    I nearly fell asleep watching this, and I’m drinking coffee right now. Were these girls from the reject piles of seasons past? 😬

  • blondewildangel1
    blondewildangel1 5 months ago


  • blondewildangel1
    blondewildangel1 5 months ago

    I m not going on the se thing s but I will watch I guess where s ur blue??

  • blondewildangel1
    blondewildangel1 5 months ago

    Wait wat mks her villan???!

    • Marcus Melton
      Marcus Melton 5 months ago

      She keeps taking time away from them that they're willingly giving up. And that she keeps taking people's time away from them when she interrupts and also when they give their time up without any resistance.

  • Roda Ali
    Roda Ali 5 months ago

    Thanks tv

  • cacaktuaaa
    cacaktuaaa 5 months ago +78

    it's always the same... it's becoming boring to watch. They should make some changes to capture the audience interest. Two bachelors trying to find love at the same time, and the girls feeling free to get to know who they want... Or a bisexual bachelor or bachelorette would also be interesting to watch because there has never been one before.

    • cacaktuaaa
      cacaktuaaa 5 months ago

      there was already a show about a bisexual bachelorette but she was actually hetero and I've never watched it because it's probably to cringy to watch ( A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila)

    • cacaktuaaa
      cacaktuaaa 5 months ago

      @Tameka D-B Yeah there would be REAL DRAMA because the jealousy would come from different sides, it's would be really enjoyable to watch hahahaha. And it would work if the bachelor/bachelorette is truly worth fighting for, or someone who is a famous personality... hahaha why noooot.

    • cacaktuaaa
      cacaktuaaa 5 months ago

      @Brittany Mason Yeaah, I've seen that. The couple is actually together now hahahaha.

    • Brittany Mason
      Brittany Mason 5 months ago +3

      I think they’d worry about a bisexual bachelor/ette because they wouldn’t want the contestants falling in love with each other. Although it happened during a Vietnam bachelor and that elimination was pretty epic lol

    • Tameka D-B
      Tameka D-B 5 months ago

      Yep all great points that I have pointed out before, but like the commenter above said having a bisexual suitor may be problematic. Obviously we know with bisexuality not everyone is attracted to everyone but there can be issues with cast members falling for each other instead of the suitor. I guess in that sense they can find love even if it isn't with the suitor so maybe it would be a good idea? 🤔

  • wt30001
    wt30001 5 months ago +7

    So don’t give in to miss pushy. Tell her this is your time and she has had time with him. You made a choice to leave and then gripe about it. Be more proactive about yourself.

    • DT Brown
      DT Brown 5 months ago

      @Marcus Melton I feel the same way too! 🤗🤔😘🤣

    • Marcus Melton
      Marcus Melton 5 months ago

      Totally agree, she did it 4 times and they all gave up their time(it's their problem). I was like... Say no!! But none of them did. So the only ones at fault are the ones who willingly gave up their time when she asked to take more. I would've said "no." They weren't assertive nor bold enough to tell her that unfortunately. That's their fault.

  • Madison Rocker
    Madison Rocker 5 months ago

    That girl is from Fort Lauderdale I have seen her before.

  • shabrina z
    shabrina z 5 months ago +45

    We were promised BEST GIRLS.
    But none of these girls even on Bibiana's level of beauty.
    Arie's girls are still far better.
    Theyre strikingly beautiful just from paparazzi candid snaps.
    And they seemed like they wanted to get married.
    This girls cant even lay casually on the couch cause of that exessive amount of tan

    • shabrina z
      shabrina z 5 months ago +1

      @Michelle Riggs the Bachelor girls have more advantages.. that they can cancel or decline to go after the Bachelor is announced.
      Thats whyyyy.. Nick Viall's season is full of rejectee.. low quality girls. Almost half of them are second callback.. they were contacted bcause almost all the contestant that were chosen BACKED OUT, literally producers calling them "Hey do u still wanna do Nicks season bcause everybody bailed?" Daniele Lombard is one of them, She literally said she only have 5 days to pack bcause she was chosen on such short notice.
      So basically Nicks season girls were the ones that have less dignity to date him.
      I also heard Lauren Bushnell, The hottie brunette Nick dated in Paradise, & lots of Ben's season girls said they have given notice to producers when Nick/Ben is the gamble for season 20 that they were gonna cancel if Nick was chosen.
      When Arie was chosen, lots of 26+ girls, moms, & college graduates bcause eventhough they maynot know who Arie was.. but THEIR PARENTS knew Arie Luyendyk Sr. Some thought the dad was the Bachelor & encourage them to go on the season. And Arie is old.. so at least they wouldnt pretend so hard to marriage talk with him. Lol
      So I bet.. this time around too.. quality girls would see no point in chasing some NFL rejectee 26 yo dumbo who is seemingly gay..

    • Michelle Riggs
      Michelle Riggs 5 months ago

      @shabrina z I meant that some people equate beauty with age, and this group is very youthful... i agree that there have been better groups of eligible ladies... Arie did have a surprisingly good group.

    • shabrina z
      shabrina z 5 months ago +1

      @Michelle Riggs doesnt look like it. I will choose an older hottie than a pancake face 22yearold

    • Michelle Riggs
      Michelle Riggs 5 months ago

      Because this group is MUCH younger

    • shabrina z
      shabrina z 5 months ago +2

      @WTM wats less procedure? They all wear fuckton of makeup I cant see their face. So far none of them seem pretty.
      Last year of u can see Bibiana, she is always bare face.. and Bekah martinez even got into beauty headline BEFORE the season starts bcause of her striking striking beauty.
      Last year, at least Tia has P.hd, Becca is a senior publicist, Sienne is a FREAKISHLY NATURALLY HOT Yale graduate, Caroline is a realtor who looks like Cate Beckinsale!

  • mark merk
    mark merk 5 months ago +3

    May not be the dumbest show ever ...but damnnn it does show just how ignorant alotta tv viewers are.... Not sure what the dumbest show ever is but this has got to be up there with them

  • Beautiful Strange
    Beautiful Strange 5 months ago


  • Alina Ehtesham
    Alina Ehtesham 5 months ago +15

    and so it begins