Michael Jackson's family on "Leaving Neverland" accusers: "It's all about money"

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • First on "CBS This Morning," Michael Jackson's family is speaking out about sexual abuse allegations against the singer in an explosive new HBO documentary premiering this weekend. In "Leaving Neverland," Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim Jackson abused them for years when they were children. Jackson always denied any inappropriate behavior with children. Gayle King spoke to Michael Jackson's brothers Jackie, Marlon, and Tito, as well as his nephew, Taj.
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Comments • 11 149

  • Jonathan Chmiel
    Jonathan Chmiel 4 hours ago

    Micheal was a great person. And very kind person

  • Tracey ivy
    Tracey ivy 9 hours ago +1

    ....Oprah pot belly pig Winfrey.... Throw MJ under the bus so her side piece Harvey Weinstein could sneek out the backdoor...can't stand that pig

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 16 hours ago

    I hate CBS. I don't trust CBS further than I can spit.

  • Angelica Ruiz
    Angelica Ruiz 2 days ago

    Of course you dont see his family or anyone around but there were pictures right? Hmmm wonder who was taking the pictures if MJ was alone with these boys. Not saying hes innocent cuz no one but himself knows... But it doesnt make sense. Both boys dropped the case and even had a settlement... Wait till hes dead and now bring up the allegations again and make a film off it now that hes dead and unable to defend himself. Very fishy to me.

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 21 hour ago

      Both boys did not drop the case. A judge ruled that they could not feasibly accuse the Jackson estate of being complicit in Jackson's abuse. The judge did not rule on whether the allegations were true.

  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence 3 days ago

    What i find funny is they wait 10 years to do this sounds to me like there just greedy mfos

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 21 hour ago

      Safechuck had already hinted to his mother that Jackson had abused him in 2005.

  • Akshay Devadiga
    Akshay Devadiga 4 days ago +1

    Don't defend mj or any other abusers... Don't protect him just bcoz he smiles & people try to whitewash his image& show that he was not THAT Bad... But actually even though he was a fantastic entertainer he was a human nevertheless... So don't worship him un-necessarily just bcoz your life is empty & you don't have ANY Role models & that you may have identity crisis... So don't defend him , Weinstein, or any other abusers who has been proved of abuse...Don't try to cover it up like the Vatican tried to do...

  • nell866
    nell866 7 days ago

    He didn’t Doit

  • That Luna msp
    That Luna msp 8 days ago

    Right when he died they said nothing but years later they do?

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 21 hour ago

      James Safechuck refused to testify on Michael Jackson's behalf, and told his mother that Jackson had done bad things to him in 2005.

    HOLDEN 1K 8 days ago

    They’ll never make one about Kevin Spacey tho…

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 8 days ago

      Kevin Spacey has been condemned, has lost his job, has his reputation tarnished, and will never be hired again. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, bribed and lied his way out of justice. You are being disingenuous.

  • Tiffany Miller
    Tiffany Miller 9 days ago

    The Santa Barbara police and the FBI investigated MJ for years and found no evidence!!! NONE! YET, HERE WE ARE AGAIN! They succeeded in one thing killing MJ!...MJ is dead..let him rest. Finally!

  • Christine Mills
    Christine Mills 12 days ago

    Wade said he wanted to protect him but he didn’t know till 2012 makes no sense!

  • Life With NaiNai And Joe

    This don’t add up. Why would a child wanna spend more time with their child abuser? Out of all the children that I seen get molested in documentaries, they either didn’t wanna be around the molester or they weren’t happy going with that person again. I seen videos of both of them when they were with him, and neither of them gave signs of abuse. They were happy and excited to be with him. Even if a child is trying to cover up the fact that they were abused, adults can still see signs of abuse. No child can cover up the fact that they weren’t abused if they actually were. Children aren’t that clever yet. They are lying they just want money.

    • Life With NaiNai And Joe
      Life With NaiNai And Joe 11 days ago

      AnonymouslyKind your profile pic is creepy asf😆😂

    • Life With NaiNai And Joe
      Life With NaiNai And Joe 11 days ago

      AnonymouslyKind oh ok

    • AnonymouslyKind
      AnonymouslyKind 11 days ago

      @Life With NaiNai And Joe Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse and to normalize the sexual behavior this also means programming the child not to tell adults, they do this by saying they both will be arrested if the child told anyone they use fear to keep it a secret the child will unlikely act any differently than before because they are nieve.

    • Life With NaiNai And Joe
      Life With NaiNai And Joe 11 days ago

      AnonymouslyKind not really. If a child got abused they wouldn’t act how they would before. They would be acting different. Children aren’t that smart to cover up signs of abuse.

    • AnonymouslyKind
      AnonymouslyKind 12 days ago

      The grooming process involves making a child comfortable with sexual acts it's only until they get older and get married & have children themselves that they realize what happened Micheal was a superstar this skewed the accuser's minds even more because they didn't want to harm him or fear backlash. Also, children can cover up any signs of abuse

  • Evan Hoback
    Evan Hoback 15 days ago

    Nah he definitely molested those kids this family is delusional

  • King D
    King D 15 days ago

    That white girl is stupid dont u think 21 years of someone life is enough for u to know them

  • Giannis Eleftheriadis
    Giannis Eleftheriadis 15 days ago

    This documentary telling the total truth .. even if it is accepted or not .. those guys don't want money or nothing .. If they wanted money they would do it before his death ...Michael Jackson was lost in his pedophilic passion

  • Ce Me
    Ce Me 17 days ago

    Yeah this makes me believe he’s innocent!!

  • One Creator
    One Creator 18 days ago

    I not surprised by this. Many murderers doing life in prison, and their family still think they are innocent.... It's hard to accept. MJ was a sick individual. A rapist.

  • Künstlerin-DAB1995
    Künstlerin-DAB1995 18 days ago

    The Jackson brothers avoided answering basic questions, asserted things they could not prove, made judgements about a documentary they had not seen, and ignored evidence shown in the court case they attended. An untrustworthy response from them. Gayle King made a good point about wanting to hear from the sisters: remember that LaToya Jackson alleged in 1993 that she had seen cheques made by Jackson to the families of young boys. She was forced to retract her comments later on. We now know, of course, that Jackson paid up to $35 million to young boys accusing him of child sexual molestation and so her allegations seem truthful.

  • Ashlyn Reeves
    Ashlyn Reeves 18 days ago

    These people seem to be in denial. People live behind masks and in a fantasy. The person you see and know may only be one side of them. Predators live amongst us. Brothers, mothers, cousins, best friends and teachers. Even celebrities. To say he isn’t guilty when numerous people have come forward saying they have seen or suspected he was abusing children is truly disturbing. And when young people come out saying they were abused, I believe them.
    Grooming is very real and is a form of manipulation and psychological abuse! Until you do research on it for yourself or have experienced it first hand, it can be hard for some people to understand. Please do research on pedophiles and grooming, you may even be able to save some children or family members if you notice the warning signs early.

  • Mariana Bermejo
    Mariana Bermejo 18 days ago

    The most curious thing of all this for me is the fact that after so many years of what happened supposedly, now is that they come to talk and say all that drama after the man is already dead, that he cannot defend himself and was not immediately if not that almost a decade after his death. This is so "I'm looking for money and 5 minutes of fame" that it gives me so much helplessness to see how there are people who lend themselves to such things. Why they don't make a documentary about how the canonized Pope John Pablo II shut up and covered so many pedophilia abuses? I mean com on!! A man who asks for an insect be taken off the stage so that nobody steps on him, accused of pedophile and this man I just mentioned, is an open secret what he was doing and nobody talks about it? Com on i mean... COM ON!!!

  • Rosemarie Plant
    Rosemarie Plant 18 days ago

    Yup, all about money. The family is all about money. The Jackson family only cares about money. They are worried they will lose money.

  • You are Gay
    You are Gay 19 days ago

    long live michael jackson ❤😭

  • Your nan on toast
    Your nan on toast 20 days ago

    Wow how much does marlon look like their dad 👀

  • izzy Fraz
    izzy Fraz 20 days ago

    "Facts" in the documentary arent valid😂 literally the producer said the train station wasn't built when one of the accusers said abuse happened there and MJ didn't pay for the house. The whole documentary wants you to think hes guilty. macaulay culkin was molested just not by MJ and not on his property and has talked about that but when it comes to MJ he denied anything happened.

    • izzy Fraz
      izzy Fraz 20 days ago

      The maid who served as a "witness" in the documentary also is still paying for a lawsuit. She needs...NEEDS money.

  • Bobby Dukes
    Bobby Dukes 23 days ago +2

    The Jackson estate will always defend Michael Jackson. Their whole livelihood depends on it.

  • Bugsy Freebury
    Bugsy Freebury 23 days ago

    If I committed a crime, I bet my brothers and family would back me up as well..... MJ molested those boys and got away with it, that's a child predators dream, mess with young kids and get away with it..

  • Civan Algünerhan
    Civan Algünerhan 24 days ago

    How about just let Mj rest in peace...

  • jkj10
    jkj10 24 days ago +2

    Somehow I find it extremely funny to hear The Jackson family acusing others that it's "all about the money"...That whole family is blinded by money, fame and fortune and they are desperately trying to hold on.

  • Rachel Zuño
    Rachel Zuño 24 days ago

    MICHAEL JACKSON:king of pop
    Wade Robson:king of contradiction

  • Mike Ortiz Jr.
    Mike Ortiz Jr. 24 days ago

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck .......it's a duck.

  • Autumn D
    Autumn D 24 days ago

    She kept saying if you watch the documentary...ok we get it Gayle

  • jag co
    jag co 25 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/JYQnc4Z1M_c/video.html Gayle and Oprah both of you should be a shame. Oprah help with movie you got the inter view with the Jackson's family. Come now you think some of us can't see what's really going on. To doing this to the Jackson's family. People see whats really going behind all this do you sure on both Gayle and Oprah.

  • jag co
    jag co 25 days ago

    Oprah and Gayle and every 1 who played roll in this. Need to be taken down - This was wrong Gayle should have never interview the Jackson's family. Oprah / Gayle don't give a dam about the Jackson's family. Gayle / Oprah - I was at car show this came up with about 70 people black white and other races. Every 1 was unhappy about it. And did not understand why Harvey Weinstein - was not the main topic. Movies should been about him. How can America let this happen.

  • Intriguing Mind
    Intriguing Mind 25 days ago +1

    Why didn’t he take his nieces and nephews with him if he loved children so much!!! This family is Defending the money

    FAITH WORKS 26 days ago

    Give them a lie detector test 😡 they still pissing me off stop trying to make micheal look bad😭.

  • Afrin Anwar
    Afrin Anwar 26 days ago

    And for Oprah and Gayle! Their time is coming soon as well. No one in this world can benefit by taking advantage of someone else, no matter dead or alive.

  • Afrin Anwar
    Afrin Anwar 26 days ago

    GOD is waiting for Wade and James to tell their lies infront of him and then punish them in a way so that they will NVR want money in their lives!

  • Charlotte Buchanan
    Charlotte Buchanan 27 days ago +1

    Im.just gonna say it. Gay men are usually pedophiles..

  • F X
    F X 27 days ago

    Oprah and John Legend are X’d from my life 😡🤬

  • Shay Muir
    Shay Muir 27 days ago

    The doc was proved to be lies because James says he was molested in the train station can't remember what date but the tran stasion wasn't open till 2 years late

    • AnonymouslyKind
      AnonymouslyKind 12 days ago

      Is it possible that his timeline of events was off by 2 years perhaps from what he remembered the same way I forget what month it is.

  • karen rao
    karen rao 28 days ago

    but michael's brothers are normal compared to michael, they didnt get plastic surgery, hang out with a chimp,live in a peter pan like world, they dont want to know, that michael was most likely a pedophile, and if not, he shouldn't have put himself in situations that seemed suspicious.

  • Rap snack
    Rap snack 29 days ago

    Michael Jackson was a predator and all the people who support him probably are too. He used to sleep with kids, buy houses for the family and tell the mom to leave the kid with him for a year. Because is very normal for a grow men to sleep with kids in the same bed for many many times.

    TALON Month ago

    The Jacksons are absolutely right. This slander against Michael is disrespectful and all about money. Let me get this straight... Wade Robson, the same man who cheated with Britney Spears against Justin Timberlake and had the nerve and audacity to so-call "HONOR" MJ when Janet Jackson performed Scream at the MTV VMAs in honor of her brother, is now the same man saying that Michael Jackson had been abusing him as a young child?? THIS IS A LIAR. Does his allegations line up people? Think about it. He wants to cash in and media outlets ate this story up by giving it air time. Don't give this fool and the one sitting next to him the time of day. I will not watch that Oprah documentary or any other interviews like this as they seek to slander and cash in on a man that is now in his grave. Robson has been dirty for years. His actions over time show his shadiness and intentions. Don't believe the allegations they spoke against Michael Jackson.

  • Shenyae T
    Shenyae T Month ago

    We know our Brother - The Jacksons

  • Shenyae T
    Shenyae T Month ago

    I love how their defending their beloved little brother 👌🏾

  • havehope24
    havehope24 Month ago

    "wade has never protected anyone in his whole life" ..."wade got up on that stand and protected michael! his testimony is credited with him winning in court!" the idiocy of this...

  • Franchesca Martinez

    I honestly fell asleep watching this documentary

  • vishalini suresh
    vishalini suresh Month ago +1

    which sexually abused victim would call their abuser as kindest, gentle, loving and caring people while he is about to accuse him of abusing him!! generally any csa victim would be angry or sad or upset and they would never say such things about their abuser , they would rather feel that the abuser pretended like this and molested them! But would never describe kind , gentle , loving and caring people he knew even after realizing their abuse!! Only liars who have no idea about csa will speak like this!

    • Dom
      Dom Month ago +1

      that's because they needed to groom the public in LN, the public was the one being groomed by emotional manipulation, not kids by MJ

  • mary jackson
    mary jackson Month ago

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  • Solo Business
    Solo Business Month ago

    he already proved his innocence, Sorta cause there was just no evidence on both sides but that is better than saying he’s guilty we should all say we don’t know rather than he’s guilty or innocent , we’re aren’t talking about OJ

    • Solo Business
      Solo Business Month ago

      Before u say I contradicted myself I think he’s innocent but I’m not a 100% therefore we don’t know now I have said everything

    • Dom
      Dom Month ago

      @Solo Business the family was the one WHO wanted the money
      they threatened michael that they'll go public if he doesn't give them 30 million, he refused
      there's auto recording of evan chandler's extortion
      they went to file CIVIL LAWSUIT, and civil lawsuits always end in money
      they STOPPED COOPERATING with criminal investigation when they got the money. settlements from civil lawuits do NOT prevent you from testifying in criminal case, you cannot settle a criminal case it's not possible
      they CHOSE to NOT cooperate with criminal investigation
      and jordan chandler got legally emancipated from his parents and his mother testified in 2005 trial that she hasn't spoken to him for 10 years

    • Dom
      Dom Month ago

      @Solo Business the whole contry thought that central park five were guilty too, but they were all innocent - so there goes your lynch mob mentality

    • Dom
      Dom Month ago

      @Solo Business " he wasn’t proven innocent" there's NO evidence of his guilt, so he's INNOCENT. fbi investigation, 2 surprise raids, child services they all cleared him. you obviously haven't studied the cases or else you'd know that lack of evidence proves his innocence and all his accusers were just after money. you can't say "we don't know" just because it's impossible to prove the negative. that's not how the justice system works.
      so if enough people bring their pitchforks to lynch someone, that's somehow proof to you that person is not innocent? wow, just wow
      and stop bringing up unrelated cases to this, oj simpson is not related to this case

    • Solo Business
      Solo Business Month ago

      Dom if u can remember he paid the family a large sum of money the first time and went to trial the second time and which there was no evidence but there’s no evidence of us landing on the moon other than moon artifacts and things like that I’m talking from earth we cannot see any proof with microscopes but does that mean we didt land on the moon , no but we have to speculate instead of taking it as face value it’s a horrible example but it’s true we don’t know anything and I’m not gonna pretend I do

  • Brendan Gabriel
    Brendan Gabriel Month ago +2

    Really poor journalistic standards Gail King. Now with very compelling arguments and facts available which discredits these accusers why aren’t you and Oprah addressing the issue? Come on ... just admit what you were part of the lynch mob.

  • Linette Rivera
    Linette Rivera Month ago +2

    Leave Michael alone

  • danie cat
    danie cat Month ago

    Someone tried to convince me Michael was guilty and said "Look it up its the first thing that comes up" they stupid people say don't trust the internet and stuff but they trust it.

  • Goated Channel
    Goated Channel Month ago +2

    theres no proof of the abuse why is he guilty until proven innocent

  • prezbige
    prezbige Month ago

    Who is this corrupt ho? Jacksons shouldn't waste their time with any reporter because they're trying to create a story for money.

  • Angela Wise
    Angela Wise Month ago +1

    We all love you Michael don't care still in our world is full of it joy happiness thought out around us supporting you kindly love man give to all

  • Shreese Vanderhorst

    No matter what they try to make Michael Jackson out to be, the records are already written down in history! This man has came on this Earth and made his money and now he has gone to rest in peace! He has lived his life to the fullest!!! No matter how jealous all other stars start to get over Michael Jackson, they CAN NOT reach his level of success!!! Now I don't know if Michael Jackson's records could ever be broken, but if so it won't be anytime soon. In fact, not in this lifetime!

  • Some One
    Some One Month ago

    There were loads of people at Neverland, they haven’t said anything

  • Gwen Vaughn
    Gwen Vaughn Month ago +1

    Come on Gayle! But you asked how can you say the document is a lie , when Michael brothers said they have never watched it? The same way you are questioning what wade, Jimmy and Dan are saying in a one sided document. Did you bother to check out what they was saying in the document to see what they was accusing a dead man whom can not speak for him self. The real reason Jimmy was not invited to the court case? Michael attorney said Jimmy was never asked to testify in court. So how can you question Michael family on how do you know they are lying? When you have not seen the document? You are doing.. same thing . You, did not verify some of the statements or Allegation. made by them So how can you question if it is true or not? When you did not even fact check your self. lol

  • Monica Kaja
    Monica Kaja Month ago +1

    Pedophile Michael Jackson.