Michael Jackson's family on "Leaving Neverland" accusers: "It's all about money"

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • First on "CBS This Morning," Michael Jackson's family is speaking out about sexual abuse allegations against the singer in an explosive new HBO documentary premiering this weekend. In "Leaving Neverland," Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim Jackson abused them for years when they were children. Jackson always denied any inappropriate behavior with children. Gayle King spoke to Michael Jackson's brothers Jackie, Marlon, and Tito, as well as his nephew, Taj.
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  • Dalila Watts
    Dalila Watts 12 hours ago +1

    It's so sad how his family has to defend him for the rest of their lives.

  • Owen Thomas
    Owen Thomas 13 hours ago

    5:22 "No, never" sounds exactly like Michael himself

  • Cool b Jay
    Cool b Jay Day ago

    PB productions link leaving neverland destroyed nothing

  • Elizabeth Dunlap
    Elizabeth Dunlap Day ago +2

    Michael would not do that Gail. Never

  • Joyce Kim
    Joyce Kim Day ago +2

    See these 2 liars snakes faces on here I feel sick.
    Why need to interview why she don't interview the FBI instead. And why don't she interview the police. Both FBI n police already checked on MJ but nothing can be found. The case is closed. Why the 2 snakes still sitting here.
    We know MJ he won't do such thing as he is so famous, what the point to abuse these 2 snakes coz these 2 snakes are nothing in this world. No one will know them as they just a normal human which is not even famous person. Not make any sense at all.
    Michael is 100% pure innocent..

  • Fanny Bass
    Fanny Bass 2 days ago +1

    I feel the same way they do: I don't want to watch that documentary.

  • Hannah Abozaid
    Hannah Abozaid 2 days ago +1

    I really dislike the host

  • Shape Shift Inc.
    Shape Shift Inc. 3 days ago +3

    Michael Jackson was never found guilty. Michael Jackson is dead. Everybody needs to leave the proverbial casket closed. Let's move on.

  • Eva
    Eva 3 days ago +2

    This interview just made me more believe that’s Mickel did something wrong

    • Fanny Bass
      Fanny Bass Day ago

      @Eva They where not nervous at all!, and they replied immediately knowing who their brother was. Wait and see how those liars who made Leaving Neverland will be exposed.

    • Eva
      Eva Day ago

      They was nervous and they didn’t know what to say at this point

    • Fanny Bass
      Fanny Bass 2 days ago


  • Centrist Philosopher

    Michael Jackson superfans cannot think critically. This is the problem with celebrity personality cults and it is obvious on this thread. You see the same thing with characters like Muhammad Ali and John Lennon who also have uncritical cult-like followings. I really don't know if the claims are true or not but the fact MJ slept with young boys should raise eyebrows to any rational person. Of course that doesn't mean he was guilty but my question to these superfans who just follow the crowd- would you, hand on heart, if you are parents' let your children sleep with a grown man if if it was anyone else other than your 'idol'?

    • Sean Love
      Sean Love 21 hour ago

      But what you fail to realize is that his fans know Michael Jackson not only as a pop star, but his history, his childhood. You are viewing him through the eyes of a normal person. His world was never reality. MJ was famous since he was a little boy. His view of the world, cultural norms, money, etc... were always skewed. The fact that he did weird things as an adult does not mean he is guilty.

  • Centrist Philosopher

    My gut feeling is that the accusers have a credibility problem as they previously swore on oath in a court of law the exact opposite of what they are saying now. And America's suing culture cannot be ignored here. Everything is about money.

    However I also have a problem with superfans so biased by their love of Michael Jackson the public figure that they seem incapable of looking at this without emotional bias- 'He MUST be innocent' None of you know that for a fact and we have seen cases whereby celebrity popularity has protected someone and anyone who dares dissent is attacked. When Jimmy Savile was accused of abuse, his accusers were basically told to shut up because of Saville's star power and charity work yet it later transpired he was one of Britain's most prolific predators. TO BE CLEAR, I am not saying that is the case with MJ but whatever way you gloss it over, it is not appropriate for a grown man to sleep with boys and I think if it were anyone else, people would not defend that so readily. But like I said, it could be just as likely an innocent man who cannot defend himself and was acquitted in a court of law is being smeared after his death.

    But the fact MJ was a great entertainer who done a lot of humanitarian work isn't evidence either way.

    Of course his family and friends' will defend him.

    The bottom, line is none of us know for certain.

  • Keezy Vidzz
    Keezy Vidzz 4 days ago

    I think if he told michael probably would be here today

  • Pastor Bright Amegazo

    How can CBS and Oprah believe those liers who cannot stand a lie detector test? The media had tried MJ since 1993 without any evidence except those who want to profit from MJ through false accusations, to find him guilty before a trial but failed.

  • mikeym
    mikeym 5 days ago

    these family members are lying to protect their wealth. it is that simple.

  • Mary Pozzi
    Mary Pozzi 6 days ago

    Robson and safechuck what liars they want money what a way to get it why don’t they get a job

  • Mary Pozzi
    Mary Pozzi 6 days ago

    Your soright these two want money plain and simple

  • eyelashqueen0986
    eyelashqueen0986 6 days ago

    The nephew seemed so sure. Lol you were not there when the abuses happened, dude! Haha

  • Megaton
    Megaton 7 days ago +1

    I’ll lie too if we talking millions millions of dollars he’ll yeah wouldn’t think twice about it

  • Daniel García Romero

    "'That girl just wants to call attention"
    "That teenager just has mental issues"
    "Wade and James just want money"
    Same pattern. Did you ever hear a sexual abuser say "yes I did it"?. It is nothing but naive to believe that a person who has that amount of importance and power could not get away with it. Fanatism blinds people in every aspect, and they can not see further their admiration. And of coarse his family is going to defend him, their image would be completely broken, it is easier to cope with shame if you deny to yourself the sinister truth about someone you love.

  • O livia
    O livia 7 days ago

    They still trying to get money even AFTER he's gone..SMH

  • Antwan Smith
    Antwan Smith 7 days ago

    Gayle King and Oprah are two duplicates who could be made up to look like black women, otherwise they wouldn't be asking foolish questions. What I mean by that, they are the wrong color. Maybe they never got back to their real roots. No offense! Why are these 2 keep opening up old accusations against Michael Jackson? And trying to trap his brothers? LEAVE HIM ALONE! Let him rest in peace.

  • Tony Marselle
    Tony Marselle 7 days ago

    Jackson groomed little boys. Truth

  • ava:Carson Lee
    ava:Carson Lee 7 days ago +3

    She said they kept saying that over and over again. she kept asking that over and over again. tf🙄

  • Sead_Chen_III
    Sead_Chen_III 8 days ago

    Is this lady with the glasses the prime minister of rape or something

  • Vennessa Leota
    Vennessa Leota 8 days ago +2

    Yk honestly even if Michael molested a kid or not it will never take away the love I have for him. Which I know that Michael never molested or hurt anyone❤. Michael loves all the kids and it was his frikkin' dream to save all the kids and give them a great childhood u could ever have😕❤. Y'all should respect the King of Pop and this year 2019 ppl r using Michaels name and making it look bad well heres wat i gotta say bout that "nice try bijj" 😂👌❤

  • Dom
    Dom 9 days ago

    if people lie on a stand then they committed a crime, perjury, and should be punished
    but wade came up with allegations AFTER the statue of limitations run out so he couldn’t be brought on perjury charges, how convenient
    and if he was lying than, how can you be sure he isn’t lying now?

  • T Money
    T Money 9 days ago

    Like I said It's all about money. Why them ? nothing special trying to help children

  • Jon Boi
    Jon Boi 10 days ago +1

    the people know the truth. michael jackson is innocent

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 11 days ago +2

    Michael Jackson was an innocent man that just had plutonic love for all kids and helped them in any way, Taj was right, MJs Naivety was his downfall. Wade Robson should be ashamed of himself for hurting MJs legacy with lies

  • X Miso_Mavis X
    X Miso_Mavis X 12 days ago +4

    Michael had spent his whole childhood performing and doing music along with his brothers. He probably distanced himself away from his family for a long time because of it. He wanted to create a name for himself. I think he created a an amusement park like home because he was just a lonely and insecure man who still had the heart of a child. He never actually got the chance to live like a kid. I just think that being able to help kids and give them a place where they feel safe and happy made Michael happy as well. He wanted to give. And the fact that these guys come forward after so many years made me think that they just wanted to do it for the money. It really disgust me. Let michael rest.

  • mina 229622
    mina 229622 12 days ago

    People are you fool? Why some of you keep saying “why they dont say about him and him”. You say that to show that were another men worst than Jackson?? Michael was a GAY PEDOPHILE always he was surrounded by young boys but people couldnt see it like a strange thing like they could see it for a simple a man even the family’s of the victims because he had fame money and the love of the world and no one could say Michael J.can ever abuse kids He was making them to trust him so easy just because he was Michael J. And he was giving them money he was paying trips for them and being friend of them and they thought were important for him and their kids will be stars like him and for kids he was their idol they loved him they were so blind and innocent to make them believe if they do all the stuff he wanted they will be forever together and they showing their love for him being his favorite friend come on does a normal adult man has a 7 years old boy bestfriend talking hours on the phone everyday what a 34 years old man can say with a kid everyday and writing letters all the time say i love you sleeping together stay hours the 2 of them inside the room away from their parents ?? no one. but he got them all he got the great coverage and the love of the whole world and the money to shut the mouths of those they spoke the first time who would believe the “innocent” Michael ? All like they did or the family’s the want money from him and make him victim?? no one believed them You forgot what police found to his house?? Dont make him innocent just because he was a great star The kids are innocent The Family’s and Michael J. The were the only guilty of everything happened

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 8 days ago

      Wow ! You must have some evidence on him that the FBI couldn't find while having him on secret surveillance for more than a decade ! Go ! Provide your proof ! Hurry !

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen 13 days ago +1

    Why did the kid parents just leave them with him?

  • PJ Angels
    PJ Angels 13 days ago +1

    MJs maid in the 90s claimed she cleaned up crusted, yellow-stained boys briefs often in his bedroom.

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 8 days ago

      @PJ Angels Michael's maid lied tho.

    • PJ Angels
      PJ Angels 8 days ago

      @Hitsville Ninja No, Michael was the one doing the exposing.

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 8 days ago

      Michael's maid was also exposed for lying.

  • robertino yanzanny
    robertino yanzanny 13 days ago +4

    I wish they will Michael rest in peace."

  • Quenton Upshaw
    Quenton Upshaw 13 days ago +1

    This is trash reporting. Gotta do better Gail but I see they trotted you out to assassinate Robert Kelly too. Shame you and Ohfrah deserve each other.

  • Rosy Chumacero
    Rosy Chumacero 14 days ago +5

    Oprah can't get over her resentment because MJ never gave her a second interview. He hurt her ego too much by giving interviews to Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer. Oprah herself admitted she wasted a golden opportunity asking him all the wrong questions.
    What goes around comes around. Just wait and see law of karma at work.

  • stephanie bruce
    stephanie bruce 15 days ago

    Ths is sad Gail and oprah out to be shame I'm keep them in my prayers

  • Denise Day
    Denise Day 15 days ago +1

    Gayle King gets on my nerves!

  • Broken Sprites
    Broken Sprites 15 days ago +1

    If they lie under oath why would they not lie for millions of dollars?

  • Kakoz R
    Kakoz R 16 days ago

    I hate to say this I truly love Michael Jackson and his music I looked up to him I did a report on him for school I was obsessed with him but I believe that he did do this to men how many men would speak out if it was a lie none it’s true

    • Dom
      Dom 9 days ago

      “how many men would speak out if it was a lie” *cough* jussie smollett *cough*

  • candy rose
    candy rose 16 days ago

    pedophiles run in packs.....

  • jorilyne17
    jorilyne17 17 days ago +1

    Dan reed looks so creepy.

  • Michelle Heald
    Michelle Heald 17 days ago

    gayle and oprah (and I’m stealing someone’s statement saying “lower case used purposely. The two will never admit it but this right here has been the demise to their careers. They are both history but will never admit they were wrong. They don’t have what it takes to be honest human beings.

  • Mrs Lin
    Mrs Lin 18 days ago

    I’m still waiting on the documentary on President Donald Trump of inappropriate of touching, kissing of many women. Oprah when will this will happen so I can judge with out knowing the whole truth from the perpetrator? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    jENNA LOUIS 18 days ago +3

    I stand with michale jackson. The media thought he was guilty in 05 but he was vindicated. I don't trust the media and their agenda. MJ fans are incredibly loyal and strong. I stand with MICHAEL

    jENNA LOUIS 18 days ago +1

    I would believe it if they weren't suing for 1.5 billion.

  • Blue and Green Show Haaa
    Blue and Green Show Haaa 19 days ago +1

    Leave Michael alone let him rest they just wanna shut down his legacy and he gave million of dollars and now he is not here to defend himself they do all this

  • Robin
    Robin 19 days ago

    I know what happened. Michael kissed wade in his head. THEN WADE CALLS IT SEXUAL ABUSE. 🤨

  • mad1mike1997
    mad1mike1997 20 days ago

    The reporter felt the need to say "well Michael didn't spend much time with his family" after his brothers defended him, I guess this woman who didn't know him knew his life more than his family

  • Jaden Reaves
    Jaden Reaves 20 days ago

    Okay but my family ain’t close but when it’s time too stick together we do right or wrong what do you mean I’m not saying he wrong but I think they lying for money 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • snow flake
    snow flake 21 day ago +1

    The reality is , 'We'll Never know'. As everyone else, I had Jackson's posters on my bedroom , wall, you know the one where he's singing 'Billy-Jean' wearing that black suit and sleeves rolled up and the other poster with his red jacket in the 'Beat it' video. Loved his style, his voice, music, dancing and his quirky ways. It is Such a shame that after all those decades, the electrifying and spectacular showmanship, Michael will be remembered for this. Life is so very cruel, but let me say this; whatever the truth, you can not doubt his talent. :(

  • Niall O'Shea
    Niall O'Shea 21 day ago +1

    If one person any person can come forward with solid strong evidence that cannot be contradicted then he is guilty but no one has so he’s innocent that’s the bottom line Ppl only want money and this is a brainwashing

  • carlos lewis
    carlos lewis 22 days ago

    It's hilarious how much Gayle King takes herself so serious.

  • Mimouna Barbar
    Mimouna Barbar 23 days ago

    Arrêter les frères jachsons vous n'avez rien fait pour Michael Jackson vous ne l'avait jamais aidé il était seul abandonné a ces souffrance et drogué pkoi why

  • Viviene Manulat
    Viviene Manulat 23 days ago +1

    Oprah and Gayle are idiots. Add John Legend too. To think Mike did so much for the black community. Shame on all y'all.

    Btw. Is no one going to comment on how YOUNG they all look? I mean like dammmmnnnnnn. No one looks over 60. (Except for Gayle ofc)

  • B R E N D A M A D R I D

    $9.99 is too expensive to pay for lies and accusations to someone who can't defend himself. For a diseased man who was proven NOt guilty Once!!! Shame on u

  • John Secord
    John Secord 24 days ago

    Mj is innocent. If u really investigate it u would see that people were just after money. What Pedophile goes on tv and says kids have slept in my bedroom. No one would do that if there guilty.

    EREE REYES 25 days ago

    Black folks defending a sexual predator..

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 5 days ago

      @EREE REYES What we have here is failure to communicate...and read.

      EREE REYES 7 days ago

      @Hitsville Ninja you mean an adult slumber party? You creep

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 7 days ago

      @EREE REYES Ever heard of a big family night ?
      "He slept with kids"-- nope. His room was the size of a duplex.

      EREE REYES 7 days ago

      @Hitsville Ninja what adult has giant slumber partys?😂 Do you ?

      EREE REYES 7 days ago

      @Hitsville NinjaI'm sorry but it's a fact that Michael slept with children

    EREE REYES 25 days ago

    The Jacksons are All sexual predators

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 7 days ago

      @EREE REYES drop that evidence. Great job making it sound like MJ just blatantly invited kids to spoon with him. When it'd be the entire family at the house, in the room watching movies and his room was huge was the size of a duplex.

      EREE REYES 7 days ago

      @Hitsville Ninja you black? 😁 Michael slept with children

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 8 days ago

      Please provide your proof...

  • classic
    classic 25 days ago

    Tell us about how you beat the crap out your ex wives Jackie and Marlon - and served prison time for it😁

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 8 days ago

      Marlon has been married to the same woman since the 70s

  • Isabelle Amé - EN
    Isabelle Amé - EN 26 days ago +2

    He was a pedophile, also the king of pop, no doubt

    • Hitsville Ninja
      Hitsville Ninja 8 days ago

      Wow ! You must have some evidence on him that the FBI couldn't find while having him on secret surveillance for more than a decade! Go ! Provide your proof ! Hurry !

  • 3K Martial Arts Shihan Erika

    Trying to make money with a documentary. That is, all the people who lived and worked for Michael are pedophiles too, or are they complicit? They let him abuse children? Please, people do anything for money. The world is rotten. Leave Michael alone. I was never a fan of him, but looking at his life, I really admire him now, more as a human being than as an artist. Excuse me if my English is not very good.

  • ti se
    ti se 27 days ago +1

    How was he alone??? N these kids were his only family ??? There is a video with Janet and Michael and the kids. Please stop it already and leave Michael alone !!!

    • classic
      classic 25 days ago

      Home videos which Michael intended to be shown on tv do not count.

  • Siegrid Thomas
    Siegrid Thomas 27 days ago +2


  • iDarnell
    iDarnell 27 days ago

    James safechuck said he “realised” Michael had been molesting him in 2013
    His mother said that when Michael died (2009) she celebrated because he “no longer touches her son”
    They messed their times up. It’s all out there.

  • Jermaine Nobles
    Jermaine Nobles 28 days ago

    I Believe that whole documentary is a lie because first of if they would have found True evidence on Michael then he would have been Gone to jail or prison like foreal but they didn't cause all their doing right now is making up lies and most definitely wants his money. They don't have no evidence on MJ Just A Bunch of Lies coming out their mouths.

  • Sofia Lvsh 10X
    Sofia Lvsh 10X 28 days ago +1

    I am with Jackson family. I like ve M J you can lairs 3 idiots Dan reed evil man and his 2 ungrateful money grabbers.

  • anonyymi käyttäjä
    anonyymi käyttäjä 28 days ago +2

    Im a fan of Michael Jackson, but im quite sure he isn't innocent. Im sure, over 70% of the people who say he is innocent, just love his music and respect him. What about respecting the possible victims of The Victimest Victim Ever, Michael Jackson!
    It was clear that Jackson was interested in children, for example brought them to Neverland, etc.
    They were always with him.
    You just don't invent judges/stories like that.
    I am on the side of the possible victims. Jackson is just a man, in this case. I don't care about angry, nostalgic fans of Jackson here, abusing children just isn't right for me..

    • anonyymi käyttäjä
      anonyymi käyttäjä 26 days ago

      @kathryn webber For example, sharing a bed with a child, ISN'T ok.

    • kathryn webber
      kathryn webber 26 days ago

      anonyymi käyttäjä there is no evidence MJ is guilty just the fictitious testimonies of two proven liars. Michael loved children for their innocence and purity obviously people like you wouldn’t understand that

    • Lesley D
      Lesley D 28 days ago

      I'm not a fan of Michael or his music. But I've yet to see enough good reason to conclude that he was guilty. All the alleged victims have been downright laughable.

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 28 days ago +10

    Woman: and brothers Jackie, marlin, and Tito.
    Me: including Jermain!

  • carolki13
    carolki13 28 days ago

    one thing gayle failed to emphasize: the timelines don't mesh with mj's life and career. meaning, jimmy and wade are saying they were with him alone all those years and that's a huge crock of bull! mj was also on tour in the late 80s all over the u.s. and world...there were plenty of times he WASN'T @ neverland. but guess what? WADE was there with his family and various members of the jacksons WITHOUT mj being there! brandi, taj, siggy and autumn jackson all verified this! and remember, tom sneddon seized all the security camera footage from neverland...so no footage of wade and mj in a room alone together??

    • classic
      classic 24 days ago

      @carolki13 Cus they were 😊 You still yappin about the train station 😂😂 many know MJ had the train some years before, without a permit🙂Your hero was all kinds of criminal 😂

    • carolki13
      carolki13 25 days ago

      @classic cuz they weren't ;). the train station didn't exist even though safechuck says it did.

    • classic
      classic 25 days ago

      @carolki13 wherever you are saying does not mean they were not abused by MJ. Have fun listening to peadopan☺

    • carolki13
      carolki13 25 days ago

      @classic they traveled with him sometimes, not HUNDREDS of times. plus mj wasn't friends with the safechucks and robsons right away.

    • classic
      classic 25 days ago

      @carolki13 Plenty of those pics in Leaving Neverland.