Operation RC Car Air Drop | Full Send! 😱

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Water Melon Air Drop 🍈🍉: tvclip.biz/video/v2_1uthKjpM/video.html
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest  7 months ago +137

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    • Lucas Bonfiglioli
      Lucas Bonfiglioli 22 days ago

      Só brasileiro só brasilero só brasileiro

    • The Real Ride
      The Real Ride Month ago

      @jason the KILLER they use different ones all the time but there custom built race drones

    • The Real Ride
      The Real Ride Month ago

      Im sure you went back to get that other generation 8 you guys left sitting in the background

    • Candice Porter
      Candice Porter 2 months ago

      Pizza Pizza and a iieiiw8w88383884y4683ye7r8hey to the first half and half a iieiiw8w88383884y4683ye7r8hey of course I need to say that the first half and half of the year for you to say that I was a place where I am now a iieiiw8w88383884y4683ye7r8hey of my favorite places where the first half of the year and half of the ink must not be allowed into the first half of the year and a half half jyýry gm

    • Alex ander
      Alex ander 3 months ago

      When you dont have waterproof foam FLEX SEAL IT.

  • Wisey MSP
    Wisey MSP 9 hours ago +1

    12:13 what the heck is that guy doing??

  • Wisey MSP
    Wisey MSP 9 hours ago +1

    3:40 it's dog approved!!

  • Pratham Baruwala


  • Rahul Hossain
    Rahul Hossain 3 days ago

    o my gawd i love you man-childs so much

  • Justas G.
    Justas G. 3 days ago

    New idea for you: charging the planes in the air. This giant certainly has enough capacity to carry quite a farm of batteries!

  • weekroblox6builder
    weekroblox6builder 3 days ago

    It's Like From Fast And Furious 7😯

  • Karen Sinnemon
    Karen Sinnemon 4 days ago

    you should get a mini stunt plane and fly it into the guinea pig

  • To To
    To To 5 days ago

    Ydkstidltildrulsrultildfv smvtusjfura

  • Rayyan playz
    Rayyan playz 8 days ago

    14:13 *is no one gonna talk about that*

  • Wating Usman
    Wating Usman 8 days ago

    Worste video ever guys

  • Arti singh
    Arti singh 9 days ago

    What is the name of this brushless motor who used in this plane plese reply

  • Kimberly Damasco
    Kimberly Damasco 11 days ago

    Make the red baron plz

  • Abel Xing
    Abel Xing 11 days ago


  • Benjamin Gustavsson
    Benjamin Gustavsson 11 days ago

    Sooo cool video you guys are so nice😺👍

  • KhenAiro Almogea
    KhenAiro Almogea 15 days ago

    You guys made awsome things and i love it!

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar 17 days ago

    I Am your new subscriber from Nepal

  • Brian Ward
    Brian Ward 17 days ago

    3:42 hi Fido! Who's the doggo?

  • Ashakiran yumnam
    Ashakiran yumnam 17 days ago

    Good job boy

  • Ashakiran yumnam
    Ashakiran yumnam 17 days ago

    Good job boy

  • Davis Johnson
    Davis Johnson 20 days ago

    y'all act like this is the culmination of your life's work here

  • Enzo Barreiro
    Enzo Barreiro 21 day ago

    My god,we have 2.730.955 peoples looking the video.and we have 39.000 likes -_-

  • Robot831
    Robot831 26 days ago

    Make a plane someone can be on, like so they can see :)

  • River C.
    River C. 27 days ago

    Why does Raid Shadow legends sponsor everything??!?!

  • MEGAlagamer
    MEGAlagamer 29 days ago

    I have a r3dcat tornado

  • Raymond Crew
    Raymond Crew Month ago


  • Theaviationfan Gaming


  • Bryan Account
    Bryan Account Month ago

    😱cool 😎

  • Tree Power
    Tree Power Month ago

    "Amazing..", "alright", "yeah", "OMG...!
    Cya too pretend and cheesy for me, though i guess the kids like.

  • Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration

    That’s awesome you guys thanks for posting 👌

  • Brett Nelson
    Brett Nelson Month ago

    What a beautiful plane,car and moment.

  • Beast Gamer
    Beast Gamer Month ago

    you guys are good at the ideas

  • The Real Ride
    The Real Ride Month ago

    Did they realize they left the other gen8 sitting in the background

  • GD Malek
    GD Malek Month ago


  • Thomas Matthews
    Thomas Matthews Month ago

    Kudos to the drone operator. Those shots bring it all to life. Thanks. I'm hooked on a new goal.

  • Cameron Lee
    Cameron Lee Month ago +1

    The short guy sounds like woody from toy story

  • chuck frey
    chuck frey Month ago

    I definitely want to see this tackle a fire

  • DFK Zex
    DFK Zex Month ago +3

    14:13 is creepy part how he floated across the screen.

  • Deanna Smith
    Deanna Smith Month ago +3

    14:12 was he flying just now!??!!!

  • Maddox Francke
    Maddox Francke Month ago +1

    You made my dream possable lagit i always wanted to make that :v

  • THS_LongDuckDong_ tryhardzone

    Imagine if cartels had this 😂

  • Pallavi V J
    Pallavi V J Month ago +1

    you should put a rc tank and air drop it.

  • Josh Orlo
    Josh Orlo Month ago

    Kinda like fast and furious 7

  • maxwell honeycutt
    maxwell honeycutt Month ago +3

    Flitetest: we are going to drop cars from planes.
    Matchbox cars:hold my beer

  • Fluffy Cats Gaming
    Fluffy Cats Gaming Month ago

    You got to make a big water plane

  • Jeremy Gillespie
    Jeremy Gillespie Month ago

    US civilians casually have more Air Force than some countries.

  • wavvy. recc
    wavvy. recc Month ago

    At 14:12 he just float out of the frame

  • Monitaka Brown
    Monitaka Brown Month ago

    Nice jobe i saw these planes before and your really good at decorating

  • HyperHelis
    HyperHelis Month ago

    Are there plans for this plane out there? Can't seem to find any?

  • Dragon ball
    Dragon ball Month ago

    , 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Rubens Martins
    Rubens Martins Month ago

    Os cara olha pra palavra limites e pergutam "o que é isso"? Kkkkkkkk

  • Void_Playz
    Void_Playz Month ago

    Can you play Fortnite

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki Month ago

    I have an Idea next time there is a flight war use this to drop on other planes

  • leon0247
    leon0247 Month ago

    Very cool video

  • Rufus Chandran
    Rufus Chandran 2 months ago

    Nice to see your videos.
    I always use to wonder why passenger planes are without parachutes. I am aware that its not possible to deploy parachutes for big passenger planes, but use to think why can't the passenger planes have multiple cabin partitions fixed to the base so that the cabin partitions detach from the top with their own parachutes when the plane does a nose dive or has a faulty engine.
    For example. If there are 10 cabin partitions, each cabin partition can have their own parachutes. These cabins need to detach from plane base one by one deploying their own parachutes.
    It would be great if you design something like this using your RC model.

  • Landon Figley
    Landon Figley 2 months ago

    You should make a floatplane

  • hunter100t
    hunter100t 2 months ago

    Great stuff guys, would love to see half a dozen action men or more parachute out the back of it just like the D-Day landings, so a war theme then guys if you please !

  • Neil Mhar Atijera
    Neil Mhar Atijera 2 months ago

    Can you give me a gift rc car please just for my brother please

  • Angus Eskilgöranssonsbl
    Angus Eskilgöranssonsbl 2 months ago +15

    Did he just fly😂

  • CreeperDanMC
    CreeperDanMC 2 months ago +1

    Why don’t you guy make a water plane!?