Draw My Life | Connor Franta

  • Published on Mar 4, 2013
  • I draw my life in this video! Hope you enjoy the story :)
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    Connor, you are an amazinggggggg artist

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  • Mira Ho-Chen
    Mira Ho-Chen 2 months ago

    minnesota gang

  • Kiki's Story
    Kiki's Story 4 months ago

    I was not Conners friend but my name is Kiersten, I live in Minnesota, and I swim... Kinda weird

  • Mackenzie Wright
    Mackenzie Wright 4 months ago

    Ew Wisconsin 🤮 I hate the packers ( I’m from MN btw )

  • This Boi Loves P!nk
    This Boi Loves P!nk 4 months ago

    Chubby Connor was probably pretty adorable

  • Jeremy McClanahan
    Jeremy McClanahan 5 months ago

    112k people voted for Hilary....dipshits

  • Singing Colette
    Singing Colette 6 months ago

    Wow. The only famous person I know who was born in Wisconsin (or at least somewhat famous.) is Roy Purdy. I had no idea Connor was from Wisconsin.

  • The gaming channel Joseph

    I live in Minnesota did you live in Minnesota

  • Annette Peterson
    Annette Peterson 7 months ago

    i go to the same high school that he did :)

  • Casual Cìan
    Casual Cìan 7 months ago

    2:23 dude I'm gonna- I'm gonna fucking PRE

  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross 7 months ago +1

    He looks like he's doing this with a gun to his head in the thumbnail

  • ImBrettr
    ImBrettr 8 months ago

    Ayy, I’m from Wisconsin but I moved away whenever I was little to Texas.

  • ImBrettr
    ImBrettr 8 months ago

    He should probably update this *cough cough*

  • מיכל ארז
    מיכל ארז 9 months ago +1

    I was waiting for when he mentions his depression from being in the closet for so long, or his coming out but then I realized he hasn't come out yet... I'm so proud of him for finding the courage to finally do so. I love you con ❤️❤️

  • Rainbow creeperYT
    Rainbow creeperYT 9 months ago

    Bruh i was born in Minnesota i still live there

  • TheStruggles CanBeReal
    TheStruggles CanBeReal 9 months ago +1

    at first I was confused because he never talked about thinking he was gay and then I realized this was one year before he came out

  • Peters palace
    Peters palace 10 months ago +1

    Ayyy Wisconsin

  • znatex
    znatex 10 months ago

    Connor, you are an amazinggggggg artist

  • Alixzandr
    Alixzandr 10 months ago +1

    "Frantastic" 😂👌

  • Smart Blonde
    Smart Blonde 10 months ago +1

    Um this is awkward...you forgot to mention one thing.....

  • Abby Jaime
    Abby Jaime 11 months ago


  • Ash Nelson
    Ash Nelson Year ago

    He looks in physical pain in the thumbnail

  • Cobiana Glosson
    Cobiana Glosson Year ago

    Aye Wisconsin 🥛🍦🧀

  • Agent Anne Archy
    Agent Anne Archy Year ago +1

    *video starts*
    "I was born in WI"

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin Year ago

    Ah! Your a kind of Wisconsinite! I live in Wisconsin!

  • Maii
    Maii Year ago

    WTF SAME BIRTHDAY AND I’m from Mn ❤️

  • France Adair
    France Adair Year ago

    please do another one!!! sooo much has changed AND you've come out

  • Just Monika UwU
    Just Monika UwU Year ago

    Aww! He watched shane!!!!!!!!!

  • leah kortrijk
    leah kortrijk Year ago

    Omg I was born in Wisconsin too!

  • singgameplay
    singgameplay Year ago

    COACH KAYLA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Theatre Geek
    Theatre Geek Year ago

    Minnesota say what?!

  • Pippa Lucas
    Pippa Lucas Year ago

    i was born 2004 and thats when you found ur cat sam !!

  • Jonathan 69
    Jonathan 69 Year ago

    I fucken hate peoples who don’t wipe the whole whiteboard and leaves a little bit of marker left

  • Saphira Peridot
    Saphira Peridot Year ago

    But I'm fine with him bieng gay I love him any way 😝

  • GOT7FINATIC!!❤️❤️

    Can you come to Waycross,GA

  • Elyse Elizabeth
    Elyse Elizabeth Year ago +1

    Every time I hear your name, I think of Fanta

  • Oliwia Senkowska
    Oliwia Senkowska Year ago

    Ohh myy godd me and connor have the same birthday😄

  • Savanah De Leon
    Savanah De Leon Year ago

    Even during a serious video he can find a way to be funny

  • Kenzee D
    Kenzee D Year ago

    Me and Connor live in the same state

  • corskys 4life
    corskys 4life Year ago

    he went to my school

  • Janeisnotgettingyelledat

    I been obese my whole life but since I’m a long limbed tall person it kinda balances out a little bit

  • สุรพศ จอมจักร

    looks like you're lonely so much.

  • I Was Here
    I Was Here Year ago +1

    I vote for Connor to redo this 😊

  • Addi
    Addi Year ago +1

    What town in Wisconsin

  • breanna
    breanna Year ago


  • Brouk, co jsem našla před domem a zašlápla jsem ho

    Does your family came from Czech republic?

  • GomiShow
    GomiShow Year ago

    im freaking watching this on his 25th birthday and im freaking emotional

  • Alexandra Pap
    Alexandra Pap Year ago


  • Katie McNeill
    Katie McNeill Year ago

    The first minute is the story of my life

  • Zhenya N.
    Zhenya N. Year ago

    who's watching in 2017???

  • CamilaGamez CN
    CamilaGamez CN Year ago

    Lol #ThugLife lol

  • Louis Morgan
    Louis Morgan Year ago

    You made your channel the day after my birthday

  • Karri Murton
    Karri Murton Year ago

    all this is in his book :)

  • Cheesecakekitty 77

    Wisconsin 4 LIFE!

  • Quinn Giles
    Quinn Giles Year ago +1

    ConnorFranta what town in MN?

  • •вιllιє• •єι•

    I know your not good at drawing

  • αяєєѕнα αѕιм

    Yea I know I am late but
    Connor you are an amazinggggggg artist

  • Breeeanna
    Breeeanna Year ago +1

    Hey what's up you guys! My name is Connor Franta, and you're watching Disney Channel

  • Kkite/catcream
    Kkite/catcream Year ago

    Omg your from Wisconsin I'm am to

  • Paige davis
    Paige davis Year ago

    Conner you are an amazing artist

  • Sophia _
    Sophia _ Year ago

    Woah I finally found a TVclipr who was born in the same state as me!

  • Eliana Almary
    Eliana Almary Year ago

    Jeffy's/ SML charecter bday- Aug 21
    Guava juice/ Roi's bday Aug 21
    Dan and Phil get married- Aug 21 2022
    Connor's channel was born- August 21
    My birthday- August 21

  • Kaia James
    Kaia James Year ago


  • Samriddhi Soperna
    Samriddhi Soperna Year ago +1

    He NEEDS to do a new Draw My Life video!!

  • KC Raeken
    KC Raeken Year ago

    I was born in Minnesota but I live in a small town in Wisconsin 😮😮😮

  • Reagan720 _
    Reagan720 _ Year ago

    your cats as old as me

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Year ago

    please could you do an updated draw my life?

  • mackenzie
    mackenzie Year ago

    Ive seen most of other youtuber draw my lives and some of them said that tey watched shane dawson and then started youtube and im like danggggg how old IS shane dawson?! xD just kidding but think that is really cool because most them are friends with shane now and they watched them before they got started and i think thats really cool like youtubers watched other youtubers before they even got started this might not make sense but aye who else?

  • Jacknife2014
    Jacknife2014 Year ago

    I knew him. he went to school with my sister.

  • Gannon Cady
    Gannon Cady Year ago

    Connor, you are an amazinggggggg artist

  • A_thebest .T
    A_thebest .T Year ago

    Your sooo lucky you had an easy life thts not very common these days

  • KDY Family
    KDY Family Year ago

    I'm from Minnesota and born


    Connor you are frantastic!

  • SupremeViking 909

    Yay he lives in my state!

  • prajnaa dogra
    prajnaa dogra Year ago

    Awesome vdo truly inspirational

  • gracie barton
    gracie barton Year ago

    Connor made his first video on my first day of kindergarten what

  • Potato
    Potato Year ago

    I get so triggered about this video bc he grew up in lac which is where i live rn and i get so shook

  • Erin McCarthy
    Erin McCarthy Year ago

    This is cool

  • Jaslin wright
    Jaslin wright Year ago

    The reason i like cats,is because i sound like a cat...wierd right?well,i found out it was because...i like cats and when i was younger,i would always make cat noises,so it kinda got in my voice?everytime i speak,i would either sound like a cat,or my self...

  • TheCuriousKitty22

    I live in Wisconsin! Wooo

  • Erin Welcenbach
    Erin Welcenbach 2 years ago

    really...really MINNESOTA... WISCONSINITES FOR EVER!!!!!!!

  • Ariana Smith
    Ariana Smith 2 years ago

    Minor detail; I'm gay

  • S.I.D Agency
    S.I.D Agency 2 years ago

    you're life is seriously very awesome.......I loved seeing this video about your life.this explains that you are a really good person and have many good qualities in you.

  • Lulu_x
    Lulu_x 2 years ago

    Omg he started making yt videos on my birthday xD
    21st of August

  • Elsie
    Elsie 2 years ago

    hows watching in 2017

    • Elsie
      Elsie 2 years ago

      who not how

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis 2 years ago

    Can I just say that I'm a swimmer from Minnesota who wants to make TVclip videos who is also in the LGBT community? Cool!

  • Chloe Savage
    Chloe Savage 2 years ago

    Connor and Shane should do a colab!!!!1

  • nunya biss
    nunya biss 2 years ago

    who's watching this in 2017

  • Cassidy Flick
    Cassidy Flick 2 years ago

    The part when Connor says the wrong date for when he made his channel, then clarified it in a little pop-up, but then he spelled August wrong. Like wtf is 'Aufust'???

  • _.owusu._ 23
    _.owusu._ 23 2 years ago


  • Travis S
    Travis S 2 years ago

    4 years!!! 😱 Time flies! ⏰

  • Logan Archambault
    Logan Archambault 2 years ago


  • coleslau
    coleslau 2 years ago

    no wait, when he talked about CCB he mentioned Jc but he didn't mention Ricky he was in it too

  • emma schran
    emma schran 2 years ago

    you grew up in wisconsin asdfghskskbdjsisbsbsksjhsbsbsjsjsbs i live in wisconsin come back connor

  • Anna DiValerio
    Anna DiValerio 2 years ago

    I'm glad that you continued with youtube!

  • Imtiana Bub I'mtiana
    Imtiana Bub I'mtiana 2 years ago

    He started doing TVclip on my birthday!!! Not the same year of course

  • Reuben Braganza
    Reuben Braganza 2 years ago

    make a godamm updated video after your coming out as a gay person... the viewers would like that more that this shit.

  • hello, happy
    hello, happy 2 years ago

    Does Connor have a boyfriend? Or has he had one?

  • Emma Vlogs
    Emma Vlogs 2 years ago +1