Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)

  • Published on Sep 24, 2017
  • Yes...I know i know...I'm actually scared of something (that isn't the ocean). Here's what it is...and here's how I conquered it.
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    Song used:
    Too cool by Kevin Macleod
    tomppabeats summer festival
    Fanfare for space by Kevin Macleod
    Lost frontier by kevin macleod
    Hitman by Kevin Macleod
  • ComedyComedy

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  • ♡Loki the wolf♡
    ♡Loki the wolf♡ 12 hours ago

    There is a plane the captian is a ORCA and the second in command was a sea pickle.The plane is MADE OUT OF MONKEY BARS.Also james is there talking about how high they are. All of this is called a fear of adam.

  • KillerShark
    KillerShark 16 hours ago

    7:47 lose yourself by Eminem line 😂

  • Gecko The Meme
    Gecko The Meme 17 hours ago

    Mega mind intro be like: soooo cool.

  • VintageNightmare
    VintageNightmare 18 hours ago

    lol I like the mega kind reference

  • NotAnyoneYouKnow
    NotAnyoneYouKnow 18 hours ago

    You have a fear of eating vegemite

  • Wendy Cooper
    Wendy Cooper 19 hours ago +1

    I have the same fear

  • Italy anamations
    Italy anamations 20 hours ago +1

    me : i have no fear
    snake: hoi:3
    me: slowly dies inside

    • Italy anamations
      Italy anamations 20 hours ago

      also me:im ready to face my fear
      my sister in law: hands snake*
      me: screames my life out
      sister in law: wot

  • Lizzypop RBX
    Lizzypop RBX 21 hour ago

    OMG XD

  • The Amazing Life Of Samantha

    HEY YOU KNOW I COMPLETELY RESPECT THE FACT THAT YOU DID THAT! IM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS AND I DID SOMETHING SIMILAR...I got to the first part, about 15 feet of the ground.... and quit🤣

  • Cheyenne Bush
    Cheyenne Bush Day ago


  • Krzysztof Koziewicz

    lets goooooooooo chammmmmp

  • Red_Diamond Sings

    Adam has.... WINGS!!!!!!!

  • TheBarkingLogic 17

    Megamind lol, my only childhood movie lol


    I afraid of heights man I feel you

  • Leslie Ortiz
    Leslie Ortiz Day ago

    I’d be like James on the plane

  • Danger noodle
    Danger noodle Day ago


  • Yandere Animator
    Yandere Animator Day ago +2

    The proper term for killer whales is actually orca because they’re technically dolphins

  • Brooke Greenem
    Brooke Greenem 2 days ago +3

    No one:

    ACOTAR fandom:he's an illyrian

  • khoa nguyen
    khoa nguyen 3 days ago +1

    Me: Your a demon who is an animator...But no wings

  • Crazy Unicorn Lady
    Crazy Unicorn Lady 4 days ago +1

    I'm also afraid of elevators Adam, don't worry

    • Crazy Unicorn Lady
      Crazy Unicorn Lady 3 days ago

      @Hilal Sheel I'm afraid of elevators in all ways

    • Hilal Sheel
      Hilal Sheel 3 days ago

      Crazy Unicorn Lady
      I’m claustrophobic so I’m afraid of elevators but... in different way

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson 4 days ago +4

    Adam: heights I’m afraid of heights
    Me:well so am I

  • Melissa Pitner
    Melissa Pitner 4 days ago

    I have a fear of dogs

  • Nathaniel Barbe
    Nathaniel Barbe 4 days ago

    who the crap is tim!!!!

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen 4 days ago

    All the dislikes are killer whales

  • Jeremiah Solano
    Jeremiah Solano 4 days ago

    Im scared of getting lost and drowning i love the oecean tho

  • JAL G
    JAL G 5 days ago

    mega mind

  • Graciela Vargas
    Graciela Vargas 5 days ago

    Your not scared heights your scared of falling

  • MightyGamer 34
    MightyGamer 34 5 days ago


  • PBCup 7788
    PBCup 7788 5 days ago

    Your not afraid of HEIGHTS your afraid of FALLING...

  • wolfy 213
    wolfy 213 5 days ago

    Do your u live in Kansas

  • blacked mine cart opposite of dan tdm

    Yet again James is already destroyed

  • AS - 05BB - Dolson PS (1449)

    What are you afraid of Adam orcas or sea cucumbers or heights

  • FoxyVerr
    FoxyVerr 5 days ago

    I scared of all things in the ocean that can kill me,hights,clowns

  • Ree blox gamer Lachy

    Fun fact killer whales are actually dolphins

  • Orlando Olivas-Sanjuan

    Me to

  • Jordan Sanders
    Jordan Sanders 6 days ago +1

    Killer whale:exists*
    Adam:oh fu** a killer whale

  • Sam Jenkins
    Sam Jenkins 6 days ago

    whos Tim

  • Hunter the sock
    Hunter the sock 6 days ago

    The intro is megamind

  • 0_0 yo Pedder
    0_0 yo Pedder 6 days ago

    Did he realy do that loock

  • Mr.FleemFlom
    Mr.FleemFlom 6 days ago

    the begging sounds like the begging of megamind

  • Secret Pro
    Secret Pro 6 days ago

    I am afraid of hights but if I don’t see the ground I’m not really that afraid cuz I fell from a monkey bar and broke my arms

  • brookies pets
    brookies pets 6 days ago

    I'm afraid of talking to men

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 6 days ago

    I’m afraid of singing little girls in my house when no ones awake and then hearing footsteps and then seeing them out of the corner of my eye then when I look at them they disappear. IT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT! IT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT! I think I was hallucinating due to sleep deprivation.

  • isaiah rojas 324
    isaiah rojas 324 6 days ago

    0:00 - 0:12 megamine refrince

  • GM 217
    GM 217 6 days ago

    Did you steal this 1st second of the video from Megamind the movie???

  • Mine Gold
    Mine Gold 6 days ago

    once i almost broke my skull doing martial arts

  • Space Nuggets
    Space Nuggets 7 days ago +1

    Your not afraid of heights your afraid of falling

  • Maurice Whiteford
    Maurice Whiteford 7 days ago

    I don’t know what is my fear. Hehe.

  • tim stegner
    tim stegner 7 days ago

    I,m afraid of loozing my family

  • CarlAzuzIsGod
    CarlAzuzIsGod 7 days ago +2

    my dude..i'm scared of stairs...and hights, like a meter up and *PANIC*

    • CarlAzuzIsGod
      CarlAzuzIsGod 5 days ago

      @BraydonTV ohmigosh really?! i thought i was the only one!!

    • BraydonTV
      BraydonTV 5 days ago

      CarlAzuzIsGod I’m scared of stairs to

  • Tanner Meyer
    Tanner Meyer 7 days ago

    I am scared of the dark and Heights😅

  • Savannah Hawkins
    Savannah Hawkins 8 days ago

    I’m afraid of hights to

  • C Roa
    C Roa 8 days ago

    What about
    you not a youtube

  • Nathan Gazica
    Nathan Gazica 9 days ago

    same fear if I can die from the fall noooooooooooooooooooooo

  • AJ Bouwer
    AJ Bouwer 9 days ago

    im so afraid of heights i cant go 2 meters up without being a bit scared ( on the edge )

  • Four
    Four 9 days ago


  • LimzVlogz
    LimzVlogz 9 days ago

    my biggest fears r the dark n open waters (where u can’t see or feel the bottom) also i went on an airplane for the first time last year n when we were driving to the runway it was nice until we took holy shit !

  • Ninja Brix
    Ninja Brix 9 days ago

    My hands were sweating for the entire video.

    KEGAN ACOSTA 9 days ago

    james, just stop it. *yeets out window after 1 hour of rembling* THATS WHAT YOU GET

  • HenkPlayz
    HenkPlayz 9 days ago

    Ur not scared of highs ur scared of falling