Adam Savage Explores the Blade Runner 2049 "Farmhouse" Set!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • Adam walks us around one of the on-location sets built completely from scratch for Blade Runner 2049! This nematode farm belongs to the Sapper Morton character--played by Dave Bautista--and houses a striking scenic prop that those who've seen the film may recognize!
    Edited by Joey Fameli
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Comments • 159

  • mar killeen
    mar killeen 5 months ago

    Even the blade runner universe cant stop an unimog

  • RJW
    RJW Year ago

    just clicked on this to see adam excited

  • Attila TheHUN
    Attila TheHUN Year ago

    These should be way's highly interesting, especially after watching the movie.

  • HawaZD "Howard" Ouyang

    "What's that?"
    "A tree."
    "Hmm, never seen a tree before. It's beautiful."
    "It's DEAD."

  • 7stringzombie
    7stringzombie Year ago

    makes me feel anxious that Adam was nerding out about 5 minutes from my house. The fact that the studio is right next to me makes me super anxious.

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley Year ago

    2049 smoothie juice. 😱

  • MyBoringLife
    MyBoringLife Year ago +1

    Anybody know the music at the intro?

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson Year ago +1

    I find it funny that Adam wasn't so far off with the joke about growing replicants in bags. I mean the only fresh replicant we see "exit production" in BR2049 does indeed slide out of a bag

  • Age
    Age Year ago

    Always a delight to follow Adam around!

  • Rayza NC
    Rayza NC Year ago

    Please post Blade Runner videos every day k thx x

  • Swan Donovan
    Swan Donovan Year ago

    nice unimog

  • Anonymous Fire
    Anonymous Fire Year ago

    Tornado? Lol

  • Han_Solo_Order66
    Han_Solo_Order66 Year ago

    adam you should collab with alec steele

  • birdbrainZ
    birdbrainZ Year ago +1

    Love it. We definitely need more Blade Runner 2049 props & sets exploration. :)

  • Giles Macleay
    Giles Macleay Year ago

    Hey Adam! They look a lot like witchetty grubs! High in protein.

  • Hotspur37
    Hotspur37 Year ago

    he pocked some of maggots LoL

  • Sebastian Waleszczyński

    Rutger Hauer >observer_ the best game 2017 amazing

  • Sebastian Waleszczyński

    Rutger Hauer >observer_ the best game 2017 amazing

  • 0623kaboom
    0623kaboom Year ago

    aww no booom ... was sooo looking forward to boom .... figured explodes means boom ... wanted to see the tree go boom and poof no more ... soo looking forward to a big boom ;)

  • kylesplinter1
    kylesplinter1 Year ago +2

    we all know adam loves his blade runner

  • Dre Underscore
    Dre Underscore Year ago

    Nematodes are people too!

  • Husain Ad9
    Husain Ad9 Year ago

    This is the dream adam the dream

  • cchris667
    cchris667 Year ago

    LOL! Cardboard and boogers!

  • Gregory Motta
    Gregory Motta Year ago

    Thank you Adam for my new diss of my competitors. Don't go to XYZ company! The make their schmidlapps out of cardboard and boogers!

  • zer0Bot
    zer0Bot Year ago

    The dirt on the rubber nematods is more dangerous than eating an actual maggot.

  • Dominic Strawberry

    Why the heck comments are disabled from previous video? And why the hell didn't you talk to the students? Pathetic tested....

  • mrtannzr
    mrtannzr Year ago

    So we gonna talk about how comments are disabled for the crucible video?

  • Sedeka Reborn
    Sedeka Reborn Year ago


  • trevor wovz
    trevor wovz Year ago

    did adam just drop some intense plot details?

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb Year ago

    The "music" adds nothing to this video.

  • dig larry
    dig larry Year ago

    How much money 💰

  • iz Turley
    iz Turley Year ago

    I got here at 28,369 views

  • Quadrant
    Quadrant Year ago


  • Aleksandr Motsjonov
    Aleksandr Motsjonov Year ago +1

    There was a sign on those greenhouses - ЦЕЛИНА. You can't find a wikipedia article in english on what it means, but you can do google translate on Russian one. It was soo cool to be the only person in Cinema to get this reference =)

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Year ago +5

    That Unimog though!

  • Floyd Barber
    Floyd Barber Year ago

    will there more videos about blade runner? pls never stop. PLEASE

    AAJIV Year ago

    Wish these features were longer.

  • retrofitter
    retrofitter Year ago

    Does anyone know what the music is?

    OLIVE RC Year ago +2

    Lucky guy :D

  • Sideromelane
    Sideromelane Year ago

    What always amazes me about 'futuristic' movie settings that are based in ageing, rotting infrastructure and industrial areas, is how little of it is recognisable industrial infrastructure. It always looks like someone piled a bunch of unrelated crap in a field and spraypainted it brown and added some moody lighting. Or poured slime over it, which is how they seemed to have done Dredd.
    Most of us have met real industrial equipment, or seen poverty. It's generally not slime-brown.

    KBABZ Year ago

    I remember for LOTR the on-set Edoras buildings would be used to help store equipment so they wouldn't appear in any of the wide shots. The main hall was also the cafeteria!

  • Anartenza
    Anartenza Year ago +2

    I know some day I will see some Rubber Maggots on a shelf in Adam's cave lol.

  • NJP695
    NJP695 Year ago

    Wow that was so short

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus Year ago

    Hope Adam kept one of those maggots, I would :D

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood Year ago

    We got access to the set and know nothing about what's going on here, so I'm going to make some stuff up while we show you.
    Thanks for sharing though, love this stuff.

  • snakesocks
    snakesocks Year ago +2

    Hey Guys! It's Adam from Tested!
    Here's a tree!......I don't know what it's for.
    Here's a building!...........It isn't real.
    Here's some bullshit!
    That's all we got time for.
    See ya next time!

  • Supernels
    Supernels Year ago

    does anyone know the name of the song?

  • Noiapah Incognito


  • Auarhau
    Auarhau Year ago

    Whatever those larva is they certainly aren't nematodes :) /Biologist

  • Mr. Joshua
    Mr. Joshua Year ago +13

    The amount of detail to this film is orgasmic

  • Randy Wells
    Randy Wells Year ago

    yep Adam pocketed a handful of rubber maggots

  • Norml B
    Norml B Year ago

    I liked the tree shot in the movie but the wire kinda ruined it

    • Norml B
      Norml B Year ago

      Yes, i agree with you, they are obviously there to support the dead tree, which is too precious to be left to the elements. It is simply that there is a shot at the beginning of the movie, in which one of these cables is up close in like most part of the frame, while the actual subject is further away. But the camera then pans away from the cable. Dont ask me which shot exactly. The thing is, it didnt help the aesthetics of that shot (at least to my understanding), and i wonder why they chose to do it this way.

    • Man Beadle
      Man Beadle Year ago

      Ok, but I'm not sure what you mean, is there a specific shot you just didn't like? A theme that runs though the original P. K Dick novel and the films is living, real things are coveted by replicants and humans alike. I presume that Sapper Morton installed those support wires to somehow memorialise the tree that's now dead or the fact that its a marker for the grave. K mentioned the tree is dead later to Mariette when she says she's never seen one before. The wires are meant to be there for a visually symbolic reason, it''s not like they were accidentally left in by the film makers. Something such as a tree, even a dead one, is now revered by people in that world I was thinking.
      Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you.

    • Norml B
      Norml B Year ago

      I know, but it was straight through the shot. Kind of weird..

    • Man Beadle
      Man Beadle Year ago

      The wire is there because it's dead, it's support to prevent it falling.

  • Nz
    Nz Year ago

    the details , its insane

  • Waka Waka
    Waka Waka Year ago

    Love these behind the scenes videos

  • Veles
    Veles Year ago +46

    1:51 "Dis goes into my pocket"

  • Patrick Bourne
    Patrick Bourne Year ago +4

    Magots would be a pretty good thing to grow in an over populated earth because they take up less land per portion of food than livestock (although that doesn't seem to be an option anyway) and they are very high in protein.

    • Mark Williams
      Mark Williams Year ago

      You're eating maggots, Billy!

    • Patrick Bourne
      Patrick Bourne Year ago +1

      0623kaboom XD nice one I must try that! It's awesome that they put that much thought into such a small part of the film.

    • 0623kaboom
      0623kaboom Year ago +1

      that and the seaweed they feed on provides oxygen and the maggots feed on the dead critters all around and fertilise the seaweed ... while also providing a high protein food substitute ... best when crisped in a pan with garlic and butter btw ...

  • My Flyer
    My Flyer Year ago

    nice sky at the end

  • Shawn Tannehill
    Shawn Tannehill Year ago +1

    I wish there were more documentary's about how things are done in the movies.

  • hornetluca
    hornetluca Year ago +4

    This movie is better than the previous one, which is hard to do in movies.

  • Nolte Odersoähnlich

    Where you able to and allowed to keep a maggot ?!?

  • Prithee Careful
    Prithee Careful Year ago +8

    more. For the love of god; *more*

  • M
    M Year ago

    im getting addicted to this channel for real, i hope adam read this ;) i just discovered i love everything you do.. specially now in this blade runner tsunami
    those nematodes fit too well into the pocket XD

  • Josh Young
    Josh Young Year ago

    I know you like blad runner but could you do something else please

  • Marcus Wallinder
    Marcus Wallinder Year ago

    Wish this video was 2 hours not 2 minutes :D

  • RyonRykal
    RyonRykal Year ago

    Show us more! xD

  • Bence Jávorszki-Farkas

    Soo here is why you travelled to Hungary 1 year ago!

  • Dragon Eye
    Dragon Eye Year ago

    Blade runner 2049 is the shitiest and most boring film I have ever seen!!!

  • Will Pattenden
    Will Pattenden Year ago +24

    1:30 I wonder if Adam stole a handful of the maggots to add to his Blade Runner prop collection? No one would notice due to how many there are :D

    • Thread Bomb
      Thread Bomb Year ago +6

      Just one maggot, which he will then replicate. They will be replicant maggots!

  • Jope DE
    Jope DE Year ago +3

    I'm IN LOVE with the BLADE RUNNER Universe! Greetings from Germany

  • KANYEda WESTaro
    KANYEda WESTaro Year ago +49

    Tfw The whole conspiracy and clusterfuck of heartrending events unraveled by accident because K just wanted to look at a fucking flower

    • Smytus
      Smytus Year ago +2

      Yes, I was thinking that kind of thing in the "Nowhere to Run" short , oh, if only he hadn't dropped his ID papers for that guy to call the cops on him.

    • Waszk Reslem
      Waszk Reslem Year ago +1

      Fucking flower

    • Adi B
      Adi B Year ago

      You nailed it! :-)

    • Kurt DeWitt
      Kurt DeWitt Year ago +3

      Never thought of that. Wonderful observation.

  • Kenttheclark
    Kenttheclark Year ago

    Adam sounds like he hasn't seen the movie? Or is he just trying to avoid spoilers?

    • Liam Corbett
      Liam Corbett Year ago

      this was filmed before the movie came out

    • Kyle Biggs
      Kyle Biggs Year ago

      They filmed a bunch of these in one day, before the theatrical release.

  • Tilman Baumann
    Tilman Baumann Year ago +1

    Not exactly nematodes those fat maggots

  • Tilman Baumann
    Tilman Baumann Year ago

    Cardboard and boogers. Nice.

  • Leandro Diaz
    Leandro Diaz Year ago


  • Gary Noland
    Gary Noland Year ago +16

    I saw the movie twice in theatre and will definitely be buying the movie again on Blu ray.

  • Daniel van Slooten

    Why film in Hungary? It's a beautiful country but it doesn't look a lot like Blade Runner's world.

    • Thom
      Thom Year ago +1

      Cheap and very professional labor, many of the hollywood's blockbuster movies are made in Hungarian studios. Btw, you can even see buildings from Budapest in the movie, or at least one, the old casino is an actual building.

  • flexxarnnn
    flexxarnnn Year ago +49

    I wonder how much the maggots will sell for on Propstore :D

    • Jesse
      Jesse Year ago

      I was just thinking it would be cool to have some, but I doubt I could afford anything.

    • Skyler Muir
      Skyler Muir Year ago +4

      flexxarnnn I wonder if he stole any

  • Brian B.
    Brian B. Year ago

    No mention of what looks like a Mercedes Unimog at 2:23.. 🙃

  • absorbcreate
    absorbcreate Year ago +149

    To anyone who loved Blade Runner 2049... get those blu-ray/dvd pre-orders in!! Yes, one of the worst things you can possibly do as a consumer of video games, is actually advisable when it comes to great films. Support great cinema and send a clear message to Hollywood!

    • zebble ganubi
      zebble ganubi 8 months ago

      i saw it first in imax3d, then in the normal cinema a few weeks later and then eventually downloaded a pirated copy so i could watch it at home. when it was available on google movies i bought it there even though i wont ever be using that copy.
      movie supported: ✔

    • Alex A
      Alex A 9 months ago

      rjc0234 Currently it's the only way to support the film and show studios that people want to see more of those films. (It's not in theaters anymore.. so yeah, you can as well maybe buy it in iTunes or something)

    • Alex A
      Alex A 9 months ago

      Jackie Jikariti It's to support it financially as well beyond just seeing it. so there will be a sequel one day...

    • Tiki
      Tiki Year ago +2

      Jackie Jikariti People who illegally watch movies for free are why sequels and more films like Blade Runner aren't made.

    • rjc0234
      rjc0234 Year ago

      I mean, makes sense, as we ahve already seen it!

  • Cuda Games
    Cuda Games Year ago +1

    Adam I use to watch myth busters y’all are the best I found this TVclip channel and my world turned around

  • isegrim1978
    isegrim1978 Year ago

    Thumbs up for orange Unimog! The set designers knew how indestructible those things are.

  • Pan Wrebski
    Pan Wrebski Year ago

    movie illusion...

  • Master Edi
    Master Edi Year ago +108

    I’m soooo glad Adam continues to share these Bladerunner videos... as a fan of both movies and a fellow prop lover, I can’t get enough! Thank you! ... I just wish the movie had done better in the theaters :(

    • Br Ca
      Br Ca Year ago +2

      Had they shown Ana de Arma's bush (Joi) movie would of done better.

    • THEKAZA117
      THEKAZA117 Year ago +3

      It still made double what it took to make so I see that as a success.

    • 0623kaboom
      0623kaboom Year ago +2

      there was absolutely no hype for the movie ... up here ... it was oh btw the way blade runner 2049 is here next week ... did you hear what Hillary wants to do ... and the other guy is just an scary asshat ... kinda screws with movie launches

    • GreenAppelPie
      GreenAppelPie Year ago

      Master Edi they kinda fucked the movie up...too much emphasis on sexy stuff.

  • Sporco Figlio di Puttana

    I still haven't seen the movie, but I've watched enough behind the scenes videos to have seen it twice.

    • Leonidas Pereira
      Leonidas Pereira Year ago +2

      Trust me, you haven't watched a thing, pal.

    • Sporco Figlio di Puttana
      Sporco Figlio di Puttana Year ago

      I'm waiting to buy it digitally so I can watch it at my own leisure.

    • Mateo Gil
      Mateo Gil Year ago

      Stronghans McIronuts you should watch it, it's definitely worth it

  • C.T. Wellington
    C.T. Wellington Year ago +1

    I didn't realize how detailed the set would be up close, and we're probably only going to see it for a few seconds in the movie!

    • C.T. Wellington
      C.T. Wellington Year ago

      haha oops, haven't seen it yet, but the detail is still pretty amazing like the control box and all the wires that looked super old and weathered

    • Grevlain
      Grevlain Year ago

      The set plays a BIG part in the story and is revisited a few times in the movie.

  • Kaptan Erdi
    Kaptan Erdi Year ago


  • Devon Palmer
    Devon Palmer Year ago +12

    With all these blade runner videos Adam should've been a main character in the movie

    • Blockistic
      Blockistic Year ago

      y'all lying when you don't say Rich Evans shoulda been KD6-3.7

    • Devon Palmer
      Devon Palmer Year ago

      Weretyu7777 talking about the main movie not the prequels shorts

    • Weretyu7777
      Weretyu7777 Year ago

      He actually got to be an extra in a scene that may or may not have gotten into the finished movie. He made a video about it. It's on Tested.

  • Synvian
    Synvian Year ago

    I really love these behind the scenes clips - hope to see more!

  • Gavin Helgeson
    Gavin Helgeson Year ago

    So who is the 16 bit girl in the into supposed to be?

    • Matthew Village
      Matthew Village Year ago

      That's Simone Giertz, inventor of "shitty robots" (her own words).
      Simone has featured on tested maybe twice but is a friend to Adam and therefore is one of the on and off cast of tested.

  • John Dazzo
    John Dazzo Year ago +1

    This comment has been taken down by the US government

  • Ghostdialoog
    Ghostdialoog Year ago +6

    Clearly my favorite film of the year. And will be one of the better blu-rays I hope. :)

  • 31K4L
    31K4L Year ago +26

    Got here at 0 views.

    • Blockistic
      Blockistic Year ago


    • 31K4L
      31K4L Year ago

      it was a joke meant to someone commenting that he saw this when it was 56 views or something.

    • Dawson Boyle
      Dawson Boyle Year ago

      31K4L so did a lot of people usually youtubers counter doesn't count when a video just comes out and like 100 people are watching

    • My Flyer
      My Flyer Year ago

      i came here at 5992...... did i win?

  • Godzilla2018617
    Godzilla2018617 Year ago +3

    I got here at 32 views

    • all in one
      all in one Year ago

      GODZILLA2018617 pls sub my channel I subbed yours