Khabib reacts to Dana White saying Conor McGregor gets a title shot if he wins vs Cerrone,UFC 245

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
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    UFC 245 Early Weigh-in,
    Courtesy-Aaron Bronsteter- aaronbronsteter
    Garbrandt vs Assuncao,
    Romero warns UFC Middleweights,
    Woodley teases upcoming bout,
    Khabib reacts to Dana saying Conor's gets the next title shot,
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    Khabib Interview courtesy RT Sports- RTSportNews/status/1205566557113290753
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Comments • 3 331

  • hlab isred
    hlab isred 2 days ago

    Dana sound desperate!

  • The Tunisian Amazigh Project

    He should not fight...he should be in prison.

  • holy crap
    holy crap 3 days ago

    he just beat cerrone in less than 30 seconds

  • Paul Schmidt
    Paul Schmidt 3 days ago

    Khabib thinks he runs things “not” Connor has made the UFC more money than any other fighter in the history of the UFC by huge margins, I promise you kahbib will have no day in the matter if he refuses the fight then he loses the title PERIOD!!!

  • J B
    J B 6 days ago

    Khabib still think he's calling the shot in the UFC... Good one.

  • Joseph Limon
    Joseph Limon 10 days ago

    Jessica eye's a dumb bitxh

  • Vance Ridgeley
    Vance Ridgeley 17 days ago

    Connor hasn't done any more than anybody else in the UFC plus Connors one for 4 in his last four fights so what else you got

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed 20 days ago

    If Connor wins next fight, his next opponent should be in the elderly division. Word out on the street is that the old man still wants a “rematch” as he got sucker punched for no reason.

  • Vito Boxing talk
    Vito Boxing talk 24 days ago

    🤣🤣 Oh Jessica

  • jesse judah
    jesse judah 26 days ago

    Conor McGregor is a piece of shit, he doesn't deserve anything.

  • tara baskaran
    tara baskaran 26 days ago

    Khabib ain’t got a say on next title shot. Tony Ferguson will fight Conor for the title.

  • Copperlake
    Copperlake 27 days ago

    Conor has to fight and beat gaethje, kevin lee, tony ferguson then he deserve a rematch with khabib

  • Janis
    Janis 27 days ago

    IF Conor can beat Masvidal then everyone will forget about Khabib and he will be able to retire so for now he has to sit down and do what uncle Dana tells him to do.

  • ForzaTerra89
    ForzaTerra89 28 days ago

    Fuck that shit, if he wants a title shot he can fight Garthje for it, he had a choice over who to fight and picked the guy in the losing streak

  • Wayne Moosemay
    Wayne Moosemay 28 days ago

    Conor sucks and Dana sucks on him

  • Theodore Long
    Theodore Long 29 days ago

    Khabib is chicken

    JUPITER DEF 29 days ago

    2 losses in a row, beats old people up, fights against Cowboy who is also coming from 2 losses, in the division above... and then JUMPS BACK into nº1 spot to fight the Champ, that's RIDICULOUS. All media, it makes no fuckin' sense at all, even Diaz would make more sense than that. Ferguson might be the only one to beat Khabib and honestly, I don't think it will happen. It's sad how media and money takes over fighters and fights, just the same with Ronda, anyone who trains knew only by watching that so called SHADE, that she was THE hype train. After all that bullshit, she loses easily twice, exposes herself and retires that young, to go act instead, just ridiculous. These bitches should treat the real fighters the right way.

    JUPITER DEF 29 days ago

    Jessica Eye is such an asshole, fuckin hypocrit.

  • J Carroll
    J Carroll Month ago

    Lol khabib thinks he gets to choose lol what a moron

  • GJHernandez
    GJHernandez Month ago

    Title your
    Video after the first clip not one of the last

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Cerrone has a going to smoke this ginger fool. No need to even take it this far

  • Florin p.k
    Florin p.k Month ago

    I hope Tony fuck this guy up so we can see McGregor vs Tony or McGregor vs Khabib 2

  • J̸͟͞u̸͟͞s̸͟͞t̸͟͞ S̸͟͞o̸͟͞m̸͟͞e̸͟͞ D̸͟͞u̸͟͞d̸͟͞e̸͟͞

    I agree with Khabib, Mega star or not, he needs to climb his way back to the top, not get placed there. Any real champion would understand and decline a hand out. He lost his last fight, treat him as such. 🤷‍♂️

  • Stock C6Zo6
    Stock C6Zo6 Month ago

    Let’s just be honest.Khabib took Conor down early to wear him down and made damn sure he was before standing and throwing punches. Anyone who thinks wrestling Khabib for even just a few minutes isn’t tiring doesn’t know Khabib wrestles with DC who is a heavyweight. If Conor can stop the takedowns for a round or two, he has a great shot at winning & for those who don’t think he can’t just go back and watch all the ufc fighters who said he couldn’t beat Alverez or Diaz. Conor has defied the odds many many times.

  • Montgomery Green
    Montgomery Green Month ago

    Connor will get smashed again

  • Dale Hughes III
    Dale Hughes III Month ago

    Why the hell do i care ab people standing on a damn scale ? Get to the point !

  • Zerrow Zell
    Zerrow Zell Month ago

    The yoel video😂😂💀

  • Thin Redline
    Thin Redline Month ago

    Old strawberry head wants a second shot at making a fortune off Conor but its gonna cost him to sell that to Khabib. And some one needs to put Yoel in a cage before he hurts someone

  • Cody Monko
    Cody Monko Month ago

    Conner is the golden egg for dana. Simple as that. Money talks

  • Zawa Gasro
    Zawa Gasro Month ago

    IF conor wins then he must fight brock lesnar in a toilet

  • Jean C Santiago Pichardo

    Dang, Eye sure got karma to visit her

  • NativeWarrior33
    NativeWarrior33 Month ago

    Conor would beat his ass he’s hiding behind his belt!!! He finally got it and he is being a puss bag

  • awful truth
    awful truth Month ago

    Unlike McSuckerpunch, Khabib has defended his belt. The only way this fool will get another crack at it, is when Khabib retires, period. Any questions? P.S: All you McNuggets still don't get it; he is still trying to cherry pick opponents. The awful truth is he chose to drink/sell whiskey and box Floyd instead of defending his title for over 2 years..... you snooze n, booze, you lose!

  • Todd Nellis
    Todd Nellis Month ago

    Cowboy is too big for McGregor.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago

    The ending though 😅😅😅😭😭😭

  • Noname 1st
    Noname 1st Month ago

    It's unfair to the up and Comer's who have come up the ranks but I don't think there's any one who wouldn't watch khabib v McGregor 2, it'll be good for UFC and grabbing a new fan base each time, it's a massive fight

  • duane jessup
    duane jessup Month ago

    Ain't nothing worse than a dam Hypocrite !!!!!!

  • John Nowe
    John Nowe Month ago

    Jessica Eye is making weight great again.

  • Mase Sinatra
    Mase Sinatra Month ago

    Khabib is starting to sound scared at this point.

  • Philip Taylor
    Philip Taylor Month ago

    Nope. I do NOT want to fight Yoel Romero.

  • Lee G
    Lee G Month ago

    a fricken 12 min video for like 30 seconds of content pertaining to the title. 10:07 people, 10:07

  • Halima Guhad
    Halima Guhad Month ago

    Bro wtf did Conor do to Dana

  • Adrian Augustus
    Adrian Augustus Month ago

    Khabib should fight Conor again. If he wins. Conor will never get another shot. If he keeps complaining that Conor shouldn't get to fight him. It looks like he is scared of losing what he got from conors spotlight

  • B Parker
    B Parker Month ago

    WTF is dana talking about??? How about other champions who have lost their belt and dana said back of the line?? lmao this business is weird

  • Dawid Fraczek
    Dawid Fraczek Month ago

    mcgregor should be fighting masvidal

  • Curbyour Enthusiam
    Curbyour Enthusiam Month ago

    Fuck dana the fixer.. yes they fix fights if you think otherwise i suggest looking at the politics of the ufc clearly fixing is in place for connors career.

  • S. Dub
    S. Dub Month ago

    10:03 you're welcome

  • IV IV
    IV IV Month ago


  • amir hidic
    amir hidic Month ago

    I dont want to see a rematch khabib vs conor we all know conor is not even on same level khabib is a true champion and beside look all conor did trash talk hiding old people I dont know why ufc didn't suspend him if that was khabib he would of paid a heavy fine and probably suspended from ufc

  • the Graf
    the Graf Month ago

    Hahaah him thinking it's up to him is HILARIOUS 😂🤦‍♂️

  • file115
    file115 Month ago

    Why should anyone buy ppv 245??
    When it can be downloaded ????

  • Abraham Luzon
    Abraham Luzon Month ago

    So we're going to pretend like Tony Ferguson isn't about to take that belt in Savage fashion

  • thebarrochannel
    thebarrochannel Month ago

    so, khabib is afraid of a rematch with Conor?

    • rahman anwar
      rahman anwar Month ago

      thebarrochannel no, he doesn’t deserve it. Khabib have much tougher opponents like tony and gsp. Connor is just waste of his time.

  • Devan Hixson
    Devan Hixson Month ago

    Ok, get stripped and a DQ loss to Connor then, No one cares.

  • lovestospooge
    lovestospooge Month ago

    What you guys clicked the video for, starts at 10:03

  • Murad Pervez
    Murad Pervez Month ago

    Can they fight on their periods?

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Month ago +1

    Hey people Khabib is a no body!!!!! WWE CHAMP AT BEST!!!!! Khabib isn’t MMA KHABIB IS WWE!!!! Khabib will never call his fights and Dana is making that clear.... Khabib dosnt fight he want have a job it’s that easy

  • Carlito Brigante
    Carlito Brigante Month ago

    Jessica Eye is a JOKE !

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 Month ago

    Khabib is a wuss

  • Austin James
    Austin James Month ago

    Hey khabib..... JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.