Enjoying NPC suffering in Far Cry New Dawn™ maybe a little too much

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Video games don't make you violent, they just make you a sadist
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    honestly far cry is alright but these last two games have gotten the balance wrong between being silly/funny while also trying to be deep/emotional
    would not recommend unless you can co-op with someone, in which case it's probably gonna be a great time. thanks for reading and watching my gameplay review I hope you found it funny
    0.05 Jaws Theme
    0.17 Mario Kart 8 - Shy Guy Falls
    0.28 Bamboo Boogaloo
    2.23 Mario RPG - Hello Happy Kingdom
    3.37 F-Zero - Dr. Stewart
    5.00 Jack Bros. - Mecha Fortress
    6.27 Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow (it make me cry)
    7.12 Mario and Luigi - Thwomp Volcano
    8.34 Star Fox - Fortuna
    Outro: Paper Mario TTYD - Floating Town, Glitzville
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  • LazyPurple
    LazyPurple  7 months ago +1981

    Always curious what you guys think of my in-between videos!!! Are there any upcoming games I should play after "How it FEELS to Play Pyro" is finished?

  • Christian Wright
    Christian Wright 10 hours ago

    6:49 If you kept him alive, he would have begged for you to kill him as your character leaves.

  • Fluffy Fluff
    Fluffy Fluff 2 days ago

    Always been skeptical of those newfangled liquid roads, never thought they'd catch on.

    But when I saw the liquid parking lots it truly changed my life.

  • Fc Sämst YT
    Fc Sämst YT 4 days ago

    Great video

  • Zedbags jr
    Zedbags jr 13 days ago


  • Mr. Strider
    Mr. Strider 14 days ago

    Can we just appreciate how fucking beautiful this game is

  • Juriasu the random
    Juriasu the random 22 days ago

    This changes 25% of my picture of u

  • shit
    shit 24 days ago

    why does his laugh sounds so funny

  • Iron Siega
    Iron Siega 25 days ago +1

    4:33, Johnny Joestar when Steel Ball Run ends.

  • Iceic Gaming
    Iceic Gaming 28 days ago

    Wiki-Beania: Just The T I P S

  • Super Warrior Tofu
    Super Warrior Tofu 28 days ago

    Google: *Don't Do it, get some help from someone you trust*
    Bing: *Suicide: How to perform it*
    Purple: 6:45
    I know someone is gonna get offended by this, so this is a joke. I'm sure some of you have heard of the "Google-Bind joke"
    Where Google tells you get help basically
    Bind gives you the steps.

  • Craterfist
    Craterfist Month ago

    Joseph being alive and the Deputy becoming the Judge is the main reason I won't play New Dawn

  • Jubble
    Jubble Month ago

    I played this with a friend of mine and he chose to spare Joseph at the end, he got about halfway down the hill before he heard the sound of me unloading both barrels of my shotgun into the back of Joseph's head.

  • Life Is Fantastic
    Life Is Fantastic Month ago

    Plane: * lands *
    The guy in the seat next to me: *I AM STANDING THE F--- UP*

  • raoul eno
    raoul eno Month ago

    I don’t get is this not tf2 I can see the demo man, Pryo, and engineer with their weapons

  • Felix T
    Felix T Month ago

    oh gawds it gets beter and better plsm kill

  • Felix T
    Felix T Month ago

    This is fkin perfect

  • eins2001
    eins2001 Month ago

    Honestly, Far Cry 5 beats the crap out of 4. The story is totally throwaway (although John Seed is pretty damn hateable) but the gameplay is pretty damn smooth.

    Now, Far Cry: New Dawn? Ohhhhhhh lord...

  • Sean Juntak gaming
    Sean Juntak gaming Month ago

    2:00 why i can't stop laught

  • Nathan Arantes
    Nathan Arantes Month ago

    Gosh darn it is of them liquid roads again
    After the big boom all these folks be sayin that we should make the world like it was before and start building these damn darn liquid roads
    Ok maybe you can stop my truck

  • Jesse Edwards
    Jesse Edwards Month ago

    *H E L L O*

  • Majør CATS
    Majør CATS Month ago

    *Bean is a precious Bean*

  • Moseley Bros
    Moseley Bros 2 months ago

    It’s funny that in how it feels to play scout said 2 videos per month took 5 months for the next one

    It was worth it

  • Tom Jackal
    Tom Jackal 2 months ago

    I always love your videos like this. Those Sleeping Dogs videos were fantastic

  • BlueBenRex
    BlueBenRex 2 months ago

    Only Had To Wait 5 Months For How It Feels To Play Pyro

  • Angela Ly
    Angela Ly 2 months ago

    I'll pay my friend $100 for a good PC you or sabrina can use just so we can see more clips of you two playing together :)

  • I can't change my pfp help

    Replay shop, cost 1 like

  • Draconis
    Draconis 2 months ago

    "i M a RaCe CaR"

  • TheBlockHead
    TheBlockHead 2 months ago


  • Handsome Hobo
    Handsome Hobo 2 months ago

    Dude, your lady-bitch is awesome.

  • DeeKaze
    DeeKaze 2 months ago

    damn you, moist roads

  • Loopering Zet
    Loopering Zet 2 months ago

    Since when is SFM a game?

  • Trickster Imp
    Trickster Imp 2 months ago +10

    3:21 - "Screw you! I'm gonna go play Minecraft!"

  • Adine the Wyvern
    Adine the Wyvern 2 months ago

    He got Jim instead of Diana

  • Jim Hoxfort
    Jim Hoxfort 2 months ago

    Whats the name of the synthesizer used in this video?

    IMMØƦŦλŁ SØUŁ 2 months ago

    I love how he calls the river a "liquid road"

  • sprobgik
    sprobgik 2 months ago


  • Alex Osborne
    Alex Osborne 3 months ago

    3:21 “screw you im gonna go play Minecraft”

  • B-bob B-bob
    B-bob B-bob 3 months ago

    I M A R A C E C A R

  • Ugandan Metal Sonic
    Ugandan Metal Sonic 3 months ago


  • JustAnOrdinaryMyth
    JustAnOrdinaryMyth 3 months ago

    I wonder why he punched judge since judge is the character you played in far cry 5 but he most likely didn't realize (maybe he did)

  • John Little
    John Little 3 months ago

    Could someone PLEASE tell me what the sound at 1:56 is?

  • Osmar dcb
    Osmar dcb 3 months ago

    The Messenger ost... Nice lazy

  • One Bulby boi
    One Bulby boi 3 months ago

    This game is so bad, it’s good

    NEP NEP 3 months ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing when you killed Joseph!

  • Feces Eater
    Feces Eater 3 months ago

    **gets hit by a car**

    *H E L L O*

  • Benefits _ben
    Benefits _ben 3 months ago

    bean is a scout main no doubt

  • Mervyn Legard
    Mervyn Legard 3 months ago

    Press w

  • TailorBlaze
    TailorBlaze 3 months ago

    11:47 he didn't go peacefully into the night :'D

  • Ye Dud
    Ye Dud 3 months ago

    That car horn is so funny after hitting the guy

  • Jot Bot
    Jot Bot 3 months ago

    Amazing grace intensifys

  • oceanmaster 120
    oceanmaster 120 3 months ago

    Lol just laughed so hard I got sparkling grape juice in my nose

  • Humayun al Rafi Zuha
    Humayun al Rafi Zuha 3 months ago

    I feel bad for the founder of wikipendia

  • Apoc Studios
    Apoc Studios 3 months ago

    I didn't beat farcry new dawn due to not liking the story, i see now i was experiencing it the wrong way.

  • Magical Shibe
    Magical Shibe 3 months ago

    The guy In a mask that you beat is you from farcry 5

  • Caleb Ryan
    Caleb Ryan 3 months ago

    This part made me laugh so hard XD 8:10

  • Lel Jdam
    Lel Jdam 3 months ago

    6:03 lazy punches his past self

  • Growen the Alolan Marowak

    That F-Zero music though. Nice touch.

  • Valkyria Lylatte
    Valkyria Lylatte 3 months ago

    when enjoying an NPC's suffering there's NEVER such a thing as "Too much". More is more.

  • Sentry Buster
    Sentry Buster 3 months ago

    TF3 looking sharp