The REAL Reason DC’s Movies Haven’t Been Good


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  • Christopher James Espiritu


  • MarlonOwnsYourCake
    MarlonOwnsYourCake 5 days ago

    Honestly Captain America should have a way harder time translating to film and being the kind of character people take seriously and connect with than Superman. Marvel just has people willing to put in the work and take risks.

  • MarlonOwnsYourCake
    MarlonOwnsYourCake 5 days ago

    Um, I'm sorry you're wrong about the "good" live action dc. It's just the Nolan trilogy, the first half of the first Superman, and Wonder woman.
    I guess you're right about everything else

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First 6 days ago

    Nah because in Reality DC IS BETTER THAN MARVEL

  • Steve Kandy
    Steve Kandy 8 days ago

    DCEU can work if WB sells the rights to another company. WB is the problem.

  • Chantip Chea
    Chantip Chea 9 days ago +1

    No all DC movie awesome every marvel suck

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First 10 days ago


  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 14 days ago

    Hell no it has NOTHING to do with the characters. Superman is my favorite superhero ever. Hands down. Its 100% Zach Snyder’s terrible-ass and Warner Bros’ fault that the DCEU is horrendous

  • PassionsQuietRage
    PassionsQuietRage 16 days ago

    I don't think the problem is the film makers so much as it is a combination of the fans either not understanding or not caring that the word adaptation means change (characters have to be modified or changed when adapting from printed sources to film so they fit the tone and theme the directors are going for) and not "keeping their brains turned on" and paying attention to the underlying messages, details, nuances, and themes in DC movies. Let's start with what I mean by change. To tell a good story, your characters have to be relatable, developed, and interesting. Snyder gave us a Superman that showed more of his human side, something that other directors and writers don't do very often. Snyder did this to shift away from the stereotypical "Jesus" type figure that Superman is always made out to be. Why the fans didn't like that is beyond me. For my second point, let's use the "Martha" scene from BvS. When Superman says, "Save Martha", we know that he means his adopted mother but Batman doesn't know this and believes that he is being taunted about not being able to save his own mother years ago. This scene was emotionally charged and served as a way to unite the two men with the realization that they have a common enemy. Snyder showed both men at different low points in their lives as heroes. Superman having just saved Metropolis from Zod's invasion in a violent showdown that caused half the city to be destroyed, was getting criticized and dealing with haters for the first time. Like any of us would have, he began to doubt his abilities and question whether he was doing the right thing. Batman had been in the game for over 20 years and lost friends and allies, seen good men go bad, and had started running on autopilot (or ran out of f#$ks to give). They believed the other was a threat, menace, or had no regard for mankind or the law. Snyder wove this story while planting seeds for future DCEU films, unfortunately the negatively received and it shouldn't have been.

  • Jackson in the house
    Jackson in the house 17 days ago

    I think DC has had much better luck than marvel an animation more than live action is not to say I do not like marvels animation there it's fine but normally it's not centered around the avengers normally the X-Men get more attention during there but that's only because they are not necessarily a MCU property but I do like disease animation way better more specifically the Batman era series that was really good

  • Matthew Stafford
    Matthew Stafford 17 days ago

    I think the problem is they don't represent the characters right. They keep hiring people that just accidently walked into to have a good time and that's not right ...

  • ochakolong Tom
    ochakolong Tom 20 days ago

    They screen play is poor always in the dark. While mcu is in broad day light

  • Oliver Janeba
    Oliver Janeba 27 days ago

    Wonder Woman sucks. Its a female recast Captain America remake.

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First 27 days ago


  • Kermit the Actual Frog

    Is it just me or do they not get the characters right? Like look at the flash in justice league he is like quippy almost like Spider-Man though no quite and like aqua man is a whole another story so i mean get it right!

  • N N
    N N Month ago

    the main reason because their superheroes sucks and their costumes suck and their stories sucks

  • N N
    N N Month ago

    how's wonder woman's good ? seriously in which way ? it make no sense at all , and that ending was horrible

    • Vadalia
      Vadalia Month ago

      Yes, the ending could have been better than a genre-required big CGI fight but what part has you confused?

  • VitalToMind
    VitalToMind Month ago

    In my opinion, Smallville is the best screened representation of a dc character

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Month ago

    I have to agree, it's been said so many times, that the powers that be have screwed this up. It's looking like Aquaman and Shazam are both going to be fixes to this, and the powers that be are even relinquishing their hold on characters to the TV universe, so those properties can start to grow again (reintroduction of the Suicide Squad seems to be happening in Arrow, along with the introduction of Batman/Batwoman into that universe---with Batman being acknowledged in Supergirl as a frenemy of Clark)
    And I'm not sure how someone can badmouth Superman as being just a paragon type of character that is unrelateable while holding up a universe with Tony Stark and Captain America as being relatable (full disclosure... I'm a Cap fan through and through, have every issue he's appeared in since 1984) Any good writer can make any character relateable. The medium doesn't matter one bit in that regards...the medium just allows the special effects to be cheaper to produce.

  • Miti Abulaiti
    Miti Abulaiti Month ago

    Are you Stewart from big bang theory?

  • Devian Tart
    Devian Tart Month ago

    anyone else notice the figures agreeing with him 7:33

  • SeeJay X
    SeeJay X Month ago

    I'm 16 And I Wanna Be A Director And Make Live Action Teen Titans Movies Based off the 2003 TV Series
    And I'll Make Them Better I Make Them Better Than All 4 of These DCEU Failed Films
    And Hopefully I'll Won't Ruin The Teen Titans Franchise Like How Mike Bay Ruined The Transformers Franchise

  • Jason Liddicoat
    Jason Liddicoat Month ago

    Bla bla bla anthor one of these videos that's been done A MILLON TIMES Don't need some random stupid information about the diying DCEU DONE.

  • Sean Thornton
    Sean Thornton Month ago

    The failure of JL in my mind was the studio's fault and shoving a moron into Replacement Director position that screwed up the movie along with the low time limitation that caused the full story to not be told. The story did not develop properly and it was not as dark as DC comics tend to be. Please for God's stake do not go back to the campy style of the Adam West Batman series or the bunch of dumb ass batman movies of the 80's- 90's. The only decent batman movies was the Christian Bale Batman Trilogy. Get him back and the right Director and they will be good again. Now for Superman get an american actor and play it straight as an Ideal type character you know, "Truth Justice and the American Way." John Wayne was and is still successful movies because of Their idealism because most Americans except the hate America first crowd still love John Wayne movies even though John Wayne is long dead his movies and their idealism still live on. Do that with Big Blue and they will succeed. Hell If you want a DC character with Idealism that succeeded look at wonder-woman with her Idealism that got tempered after her win over Ares yet lost her first love Steve Trevor. She stepped back for a time yet when she was needed she came back to defend humanity due to her Ideals. Now as a DC character that I really like let us see how Aquaman fares it is a great story of someone who is split between worlds the world of dry land humanity and underwater Atlantis being of both worlds yet not quite accepted by both worlds yet he still has his heroic side that shines forth when he is needed by both worlds he still comes to defend both when he is called upon. The flash? as he said I gust run in and push someone no single movie needed there because they did not make that character with his hubris that is in the comics. Batman is the dark knight and it is a dark character story because it started with the murder of his parents. Now that does not need a campy story line. You pointed out that one of the best cartoon series was Justice League the animated series where you can see almost everything I just wrote about.

  • jahara veal
    jahara veal Month ago

    still in love marvel

    rip stan lee

  • werewolf914
    werewolf914 Month ago

    In my opinion Smallville is the only good version of Superman, usually I really hate Superman, the super good heroes just annoy me. That being said I prefer DC to Marvel, DC is what I grew up with besides the 90s Spider-Man and X-Men, and the pre Iron Man movies I never really got into them, and while sure I can't relate to DC characters as much, they're still really entertaining and great characters take Batman for example who has amazing stories like The Long Halloween, Death in a Family, Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns, etc. With the right writer I don't need to be a rich Orphan to enjoy Batman, just need interesting and we'll written stories, so in my opinion they can be these God like OP characters and still be great.

  • Hellohuman
    Hellohuman 2 months ago

    Dc movies have too overpowered superheroes and always end with a win while marvel has cliff hangers and better directors which makes everyone rush to watch it marvel also marvel makes quick quality movies the dc actors are fine but the directors suck

  • sam guapo
    sam guapo 2 months ago

    Mummy wasn't bad :) I think expectations are. Current cinema has been upping the ante and make everyone expect more anything from the comic universes, sci fi movies, michael bay and the transformers, big world shattering movies, etc etc... However, when we expect less from a movie, then bad movies are no longer as bad :) Anyone watch Twilight? :)

  • MumblinBerk
    MumblinBerk 2 months ago

    I don't know if this will resonate with anyone, it's just a perspective from a crusty old fellow who has no industry insight, and no particular axe to grind. I just want to share this.
    Well,... here goes nuthin. I'm an old bugger. I love watching movies, but I don't really know squat about movie making. I've never read a comic book in my life. Then, I saw Iron Man, and it blew me away in so many ways. Watched it a dozen times (um... more.) I'm jaded though, and have learned to avoid sequels, because... meh. So I didn't care about the rest until I saw The Avengers. Holy crap! Another masterpiece! So I started catching up on what I missed... Bam, Bam, Bam, Marvel just hits one home run after another. I've never seen anything like it. Not even close. Then.... DeadPool happened....
    Fast-forward to today.. Well, had to upgrade to a 65" screen, 4K BluRay, new SVS subwoofer, because... RAGNAROK, dammit! Marvel figures started appearing here and there around the house (this is all SO out of character for me) god help me, last night, I ordered a pair of DeadPool slippers for god sake. ME!
    What the hell? I can't analyze why, or where the magic comes from. Wiser people can debate that. I just really want to thank all the cast, and directors, Marvel, and everyone behind the scenes that showered us with years of magic. I'm grateful to be on board for this wild ride through this magnificent journey of cinematic history, so that I feel like I'm actually a part of it.
    And to Stan Lee....
    I remove my hat, and raise a large flagon in your honor, sir.
    (not tea)

  • Thinc Ink Productions
    Thinc Ink Productions 2 months ago

    At 7:33 the bobble heads start agreeing

  • taratata pokem
    taratata pokem 2 months ago

    because the public , 👶🏻

  • Raj Rajput
    Raj Rajput 2 months ago

    What is with the spastic acting by the guy in the video? Does he suffer from Downs or something...??

  • LilSmitty41
    LilSmitty41 2 months ago

    I feel like DC has better shows than movies 🎥 I could be wrong tho. But The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, The Legends and EVEN Titans are all good tbh. But when Marvel does shows, the only one that I like is Daredevil 😌

  • Bag Lynkx
    Bag Lynkx 2 months ago

    Btw who says that the characters are the problem?

  • Bag Lynkx
    Bag Lynkx 2 months ago

    I love how stan Lee explains spiderman. Because of everything he said about the character, spiderman has been my favorite for years.

    BATES 2 months ago

    Wake up, it's the actors... period

  • kem KuLa
    kem KuLa 2 months ago

    Superman man if still is good tho

  • agung andy
    agung andy 2 months ago

    At least Wonder Woman super ultimate gorgeously wonderful beautiful person ever.

  • star
    star 2 months ago +1

    i see bunch of DC fanboys in the comments section that dont want to admit DC heroes are NOT relatable...i remember watching justice league, superman etc in the late 90s early 2000s...and im like.. "so no one is going to question why they have these superpowers? what a perfect world they live in"...when i was a child in the late 80s and 90s i thought i could be BE Spider-Man or Wolverine just from reading the comics....i never got that same feeling with any DC characters...and i still dont to this day

  • steven oconnor
    steven oconnor 2 months ago

    The real reason is that DC is only doing pretentious edgy unwatchable shit.

  • Esteusuarioteparece
    Esteusuarioteparece 2 months ago

    I agree most of you sayin. The problem is Warner because they want is movies by Marvel movies and DC is DC, not Marvel. And then the director do the movie dark and the critics don't see jokes and thats stuff you see on Marvel movies and don't like it, and Warner do wat the critics say and don't let the directors do they movie. Batman v Sperman had a director's cut much much beter, wee never see the director's cut of Suicide squad, Justice League tone was light-up almost in the end of filming... Is simple, Marvel lets the directors do their on movies almost every time (Avengers 2 has is problems), Warner don't.

  • Senthil Velan
    Senthil Velan 2 months ago

    Umm...the first 7 Marvel Movies weren't that good either? Thor, incredible hulk, ironman2? Stop comparing MCU has 20 movies DCEU just has 7! Give them time

  • Norman Gray
    Norman Gray 2 months ago

    man of steel was amazing really loved it but the rest were crap,, wonder woman was ok at best

  • Kalokohan Studios
    Kalokohan Studios 2 months ago

    The real reason dc havent been so good Because Zack Snyder backed out

  • Kalokohan Studios
    Kalokohan Studios 2 months ago

    You are wrong

  • Carl Minor Sr
    Carl Minor Sr 2 months ago

    It's to dark...Deadpool said it best, you're so dark,are you from the DC universe?

  • JuWell Rollins
    JuWell Rollins 2 months ago

    *************The reason why some of the new DC movies are not
    good, because of the story lines, plots and writing sucks, and some of the
    actors suck also. The guy that plays Superman (Henry Cavill) is a great pick
    for Superman for the most part he did a pretty good job, but his Clark Kent
    wasn’t nerdy enough and he didn’t nail it like his counter partners before him
    like, Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh and I actually liked Brandon as
    Superman and Clark Kent, it was just the script, plot and writing that sucked
    so bad that it took away from him playing the man of steel and getting a 2nd
    chance at it to redeem himself. The Batman’s have been great as well, because
    of the plot, writing and story lines, they also had pretty good actors playing
    their parts like, Michael Keeton, and Christian Bale as Batman was believable
    at playing batman and was great at it, and great Villians like Keith Ledger,
    Jack Nicholson as the Jokers to top it off. We’re not going to even talk about
    that awful Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, I’m not going to say it was
    Ryan’s fault, because if he would have had a better, plot, script and story
    line. It probably would have been a lot better, but with the terrible special
    effects and what’s up with that awful suit he wore just did it in for the
    movie. It was doomed before it was even on the big screen. They made it to
    corny and unbelievable. Now to Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot who looks the part
    and did wonderful as Wonder Woman, but it was just ok to me, not bad, but it
    could have been better, and what I mean by better they could have made Wonder
    Woman to be able to fly like Superman. I feel if they write that in for some of
    her up and coming movies, she gets an upgrade by the Gods or something. I feel
    it will be more of a fan hit with everyone, and not a stupid invisible plane
    please lawd nooooo!!!!! Wonder Woman plot was a lil old fashion for me, but I
    understand they had to start some where to tell her story, and what better
    story then kicking some Nazi’s b)tts lol. Batman Vs Superman. Where do I start,
    The Plot, writing and Story line sucked. THEY WAITED ENTIRELY to long for
    Superman and Batman to fight, and Doom’s Day. I find myself skipping to
    the last 30 mins of the movie every time I watch it lol, everything else was a
    waist of time and boring, and the guy that played Lex Luther SUCKED so bad the
    worst Lex ever in life. Turned me off on the whole movie. They could have done
    so much with this movie, but screwed it up. Next up (Henry Cavill) Superman
    movies weren’t bad at all, but wasn’t super good and fantastic either. If you
    like a just ok not so bad DC movie then those Superman movies are for you. I
    liked the fight scenes, and some of the story line. I liked the Villain’s Zod
    etc, but definitely could have been better. Lawd here we go with Justice
    League, Aquaman has always been blonde and they could have picked a better
    actor for the part. The guy that plays flash sucks so bad, and why do they have
    flash running like a scare crow with broke arms, just the most stupidest look
    ever, he needs to run like a track star with his hands open and run like he has
    a back bone and fierce like the young man of Flash the TV series he would have
    been 100 times better. Ben Affleck is ok as Batman, but key word just ok.
    Cyborg is ok but they could have done better. They could have had longer and
    better fight scenes with everyone fighting side by side, like in the cartoons.
    I hope it gets better, and this Shazam movie doesn’t look very promising and
    that costume sucks so bad, it looks soooo fake. I hope he gets an upgrade and
    looks more like Superman’s out fit before the movie is over if not it’s
    doomed. Aquaman I’m praying, but we will see.********

  • K R
    K R 2 months ago

    omg i been bited by a platypus ,call me PlatypusMan now , ill bring some justice in those dirty rivers, and i swim away seeking for a vilain gayfishman who been bited by his goldfish,
    do superman been bited by an alien ?
    iam gonna bite a sandwich i hope its not gonna make a sandwichman
    teeths are so mysterious its a world of possibilities for comics

  • K R
    K R 2 months ago +1

    - marvel try to explain how they have been mutated into superheros using science
    - dc just remake the same stupid scene constantly of how bruce wayne have lost his parents
    they are wearing original comic books costumes for movies and have no superheros powers.
    they should go with more realistic clothes and more impossible superheros skills as Marvel is
    doing. and maybe stop making superheros who just been bited by an animal before becoming a
    riddiculous human-beast. my dog bite me everyday and iam not a werewolf, it is like if wolverin's
    origin was a story where he been bited by so much wolverins that he became one ,
    why not just firing all the writters and find somes with creativity.

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 2 months ago

    What do you know WULFF DEN about DC? You prefer marvel thats why you are saying all these!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont know anything

  • Víctor Montero
    Víctor Montero 2 months ago

    He said "I didn't like Smallville", I'm out of here!

  • M1zi3
    M1zi3 2 months ago

    Nahh DC just fuck up really bad with JL, what ever come after that, is pile of shit.

  • John Crawford
    John Crawford 2 months ago

    As long as the people that are doing the storytelling of the DC world take this 'God is dead' attitude towards the DC world, you're not going to be able to see a decent DC world on the screen. When you have storytellers that hate the story, you know, of superheros that fight crime, because the storyteller might himself be one of those criminals that ought to be behind bars, well, you can't expect much from the storyteller.

  • tim goins
    tim goins 2 months ago

    Your an idiot....

  • jjardin 26
    jjardin 26 2 months ago

    i love them all doesnt matter what...marvel n dc..are my fave...never missed any of them...

  • Marc Chauharja Singh
    Marc Chauharja Singh 2 months ago

    I think one of the biggest problems is the cinematography. Justice league was no worse than Avengers, except you didn't feel the movie... it didn't seem like something actually happening.

  • Silas Jones
    Silas Jones 2 months ago

    Warner Brothers needs to stop rushing projects. They need to take the time to present there characters properly.

  • Sue Thiele
    Sue Thiele 2 months ago

    Disney did pay people off

  • Michelle Girard
    Michelle Girard 2 months ago

    With all due respect for Whedon and Millar, which is tons. If they were right, then Smallville, the Arrowverse, Black Lightning would not be kicking butt and taking name. Even Lois and Clark, Wonder Woman. Reeves Superman 1 and 2 were great/good. Jury is out on Titans--I am concerned that the first 2 eps that for some reason someone said "Hey, the dark Snyder verse is universally panned, leading to decent actors to be blamed for bad direction, bad vision, bad story, bad business. The Joss parts of JL shined, the problem being it was so at odds with Snyder.
    I completely agree it is the Powers That Be at the studio that put profit before quality. I also agree that people like Whedon and Millar have to politic about what they say.
    One super smart thing Marvel did, was it gave time to some lesser known characters and let then shine. And changes made rarely betrayed the core of the characters. Sony and Fox did, which is why some promising franchises just went sideways. Deadpool nailed it but it tool Ryan Reynolds pushing hard to make it happen, proving he was probably not the problem with Green Lantern, anymore than Brandon Routh was with Superman returns. Also the MCU/Disney properties on TV, Netflix, in Movies are in the same universe. The Avengers could conceivably call up Jessica Jones and not recast. DC decided not only were the TV shows their own scene, but until a new show needs to ride the ratings rocket of cross overs, they try to say they are unconnected. Please. No reason Black Lighting and the Titans could not be Arrowverse, considering Arrowverse already has 2 original Teen Titans, Kid Flash and Arsenal/Speedy. We know Bruce Wayne exists, so Dick Grayson does, over in Bludhaven not Detroit. We know we have aliens, so you got you some Starfire origin happening.
    DC suffers from both wanting to match Marvel and differentiate from them, but they have no clue how to do it. They should watch some of these TVclip reviews and read some of the comments and get a clue. DC also has a continuity problem caused a little by the original Crisis, though I think they did their best. These days, DC is like the weather in Texas, if you don't like it, wait 10 minutes and it will change, often for the worse.

  • hafizul alif
    hafizul alif 3 months ago

    how is that marvel was able to get success with they're not so popular characters such as "guardians of the galaxy" popular and dc seem to fail with they're most iconic characters?

  • Chip Parmley
    Chip Parmley 3 months ago

    bad script = bad movie

  • Herschel Johnson
    Herschel Johnson 3 months ago

    The put the cart before the horse. There summed up in one sentence.

  • Cobus van der Linde
    Cobus van der Linde 3 months ago

    Yeah, I think the WB executives gravely underestimated the complexity of what Marvel has been up to. What they need to do to get a working Cinematic universe going for DC is: 1. assemble a creative team. 2. Have the executives deffer to the creative team.

  • Daerovius
    Daerovius 3 months ago

    The reason is simple executive meddling and big shots at WB are greedy, stupid and incompetent assholes with no interest in doing a good movie

  • CauseDustin
    CauseDustin 3 months ago

    DC should just do a complete reboot and rehire all new people.

  • God Emperor Darrin
    God Emperor Darrin 3 months ago

    DC comic book genre films usually do poorly because the bigwigs do not understand comic books or comic book fans. Yes, Wonder Woman did well...But it was because the director lady understood about "Amazons" mythology and did her home work on some level.
    When big shots say..."we want this" fucks with the characters. Suicide Squad is a perfect example.
    And fans do not like it when someone fucks with the characters. New ideas...some new spices for the spaghetti sauce ... are fine, but don't fuck with the basic recipes.
    This is why warner animation does so well...while the films stumble along. The big shots see the animated films as beneath their interest...for the kids...So they don't mess with the animation department...But they want the films bigger and better and dark and gritty...Trying to follow the Dark Knight/Arrowverse models......That will not work.
    And trying to catch Disney-MCU will not work either. The relationships of Disney bosses to Feige and Marvel studios is different. Obviously, Disney cares about stuff and watches everything...say wrong thing and you get fired (James Gunn)...but otherwise, Disney pretty much lets Marvel Studios run themselves.
    The big bosses at Warner can not/will not do that. They think they know better and are very much micromanagers on the backs of their directors.
    SPEAKING OF DIRECTORS......Back in the day...I loved Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Angel tv shows.
    BUT...While joss Whedon did a great job on these shows...he is NOT the right person to do superhero comic book films. They will end up looking like those old shows...low budget choreography/fight scenes...etc. Like in Dawn of Justice when Bats was fighting Supes....I'm sorry...that was bad. You could "see the wires" (where they had deleted out the wires using cg)
    If Warner wants a good super hero movie...hire James Gunn....And give him card blanche...Let him do his thing. I would suggest "Legion Of super Heroes". I think he could do a great job with that group

  • Diaval Moon
    Diaval Moon 3 months ago

    cause dc sucks

  • Chris !!!
    Chris !!! 3 months ago +1

    The problem of dceu is the characters superman isn't all about lois lane but in the comics he has little bit of humor and he alway see the bright side and most importantly he has friend not just lois he has superfriends a dog a family, and human friends. Batman isn't a killer but not a weak person with a gun shooting at peradimons and doesn't need always his batmobile or scatler he can fight, he has skills, wonder woman emm she is fine in the dceu, flash is funny but not annoying also he is like a regular human with superpowers and he is one he isn't a teen woth out friend and job ,and doesn't run like a bitch, cybord is funny and serious, and i don't know much about him in the comics so... Aquaman isn't a drank person with no family he is a kind and cares for atlantis, also he doesn't look like badass but he is, and suicide squad emm just delete that movie from you brain

  • Chris !!!
    Chris !!! 3 months ago +1

    Dc's character aren't boring people think that because of the movies they see that have wrong presetentations, superman in movies always thinks about lois but in the comics he is so much more, flash is funny but not annoying, batman is a badass, the fault goes to the movies with wrong presetentions

  • Brandon Potts
    Brandon Potts 3 months ago

    DC killing the animated world.

  • Alen Secic
    Alen Secic 3 months ago

    all is bed

  • Alen Secic
    Alen Secic 3 months ago

    dc is bed

  • Dellinger the fighting fish

    I have one reason : Warner Bros

  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 3 months ago

    Understatement of the century: The Hulk has emotional problems.

  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 3 months ago

    Studio interference?

  • Kakachi07
    Kakachi07 3 months ago

    the thing we all need to understand if we want DC to become Successful in the movie business is to stop paying to see their movies until they get their shit together. It all comes down to money because the big boys at the top, thats all they care about is the money, what ever will make the most money. They are people who probably never read a comic book in their life or read enough of them to really care that Superman is not a god like character to fear. Basically they aren't aiming to please the fans which is where a good portion of their money comes from, they are aiming to please every movie goer not just the fans, its all about action and summer block busters and they see the success Marvel is pulling in and are trying to imitate them without putting any care into how it looks. But as long as the movies do well in the box office and make the money back that they spend on it, they will continue to pump movies outs. Ever since Man of Steel they've been horrible DC movies but they aren't bad movies in general, MoS is still a good Action movie and does what an Action movie is suppose to. We need to give DC some tough love and no let them continue down this path. Wonder Woman was a fluke at this point and it didn't teach them anything about how to make the shared universe work better, they saw it as, oh we finally made a good one, lets keep going. at the end of the day its a Business that cares more about the money than the quality, they don't care as long as it makes them money.

  • PowerRedBull
    PowerRedBull 3 months ago

    Even before I ever noticed certain characters belonged to either marvel or dc, i've found most dc characters way too "general*. They just seemed very corny and 1sided. Even their costumes and "themes" seemed corny.
    I think the reasoning in this video that certain dc superhero movies *did* worked 50 years ago in a cartoon, does not really automatically validate them being decent enough characters for the current age of (non cartoon) movies. Just becuuse you could get away with extremely corny movies back then, does not really make them decent enough for the current age. Most movies back then were way more corny than they are now.
    Most of DC's superhero characters basically seem to be another captain america in terms of personality. The only reason why I think captain america works in the MCU as a character is because he is THE only suphero who has that extremely typical dc-ish superhero personality. In the MCU that sort of stereotypical hero-personality has become his unique personality, because the others are different. If you put together a number of captain america's in 1 movie, the whole movie would feel extremely dated and would give the viewer a lack of variation in their personalities.
    Just as it matters less what a movie is about, as long as the story is good, a same thing can be said about superhero's. They can have a cool powers, but if they lack enough personality to drive the movie forwards, then the movie is not going to be as interesting. A 10 year old will be impressed merely by a super power and costume, but an adult needs more than that.

  • Mentallect
    Mentallect 3 months ago

    DC characters who are interesting get pushed aside in favor of characters popular 70 years ago.

  • Mentallect
    Mentallect 3 months ago

    Superman ducks. He is overpowered, boring, was born with great power, never earned it unlike Batman. DC keeps trying to pawn off SM wgrn nothing us great about him.

  • Adlan Haris Animet
    Adlan Haris Animet 3 months ago

    i Agree 100% it's not the characters fault it's the people who's making the movies about this characters fault!!!

  • Aakash Mash
    Aakash Mash 3 months ago

    the thing about dc suck is now they are coping marvel humors nature which is shitt dc is know for its dark theme
    dc lost once again

  • ProjectLDV
    ProjectLDV 3 months ago

    WW isnt good you potato normies

  • Raymond Morales
    Raymond Morales 3 months ago

    Watchmen was an amazing movie.

  • StereoDevil
    StereoDevil 3 months ago

    I think you have to get down to the root of the problem. Warner Brothers. There is a huge difference in WB and Marvel.
    WB makes other movies outside the superhero genre so they don't have to be 100% dedicated but Marvel makes only superhero movies and their survival depends on them.

  • abbattle345
    abbattle345 3 months ago

    "Marvel Comics characters didn't live in mythical cities," I didn't know Wakanda was real

  • Scott Reacher
    Scott Reacher 3 months ago

    Ya don't like Smallville? No subscription. 🤷

  • Jeff Cobain
    Jeff Cobain 3 months ago

    maybe if they did wonder woman 1st before everything else, people would be interested in seeing the next film where Wonder woman is interacting with other famous DC character..

  • Jeff Cobain
    Jeff Cobain 3 months ago

    i think the factors are, 1st, the ironman 1 movie is super fresh at the time, there was no ironman movies before..
    people are already tired of batmans and supermans..look at wonder woman, its fresh too thats why its a hit..
    plus in my opinion, the ironman(MCU) suit is way cooler than ANY DCEU characters..2nd, Marvel did the shared universe first, thats why it seems like the BvS or Justice league are just offense..3rd, the comedic side of the movies, DCEU seems more on the serious side or maybe the comedy factor in them is not as funny as with the marvel movies, Marvel movies has more fun in them..4th is Marvel already captured too many audiences in their 1st avengers movie, im not really a fan of "Marvel" but when i watched the 1st Avengers movie, i got hooked, i guess its the main reason why MCU is more successful than DCEU, i bet some DC fans before are now MCU fans already..
    maybe if they did wonder woman 1st before everything else, people would be interested in seeing the next film where Wonder woman is interacting with other famous DC character..
    these are just my opinion.. :)

  • Billie Dahling
    Billie Dahling 3 months ago

    The scripts suck. The screenwriting, stories, dialogue, acting are all bad. That’s not hard to understand. Lol

  • Galimeer5
    Galimeer5 3 months ago

    >Says everyone's reasons for why the DCEU is disappointing are wrong
    >Lists literally everyone's reasons
    Poor executive management, lack of understanding of the characters, desperate to compete with Marvel.
    That's why the DCEU is a disappointment to the fans.

  • Furqan ul Haq
    Furqan ul Haq 3 months ago

    It's bull that superman can not be translate well on tv.
    How absurd Wonder woman is and she works because it had a good story, Entertaining movie and Better direction..

  • shadster koala
    shadster koala 3 months ago

    DCs characters aren't cinematic? Anyone who believes this probably has a mental illness

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man 3 months ago

    Mann think of this. If it was youre choice and you can pick a universe to produce. I am a marvel fan but i would pick dc anytime bc of the villans, batman, superman dark. Man they had so much to go with and what we got was bvs and justice league.. its not the characters or universe its lack of imagination and knowledge.

  • Denny Kaleal
    Denny Kaleal 3 months ago

    Marvel hires directors who have never worked on anything like this.. Russo brothers made shitty comedy tv shows

  • Denny Kaleal
    Denny Kaleal 3 months ago

    Marvel created a successful film universe while their most popular characters didn’t even belong to them... they created a fuckin universe without Spidey and the X-men. DC can’t even fucking do it with BATMAN , SUPERMAN and WW... that’s so pathetic

  • 3Rayfire
    3Rayfire 3 months ago

    I love how at 7:30 when you start to blame WB and the brass, you accidentally bump your book shelf and all your bobble-heads start nodding in agreement.

  • Akuma Sin
    Akuma Sin 3 months ago

    Stop bro static shock not DC Comics own by milestones comics

  • Phred Henson
    Phred Henson 3 months ago

    You're so exactly wrong. Look at your nightwing take around the 5:02 mark. What kid can't relate to being a sidekick to both batman and his super rich secret identity and then have to take on the mantle of being the hero and not the helper? None can. It's not even a question of how much they can relate, they can't. DC has wooden characters that have very recently gotten a few good writers to Fix them; to make them better. These are new characters that share names with the old ones and most fans don't really seem to like that. DC fans want their Superman to be black and white stories it seems. Really who is a compelling DC character outside of the Sandman series? Even the Sandman writer and developers decided not to use classic DC characters when he decided to write something Good instead. It was so much better than the plaster flavored DC that existed already that they invented Vertigo as a home for the series. The developers of these films haven't picked a direction and stuck with it. They need a full DC reboot where they lose 80% of their crap and start over using realistic characters and them giving them powers maybe. They don't need ppl making videos saying everyone that dislikes their films is wrong about why they suck

  • Nou Noú Nico’s Zylmex Toys

    You’re right, it’s the production and directing...however I am happy to say I will be watching the next Batman movie regardless of who they cast for the role. Good buy Ben, don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

  • André Menezes Guilherme

    I think one big problem for DC is not that they made their characters unrelatable, but that in the movies they made Superman look like a god, and they keep stressing that fact every time. I mean, they made a RELIGION for Superman, and in some scenes were he was supposed to be saving people, it looked like it was more important for them to make him look cool than to save people. And he easily beat up all the other heroes toghether, i mean, in a previuos movie Wonder Woman killed ARES, and then she gets beat up in seconds whitout managing to even scratch Superman. And they made it look like Flash was in slow motion compared to Superman, the guy who can run so fast that he can cross space-time, and, in some comics, outrun light itself. And they made Batman useless in Justice League, like, the only moments where he made significant contributions to the fight against Steppenwolf's army was when he stole their alien weapons. Batman was supposed to be the worlds greatest detective who always had a plan for every possible situation and someone who reached the peak of martial training. And the other heroes of Justice League became side characters for Superman from the moment he appeared on screen. I mean, it looks like the only use for the other heroes in Justice League was to revive Superman ( aside from Ciborg, who still managed to play the role of talking supercomputer).