The REAL Reason DC’s Movies Haven’t Been Good


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  • Tyrone Ford
    Tyrone Ford 5 hours ago

    I Thoroughly disagree. I have ALWAYS liked Marvel characters better than DC in comics. However; In the past WB was more INCLINED to spend more money on their superhero movies. Thus you got Christopher Reeves Superman & Michael Keaton Batman, but BLADE changed all of that. It took a third tier character, and with a good budget, great cast, and a well done story made a better comic movie than any before it and many since.
    DC has had a few recent movies that have been disappointments, but they have also had some movies that were rather well done. My picks on the well done side are, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman, as well as Justice League. which even though it had some faults, was still a better movie than Captain America #1 Iron Man #1 and Thor#1. I felt Superman vs Batman was too dark, and Green Lantern was a tad too campy, and lacked a good villain. I would hate to see them sellout to Disney. And people forget the Watchmen movie, which was very well done, even for someone who never read the books. And I haven't even mentioned The Batman trilogy, where they got it right two out of three times; just couldn't get into that third one. But they do great on their animated movies.
    So let's (or I) give them credit for getting things done well over half the time, and after Aquaman we'll see how things go and how much they've learned.

  • Fai Oz
    Fai Oz 10 hours ago

    why people keep saying that dc movies aren't working or comparing Dc with Marvel???? I am a Marvel fan but I love Dc's films. They might not be as popular as Marvel films but they are great movies. I don't think you should compare Marvel and Dc. It's like People comparring Messi & Ronaldo. They are both soccer platyers but they are two totally different Soccer players, same with Marvel & Dc. Both do superheroes movies but are different...

  • charlie tamez
    charlie tamez 11 hours ago

    I feel all that. damn I HATE that DC is suffering so much and no one filming DC movies are taking it seriously. I love DC characters more than marvel, but it seems like DC is not caring to out do or at least compete with marvel. people not sure if they'll play the same characters therefore other actors have to take up the role and the continuity gets completely screwed up. for example like when Bale didn't want to do anymore BM films. so they got this loser Affleck to do it and it sux. it seems like blu-ray vs HD dvds and blu-ray won. as if marvel has the cornered the market on comic book films. hell marvel has soo many movies for the next 20yrs....heart breaking

  • Lucas Padilla
    Lucas Padilla 15 hours ago

    Rushed and not thought out.

  • MetaTeoria
    MetaTeoria 17 hours ago

    Cw shows have a lot of flaws though...
    Interesting video mate.

    INCOGNIGO 23 hours ago

    Soo disappointed we probably won't get a justice league sequel with darkseid in it☹️

  • LoganJ Shaw
    LoganJ Shaw Day ago

    That and some or a good amount of poeple hated green lantern movie. I would love to see the flash and aquaman movie.

  • mbradleyc
    mbradleyc Day ago

    They have been good.

  • Aramil Hernandez

    They May be winning in movies but DC crushed marvel in animate completely and that’s what matters the most and this industry where did Kids really support it 👏👏✊✊👍👍🤟🤟.... enjoy.

  • checky monkey
    checky monkey Day ago

    I'm sorry but I just don't agree i love these dc films an yes I love the marvel films as well each to their own i guess

  • John Stamps
    John Stamps Day ago

    I think you are INCREDIBLY CORRECT

  • Craig Walker
    Craig Walker Day ago

    DC's problem?
    Its the source material.
    Same as it ever was.

  • J Young
    J Young 2 days ago

    I agree to a point, as a life long comic reader, collector I am a older man so I seen and read a lot of comics in my time. The problem I have with what you are presenting is it's all the same characters "the big three" . I will say some characters work better on the small screen (Arrow,The Flash). And let's face it, with marvel sometimes the person behind the mask is just as interesting as his or her alter ego. That's just great writing (Thank you Stan,Jack and all the greats) ain't nothin' like the old school

    JJAY AMV 2 days ago

    because Marvel is the best!

  • M4RC0 [87]
    M4RC0 [87] 2 days ago

    6:23 u forgot teen titans (the old version)
    I am not talking about teen titans GO or the cringy-ass fuckshow "TITANS"

  • Kodak Black
    Kodak Black 2 days ago

    DC is better than your channel stfu

  • MsWrite Stuff
    MsWrite Stuff 2 days ago

    I agree that they are hiring the wrong people who don’t have any passion for these films! They are hiring THE WRONG PEOPLE!!! Plus, they are rushing these films out instead of doing GREAT jobs! I LOVE DC Characters!!!

  • Patrick Doyle
    Patrick Doyle 2 days ago

    you are spot on my friend they should've kept Tim burton on the batman

  • Solitary
    Solitary 3 days ago

    Joss is wrong

  • Flo In The City
    Flo In The City 4 days ago

    I totally agree that this has nothing to do with the characters themselves being relatable or not but more the studio big wigs and directors making bad choices. Look at Thor - he’s a god from another planet. What is so relatable about him? Yet his movies have consistently blown the box office. People love comic book characters not because of their ‘relatability’ but because they take people on a journey that is far from their own reality. They help us forget our own problems for a while. So if WB can get better writers and directors on board, I have no doubt the DCEU will survive and thrive.

  • tameerwilliams
    tameerwilliams 4 days ago

    Out of all the characters in the DCEU, thw only 1 with some personality is wonder woman, and flash but we dont rwally see alot of him. Batman, cyborg, superman, and aquaman just seem like dark, boring characters

  • Pedro Morales
    Pedro Morales 4 days ago

    I have read a lot of hot air here on youtube with these so called experts on the comics etc etc. I have to say you hit it right on the head with the DC movies working. Honestly I didnt understand either how they could go from Batman V Superman to Justice league with out introducing any of the other characters in there own movie. Look how good wondewoman did. If they took the time to do a good movie on each character there Justice League movie would have been awesome. Any way good review.

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez 4 days ago

    DC fanboy trying to justify shitty movies... should of left the video earlier. It is the writing, the rush to build a universe to compete with a more patient, committed, and consistent challenge. It has nothing to do with the characters. The directors on DC's side are shit, and they don't build good character arcs... shit, they break character's arcs and personalities all the time. I cannot watch a movie where the characters don't even make sense or follow an arc. DC needs to restart, take their time, not develop characters and then make them do something out of character. Bad writing to sum it up.

  • Alexander Paz
    Alexander Paz 5 days ago

    yea i alwasy thought they rushed Justice League to get it out Before Infinity War and to me the Flash just stole the whole movie

    • LoganJ Shaw
      LoganJ Shaw Day ago

      Alexander Paz my problem with the movie flash got hurt to easily and was a slow heal.

  • Perzyn
    Perzyn 5 days ago

    Wouldn't Green Arrow be more of Social Justice Ranger than Warrior?

  • Sejegs
    Sejegs 6 days ago

    (I love MCU, and i enjoy it, but that said, DC comics are the best and they has more potential then any other stories out there, they just need the right person to do it) People that are saying DC characters doesn't relate to us are blind, look at MCU characters, why are they heroes? Why are they doing what they are? We know why Tony does it, but do we know why cap(steve rogers) does it? What about the other characters? What are Bruce Banners reason to defend the humanity that has been screwing him over and over? Or why does Steve Rogers wanna "stand for the small guys"? Why? We don't know, because he is small himself? I honestly doesn't know. We understand Tony's motive, i feel like him and Peter Parker are the only one that has a motive for doing what they are doing, but that's only because we know Peter Parker's life history over and over, like why would Thor give a fuck about earth? Because of love? come on man, why would Thor give a shit about earth, he would not, the man has been groving up in Asgard and has been watching humans like We watch animal planet, when we see a one animal eat smaller animal, do we stand up and say "THIS SHOULD STOP?" no, we say that's the course of the nature? But if you go to DC, we all know why Batman is doing what he does, or why Superman(in the comic atleast) does what he does, we all know, how much his human parents teached him loved him and protected him that he wanted to give back to humanity. DC Characters has a lot more build up on the character then anyone, the only one that can come close from MCU is Tony Stark... I am saying this again, i love and enjoy MCU but i am saying it again, DC has the best potential stories out there, if the correct person comes in charge, like Kevine Feige, DC will own the box office....

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 5 days ago

      Well, we know Cap's motivation.
      He is hero because he thinks that it's right. That's why the scientist who chose him to become superhuman actually chose him. He was the only one who jumped on granate to protect the others. Because he's good person.
      He is moral compas of Marvel. If he says something is wrong, then that's wrong.
      And Thor? Thor is mythological Norse god protector. It's his whole purpose.
      And he just likes humans.

  • Scott Browning
    Scott Browning 6 days ago

    IDC characters have translated very well to the big screen before. These stories can translate very well. The real problem here is that DC is not trying to do justice to the stories. This is a cash grab. They're looking to make as much money as they can with as little effort as possible. They take something that is already popular and come up with a new way to sell it to people.
    We see this same attitude with many video game conversions to the big screen. People have real love for these characters and their stories. They would pay big money to see those characters come to life. But when somebody who has no respect for the franchise, no respect for the fans, and only has barely adequate knowledge of the actual content the end result will never be wet the fans were looking for.
    A famous sushi chef in Japan who is considered the greatest sushi chef in the whole world said it best. The key to being truly great at your job his to find something about your job you love. It doesn't matter what the job is. If you don't love your job then it shows in your work.
    Some of the casting choices and the story writing in the the DC Universe blow my mind. The Batman Trilogy that preceded this DC mess they have right now had some of the best casting choices and story writing I've seen in a long time for a movie. They had love for the work they were doing. But DC's current Batman is about the worst one they have ever had. He is no longer Batman The Dark Knight. He is now as self-righteous preacher who has very little clue as to what he's doing. About the only thing superhero about him was clearly pointed out in the Justice League movie when he said he's rich. Without his gadgets he'd be nothing. That's not Batman. With Superman they completely changed the entire dynamics of his character and story. The reason cited was because they wanted to update him to more modern audiences. Unfortunately now his whole secret identity thing doesn't make any sense anymore because there's so many people who know who he is. And his attitude makes him less a beacon of light for people to look up to and more of a grudging Ally that isn't interested in putting up with your s***. And don't get me started on Green Lantern. What the hell were they thinking? As far as flash goes, I think they pretty much decided they needed token a comic relief character. We should go on and on but the real Crux of the issue is, these stories translate very well, but the people making these movies aren't interested in learning the language and would rather hire a translator to lay things out for them. They have no love for their job, they just want a paycheck.

  • DUTCH 10469
    DUTCH 10469 6 days ago

    DC’s heroes have the same problem (except Batman) they are all Superman. Aquaman is water Superman, Wonder Woman is female Superman, Green Lantern is space Superman etc....

  • 56postoffice
    56postoffice 6 days ago

    When DC's last best judged comic book film is "Batman: The Dark Knight", which is over *10 years* old (2008 ironically is the year the current MCU timeline began with "Iron Man"), then you know DC have serious problems. They had Chris Nolan's fantastic Batman trilogy which started in 2005, 3 years *BEFORE* the MCU, something that they should've planned their cinematic universe on. Now, even though Marvel had Spider-Man, X-Men, Punisher, Daredevil, Blade and various comic book releases, they were of varying success. Plus, Marvel then wasn't dominating like they are now. DC is owned by Warner Bros, a massive studio with huge backing and deep pockets, so even if their films take a hit at the box office, they have their hugely successful TV shows to fall back on. Marvel never really have that, but that's changed now they have their own film company, *Marvel Studios* and after the huge box office successes of their films, the studio is now a major player and have the clout to buy back their other characters from other parties (Sony, 20th Century Fox). They have *4* films in the all time top 10 ( 3 Avengers, Black Panther), something DC can only dream of. Were DC complacent? I'd say that's a big fat *YES!* Oh, I'm a Marvel fan, but just to let you know, *The Dark Knight* is possibly one of *THE* best comic book film I've seen. Period.

    INWAYS 6 days ago

    there isnt a video long enough to cover everything wrong with these movies, but this is pretty accurate

  • Zexon Hairi
    Zexon Hairi 7 days ago

    The reason the movies are failing is simple. Dc first tried to ride the dark knight wave and when christopher nolan declined to take the Kevin feige style creative position, they interviewed other individuals. One of those individuals was zack snyder, not to get confused with scott snyder, but the thing is zack snyder didn't understand what made the dark knight popular and wanted to rush to out do marvel.
    So you get these visually dark films that have rushed writing. Another thing zack got wrong was changing superman and batmans morals. Wonder woman did good because it had good writing and it was what the audience expected to see from wonder woman.
    Batman killing people and trying to make superman darker was the wrong direction.
    Im not saying he need to go back to the christopher reeves superman. But that era is how most people perceive superman. But thats my two cents

  • Adrian Bigno
    Adrian Bigno 7 days ago

    woohoo. Lois and Clark. ^_^

  • Wisdom Omon
    Wisdom Omon 7 days ago

    DC movies aren't doing well because of studio interference from WB.
    Marvel Studios is an offshoot of Marvel Comics and they have control over their product.

  • Sommer
    Sommer 7 days ago

    stfu and gtfo moron

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior-

    0:22 totally unquestionable

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior-

    wtf is that thumbnail???

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 8 days ago

    I actually enjoyed the DC movies

  • Max Power
    Max Power 8 days ago

    I thought Man of Steel was really good.

  • Dev Suresh
    Dev Suresh 8 days ago


  • Krystian Painter
    Krystian Painter 9 days ago

    You don't like DC movies? Shame. I love all of them. And they destroy at TV shows.

  • The Walrus
    The Walrus 9 days ago

    Wonder Woman isn't good

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson 9 days ago

    Many people bag BvS but I actually liked it. The only mistake was to cast Eisenburg as Lex Luther, his performance was a huge blight on the movie.

  • Tarell Bellamy
    Tarell Bellamy 9 days ago

    Dc should just fire all the people working on their movies and just hire Christopher Nolan to make ALL the movies lol I know that's probably impossible bc as a fan of Christopher Nolan I know he only makes movies he's really invested in but if he was in charge of making all the movies and connecting a universe that would be epic

  • Cypher 302
    Cypher 302 10 days ago

    Wonder Woman was garbage and it was overrated

  • Logan Kennedy
    Logan Kennedy 10 days ago

    Actually as someone who grew up reading comics as a kid I was always more a Marvel fan more then DC. The characters of DC were to fake. Superman for instead I could never take as a normal man, he appeared to god like and you never really seen him lose . Then there was the world they lived in to me it was a fantasy world and not real. Marvel characters seem more real to me with real problems that we have all seen or faced in life.

  • Muhammad Farid
    Muhammad Farid 10 days ago

    I'm subscribing because you talked about nightwing....this is so true...he is the best dc character and i actually can relate to him much more than any superhero characters including marvel's

  • ToQ 3gou
    ToQ 3gou 10 days ago

    5:20 haw haw

  • brion burkett
    brion burkett 10 days ago

    DC? They are stuck in 1989. Where we the comic fans would pay to see a movie, no matter how stupid, if it showed some of our favorite characters we were used to only seeing in comic books. This worked for a while but we the comic book reader have always valued story over hype (at least long term). This approach to selling movies to the comic book fan showed a lack of care for the film medium, storytelling in general, and smacked of making a quick buck from a specific demographic.
    Marvel was in this approach as well for a while. Then they decided to grow out of this disdain for comic book fans and good story telling and into creating something they themselves value. Thats the key. It is so obvious that Marvel is creating things they are proud of. And Disney gives them all creative control to do it.
    DC? besides the above complaint? They are mired in corporate dialogue between people who could care less about storytelling or a lasting piece of art. They want money. And they are willing to go to the hype spot every time if that is what makes the most sense to them. But even beyond their parent company's restraints, with regards to their movies, DC still obviously doesn't value what they are making. This is the only excuse I can dream up for why they let certain value diminishing things to slide that Marvel just wouldn't. Things like a blurry digital upper lip, "dark" characters "just cuz", single dimensional characters (who can only find two emotions at best), horribly unbelievable motivations for villains as well as heroes, stoic/nonchalant reactions to considerable loss and tragedy by villains as well as heroes, Glamorous/overly dramatic/overindulgent hero and villain reveal scenes, olympic level skill sets that are learned instantaneously, and time incontinuities that a 7 year old will point out?
    DC still is behind Marvel. Just like they have always been.
    Marvel from day 1 was trying to touch the human experience through metaphor (good sci fi).
    DC was just trying to give us the magnificent and unbelievable to momentarily escape our lives.
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND both companies are still executing their respective approaches, but now on the silver screen.
    At least that's my theory...

  • Joe Milton
    Joe Milton 10 days ago

    I think you obliquely touched on the answer: Warner Bros. tightly controls DC as an intellectual property and all decisions are run through the corporate structure, so the suits control the creative product. By contrast, even with its acquisition by Disney, Marvel is maintained as a separate unit so they maintain creative control (subject to production budgets, of course). Also, the culture of Marvel is distinctly fluid, with cross-overs the norm. Events in another book would even be footnoted in some early panels because Stan Lee trusted the readers. DC never had this "sticky" quality, and usually presented stories as stand-alone.

  • AllStar Hershey
    AllStar Hershey 10 days ago

    The CW Supergirl sucks I'm sorry to say

    ERIC PLEASANT 10 days ago

    The problem is with the writing where people are trying to avoid the campy elements from the old BATMAN series.

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma 11 days ago

    it's dumb if a person relate himself with any fictional character...why DC movie was not good as per audience expectation, answer maybe something else. btw Man of steel was a good movie!! Nolan's Dark night movie was the biggest success for any comic character.

  • Juanito Perez
    Juanito Perez 11 days ago

    7:35 them bobble heads

  • Mckenzie Patnaude
    Mckenzie Patnaude 11 days ago +2

    Well what I find is Marvel cares about the HERO and DC only cares about the SUPER. And there SO SO SO boring and the DC characters take hour to describe what there point is!

  • KADH99
    KADH99 11 days ago

    The way he explained it is one of the reasons why I dislike the Teen Titans Go cartoon.

  • KADH99
    KADH99 11 days ago

    Never forget Christian Bale.

  • Anonymоus
    Anonymоus 12 days ago +1

    >greatest fictional characters
    kill yourself

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 10 days ago

      Batman, Superman and Spider-Man ARE ones of the best fictional characters ever created. That's why they're here for more than 50 years and are still popular.

  • Kavohn Stricklin
    Kavohn Stricklin 14 days ago

    Everybody knows why they suck i wish ppl would stop making this title....

  • Dato Baliashvili
    Dato Baliashvili 14 days ago +1

    most of the character dont have thayr movies auaman, flash, cyborg, batman didint have thayr own movies and thay made justice league

  • Tastedeon 24
    Tastedeon 24 14 days ago

    DC Superheros are way to overpowered its like your trying to relate to a GOD Batman and Flash are the only humans in the Justice League well Flash use to be

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson 14 days ago

    i think dc just neeed to stop adding a second big baddy before the movie end

  • BobnosaurusSteve
    BobnosaurusSteve 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought Batman Returns was crap but Forever was good?

  • KEN MG
    KEN MG 15 days ago

    If you actually stop and think about you'll notice that marvel movies aren't that great, except from infinity war, nobody cared about marvel until they saw age of Ultron or civil war.. marvel is like the apple of live action movie adaptations, they know how to market a movie, but their product is overrated and not that good.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 10 days ago

      Marvel movies are all great at the best and average at worst. None of them is really bad.
      And yeah, people cared even about solo movies too, but the truth is that team movies (Avengers, Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War) are much more popular, because they show interactions between the heroes people like, and they're making it well.
      But the team movies couldn't work without solo movies which set who these heroes are.
      And you're right about Apple. And here in Europe, Apple is overly expensive too. We use Android and PC mostly.

  • KEN MG
    KEN MG 15 days ago

    Does this guy know that Marvel is only successful in movies only?.. DC pretty much owns the comic book industry, animated tv shows, animated movies, videogames, even toys. They outsell marvel 3 to 1, if they do live action movies like they do animated movies for sure marvel doesn't stand a chance.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 10 days ago

      Movies are making billions of money and everyone goes to see them. Comics and TV shows don't stood a chance against such medium.

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P 15 days ago

    MCU > DCU

  • MCM McKinney
    MCM McKinney 15 days ago

    Love Smallville and Gotham

  • Jeremy Cobb
    Jeremy Cobb 15 days ago

    Most people are just close minded to new Styles of movies that's why DC is doing poorly. Of course close minded individuals are going to ruin it like they always do everything

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 10 days ago

      It's not about that.
      You can take a characters and change them, Spider-Man, for example, was made 3 times already and each time he was entirely different. BUT he still IS Spider-Man.
      Snyder took Superman and all he kept about him was name and powers. Everything else WAS NOT Superman. It was some depressed destroying guy. Even the costume was weird, because of its desaturated colors.

  • mark greenberg
    mark greenberg 15 days ago

    The problem is dc is moving so fast. You introduce the characters separately. You make stand alone movies. Then form them into a justice league. YOU HAD JUSTICE LEAGUE BEFORE WE KNEW WHO AQUAMAN AND FLASH WERE. Look at marvel who had captain marvel have her movie before she joined the avengers

  • Todd Chellis
    Todd Chellis 15 days ago

    The DCEU movies HAVE been good! Well......except for JL......yeah that sucked! But overall, I liked MOS and SS, and I LOVED BvS! The problem is that the general public has been brainwashed into thinking that comic book characters have to be the happy, fun loving, boring ass, family friendly characters that the shitty, OVERRATED Marvel movies pump out! Christ, you might as well have a bunch of fucking G.I. Joe dolls running around in Marvel movies! I love the darkness that the DC characters have!

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 15 days ago

      Batman has to and should be dark.
      Superman should be in contrast with him. Not dark antihero suffering with depression and destroying half of Metropolis...

  • David Breese
    David Breese 16 days ago

    Bad writing and bad actors

  • arturo bernal
    arturo bernal 16 days ago

    It has nothing to do about being too OLD, its about the director, the actors, and the story. For instance Batman( Tim Burton, Michael Keaton) had a their first take on Batman. It worked. Batman Forever( Val Kilmer, Joel Schumaker) too comical and too glitzy. Batman and Robin( George Clooney) really stupid and again directed by Joel. Also look at the Box Office numbers for these movies. Superman( Christopher Reeves) was BIG in the 70,s, highest grossing movie for that year. Why did WW do so well, Director, actress, and story. Aquaman and Shazam will also do well because its the director, actors and story. MoS, BvS and JL failed because of director, story and really bad writing! Zack Snyder's version just wasn't working and needs to change. But its nothing to do with too OLD or out of touch or not COOL! BS! Better directors and great stories will fix these problems.

  • Joah The Thread
    Joah The Thread 16 days ago

    Green Arrow being a social justice warrior is not a good thing.

  • Kellie Stephens
    Kellie Stephens 16 days ago +1

    The studio needs to focus on making one really great movie at a time rather than trying to jump straight into a cinematic universe. Build up the characters and the world they live in a little at a time. Concentrate on quality and the rest will follow.

  • Jeremy Cobb
    Jeremy Cobb 16 days ago

    Wonder Woman was better than Batman v Superman?? I didn't even watch the rest of the video... that's laughable

    • Jeremy Cobb
      Jeremy Cobb 15 days ago

      Mike Dasiks. Of course you are welcome to voice your opinion but I completely disagree with your disastrous taste

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 15 days ago

      WW was *definitely* better than BvS. 1000%. There is literally no doubt about it.

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff 16 days ago

    Probably because their animation business which is responsible for hooking themselves to kids forever isn't doing well. Their animated projects are either porn or way too infantile for their young audience of SJWs.

  • JustinYH
    JustinYH 17 days ago

    but, i really liked man of steel and the first half of batman v superman

  • Pepport Saucy
    Pepport Saucy 17 days ago

    All the DC TV shows and movies he listed were either really ancient (20 century) or made the characters relate to people. Batman trilogy, a man trying to save a city from a maniacal villain. Young Justice, a show based on teenagers fighting villains but also facing problems that teenagers can relate to. Wonder Women, sure she fights people in the movie but she also has a love interest, (she doesn't understand love). And all these CW superhero shows are displaying these heroes as actual people with emotions for other people that doemt have powers like them. Green Arrow is a show of a man coming back from a island to fulfil his father's dying wish. And faces a family who doesn't recognize him and a girlfriend who is indifferent. All these DC shows can be and are relatable. He is right

  • It's Jun yee
    It's Jun yee 17 days ago

    Nightwing is my fav hero

  • theFareulookinat
    theFareulookinat 17 days ago +1

    If they just had better action and didnt change the characters way too much then itd be good

  • J's Realm
    J's Realm 17 days ago +2

    Here is why, I prefer Marvel over DC so get triggered DC fans. DC released Justice league before you could actually get to know any of the other characters in the film. Like, Aquaman you didn't get to know what his backstory was unless you ahve already watched Aquaman. Or Cyborg you didn't get to know what made him become half human half robot in a movie. Unlike Marvel over here made solo movies before they actually made big movies, like Avengers infinity war that way you would know the other characters in the film. Instead of having them incognito. Barely even knowing the stuff about them basically. Then the awesome sequels. Marvel has done awesome sequels to movies. The movies marvel has made had basically everything you needed to know before the big movie infinity war. Like the info about Thanos and the infinity stones. The movies also connect to each other. Like Infinity War and Antman and the Wasp had to do a lot ith each other. CGI is something very important. The viewer would feel it actually happened. It is also important because of ratings. (Rotten tomatoes).

  • Hentai
    Hentai 17 days ago

    dc does better with animated projects

  • Leicester Blackthorne
    Leicester Blackthorne 18 days ago +1

    The difference is the MCU sells you an apple, and when you bite in, instead of a red delicious, you get a mcintosh, but it's still an apple. It might not be the exact apple you thought you were getting, but at least it's an apple. The DCEU sells you an apple, but when you bite in you get sardines. Your response will almost always be WTF in this situation. In other words, the MCU sells you a variation on what you expect, but the DCEU is running a scam claiming their product is one thing when it is something else entirely.

  • Fraser Blackshaw
    Fraser Blackshaw 18 days ago

    I wish Disney paid me to say the DCEU is terrible...

  • OhPlease a
    OhPlease a 18 days ago

    lol, worse characters ? Superman and batman movies have been on the stage for decades. The problem is that DC want to get on the huge success, so they rush movies into production expecting the same success as marvel. Warner Bros is thinking that people are stupid, so they make stupid stories, rely to much on CGI etc ... Simple, no need to listen to your rambling for 11 minutes.

  • Kent Edward
    Kent Edward 18 days ago

    NBA 2K VS NBA LIVE be like..

  • Alan Guyster
    Alan Guyster 18 days ago

    this might trigger a bunch of people but:
    DC:comics, animated movies and tv shows, and games

  • Keyshawn burland
    Keyshawn burland 19 days ago

    I think dc movies need to be more dark and rated R

  • Keith Simpleton
    Keith Simpleton 19 days ago

    You guys just have to give them time to develop

  • arshan jamil
    arshan jamil 20 days ago

    Dc comics and movies are boring and bad.

  • Nathaniel Alexander
    Nathaniel Alexander 20 days ago

    That's why the arrowverse succeeded so well for a while. They focused on characters more than powers, but recently they've introduced more superpowers and they tend to focus on that more now, and that's why I don't like the arrowverse as much as I used to.

  • Regirex
    Regirex 20 days ago

    They’re all too op and have two many powers. Superman has like 10 powers. Also, very few DC Superheroes are down to earth or based on their characters
    Batman is the best example of a DC character with Humanity, and he can have villains like Joker and mob bosses. Superman and Wonder Woman have to have Gods as villains. Green Arrow is also a good example. The show showed a hero with normal problems and normal villains(season 4 doesn’t count)
    Also Zack Snyder should never make a Superman movie. He thinks to make a dark movie someone has to get raped(he actually said this). He doesn’t understand them at all. They also rushed into two team up movies and they were trash. Give Batman, Flash and Aquaman a backstory before the movie. Cyborg could have been the new one. Instead, they threw a shitty villain and three new characters into a movie with questionable CGI, a terrible plot and a fresh hue of orange paint

  • Chantelle J.
    Chantelle J. 20 days ago

    I love the DC Universe and Yes I agree the Characters are NOT the problem it comes down to the writtening and making them relatable. In their own way BatMan versus Superman is a good example because the Batman Comic's are you guessed it very "Dark" reading which they portrayed I think but to me the opposing side Superman and his lighter Hope-Filled comic book portrayal was missing. It felt like a glass half full movie good effort but missing that part that makes a movie that much more memorable to an audience in my opinion.

  • O. G.
    O. G. 21 day ago

    No human interactions. No armies. No people. Russian family(last minute add by Whedon)-poorly executed but he knew the problem with no budget left and no time.

  • Dichalla Edwards
    Dichalla Edwards 21 day ago

    WB made johns into a feige figure, he hijacked JL from snyder, brought in joss whedon to 'fix' JL & he failed spectacularly. But u are right tho, the problem isnt dc characters. The problem is dc is in the hands of idiot wb execs who shouldve stuck with nolan/goyer/zack's plans instead of trying to copy feige/mcu/disney.

  • Un tal Ryuu
    Un tal Ryuu 21 day ago

    the answer is ... Zack Snyder!!

  • Lyan Santos
    Lyan Santos 21 day ago

    All mcu movies are the same movie.

  • Simon Berhane
    Simon Berhane 21 day ago

    this is great advice

  • Jonathan Sengstock
    Jonathan Sengstock 21 day ago +2

    Marvel mainly ocuses on *people* who also have superpowers. DC focuses on aliens and fantasy races that have powers. Which is easier to relate to?

  • momo m
    momo m 21 day ago

    i hate the green arrow being a sjw

  • 9010manassas
    9010manassas 21 day ago

    Smallville was awesome, shouldn't have done 10 seasons