The REAL Reason DC’s Movies Haven’t Been Good


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  • hafizul alif
    hafizul alif Day ago

    how is that marvel was able to get success with they're not so popular characters such as "guardians of the galaxy" popular and dc seem to fail with they're most iconic characters?

  • Chip Parmley
    Chip Parmley Day ago

    bad script = bad movie

  • Herschel Johnson
    Herschel Johnson 3 days ago

    The put the cart before the horse. There summed up in one sentence.

  • Cobus van der Linde
    Cobus van der Linde 4 days ago

    Yeah, I think the WB executives gravely underestimated the complexity of what Marvel has been up to. What they need to do to get a working Cinematic universe going for DC is: 1. assemble a creative team. 2. Have the executives deffer to the creative team.

  • Daerovius
    Daerovius 5 days ago

    The reason is simple executive meddling and big shots at WB are greedy, stupid and incompetent assholes with no interest in doing a good movie

  • CauseDustin
    CauseDustin 5 days ago

    DC should just do a complete reboot and rehire all new people.

  • God Emperor Darrin
    God Emperor Darrin 5 days ago

    DC comic book genre films usually do poorly because the bigwigs do not understand comic books or comic book fans. Yes, Wonder Woman did well...But it was because the director lady understood about "Amazons" mythology and did her home work on some level.
    When big shots say..."we want this" fucks with the characters. Suicide Squad is a perfect example.
    And fans do not like it when someone fucks with the characters. New ideas...some new spices for the spaghetti sauce ... are fine, but don't fuck with the basic recipes.
    This is why warner animation does so well...while the films stumble along. The big shots see the animated films as beneath their interest...for the kids...So they don't mess with the animation department...But they want the films bigger and better and dark and gritty...Trying to follow the Dark Knight/Arrowverse models......That will not work.
    And trying to catch Disney-MCU will not work either. The relationships of Disney bosses to Feige and Marvel studios is different. Obviously, Disney cares about stuff and watches everything...say wrong thing and you get fired (James Gunn)...but otherwise, Disney pretty much lets Marvel Studios run themselves.
    The big bosses at Warner can not/will not do that. They think they know better and are very much micromanagers on the backs of their directors.
    SPEAKING OF DIRECTORS......Back in the day...I loved Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Angel tv shows.
    BUT...While joss Whedon did a great job on these shows...he is NOT the right person to do superhero comic book films. They will end up looking like those old shows...low budget choreography/fight scenes...etc. Like in Dawn of Justice when Bats was fighting Supes....I'm sorry...that was bad. You could "see the wires" (where they had deleted out the wires using cg)
    If Warner wants a good super hero movie...hire James Gunn....And give him card blanche...Let him do his thing. I would suggest "Legion Of super Heroes". I think he could do a great job with that group

  • Diaval Moon
    Diaval Moon 6 days ago

    cause dc sucks

  • Chris !!!
    Chris !!! 8 days ago +1

    The problem of dceu is the characters superman isn't all about lois lane but in the comics he has little bit of humor and he alway see the bright side and most importantly he has friend not just lois he has superfriends a dog a family, and human friends. Batman isn't a killer but not a weak person with a gun shooting at peradimons and doesn't need always his batmobile or scatler he can fight, he has skills, wonder woman emm she is fine in the dceu, flash is funny but not annoying also he is like a regular human with superpowers and he is one he isn't a teen woth out friend and job ,and doesn't run like a bitch, cybord is funny and serious, and i don't know much about him in the comics so... Aquaman isn't a drank person with no family he is a kind and cares for atlantis, also he doesn't look like badass but he is, and suicide squad emm just delete that movie from you brain

  • Chris !!!
    Chris !!! 8 days ago +1

    Dc's character aren't boring people think that because of the movies they see that have wrong presetentations, superman in movies always thinks about lois but in the comics he is so much more, flash is funny but not annoying, batman is a badass, the fault goes to the movies with wrong presetentions

  • Brandon Potts
    Brandon Potts 9 days ago

    DC killing the animated world.

  • Alen Secic
    Alen Secic 9 days ago

    all is bed

  • Alen Secic
    Alen Secic 9 days ago

    dc is bed

  • Dellinger the fighting fish

    I have one reason : Warner Bros

  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 12 days ago

    Understatement of the century: The Hulk has emotional problems.

  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 12 days ago

    Studio interference?

  • Kakachi07
    Kakachi07 14 days ago

    the thing we all need to understand if we want DC to become Successful in the movie business is to stop paying to see their movies until they get their shit together. It all comes down to money because the big boys at the top, thats all they care about is the money, what ever will make the most money. They are people who probably never read a comic book in their life or read enough of them to really care that Superman is not a god like character to fear. Basically they aren't aiming to please the fans which is where a good portion of their money comes from, they are aiming to please every movie goer not just the fans, its all about action and summer block busters and they see the success Marvel is pulling in and are trying to imitate them without putting any care into how it looks. But as long as the movies do well in the box office and make the money back that they spend on it, they will continue to pump movies outs. Ever since Man of Steel they've been horrible DC movies but they aren't bad movies in general, MoS is still a good Action movie and does what an Action movie is suppose to. We need to give DC some tough love and no let them continue down this path. Wonder Woman was a fluke at this point and it didn't teach them anything about how to make the shared universe work better, they saw it as, oh we finally made a good one, lets keep going. at the end of the day its a Business that cares more about the money than the quality, they don't care as long as it makes them money.

  • PowerRedBull
    PowerRedBull 14 days ago

    Even before I ever noticed certain characters belonged to either marvel or dc, i've found most dc characters way too "general*. They just seemed very corny and 1sided. Even their costumes and "themes" seemed corny.
    I think the reasoning in this video that certain dc superhero movies *did* worked 50 years ago in a cartoon, does not really automatically validate them being decent enough characters for the current age of (non cartoon) movies. Just becuuse you could get away with extremely corny movies back then, does not really make them decent enough for the current age. Most movies back then were way more corny than they are now.
    Most of DC's superhero characters basically seem to be another captain america in terms of personality. The only reason why I think captain america works in the MCU as a character is because he is THE only suphero who has that extremely typical dc-ish superhero personality. In the MCU that sort of stereotypical hero-personality has become his unique personality, because the others are different. If you put together a number of captain america's in 1 movie, the whole movie would feel extremely dated and would give the viewer a lack of variation in their personalities.
    Just as it matters less what a movie is about, as long as the story is good, a same thing can be said about superhero's. They can have a cool powers, but if they lack enough personality to drive the movie forwards, then the movie is not going to be as interesting. A 10 year old will be impressed merely by a super power and costume, but an adult needs more than that.

  • Mentallect
    Mentallect 14 days ago

    DC characters who are interesting get pushed aside in favor of characters popular 70 years ago.

  • Mentallect
    Mentallect 14 days ago

    Superman ducks. He is overpowered, boring, was born with great power, never earned it unlike Batman. DC keeps trying to pawn off SM wgrn nothing us great about him.

  • Adlan Haris Animet
    Adlan Haris Animet 14 days ago

    i Agree 100% it's not the characters fault it's the people who's making the movies about this characters fault!!!

  • Aakash Mash
    Aakash Mash 16 days ago

    the thing about dc suck is now they are coping marvel humors nature which is shitt dc is know for its dark theme
    dc lost once again

  • ProjectLDV
    ProjectLDV 16 days ago

    WW isnt good you potato normies

  • Raymond Morales
    Raymond Morales 17 days ago

    Watchmen was an amazing movie.

  • StereoDevil
    StereoDevil 17 days ago

    I think you have to get down to the root of the problem. Warner Brothers. There is a huge difference in WB and Marvel.
    WB makes other movies outside the superhero genre so they don't have to be 100% dedicated but Marvel makes only superhero movies and their survival depends on them.

  • abbattle345
    abbattle345 17 days ago

    "Marvel Comics characters didn't live in mythical cities," I didn't know Wakanda was real

  • Scott Reacher
    Scott Reacher 18 days ago

    Ya don't like Smallville? No subscription. 🤷

  • Jeff Cobain
    Jeff Cobain 18 days ago

    maybe if they did wonder woman 1st before everything else, people would be interested in seeing the next film where Wonder woman is interacting with other famous DC character..

  • Jeff Cobain
    Jeff Cobain 18 days ago

    i think the factors are, 1st, the ironman 1 movie is super fresh at the time, there was no ironman movies before..
    people are already tired of batmans and supermans..look at wonder woman, its fresh too thats why its a hit..
    plus in my opinion, the ironman(MCU) suit is way cooler than ANY DCEU characters..2nd, Marvel did the shared universe first, thats why it seems like the BvS or Justice league are just offense..3rd, the comedic side of the movies, DCEU seems more on the serious side or maybe the comedy factor in them is not as funny as with the marvel movies, Marvel movies has more fun in them..4th is Marvel already captured too many audiences in their 1st avengers movie, im not really a fan of "Marvel" but when i watched the 1st Avengers movie, i got hooked, i guess its the main reason why MCU is more successful than DCEU, i bet some DC fans before are now MCU fans already..
    maybe if they did wonder woman 1st before everything else, people would be interested in seeing the next film where Wonder woman is interacting with other famous DC character..
    these are just my opinion.. :)

  • Billie Dahling
    Billie Dahling 19 days ago

    The scripts suck. The screenwriting, stories, dialogue, acting are all bad. That’s not hard to understand. Lol

  • Galimeer5
    Galimeer5 20 days ago

    >Says everyone's reasons for why the DCEU is disappointing are wrong
    >Lists literally everyone's reasons
    Poor executive management, lack of understanding of the characters, desperate to compete with Marvel.
    That's why the DCEU is a disappointment to the fans.

  • Furqan ul Haq
    Furqan ul Haq 20 days ago

    It's bull that superman can not be translate well on tv.
    How absurd Wonder woman is and she works because it had a good story, Entertaining movie and Better direction..

  • shadster koala
    shadster koala 21 day ago

    DCs characters aren't cinematic? Anyone who believes this probably has a mental illness

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man 22 days ago

    Mann think of this. If it was youre choice and you can pick a universe to produce. I am a marvel fan but i would pick dc anytime bc of the villans, batman, superman dark. Man they had so much to go with and what we got was bvs and justice league.. its not the characters or universe its lack of imagination and knowledge.

  • Denny Kaleal
    Denny Kaleal 22 days ago

    Marvel hires directors who have never worked on anything like this.. Russo brothers made shitty comedy tv shows

  • Denny Kaleal
    Denny Kaleal 22 days ago

    Marvel created a successful film universe while their most popular characters didn’t even belong to them... they created a fuckin universe without Spidey and the X-men. DC can’t even fucking do it with BATMAN , SUPERMAN and WW... that’s so pathetic

  • 3Rayfire
    3Rayfire 22 days ago

    I love how at 7:30 when you start to blame WB and the brass, you accidentally bump your book shelf and all your bobble-heads start nodding in agreement.

  • Akuma Sin
    Akuma Sin 22 days ago

    Stop bro static shock not DC Comics own by milestones comics

  • Phred Henson
    Phred Henson 23 days ago

    You're so exactly wrong. Look at your nightwing take around the 5:02 mark. What kid can't relate to being a sidekick to both batman and his super rich secret identity and then have to take on the mantle of being the hero and not the helper? None can. It's not even a question of how much they can relate, they can't. DC has wooden characters that have very recently gotten a few good writers to Fix them; to make them better. These are new characters that share names with the old ones and most fans don't really seem to like that. DC fans want their Superman to be black and white stories it seems. Really who is a compelling DC character outside of the Sandman series? Even the Sandman writer and developers decided not to use classic DC characters when he decided to write something Good instead. It was so much better than the plaster flavored DC that existed already that they invented Vertigo as a home for the series. The developers of these films haven't picked a direction and stuck with it. They need a full DC reboot where they lose 80% of their crap and start over using realistic characters and them giving them powers maybe. They don't need ppl making videos saying everyone that dislikes their films is wrong about why they suck

  • Nonó Nico’s Zylmex Toys

    You’re right, it’s the production and directing...however I am happy to say I will be watching the next Batman movie regardless of who they cast for the role. Good buy Ben, don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

  • André Menezes Guilherme

    I think one big problem for DC is not that they made their characters unrelatable, but that in the movies they made Superman look like a god, and they keep stressing that fact every time. I mean, they made a RELIGION for Superman, and in some scenes were he was supposed to be saving people, it looked like it was more important for them to make him look cool than to save people. And he easily beat up all the other heroes toghether, i mean, in a previuos movie Wonder Woman killed ARES, and then she gets beat up in seconds whitout managing to even scratch Superman. And they made it look like Flash was in slow motion compared to Superman, the guy who can run so fast that he can cross space-time, and, in some comics, outrun light itself. And they made Batman useless in Justice League, like, the only moments where he made significant contributions to the fight against Steppenwolf's army was when he stole their alien weapons. Batman was supposed to be the worlds greatest detective who always had a plan for every possible situation and someone who reached the peak of martial training. And the other heroes of Justice League became side characters for Superman from the moment he appeared on screen. I mean, it looks like the only use for the other heroes in Justice League was to revive Superman ( aside from Ciborg, who still managed to play the role of talking supercomputer).

  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush 23 days ago

    I have seen comic book movies for a long time. A long time. Granted, Marvel has been at this "shared universe" longer than DC Comics. I have to be honest . . . I don't see any difference in quality. I only see a difference in style. And if this video clip is suppose to convince me that I should choose Marvel over the DC Comics movies, fuck that shit. I'll choose both franchises. This whole idea that I'm supposed to prefer one franchise over the other is ludicrous and immature.

  • Danny B
    Danny B 24 days ago

    These characters can and will work when unhindered by executives who could care less about the characters we all want seen. They will work and amazingly so as soon as execs step back and let the lovers of these iconic characters bring them to life

  • gohanson27
    gohanson27 26 days ago

    MOS was the best DC film to date. MCU has a person who worked at Marvel on all levels and also helped produce films.

    NORFSIDA 26 days ago +1

    The guys that made the movies are idiots !

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore 26 days ago

    The real reason why this video clip is FULL OF SHIT, is that Wulff Den is trying to present his personal opinion as a fact that every one believes. In fact, that is why he is full of shit.

  • Mr.Shade
    Mr.Shade 29 days ago

    Why don't they let Bruce Time handle it. Look at what he did for the DC animated Universe

  • Sushant Deo
    Sushant Deo 29 days ago

    Zack Snyder is not a good storyteller. Story in a superhero movie is something audience must connect to so it needs to be made as believable as possible. Maybe that's where DC went wrong.

  • A.M. Sport
    A.M. Sport 29 days ago

    Writers and personality on characters..and you need to relate to the power of their style to understand who they are..also in DC needed more individuals batman and supermans ..visually it can be better ..and diabolical villian( IMPORTANT) They got APOCALYPSE..sorry zack snider's guy did to picking lex luther is awful, really need a straight up fan director's of DC all the way on for the movie.

  • Chris Vise
    Chris Vise Month ago


  • Rexxa Mecca
    Rexxa Mecca Month ago

    Finally said STATIC SHOCK not that Black Lightning

  • Octavio Maldonado
    Octavio Maldonado Month ago

    You are so right 👍

  • Andrew Barnhart
    Andrew Barnhart Month ago

    Hey thanks for taking 7 minutes to tell us something WE ALREADY KNOW. DICK

  • Insanitarium Show
    Insanitarium Show Month ago

    horrible scripts. horrible casting, a cast that talks shit about marvel then gives a huge pile of crap in response to Deadpool.

  • Kevin Odibeli
    Kevin Odibeli Month ago

    DC/WB seems to be really really bad at casting. They are all over the place.
    Ben Affleck as Batman (He may be an okay Bruce Wayne, but a he's shitty Batman), Jon Hamm will be better
    Teen Titans Starfire might be the right race, but nothing else works,
    Teen Titans Robin looks more like a geek than an ass-kicking acrobat,
    It's long overdue to use the Damian Wayne Robin whose relationship with Batman and Ras Al-Ghul should spice things up
    Cyborg has zero charisma,
    Willem Dafoe would have been an easily workable pick for Joker
    Suicide Quad casting was barely okay. The only surprising performance was Captain Boomerang,
    Ocean master looks generic elf (or Eminem if you choose)
    Black Manta doesn't impress (Michael Jai-White was the only real choice for that. His age would have worked if you bring Aqualad into it)
    Michael B Jordan will, of course, deliver on the role, but it's too early for a black Superman. DC should test it out on Supergirl series or add him as a supporting role in a Superman movie first.

    The castings that worked were Wonder Woman, Superman, and Flash
    I hope they learn to do some honest casting instead of the usual Hollywood nepotism bullshit for a change.

  • Splinter Cell
    Splinter Cell Month ago

    WB can't fuck with Disney period lol Frfr

  • James Slappy
    James Slappy Month ago

    DC are great at using WB for animation but movies and TV aside from The Dark Knight everything ever from DC has been trash. No other word for it. Camp ludicrousness, Same can be said for Marvel as well until Iron Man.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    I am tired of DC and Warner brothers. I am burned out! too much crappy cartoons and too much Crappy movies. Marvel has not shot us with tons of content to the point of a burnout as warner brothers. The stories are nasty too to boot. They need to put this to rest for 20 years and release something way after 20 years. Kill off joker, kill off lex luther. I am tired of the villains. how can superman loose to doomsday when superman's strength is limitless? is there such a thing better than limitless? enough said. Very bad!
    Long live marvel! The characters are not overpowered and makes for interesting stories.
    DIE DC! superman with superspeed, superstrength, super everything, and cannot finish a story in a half a second. So pathetic!

  • Anthony Emrick
    Anthony Emrick Month ago

    I loved Man of Steel. Best version of Superman I ever saw. The most relatable. I never liked the Messiah aspect of Superman. I like that Snyder chose to humanize him.

  • Sky Quill
    Sky Quill Month ago

    They made the characters seem unrelatable in the movies. I find it impossible to relate to the characters in the newest movies but I never thought it was the source material, it's obviously the higher-ups trying to catch up instead of taking their time like they should've. I mean, it took Marvel 10 years to get to where we are in the story now, why tf did DC/WB think they could do it in 2 movies?

  • Rose Rey
    Rose Rey Month ago

    you want a good movie? hire an Englishman.
    Chris Nolan & Chris Bale have taste.
    Zack Snyder & Ben Affleck DO NOT.

  • Lee Presson
    Lee Presson Month ago

    Between 2008 and 2012, Marvel released six movies. Warner Brothers, meanwhile, released Dark Knight in 2008 and then spent four years figuring out a title for Dark Knight Rises.

  • navya sagar
    navya sagar Month ago

    DC is awesome

  • Thomas Rath
    Thomas Rath Month ago

    batman, batman returns, batman begins, batman the darknight, wonderwoman, superman, superman 2, the watchman, man of steel, V for Vendetta, all this movies were good to me

  • super gerd
    super gerd Month ago

    I love Arrowverse + Gotham (Cameron Monaghan is my fave) compared to Marvel's Netflix shows except The Punisher, I love him. But for movies, I prefer MCU.
    I think the reason DCU don't work because they make movies like Professor Utonium, sugar, spice and everything nice all poured into a container in a rushed way, unlike the Arrowverse's shows, they start somewhere, story continues, story grows. I know Arrowverse doesn't have perfect episodes in every show but that's why i love them. They're not squished as a group because one movie was good enough, they have build up, just what MCU did from Iron Man.
    I loved George Clooney's Batman when i was a kid because I didn't really had an idea what they were doing was wrong (since the The Dark Night I've been seeing comments on posts regarding the bat nipples on Clooney's costume) to comic book fans. I didn't know that, my dad just rented a movie to watch and I liked it as a kid, but that show made me felt suffocated, dark visuals, just like modern DCU movies but I didn't liked what MCU did in their first few movies, it looked scary to me (Blade).

    You're right too, DC makes their characters like the person you wanna look up to. Like it's never going to be possible in your own life. I loved Tobey McGuire's Spider-Man when it came out I was still in grade school, we weren't the same age but I can relate to him, we like photography, photography doesn't really make you money (even me as a wedding photographer and concert photographer) it doesn't really pay the bills, you worry about your rent, your next meal. Sort of those things, everyday problems, unlike The Flash, yes he's a forensic scientist but his salary just doesn't cover his food expenses that metabolism requires, right? It just doesn't make sense, he has to consume 10,000 calories a day with a forensic scientist's salary? That's just not realistic.

  • Shabari Shenoy
    Shabari Shenoy Month ago

    *sigh , you make a decent point but.. facts.. Green Arrow is just a dude with a mission not a god. people watch that! So dont think you can dismiss the point

  • Anthony Mckenzie
    Anthony Mckenzie Month ago

    DC doesn't work because they are ether gods or millionaires and for years it's just been Batman or Superman with a little Wonderwoman.

  • Ahmed Yildiz
    Ahmed Yildiz Month ago

    Legion is from Marvel, not DC.

  • BrotherO4
    BrotherO4 Month ago

    they are trying to copy marvel instead of doing their own thing....if they just kept it small scale and very focus like the batman it be all good....but nope they most copy marvels but at a much faster rate.

  • Jonathan Simmons
    Jonathan Simmons Month ago

    Bad stories, bad directors, bad producers, and upper management with no direction at all, who just want to make money; while disregarding quality.

  • Jarred
    Jarred Month ago

    dc universe is dark. not pg. needs to be rated R, then the skys the limit. stop trying to make a light hearted, hard core, action, love story, comedy.

  • Allonsy_Miami
    Allonsy_Miami Month ago

    Zack Snyder is treating all of the movies like his very own fanfiction. That's the simplest answer I can think of on why DC movies sucks..

  • Jennifer Adams Franklin

    He's dancing around the bad writing and the rush jobs. Most fans have no problem with the characters. we are all waiting for great writing.

  • Samoa Joe Fan
    Samoa Joe Fan Month ago

    You should die

  • Ink Mage
    Ink Mage Month ago

    The reason why DC isn't doing well, and the only reason why they aren't.. Is because they keep getting people to work on their movies, that do not know the characters, or stories very well. DC would be awesome like Marvel, if they'd just bring the writers in, who worked on the awesome animations, as well as comics- and people who actually know and get the characters. Marvel does this, which is why when I watch a Marvel movie, it feels like not only a good movie, but the comic in live action... Until DC/WB does this, all of their live action stuff will continue to suck.

  • Donni Cee
    Donni Cee Month ago

    Hmmm, interesting thought, WULFF DEN. The sad thing (for you all, anyway) is...I don't want them to improve. If they start making live-action movies (really good ones) then they'll just focus on those too often and not any animated films whatsoever (Cough, cough, Dis-ney, Cough. 'cuse me). Besides, live action is very overrated anyway. I see live action in every day of my life Except on TVclip or Dailymotion). I see it every morning, noon, and evening. I see it before I go to work, when I come home from work, and when I go straight to bed. I see it in the newspaper and when I hear the neighbors whining. In fact, live action films are the reason why many folks believe that cartoons are, have been, and always will be for kids.

  • Mike Stankovich
    Mike Stankovich Month ago

    Before the DCEU there were some really good DC movies

  • Glamazonprince
    Glamazonprince Month ago

    Kevin feige stole ideas from DC black panther was horrible and his arms crossed really hello wonder woman the reason is Superman played by cavill is at heart a narcissist Christopher reeve played Superman amazingly you can't fake the truth justice and kindness cavill is an asshole Dianna showed bravery and fierceness and strength gal Gadot has those traits innately you can't fake a good decent soul .if you've ever read henry cavills interviews he's an asshole .plus Snyder made movies that were depressing and dark comic book movies should be fun and inspiring I have never had s lump in my throat as when wonder woman climbed that ladder in no man's land it was one if not the most inspiring emotional moments in a comic book movie or even in any movie

  • Jeff hope
    Jeff hope Month ago

    I don’t Think they are in relatable I think Batman and Superman have been done to many times. And they’re just rushed trying to beat marvel now because I think marvel it more organized and has a game plan they have Phases they have endings I mean take Iron Man is been one Iron Man not multiples like Batman you’ve grown to love those character because you seen them grow I think that’s what DC is missing. Or take the hulk We see him in Thor Ragnarok it’s all about the hulk and how he has grown. And he wants out but does Bruce and then in infinity wars Hulk doesn’t want to come out Because he doesn’t want to be just a bashing for us it’s like he wants to feel and be more than just a smashing thing and I can’t wait to see what they do with them next movie. That’s why I think marvels got the edge over dc. But dc has better tv shows

  • PsychoticGod
    PsychoticGod Month ago

    I personally feel like the flash would make a good movie if they actually do it like the comics or how the show was. But that's just my opinion.

  • TheIggy08
    TheIggy08 Month ago

    😂 Cw is putting up more of a fight
    Marvel owns

  • lost soul _
    lost soul _ Month ago

    who cares if they're not relatable to us human being stupid their comic book characters I can't believe this you stupid ass people believe these heroes are real and they need to be relatable to us come on man their comic book characters . Really you coming book fans are really very stupid ignorant illiterate they're just comic book characters they're not even real seriously

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Month ago

      I know. :D
      But seriously - I think God is happy to see us creating art.
      And it's not a sin to be fan of something, even fictional heroes.

    • lost soul _
      lost soul _ Month ago

      Mike Dasik 😄😃😂😆😅😅😅 your funny .

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Month ago

      You really became lost now... Real Christian wouldn't hate comic book characters...

    • lost soul _
      lost soul _ Month ago

      Yeah I'm lost soul , but I know that comic book fans out there are really lost . I know because I used to collect comic books for over 35+ I was into Hero worship I payed more attention to the names their powers had comic book The Bates to see who was more powerful than who and who created them what year and so on everything , but I woke up ! The only one who really deserves our Worship our praise is JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR the one who died on the cross for our SINS and he's coming soon and judgement with him , you better believe that cause you'll have to answer to the lord GOD , Marvel and DC Comics Pokemon Power Rangers Dragon Ball Z anyting that you Worship like comic book characters World video characters and anything else of this Earth will not save you ! you'll see , you'll see 👊💥

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Month ago

      You're really lost soul... ;)

  • Mike Churchill
    Mike Churchill Month ago

    They don't work because they make light of American patriotism. Movies with socialism and progressive ideas don't do as well. People don't want that. They want winning and fun and stories of redemption. They don't want to be subliminally told they're stupid, hurting the environment, have no faith, and that they should be members of one world government.

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James Month ago

    Their good movies, not gonna lie. Its just... Marvel is simply better

  • Jacob Burris
    Jacob Burris Month ago

    1. The Writing
    2. Zach Snyder
    3. Rushing Everything
    4. The Writing

  • Gorav Machal
    Gorav Machal Month ago

    But DC not work in India

  • Amber Tan
    Amber Tan Month ago

    axactly. couldn't agree with you more. wrong people.

  • Amber Tan
    Amber Tan Month ago

    bullshit. how superman was raised is a big part of his code of morals.

  • Yoyo Mofo
    Yoyo Mofo Month ago +1

    Nothing relatable about Thor and hulk who are God like

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Month ago +1

      Thor is VERY relatable. Not because of his powers, because of his rivalry with his brother, because of him wanting to impress his father etc.

  • Mystic Eyes
    Mystic Eyes Month ago

    Dc is good....except in movies
    Marvel is good.....only in movies😐

  • Justice Hall
    Justice Hall Month ago

    Let me finish by saying that Marvel does a great job Humanizing there characters unlike the DCU has. The DCU as of right now is rushing there projects with directors and writers who aren't huge comic book fans. And it shows. The DCU is like when a director makes a movie base on a cartoon show and has never watch the cartoon show. Like Avatar the Last Air Fender Bender

  • Justice Hall
    Justice Hall Month ago +3

    Naw slim. All you young people got it twisted. Let me lay the track. Back in the 90s nobody thought the avengers or Xmen would work on screen. Because of the complex story arcs and the jokable super powers. Captain America would have been to cheesy back in the 90s. DC was always on top in the movie area. But the truth is Marvel is better NOW because of better writers and directors. PERIOD POINT BLANK. the credit goes to the people behind the screen

  • Denis Beaubien
    Denis Beaubien Month ago

    I find that Batman has been developed much more like Marvel characters. I find that DC should really need to develop their characters, something they don't. How can you get hooked on a character that is already amazing? You want to know how they became great.

  • Robert Barker
    Robert Barker Month ago

    OMG so much BS. There are a bunch of stories to pull from to whatever level of angst you want from DC characters over their years in comics. One I think would work really well would be John Stewart around the gloves off era. Or even the across America storyline with Hal and Oliver. Or the storyline with Kyle finding his GF in the fridge and going off to kill Major Force. Which was a bit over the top but still. Aquaman losing his throne. Jim becoming the Spectre. Martian Manhunter losing his entire race and not understanding humanity while trying to blend in with us. The fact the money losing movies are the ones that butcher the characters, don't come close to following established plots from the comics and we keep finding out the directors want to take the characters in their own direction and don't want the actors and actresses to even brush up on the characters and to hell with their movies they are hot burning garbage dumpster fires and then want to lash out at the fans and they can go to fuck.

  • Mark Charke
    Mark Charke Month ago +2

    The DCU characters are evil. Superman doesn't smile and had a fight that killed thousands from off-screen collateral damage and culminates in a very graphic murder. Batman was straight up killing and torturing people. The Suicide Squad was a team of evil people. The ONLY character in the DCU that isn't evil is Wonderwoman (and arguably Flash and Aquaman because they've only had a few minutes on screen). The Joss Whedon parts of Justice League are obvious, because he desperately tried to put some humor and humanity into the movie and was probably reminding the characters to smile.

  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum Month ago


  • Krillin Sn
    Krillin Sn Month ago

    I would have to agree that they rush movies and try to tell a 70 year old story in 1.5 hours

  • Norman Alcala
    Norman Alcala Month ago +3

    Marvel Studios took the time to create their cinematic universe.

  • Darryl Ruiz
    Darryl Ruiz Month ago

    DC needs to lighten it up With the exception of WW they are too dark and depressing Audiences want to have fun not leave the theatre bummed out

  • J. Joseph Messenger

    One unfortunate fact is that Superman evolved into something too perfect, and too powerful.

    • manat31790
      manat31790 Month ago

      That's not "perfect". They are powerful, illogical, and ridiculous, yes, but not perfect.
      - The Superman I's time reversal was created out of Superman's sheer desperation. He yells out of his lung in anger and proceeds to break the one rule his father imposed him: never interfere with human's history. If that's anything, it shows he's flawed and selfish (somethings that backfire horribly in II). Donner's Superman in general centers his entire career around Lois Lane.
      - The main problem of Superman Returns is that the story was written into the corner as Superman flying off the island is the only way to solve the problem. If Superman fails, the entire world dies, and the hero failing is not a part of any superhero movie's climax. I also don't see how a character who desperately recovers from a kryptonite by pulling out all his power and adrenaline to save the world "perfect", unless you count every single anime hero perfect for having a second wind.
      - Comic reboot started at 1986. Superman was never too powerful or perfect since because the comic started dealing with his dilemma as an outdated hero. Remember, Batman is smarter than Superman and Martian Manhunter has more power than him.
      Still, thanks for the examples. Got my head running a bit.

    • J. Joseph Messenger
      J. Joseph Messenger Month ago

      The Superman which existed through the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s... up until his supposed "death." Even the Superman movies made him so ridiculously powerful.. such as reversing time by changing the Earth's rotation... moving the moon in front of the sun to create an eclipse, and with "Superman Returns"... he throws a growing continent of land out into space.

    • manat31790
      manat31790 Month ago

      What fact? Show me.
      Last I checked, Michael Bendis (2018 Man of Steel; Superman; Action Comics) made Superman go through hell. Lois Lane and Jon Kent wandered off with Jor-El. Kandor was utterly destroyed by a mad alien. Supergirl ran off afterward, several fires went off in Metropolis. Now, he's famed for a murder of some lowlife thug named "Yogurt". Throughout all this, Superman is unable to do anything but tracing down clues and working with local officers.