My TESLA battery DIED!!!


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  • Paulo gamer Pontes
    Paulo gamer Pontes 19 hours ago +1

    your channel is about cutting evrything i wonder if you can hurt yby cuting a tesla batterey

  • Tom Dobson
    Tom Dobson Day ago

    If a gas car was just parked for ten months the battery would still run out

  • SpaceD
    SpaceD Day ago

    its called vampire drain when you leave your cell phone somewhere for weeks eventually the power will run out, so how to fix. Charge it. dont be daft

  • adirondacktrail
    adirondacktrail Day ago

    Lmao, whinny nurf boy. Post a video to prove how dumb you are🤣🤣

  • Apple Guy
    Apple Guy Day ago

    Exactly why Heathrow has tesla chargers

  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony Day ago +1

    They call it a Vampire Drain. The EV's batteries are just like your cell phone battery. If they get too hot they explode, and too cold they don't hold a charge. There is circuit of heating/cooling going between the batteries and the electronics and the cars heater and A/C. This is to keep the batteries from getting too hot (say in a summer day in the sun) or to cold (like parked in a winter night).

    So expect the batteries to drain even when parked. His 3% estimate was based on mild conditions, if it's -30C outside, or +100F you are heating/cooling with more then 3% per day!!!

    I live in Canadian East. I won't get a BEV, it will get hammered in the winter here. We see minus 20-30 Celcius in January and February. That will HALVE the battery range BEFORE you turn on the heater, which at -20 you are definitely turning on (not an option)! Also, you never fully charge a BEV battery, you set the max at lets say 90% or so as overchanging will burn out the batteries. Same for the superchargers, they are harder on the batteries. The Batteries are in an array with nothing more then a low gauge wire acting as a fuse, so if the wire overheats it burns out protecting the rest of the cells, but then that battery is forever off the array and will never charge again. It's not a very complex system, it works but it costs you your max charge very quickly, which is why these battery packs are certified for only 8 years and up to 70% of so, they expect the wires to burn away over time. Expect them to degrade quicker if you supercharge.

    I think the new Hydrogen Fuel cells can operate in any earth temperature, and so I am waiting for those and to have a refueling station near me. I also want a high performance motor, not like the current models that are all 0-60 in 10 seconds. No one made one yet, which bothers me. It can have the exact same motors as any BEV, so why not make it faster?

    When there are 3+ refueling stations on the Montreal - Toronto 401 corridor (Cornwall, Kingston and/or maybe Belleville or Oshawa), and acceleration of 0-60 in 6-7 seconds, I'll buy a FCEL SUV. I like the technology, and I want to help the environment but I want a practical car, not to be ridiculously inconvenienced.

  • Suqeakthehamster

    Ford truck *tundra*

  • Michelle Huynh
    Michelle Huynh Day ago

    6:50 Model S - #metoo

  • Ray Malzo
    Ray Malzo 2 days ago

    Didn’t your hat come with instructions ? Peak goes in the front

  • Jack L
    Jack L 2 days ago

    You need AAA premium, only 90 bucks a year but you get 4 tows for free within 100 miles, pays for itself if you're gonna let you Tesla keep dying ;)

  • Ewan 44 B
    Ewan 44 B 2 days ago

    5:34, get ready to pause

    Surprised they didn’t blur out the license plate

  • Francisco Maldonado
    Francisco Maldonado 2 days ago

    Run out of juice on a gas car, get a gallon, drive away. Run out of juice on an electric....🤔🤨😣😤😡🤦‍♂️

  • Jonathan Gatto
    Jonathan Gatto 3 days ago

    I left my car for 2 weeks at the airport and it started right up when i got back.

  • Tannyka Shelton
    Tannyka Shelton 4 days ago

    he is recording and its horrible he keeps moving the camera all over the place I am catching a headache

  • Arnie Satacruz
    Arnie Satacruz 4 days ago

    What a wasted of money this car are notting .but garbage.

  • Rico Savage
    Rico Savage 4 days ago

    Lol wish I could complain about this

  • Ioannis-John Mizithras

    Gasoline losses it's efficiency over time if not used though.. 10 months is a bit f'd up

  • Manoj M R
    Manoj M R 5 days ago

    If the ballistic gel inside of a tyre,
    What will happen?
    Will it be a puncher proof Tyre?
    If it works, there is no need of air

  • ShadowBro Gaming
    ShadowBro Gaming 5 days ago

    Why did you just tow the car to a charge station?
    You could put it in neutral since your screen turned on

  • da da
    da da 5 days ago

    I thoght you wear a head towel,but actually it's a hat.

  • david Salmons
    david Salmons 5 days ago

    Nice backup car: A Honda!!

  • Bijan Izadi
    Bijan Izadi 5 days ago

    Also thank you guys you inspired me to actually start making youtube videos 🙏

  • Bijan Izadi
    Bijan Izadi 5 days ago

    7:20 yeezy slides

  • Ruthless 12 street
    Ruthless 12 street 6 days ago

    Piece of crap .... that’s why Tesla going under

  • A Stanton1966
    A Stanton1966 6 days ago

    For all the guys with a Tesla, I hope the company doesn't go out of business before the warranty expires on it's batteries.

  • SuperExcedrin
    SuperExcedrin 6 days ago

    Tesla buyers are so in touch, they don't even realize buying the upgrade battery is equivelant to ICE gas cost. The $15,000 battery upgrade for range is equal to $15k of gas for an ICE car.

  • Ali Touray
    Ali Touray 7 days ago

    Who else feels like he is lying

  • Mike
    Mike 7 days ago

    Probably from all the Electronics in there in which if I buy one I'll rip the electronics out of them because they're useless and put solar panel on top of the roof and connected to a charge controller and connect it to the Tesla battery to an inverter which I can turn on and off.

  • Snoop Big Dog
    Snoop Big Dog 7 days ago

    *that's my problem*

  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd 7 days ago

    1st world problems. No sympathy from 10s of millions of poor / middle class people.

    CLS CLS 7 days ago

    as much as those cars cost Tesla should have sent a special truck out there to charge it for free...

  • BlueCasey11
    BlueCasey11 7 days ago

    on newer tesla you open the front trunk then theirs a cover inside 3 of the frunk

  • BlueCasey11
    BlueCasey11 7 days ago

    4 tips to keep your Tesla from dying when your traveling
    1 leave Tesla or other EV at home use uber to get to the airport
    2 if tip 1 isn't possible try using the chargign station at the airport'
    3 if no chargers present use the moble connector
    4 take short trips so your battrey doesnt drain

  • migsven surfing
    migsven surfing 7 days ago

    I would also complain about this enormous drain when the car is in "standby". It's horrible bad design. What is it using 150 watts for, when turned off ?

  • Cameron Matherly
    Cameron Matherly 8 days ago +1

    “Just take it, you know you want it”. Lmao

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b 8 days ago

    Get a normal gas car, this is a little too much tech for you (not being salty)

  • Laythalabrawi
    Laythalabrawi 8 days ago

    Elon Musk must fix this problem with disconnecting the battery after usage automaticaly

  • skep
    skep 9 days ago

    Wait, how is this a Tesla approved company, but they bring a small wrecker? Teslas are all supposed to be towed on a flat bed. And their solution is a tiny cart for the front wheels to sit on lmao.

  • skep
    skep 9 days ago

    Brilliant.... if you parked a gas vehicle for 10 months, the BATTERY would be dead. Imagine that.
    Common sense, electricity is used while parked. Shocker, we know. Goes same for all cars.

  • John Keig
    John Keig 10 days ago

    Man, I feel so bad for you..........not really.

  • Jaison J
    Jaison J 10 days ago

    How is he able to afford this car.. To Dumb to realize how a battery works and have a job 2 afford this car

  • glmoore001
    glmoore001 10 days ago

    Sorry dude, you should think about what you are driving.All batteries run down over time.

  • Landen Keffer
    Landen Keffer 10 days ago

    You know that you have to eventually replace the battery. Makes TVclip video out of a neglected Tesla

  • JCKR2
    JCKR2 11 days ago

    What a bloody waste of time listening to the captain of the dumb team.

  • Iskled
    Iskled 11 days ago


  • cgrscott
    cgrscott 11 days ago

    Owner ignorance is more often displayed on TVclip, especially with the "hears-how-to- fi-it-yourself" videos.

  • Yung Arnie
    Yung Arnie 11 days ago

    Like, er mer gerd, the battery like, totally died or like, whatever.. Like wert erm I guna do naaooowww....

    OK that's enough internets for me today. Holy fuuuk LOL 😂

  • Drew Peterson
    Drew Peterson 12 days ago

    Couldn't you have spent that $150 on a generator and charged the battery with a gas-powered generator?? At least afterwards you'd have yourself a generator...

  • kids yousef
    kids yousef 13 days ago

    buy camry hybrid instead

  • kids yousef
    kids yousef 13 days ago

    I knew tesla is rubish

  • xrcrx ftfghjg
    xrcrx ftfghjg 13 days ago

    piece of crap car
    what a hassle.

  • Trent Ostrowski
    Trent Ostrowski 14 days ago

    You live in kaysville Utah it shows on your garbage can.. I can literally sharpen the picture and read the street sign in front of your house.. I can also tell from the mountains..
    that is by Fairfield jr high
    I know my mountains!! and you show a license plate not very smart..

  • Adityac2004
    Adityac2004 14 days ago

    Gas car #1

  • IOneTwoFarQ 1
    IOneTwoFarQ 1 14 days ago +4

    He’s the type of guy to buy a new Tesla when the old one runs out of battery

  • Tactical
    Tactical 14 days ago

    End of the story get an uber

  • Asociall
    Asociall 14 days ago

    the way he wears his yeezys hurt my soul...but thats how you know you have money

  • Salem Al-Mazrouei
    Salem Al-Mazrouei 15 days ago

    I won’t buy Tesla

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 15 days ago

    Should have had it towed to a super charger

  • Frantz Vallon
    Frantz Vallon 16 days ago

    Well it’s a smart car so it’s always working like a smart phone specially with linking to your smart phone. Witch needs to be on at all time for locating the cars locking unlocking the care being able to get it from one location to another coming real soon. Truth be told is had you knowing this before hand would this be a problem or would you have ask the airport for a charging parking space. It’s a product and they explain this to you when you asked what don’t you know about the car that you should. That’s the content we want to see. Because at that point we get to see if this is really for us. What real issues with the car have you had others than things you didn’t know about is what I mean.

  • Aaron Rivas
    Aaron Rivas 17 days ago

    You need a power bank for Tesla!!!

  • krish goundar
    krish goundar 19 days ago

    Quick tip use a jumper pack to open the car and put it in neutral

    • krish goundar
      krish goundar 19 days ago

      Also if you smack downwards on the two sides of the top of the front facia

  • Bradley Bozarth
    Bradley Bozarth 19 days ago

    The battery will never be the same again.

  • Bradley Bozarth
    Bradley Bozarth 19 days ago

    It’s because the battery heaters run constantly

  • Simon M
    Simon M 20 days ago

    Karma for flexing on your fans who watched for a what’s inside vid not Tesla

  • 程畅
    程畅 21 day ago

    Tesla was like " i am not taking it,i do not want it, i am dead as fk”. haha

  • Hey its jethro _. Jethro

    Hmm 🤔 the battery is in the middle and very hard to Remove

  • Hey its jethro _. Jethro

    Hmm 🤔 the battery is in the middle and very hard to Remove

  • Marion Blair
    Marion Blair 22 days ago

    Very nice car with some cool stuff but it will die along with all other attempts to mainstream electric powered cars. Battery technology is just not there yet. Without government subsidies which are going away, hydrocarbon powered is the only source of energy that will stand on it's on without support from the government. Wind doesn't, solar doesn't. The stock price is beginning to reflect it's demise. Just stating facts not trying to trash the car, it's very nice and brilliant design but run it on gasoline or even nat gas and then you've got something. The Tesla will end up in the Smithsonian Institute.

  • Strange God MLBB
    Strange God MLBB 22 days ago

    i think you just hate tesla..because it's just so perfect

  • marcel j
    marcel j 23 days ago

    Your trying to defame and belittle the tesla when in fact you are the one with the deficit. Did you hate your mother? Fact is that this is not even about the Tesla. Its about your mental illness and TVclip is your therapists.

  • bozy
    bozy 23 days ago

    2:01 license plate

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis 23 days ago

    It's not called a Tesla it's called a Tesla

  • CallMeJackzツ
    CallMeJackzツ 24 days ago

    6:58 “you know you want it”

  • Taco off road For life

    Lmao so many people complaining about how the owner treats vehicle when nothing is made perfect 😂 Classic sums up how ignorant people are today 🤔

    • The Tormentor
      The Tormentor 24 days ago

      He left the car at low charge. It uses about 1% of charge a day when off. He should've charged the damn thing before he left it.

  • Lobotomizer
    Lobotomizer 24 days ago

    people like you should own cars blonde mofo

  • Pepperidge13
    Pepperidge13 25 days ago

    All TVclipr's Tesla breaks down. Coincidence?

  • Cassandra Wilson
    Cassandra Wilson 25 days ago

    Great does it also have VR real time advertising to exp. before you order with dealer.

  • Gamer 57
    Gamer 57 25 days ago

    That’s a lot of damage

  • James Lindenberg
    James Lindenberg 27 days ago

    Parking at an airport with 30 miles left? I wouldn't even leave the house unless my TESLA had at least 100 miles. You just plug it in at night, very simple.

  • WooMaker
    WooMaker 28 days ago


  • hmbpnz
    hmbpnz 28 days ago +1

    Yay, another rich scrote with more money than ability.

  • João da Silva
    João da Silva 28 days ago

    A gasoline car's battery could easily be dead after ten months without use. get a horse and chariot

    • Tessellation Arts
      Tessellation Arts 28 days ago

      You can easily jump start a gas car with a portable battery pack (ones that charge phones), just like that it's rolling. You're the one that needs to get a horse.

  • Kipayami
    Kipayami 29 days ago

    If dirt makes you sad you should commit suicide

  • JIMMY Huang
    JIMMY Huang 29 days ago

    I thought this channel is about what's inside but it's becoming a car show now

  • Bill
    Bill 29 days ago

    Buy a Camry dude.

  • Kate Kelley
    Kate Kelley Month ago

    Rip tesla

  • Mark Turner
    Mark Turner Month ago +1


  • jonna fonna
    jonna fonna Month ago

  • C w
    C w Month ago

    The tow drivers get paid for hookup and towing that's why he didn't know how. Cheated you so he gets paid.

  • josh herniman
    josh herniman Month ago

    You buy a p.o.s you get what you deserve

  • C w
    C w Month ago

    Gas car parked 10 months may not have battery either unless cables were disconnected.

    • Tessellation Arts
      Tessellation Arts 27 days ago

      +C w?

    • C w
      C w 27 days ago

      +Tessellation Arts I feel sorry for you.

    • Tessellation Arts
      Tessellation Arts 28 days ago

      Gas cars can be easily started using portable battery packs and other methods you dummy.

  • Dsn13 jcsn
    Dsn13 jcsn Month ago

    Sjw's are reporting you for raping that car with the power cable

  • jdudleyh
    jdudleyh Month ago

    At the parking garage your battery was in an extreme power-saving mode that allows you to put it in neutral to perhaps roll it to an electrical outlet (and connect the mobile charger) or put it in tow mode so it can be easily towed. If your battery was completely dead, you would not have been able to open the doors.
    Any combination of the following will help with the long term battery drain:
    An increasing number of airports and third party lots have EV charging spots or a vallet charging service.
    Charge up the battery near where you are going to park it or charge to 100% before you leave, and be an efficient driver to the airport.
    Take your mobile charger (and an extension cord to be safe) with you.
    Avoid using your Tesla app. Apps and other services that talk to your vehicle will wake up it up. It can takes 12+ hours for the vehicle to go back into "deep sleep".
    If you use third party apps (Tesla-Fi, Tezlab, Remote S, etc) change your password and do not update the password in the apps until you return.
    Enable "Energy Savings" under Power Management and uncheck "Always connected". Note: Model 3 have no "Energy Savings" mode.
    Disable "Pre-conditioning" (Model S/X only) and "Cabin overheat protection" -- although these should stop functioning after vehicle goes into deep sleep (unless battery reaches an extreme temperature).
    Park where the vehicle is protected from extreme temperatures. Consider wind direction in the winter (and park where it is blocked from the wind). Avoid direct sun during warm weather.
    Trade your car with an ICE vehicle from a friend/family member for the week.
    Leave your car somewhere where you can leave it plugged in and get an Uber, train, one-way car rentals, etc to/from the airport.

  • felix liew
    felix liew Month ago

    Never leave ur tesla under 50% charged. Lessons learned

  • Yankee Doodle
    Yankee Doodle Month ago

    Calm down princess.

  • alan koza
    alan koza Month ago

    Get a gasoline car ..... Much cheaper 😉

  • Domagoj Matijević
    Domagoj Matijević Month ago

    If you leave a petrol car on an airpord for 10 months you are going to have much much worse problems than losing gas

  • Imooo Hossain
    Imooo Hossain Month ago +4

    Why do you love Tesla's so much

  • Yash Luthria
    Yash Luthria Month ago

    We saw your license plate