Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge

  • Published on May 30, 2019
    I went up to everyone at the FaZe House and Clout House and gave them a pen and paper. Anything they draw I HAVE TO BUY!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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Comments • 11 970

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +5560

    One of my favorite videos!! Drop a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE IF YOU’RE NEW!

  • Jacob Vega
    Jacob Vega Hour ago

    Dude was low-key hurt wit them Oreos

  • Jacob Vega
    Jacob Vega Hour ago

    Yu did ol boy dirty by not giving him another chance, Oreos really.

  • katie wennerberg
    katie wennerberg Hour ago

    I woulda done a Lamborghini Aventador that’s what I want more then anything in the world

  • jagadish Naik
    jagadish Naik Hour ago

    do it dis homeless guys out said😊

  • Kolby Hampton
    Kolby Hampton Hour ago

    Thought someone would draw a house

  • Samuel Magar
    Samuel Magar 2 hours ago

    Faze Bank suck

  • Charlie Greenburg
    Charlie Greenburg 2 hours ago

    temperrr was definitely high

  • Max Ramirez
    Max Ramirez 2 hours ago

    How you know rug is getting richer

  • Eli Peets
    Eli Peets 2 hours ago

    A yo Lucas good job bro

  • Tayler Yaguchi
    Tayler Yaguchi 2 hours ago


  • Josh Harrington
    Josh Harrington 4 hours ago

    Banks really on that ignorant shit right now.

  • Rocketplayer1st
    Rocketplayer1st 4 hours ago

    Alex had probably the best drawing out of all change my mind

  • MontageNation
    MontageNation 4 hours ago +1

    Why does it seem like everybody but rug was hung over from a party the night before

  • Michael Connors
    Michael Connors 4 hours ago

    Wtf banks with the skills

  • Cj Lovesmilfs
    Cj Lovesmilfs 5 hours ago

    adapt was baked

  • Cooper Walker
    Cooper Walker 6 hours ago

    1:00 Jarvis you’re insane!

  • D Dude
    D Dude 7 hours ago


  • Chris Hollis
    Chris Hollis 8 hours ago

    Stg adapt was drunk😂💀

  • bladed bomber
    bladed bomber 8 hours ago


  • iDivceX
    iDivceX 11 hours ago

    poor dog

  • Maarrky
    Maarrky 13 hours ago

    Banks jus got some MADD respect

  • dobre dude for life
    dobre dude for life 14 hours ago

    U are the best TVclipr ever

  • Danielle Bohm
    Danielle Bohm 15 hours ago +1

    The puppy

  • Dead Weat
    Dead Weat 16 hours ago +3

    Why is banks being rude

  • Dank Meme
    Dank Meme 22 hours ago

    Copying mrbeast now?

  • Toxic clan Adam
    Toxic clan Adam 22 hours ago

    You got Jarvis the same Apple Watch I have

  • Idontgive1FUCK !
    Idontgive1FUCK ! 22 hours ago

    i love you too

  • TDK James 23 o
    TDK James 23 o 23 hours ago

    Yoooo Alex was fadded I f*cks with him 😂

  • Joshua Herrera
    Joshua Herrera Day ago +1

    14:54 rug u forgot the bone 🦴

  • Sharpy
    Sharpy Day ago

    “faze has a huge announcement link in description” not in the description

  • Dekotah Fisher
    Dekotah Fisher Day ago

    The guy with the toaster was high af

  • Dekotah Fisher
    Dekotah Fisher Day ago

    Adapt was the best 😂😂

  • Jason MacGregor
    Jason MacGregor Day ago

    The dog

  • Tylnorton
    Tylnorton Day ago

    So what happened to that dog?

  • Omar Hossam
    Omar Hossam Day ago

    why did banks rejected the dog

  • The Monster Beast
    The Monster Beast Day ago +1

    I think FaZe Banks drew the best. But it was sad that he “didn’t want” it. Because he drew it so like you drew it so if you couldn’t take care of another dog than don’t draw it.

  • J Estevez
    J Estevez Day ago

    Can u pay off my car

  • iiNinjaDefuseHD
    iiNinjaDefuseHD Day ago

    I know it's late viewing, but man some of these guys looked either high/drunk, lol.

  • Δημήτριος Αντωνακόπουλος

    What happened with the dog ????

  • Shea Patrick Comstock

    if he doesn't want the dog I mean ill take it ;)

  • ohhTwix
    ohhTwix Day ago

    Adapt is the best no cap

  • HeckTaco
    HeckTaco Day ago +1


  • Little Lizar
    Little Lizar Day ago

    Banks was being sad

  • HORT zQubyx
    HORT zQubyx Day ago

    Sway is better then Jarvis.

  • madter l
    madter l Day ago

    wheres the dogggg

  • gaming diys,leslye

    U forgot banks dogs bone😭

  • Etdion Isufaj
    Etdion Isufaj Day ago

    Yoooo Rug You made them so happy man , thats a very nice from you bro

  • Scott Soward
    Scott Soward Day ago

    How many houses do they need

  • Jr Wazowski
    Jr Wazowski Day ago

    Banks was a little bitch bro

  • VDC Brothers
    VDC Brothers Day ago

    Plz subscribe to vector brothers

  • David Joel Ramos

    Alex best drawing

  • Tito Escalera
    Tito Escalera Day ago

    Why does Alex always sound high

  • mackenzie Lowery

    hi!!! omg!!! you are my favorite you tuber ever ive watched all of you videos and i have loved every single one of them keep the good work up.

  • BapeBogo
    BapeBogo Day ago

    5:45 I thought a safe

  • Osric Leigh
    Osric Leigh Day ago

    What about the dog 🐕😧

  • im a god
    im a god Day ago

    Fucking Americans

  • Hugo Robles
    Hugo Robles Day ago +1

    Every little kid- you got a switch bro

  • Malony
    Malony Day ago +2

    blaze was at the beginning when jarvis drew then why was he so suprised when rug asked him to draw smth smh

  • Kamya Williams
    Kamya Williams Day ago +4

    buddy wit the oreos was high af . 😂

  • ExtremeGamez Fire
    ExtremeGamez Fire Day ago +1

    Faze Kay:YOU ArE INSANe Jarvis omg

  • Abril Sanchís
    Abril Sanchís Day ago

    9:10 that dude was high af😂

  • Riley Benning
    Riley Benning Day ago +1

    Is it just me or do they all seem high😂

  • P.A.H
    P.A.H Day ago

    Can you buy me a toaster?????

  • Coldular
    Coldular Day ago

    did you get the dog

  • EpicBoy
    EpicBoy Day ago

    I got so sad when Banks didn't take the dog

  • victoria
    victoria Day ago

    wait soooo what are they doing with the dog

  • ImACowBitch Moo
    ImACowBitch Moo Day ago

    Tommy was totally fucking high

    TRIKSTR Day ago

    almost everyone was stoned out of there mind lmao

  • Liquid Dreaming
    Liquid Dreaming Day ago


  • Justin Moritz
    Justin Moritz 2 days ago

    Banks dog?, lol

  • Tobi/Obito Uchiha
    Tobi/Obito Uchiha 2 days ago


  • ERN Aidan Finch
    ERN Aidan Finch 2 days ago

    Banks had the best

  • Aka Code form
    Aka Code form 2 days ago +1

    Go pro k

  • DJ Evans
    DJ Evans 2 days ago


  • Sina Venus
    Sina Venus 2 days ago

    Can you give me a puppy

    YEETED BEATED 2 days ago +3

    So this whole video he could of purposely not know what they drew like imagine if I draw a g wagon and he says idk what that is

  • Bmo
    Bmo 2 days ago

    That Alex kid was off a pill

  • Chandler Hansley
    Chandler Hansley 2 days ago

    That boi had the munchies

  • bcfishing
    bcfishing 2 days ago

    hIGh aS FUk

  • Mohammad Hilo
    Mohammad Hilo 2 days ago

    Fckn banks 🖕

  • Painful Lockz
    Painful Lockz 2 days ago

    Alex obviously drew the best one

  • Dov
    Dov 2 days ago

    Banks is mean

  • King Kickz
    King Kickz 2 days ago +1

    I would have drew 1m dollar bill and he would ve got me that

  • True 3ZTY ツ
    True 3ZTY ツ 2 days ago

    i think the oreo was the best image

  • Matt Ayala
    Matt Ayala 2 days ago

    Adapt was faded af

  • henben 1618
    henben 1618 2 days ago

    Alex is on crack

  • 80_ Eighty4
    80_ Eighty4 2 days ago

    *draws a rocket ship*

  • Coby Clinger
    Coby Clinger 2 days ago

    The dogo

  • Brycen Wright
    Brycen Wright 2 days ago

    Keep making videos rug you're one of the best TVcliprs that I know

  • For Last
    For Last 2 days ago

    I think Banks did the right thing here. Owning up that he can’t take care of a dog. Instead of just playing and say yes he said it straight. And even said it to the dog that he will be better without him. I think what he did was good!

  • Karol Guidos
    Karol Guidos 2 days ago +2

    Who else liked the part where the cap was still on the sharpie

  • XD Reflections
    XD Reflections 2 days ago +1

    Who else thinks Alex was high 😂😂😂

  • Jr Reyes
    Jr Reyes 2 days ago

    Is the dog ok???:(

  • Damian Dowling
    Damian Dowling 2 days ago

    You are so nice keep up the good work

  • Yahya Tarhuni
    Yahya Tarhuni 2 days ago

    All you have to fucking do is say Yes to his guess lmao what a guy

  • Kevontre Mason
    Kevontre Mason 3 days ago

    My birthday is in 7 days

    CHACE 3 days ago +1

    Lmaooo the end with Banks 😂

  • 4_Dark Nite_4
    4_Dark Nite_4 3 days ago

    What about banks dog

  • SilverDragon
    SilverDragon 3 days ago

    I would’ve drew the world