Georgia - Never Let You Go - Later... With Jools Holland - BBC Two

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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    Georgia performs Never Let You Go live on Later… with Jools Holland, on BBC Two.
    Back with a new series, every week Jools Holland brings together hot, legendary and emerging artists for performances, and a little light-hearted chat.
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Comments • 56

  • Nicolas Dorso
    Nicolas Dorso 21 hour ago

    Fucking love it!

  • OfficialDJEddyC
    OfficialDJEddyC 3 days ago

    That crash cymbal seems awfully high

  • Life Happening Now
    Life Happening Now 8 days ago +1

    That is what I call multitasking. Great job Georgia :)

  • Jorgo the great
    Jorgo the great 16 days ago +1

    Need more 80s SynthieSound like this please 😍

  • rendlesham 80
    rendlesham 80 20 days ago +1

    So refreshing, thank you Georgia.

  • Gato
    Gato 22 days ago +1

    Great song and style.
    I'm a bit conflicted as to the performance... Not sure I get it.
    It's obviously live singing and electronic drumming. But the rest seems to be on a standard backing track?
    Can't decide if it's brilliant for being different or unnecessary?
    Hope to see her with a band going forward anyway. Seems like a great artist.

  • Catalogue Paul
    Catalogue Paul Month ago +2

    Where did jools Holland get this stiff crowd from? I can’t stop having it when I hear this heavyweight tune. I should’ve been there showing some love for Georgia, she’s quality. F*cking quality mate

    • topgeezer
      topgeezer 16 days ago +1

      @Catalogue Paul Peace out. Keep it locked in/locked on fella

    • Catalogue Paul
      Catalogue Paul 16 days ago

      topgeezer done know. Keep it real 👊🏼

    • topgeezer
      topgeezer 29 days ago +1

      You know dat.....It's a top track and a phenomenal performance......all these brain dead morons are too busy thinking they are jafaican ghetto delinquents...keep it locked fella

    • Catalogue Paul
      Catalogue Paul Month ago

      I bet they’d get their arsses into gear if it was stormzy. Wastman.

  • Antonin Poupeney
    Antonin Poupeney Month ago

    Brillant song, good vibes, I love it.

  • Paul Lyons
    Paul Lyons Month ago +2

    Yes What a great performance on both your numbers, loved it you gave it socks girl ! ,cant wait for the album :)

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson Month ago +2

    This is absolutely brilliant.

  • Joy Tackett
    Joy Tackett Month ago

    Beautiful song

  • Laura Craft
    Laura Craft Month ago

    This song pulled me out of a funk while I was laying on the sofa. Incredible. And thank you.

  • Gas Man
    Gas Man Month ago


  • Collette Post
    Collette Post Month ago

    She looks like Izzy in Corrie yet has a sound between Robyn/Linkin Park/etc indietronic meets Scandinavian sound with 80s sound and I saw her supporting Jungle at Alexandra Palace earlier this year

  • yorkiebear1970
    yorkiebear1970 Month ago +2

    Loved the first album. I find her very refreshing

  • Sd An
    Sd An Month ago


  • Shel 71
    Shel 71 Month ago +2

    Talent all the way, Love your music.

  • andyp118
    andyp118 Month ago

    Fantastic... Just sharing this to my two music groups on Facebook.. Loved this performance...

  • David Lloyd
    David Lloyd Month ago

    i love the track and i must admit i had never come across you before it would be great to see you on something like the Graham norton show for more exposure ,doing exactly the same with your kit ,i love the techno backing really well done Georgia !

  • Gabe Doge
    Gabe Doge Month ago

    An 80's synth pop sound for sure. One I am definitely liking 🙏. Watched it half through her performance and rewound it and watched it 3 times on iplayer and countless times on here 👌💕💕xx

  • Navil Jabs
    Navil Jabs Month ago +1


  • Anne B
    Anne B Month ago +1

    What a talent 👏🏽

  • Cackle Thefat
    Cackle Thefat Month ago +5

    Erm, couldn't take my eyes off that drumming! Girl got rhythm !

  • Nathan Smart
    Nathan Smart Month ago +7

    Original but familiar, comforting and pleasurable to listen to.

  • tony lyden
    tony lyden Month ago

    brilliant, where can i get more

  • Mark Carter
    Mark Carter Month ago +2

    Brilliant performance and sound..............Loved it!

  • Jon Aherne
    Jon Aherne Month ago +1

    Very talented

  • Static Pichu
    Static Pichu Month ago

    YES. Iconic Georgia.

  • GEoRGiA
    GEoRGiA Month ago +65

    Such a pleasure to open up the new series ❤🥰😍💋💥

    • Richter
      Richter 22 days ago

      You were awesome at airwaves2019

    • david hodder
      david hodder Month ago

      Very talented ..brilliant song

    • martin miller
      martin miller Month ago

      So different ......soooo good 👍

    • SeaSideGuy
      SeaSideGuy Month ago

      Would like to see you gig down here in Kent sometime

    • Phil Ced
      Phil Ced Month ago

      Love this song! Just heard it a few days ago on a pop spotify playlist my work colleague put on.

  • Andrea Norman
    Andrea Norman Month ago +8

    Brilliant, completely stole the show x

  • Bianca Halle
    Bianca Halle Month ago +2

    Super Georgia 💞

  • Quantumese Boy
    Quantumese Boy Month ago +4


  • Super Tomcat
    Super Tomcat Month ago +14

    She reminds me of no one! Amazing! Georgia Rocks!

    • JofaFilms
      JofaFilms Month ago

      Tegan and/or Sara

    • Collette Post
      Collette Post Month ago

      me of Izzy from Corrie meets Robyn,Linkin Park, Benny Benassi, yes Ladyhawke and others

    • Super Tomcat
      Super Tomcat Month ago +1

      @Diana Can't deny!

    • Diana
      Diana Month ago

      Hummm... Ladyhawke maybe

  • J P
    J P Month ago +7

    Love that vintage videogame sound

    • J P
      J P Month ago

      @Collette Post I hope she makes it to Buenos Aires. At least, Lollapalooza or some fest. Have a great sunday!

    • Collette Post
      Collette Post Month ago +1

      I saw her live she's so good :)