What Happened to Luke Kuechly? (Why He Retired from the NFL in His Prime?)

  • Luke Kuechly is one of the great NFL Line Backers of our time. Here's a look back at his career.

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  • Reagan Elliott
    Reagan Elliott 46 minutes ago

    Everybody made fun of him for crying about his concussion but if you make fun of him, he’ll come back and rock anyone who said him otheriwse

  • Charli d’amelio
    Charli d’amelio 21 hour ago

    He’s doing the best decision look at Antonio brown

  • Mr Crabs
    Mr Crabs Day ago +3

    I hope he becomes a linebacker coach or defensive coordinator because he’s a beast and he’s got great mental capacity

  • Greg Moore
    Greg Moore Day ago

    CTE......CTE.....CTE....their almost all going to die early from it.

  • Matthew Mooar
    Matthew Mooar 2 days ago

    Playing for the panthers will do that to you

    KMB FNE 2 days ago

    A poor mans blake martinez but still a good player and smart to retire early

  • Jerry Foreman
    Jerry Foreman 2 days ago

    Great show!

  • CharlieParker_MC
    CharlieParker_MC 2 days ago

    Def be missed. I wasn’t a Panthers fan but he was one of those guys you loved to watch. Patrick Willis was another linebacker that I loved watching. Both ferocious linebackers with a level of physicality and intelligence rarely seen.

  • andrea micucci
    andrea micucci 3 days ago

    Luke is to carolina football what ray lewis and ed reed were to Baltimore football. What cal jr. Was to the orioles. Drew brees to the saints, etc. You have your flashy stars and then you have the guys you feel like are family...

  • Thomas Wolke
    Thomas Wolke 4 days ago

    His girlfriend is a physicians assistant. I suspect she talked him into retiring before his multiple head injuries made a vegetable out of him.

  • ian ozer
    ian ozer 4 days ago

    You literally had 2 of the best careers this century cut short by injuries, rip Panthers fans. LUKE and CAM forever.

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L 4 days ago +1

    Two words... *David Tepper*

  • Dean DiMickele
    Dean DiMickele 5 days ago +1

    If I have to quote my fellow legend juice world “All legends fall in the making”

  • C Cruz
    C Cruz 6 days ago

    Who here in late March after temper killed the panthers

  • joshx336
    joshx336 7 days ago

    It broke my heart when he retired :(

  • Curaleaf
    Curaleaf 7 days ago

    Got his bag and dipped. Can’t hate on it

  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul 7 days ago

    I’m not any fan of the panthers but I am going to miss Luke deeply

  • Power play Sobel
    Power play Sobel 7 days ago

    1:53 HAHA

  • Jamon Hughes
    Jamon Hughes 8 days ago

    Look up Luke Kuechly, Jamon Hughes..
    I was the first linebacker ever to finish top 3 in Nation in tackles and didnt get drafted. Luke and I battled for number one in the Nation in tackles. He was a beast...

  • TheReelEnderKid777
    TheReelEnderKid777 8 days ago

    Dude this guy is so good. He had more pro bowls than Randy Moss And Terrell Owens. He is a beast. In my opinion he’s one of the best linebackers I’ve ever seen

  • BGC
    BGC 9 days ago

    Whenever I got my first football jersey which was his

    IRON60 BITCH 9 days ago

    Smart man very smart man

    IRON60 BITCH 9 days ago

    I received 13 concussions over a 10 year career junior hockey i wish i knew more 20 years ago

    CHUCK THE CHICKEN 9 days ago

    He wasn’t in his prime anymore buddy

  • LucarioMario What if's

    I met luke kuechly at a panthers falcons game

  • LucarioMario What if's

    I have been playing football since kindergarten

  • paul byrd
    paul byrd 9 days ago

    I'm a Saints fan, I enjoyed our play against him and his team, they became a true rivalry game for us and he was a large part of that!! Thanks for the memories Luke !!!

  • Chadrick Walsh
    Chadrick Walsh 10 days ago

    My best memory is when he said he had no idea where the ball was going against the Niners. We are talking about the best in the game at reading offenses and he was dumbfounded. I wish him well on his next journey.

  • DeTH_GaMMer6622
    DeTH_GaMMer6622 10 days ago

    My best memory of Luke was when he carried my ultimate team to the superbowl tough times.

  • 100% worldview
    100% worldview 10 days ago

    The game I was at when he went up with Julio deep at Atlanta 2016 and fell short but just that effort was crazy.

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders 11 days ago

    This guy is a legendary coach in the making.... who’s going to offer him a contract?

  • Riley McGlothlin
    Riley McGlothlin 12 days ago

    WE WOULD YOU MAKE FUN OF HIM FOR CRYING it hert him a lot you would probably do worse if you got a concussion.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 12 days ago

    When he took the pick back and ran over a camera man

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 12 days ago

    Do a video on why Tony Romo retired on his prime

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 12 days ago

    I love luke kuechly no homo bug hes the real megatron

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 12 days ago

    He was not the cat's meow he was the claws hiss's As I'm writing this I learn he is from Ohio my Lord!!! Nice!!! OH-IO love it

  • Sal Mondragon
    Sal Mondragon 14 days ago

    Levonte David!!!!!

  • Daquan McDonald
    Daquan McDonald 14 days ago

    Let him move on fuck it his health is more important than your entertainment

  • good morning
    good morning 14 days ago

    Same why did Micheal jordon retire on his prime and later come back?

  • Texas Patriot
    Texas Patriot 14 days ago

    hall of fame?

  • Anthony hux
    Anthony hux 14 days ago

    Thanksgiving against dem boys

  • frank time
    frank time 15 days ago

    Washed up scrub

  • Rich Lo
    Rich Lo 15 days ago

    Damn this dude was one of my favorites. .but enjoy life.

  • Mark Richey
    Mark Richey 16 days ago

    As an AMATURE athlete nowhere near LUKE´S league, Losing one´s ability or competitive edge is heart-wrenching,tears happen.

  • Steven Blyth
    Steven Blyth 16 days ago

    Humbling to see such a guy getting emotional. Bad ass dude! Ultimate professional!

  • Derek Stingley Jr.
    Derek Stingley Jr. 16 days ago +1

    He was an alright LB, never really would wow you with his abilities. But he was solid.

  • 420 BlazeItt
    420 BlazeItt 17 days ago

    Patrick Willis 2.0 not saying he’s on Willis level I don’t any Linebacker will ever be as good as he was but they both retried in their primes at around the same age

  • Robert Newell
    Robert Newell 17 days ago

    *First round HOF*

  • Shaun Giovanii
    Shaun Giovanii 17 days ago

    id say hed be true war rugby player but we still go head to head without helmet. rugby forards are killers have be willing to die. whats awsome about war rugby let u in on a secret. of course bigger men than luke bigger men than me ray lewis patri willis lewis moody richie mccaw but thier are no bigger men than us than can run 1/2 marthons no subs. so we are the king. thei is transarues rex but he has no ednruance after 2 minutes hes done walks entire time. but transuares rapter we are the kings. lukes hustle id think hed be 1 st men look at for true us eagles. but his retirment early yes even john offerdahl ended early w shoulder injury both equal.

  • Choco Latte
    Choco Latte 18 days ago

    One thing you could have done in this video to make it better is show quotes from offensive players where they say Luke KNEW what play they would run based on his ability to read offensives. Great athlete, but his ability to read offensives was unparalleled.

  • Nathan Stansfield
    Nathan Stansfield 18 days ago

    Like shouldn’t have retired he was to young

  • Remington Allison
    Remington Allison 19 days ago


  • Miguel DeJesus
    Miguel DeJesus 19 days ago

    First ballot HOF! Great player--wish him all the best post football career!

  • Rob Luacarelli
    Rob Luacarelli 19 days ago

    No particular standout memory. But I remember everytime I watched him play I was amazed at how he was always near the ball. Sideline to sideline had an insane motor and never took a play off. Rare combo of talent , effort and knowledge. Hes a once in a generation type player . Should be a hall of famer.

  • AD mzo
    AD mzo 19 days ago

    70's Pittsburgh Steelers players any one?

  • Tameko Holguin
    Tameko Holguin 19 days ago

    I hated that the Panthers had to play the Broncos in the Super Bowl (me being a Broncos fan) because I really wanted them to win because of Cam and Luke

  • Thattboyy Maj_
    Thattboyy Maj_ 20 days ago

    Hella hand gestures...

  • Alex Gore
    Alex Gore 20 days ago

    Anyone who thinks Luke isnt a first ballot HOFer is on crack.

  • Nate Stiles
    Nate Stiles 21 day ago

    Flem, Luke or Bobby? Who's Career would you rather have?

  • Be honest with everything and everyone

    I'm not happy about not watching him kill my Buccaneers but very happy that he is making a smart decision for the rest of his life! To me he's a Champion and should be a first ballot Hall of Famer! Class act that he never had to act he was just being Luke!

  • Guerrilla Kustoms
    Guerrilla Kustoms 22 days ago

    When he picked Romo back to back possessions. And the pick in London that was right in front of me.

  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross 23 days ago

    i keep this nigga as my 99overall MLB in madden 08 still. replaced ole ray lewis on my ravens franchise

  • Shannon Richardson
    Shannon Richardson 24 days ago

    Well done!

  • The Murder STi
    The Murder STi 24 days ago

    Luke is one of the nicest dudes off the field. I used to bump into him all the time in a sporting goods store in South Carolina. Luke always talked to everyone as an equal, and gave everyone respect. I'm personally happy for him that he had such an amazing career, and was able to walk away with his head still clear before the TBIs started really racking up. Congratulations Luke, and thank you for everything you brought to the Carolinas. Also, I really hope Luke can stick around Charlotte and help as a coach. His knowledge is priceless.

  • TheBroomehilda
    TheBroomehilda 24 days ago

    NFC championship win over Cardinals, when he intercepted and ran for TD and one of our fans fell out of the stands, and Clark Kent stopped to help him.

  • B Wheels
    B Wheels 24 days ago

    Dude was a beast coming from a Saints fan gotta take care of your health

  • ThatkidfromGermany
    ThatkidfromGermany 24 days ago

    When Luke tackled somebody they get flung into another demension

  • Kao Will
    Kao Will 24 days ago

    this guy is a bad ass and I am not even a Panthers fan. love the way he plays the position and hope he stays upbeat

  • gpfomah
    gpfomah 25 days ago

    Nice clip, very well done.

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 26 days ago


  • wrz2k14
    wrz2k14 26 days ago +1


  • Victor Acosta
    Victor Acosta 27 days ago

    im jus prayin he comes back and has a breakout season

  • Gold Hunter
    Gold Hunter 28 days ago

    Good to preserve his health. Smart decision and he goes out in glory at the top of his game.

  • Its Krick
    Its Krick 29 days ago

    that clip at the end, he told norman that olsen wasnt playing in the game and cam was like wtf? but olsen was playing

  • MoonGod
    MoonGod 29 days ago +1

    As much as I may hate the panthers, still sucks to see him gone

  • Jim Duhaime
    Jim Duhaime Month ago

    first time I have seen your site. Man, you are good. Thank you for doing this type of investigative insightful talks about some heroes.

  • Ben Perkins
    Ben Perkins Month ago

    too many concussions. there. saved you 12 min.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    There have been so many great linebackers in recent years that seem to call it quits early. Jon Beason, David Harris, Patrick Willis, Paup Poluzne, couple I think for Steelers if I remember correctly, and it goes on.

  • Evolved Gamer
    Evolved Gamer Month ago

    Henry goes to St. Xavier and my brother goes to the same school as him

  • Ibrahim Huerta
    Ibrahim Huerta Month ago

    Do Michael Sam. The pole fancy of the NFL.