What Japanese Breakfast is Like

  • Published on Apr 13, 2015
  • This is some stuff that is sometimes eaten for breakfast in Japan, like miso soup, rice and umeboshi, natto!, tako-san wieners (octopus weiner), and tamagoyaki (grilled egg).
    For those of you asking, a similar tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) pan can be found at amzn.to/2rO8h11.
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  • Life Where I'm From
    Life Where I'm From  Year ago +2256

    For those of you asking, a similar tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) pan can be found at amzn.to/2rO8h11.

  • Prin Petchtawiwan ICON Ginza

    I love love to eat bonito flakes miso soup and gohan

  • Momot TV
    Momot TV 7 hours ago

    I love your video , it's since 4 years ago but now I keep watching it & in my country we can't eat with sound too high if you do that you will get slap 😂

  • lovely9987 red
    lovely9987 red 17 hours ago

    The Japanese food is out of this world 😬

  • :3你好
    :3你好 19 hours ago

    American meals IN REALITY for me would be
    Breakfast:bacon,eggs,maybe even waffles
    Lunch: spaghetti,soup,sometimes white rice,oh and tamales
    Dinner:*EGGS* or maybe restaurant if we feel like it

  • Mads Larsen
    Mads Larsen 20 hours ago

    My food
    Breakfast: Air (with a pinch of nothing)
    Lunch: Water (with a teaspoon of no taste)
    Dinner: A cup of hot air (served with two cups of water)

  • V ansh
    V ansh 21 hour ago

    I wish i will able to eat or at least try the specialty or every .breakfast, lunch and dinner from diff places in the world

  • Cristina Atanacio
    Cristina Atanacio 22 hours ago

    Que preciosa 🤗

  • P S
    P S Day ago

    What is that??? Breakfast.... Man that's a lot than my 2 days of food

  • arya kadam
    arya kadam Day ago

    Awh she's cute

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina Day ago +1

    well i don't eat breakfast only lunch and dinner

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina Day ago +1

    Natto lol

  • Poun Winna
    Poun Winna Day ago

    I had noodles this morning, i don't boil it i just eats it while is still hard
    Put salt on it to get some flavor-_-

  • The Winner
    The Winner Day ago

    Where I’m from I people be bothered to eat breakfast

  • H a n n a h :3
    H a n n a h :3 Day ago

    And this is what filipino breakfast is for some of us
    Rice and soy souce

  • Najwa Ali
    Najwa Ali Day ago

    is the man her father?

  • kk ko
    kk ko Day ago

    I wish I was Asian, just because their food is heavenly 🍲😌

    • dahbul ki
      dahbul ki 15 hours ago

      oh.. please don't say that.

      try saying "I wish I could live in Asia."

      some people will take offense to your comment, I suggest editing it.

  • jordan palos
    jordan palos Day ago

    If my child is that excited over spinach then I won as a parent

  • jordan palos
    jordan palos Day ago

    Don’t feel like watching this Rn but it was in my recommendations and had to say this child is freaking adorable and now I have to watch it

  • PaenguinAviation Penguin

    the moms Like nonoonon When THey were about to stick the chopsticks in the rice and when the nearly Toucehed LOL

  • PaenguinAviation Penguin

    This Breakfast Looks more like a Buffet Breakfast !

  • Zmatics _
    Zmatics _ Day ago

    Bruh I only eat dinner on school days

  • Stephanie Von Zuben

    Wait this is breakfast, I thought I was breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Storm Arashi
    Storm Arashi 2 days ago

    Honestly, because of videos like this, I finally had miso soup. Oh my gosh I'm hooked. I wound up ordering a big thing of marukome packets to be my lunches/breakfast for awhile and plan to get a tamagoyaki pan soon. (plan to make my own miso soup too with miso paste)

    • dahbul ki
      dahbul ki 12 hours ago +1

      I like it personally, it tastes so good! I got the idea from a producer from Tasty, Rie.

      I LOVE it. You might think differently though.

    • Storm Arashi
      Storm Arashi 14 hours ago

      @dahbul ki It doesn't cause a weird flavor?

    • dahbul ki
      dahbul ki 15 hours ago

      I suggest putting nori seaweed and cheese in your tamagoyaki!

  • Gisella Wijaya
    Gisella Wijaya 2 days ago

    it's like lunch for me

    HANNAH._. GRACE 2 days ago

    The amount she eats for breakfast is the amount I eat for like the whole day😱😂

  • kelly girl
    kelly girl 2 days ago

    Yummy. She should do another video now that its years later

  • Your_girl_ Evelyne
    Your_girl_ Evelyne 2 days ago

    She be having a meal jeez lmao

  • Pyrotechnic 17
    Pyrotechnic 17 2 days ago

    This made me crave for more Japanese food

  • Chetan Bhawsar
    Chetan Bhawsar 2 days ago +5

    I saw the Japanese eating soybeans in cartoons like- shinchain , doremon😉😅

  • easy deism
    easy deism 2 days ago

    my country:
    breakfast: slices of bread
    lunch: slices of bread
    dinner: boiled potatoes and if it gets really fancy a potato stew.

  • John Carchi
    John Carchi 2 days ago

    Abroad in Japan is so much better than you

  • Malia Brewer
    Malia Brewer 2 days ago

    Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yum her is AMAZING 😉

  • Drevon Killerofshawdos

    6:17 ummmm wth did I just hear

  • Xxx_gacha_wolfxxx Gacha


  • bookutoo
    bookutoo 3 days ago

    *breakfast is the most important meal of the day*
    me: i'm good

  • Autumn Hersee
    Autumn Hersee 3 days ago

    I can’t do hard bolded eggs it hurts my stomach

    Its a random fact

  • JMB 661
    JMB 661 3 days ago

    Me: *sees thumbnail*
    Also Me:*Omg dont think dirty minded that's a child*

  • Tryst Kinkou
    Tryst Kinkou 3 days ago

    So cute. Thank you for sharing.

  • cooking
    cooking 3 days ago

    The girl :

  • Lunzy 64
    Lunzy 64 3 days ago

    I’m Italian
    Breakfast: Milk and biscuits
    Lunch: Pasta, then some meat or fish
    Dinner: Rice or pasta again, then meat or fish or ham and cheese, then a dessert like tiramisù.
    Yes, we’re very abundant :D
    P.S.: I love Japanese people and culture so much!

  • Flo Möller
    Flo Möller 3 days ago

    She is well raised.

  • w3l0 __
    w3l0 __ 3 days ago +2

    In Chile Is like
    Lunch:soup or maybe spaghetti

    • Mate pal webeo
      Mate pal webeo 2 days ago

      We also eat a lot of rice when we have lunch.

  • - Rousseau
    - Rousseau 3 days ago

    So cute girl

  • Kung Fu Panda
    Kung Fu Panda 3 days ago +6

    In my country
    Breakfast: *Rice*
    Lunch: *Rice*
    Dinner: *Rice*

  • Kevin Titus
    Kevin Titus 3 days ago


  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper 4 days ago +7

    Japanese breakfast: *fancy dishes with a bowl of rice*
    Me: *one piece of bread with peanut butter spread*

  • KelPel .-.
    KelPel .-. 4 days ago

    That’s a wholesome breakfast, YUM!

  • KidFitness 626
    KidFitness 626 4 days ago

    I guess in Japan they have moms for breakfast... 🤷‍♀️

  • Gacha Emely
    Gacha Emely 4 days ago +8

    I eat anything I find in my house that's edible. YES.

  • Scott Myers
    Scott Myers 4 days ago

    Amazing. Precious. Very best video ever.

  • Kiari 926
    Kiari 926 4 days ago +1

    I like how she eats the soup, drinking it, like, in Japan may be pretty normal but in Mexico and I guess another countries drinking the soup is considered impolite, and is worse if you make noise drinking :c

  • Jewel Chanx
    Jewel Chanx 5 days ago

    I lowkey wish i look like you omigersh

  • Muy Mirw
    Muy Mirw 5 days ago +111

    Why is no one talking about how cute and pure she is

    • Maria Dobreva
      Maria Dobreva 19 hours ago

      @OneAngle Heaven thank god

    • OneAngle Heaven
      OneAngle Heaven Day ago

      @Maria Dobreva your not the only one, someone get the FBI here.

    • Muy Mirw
      Muy Mirw Day ago

      Maria Dobreva yeah yeah it’s only you

    • jordan palos
      jordan palos Day ago +1

      And so well mannered and just the perfect child ! Lol ughhh❤️❤️

    • Mark Danner
      Mark Danner Day ago +1

      Maria Dobreva then you are a fucked up person 🤷‍♂️

  • mark f
    mark f 5 days ago

    Those are a lot of empty calories ..and a lot of bad food ..except for Natto...for a young girl to eat.
    Follow this diet for 3 years ..and you will be on your way to become diabetic..guaranteed.

  • mark f
    mark f 5 days ago

    Haven't had breakfast in over 3 years.

  • yulicia uwu
    yulicia uwu 5 days ago


  • Jewlia Lamoure
    Jewlia Lamoure 5 days ago

    She's talking about table manners while she is chewing with her open 😃kids I tell yah

  • Jsin Manrique
    Jsin Manrique 5 days ago

    First add Kirkland maple syrup....

  • xrcoh
    xrcoh 5 days ago

    Yeah, but.. that's the manners of eating 🤣 she's so cuuute

  • addict with a harpøøn

    I only drink one cup of milk for breakfast..

  • Zehaan Hamid
    Zehaan Hamid 6 days ago

    I can’t even work a chop stick

  • Ea-mello GACHA!
    Ea-mello GACHA! 6 days ago +1

    :3 hi

  • RandomDotCom Y
    RandomDotCom Y 6 days ago

    Is it normal for me to eat pasta in the morning.. my family thinks I’m weird

  • Charlotte Silveira
    Charlotte Silveira 6 days ago +1

    The way she ate that sausage was so funny. ( No hate she's so adorable )

  • Charlotte Silveira
    Charlotte Silveira 6 days ago +1

    In America we eat what is called Marshmallow Mateys for breakfast.

  • القمر العراق القمر بين ايدي

    شكران على الترجمة

  • bill eikenbary
    bill eikenbary 6 days ago

    Who doesn't have sugar in there kitchen that's the real question

  • Depressed Tingz
    Depressed Tingz 6 days ago +1

    My meal schedule:
    breakfast: huevos con frijoles
    lunch: air
    dinner: cereal

  • soylu soylu
    soylu soylu 6 days ago +3

    In Azerbaijan breakfast is eggs ,sausage,cheese,curds etc WITH BREAD
    lunch : different kinds of dishes,soups WITH BREAD
    Dinner: What is left from Lunch WITH BREAD

    • Sonia Budo
      Sonia Budo 4 days ago

      soylu soylu In Albania we eat bread with every meal

  • Neeharika Latwal
    Neeharika Latwal 7 days ago +2

    4:07 made me remember of ShinChan

  • Cheese 'n' burger
    Cheese 'n' burger 7 days ago


  • MJ J
    MJ J 7 days ago

    too much

  • Evita Marcella
    Evita Marcella 7 days ago +9

    I'm in Singapore and I eat
    Wait....Why am I sharing this?😂😅

  • Berries 20
    Berries 20 7 days ago +1

    What a cute kid! My parents would have been happier if their daughter was as well-behaved and cute as this little one. Sorry mom and dad haha

  • taz014l
    taz014l 7 days ago

    eat with your mouth closed young lady!!

  • Milkx5 Ajpw
    Milkx5 Ajpw 7 days ago

    I just eat a whole bag of chips and ramen

  • janie icky
    janie icky 7 days ago

    breakfast: i sleep through it
    lunch: pasta
    dinner: fast food

  • Work1600 Device
    Work1600 Device 7 days ago +1

    I'm literally wearing a robe like her. The mom lol. Full of white hearts

  • FlameFox303 Gacha
    FlameFox303 Gacha 7 days ago


    DALIGHTFUL POTATO 7 days ago

    I watched this 4 times this month, and I don’t know why ;-;

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 7 days ago

    Her voice is so cute

  • Gacha KPOP
    Gacha KPOP 7 days ago +1

    Her English is so cute💖

  • Unknown Productionsッ

    Smash it to make it... *M O O S H Y*

  • Jess M.
    Jess M. 8 days ago

    Her dad's reaction at 7:30 when she literally stab her chopstick on her bowl. HAHAHAHA

  • Herr Reinhard
    Herr Reinhard 8 days ago

    I normally have canned chocolate malt drink for breakfast from the uni's vending machine...

  • Luna Lachance
    Luna Lachance 8 days ago

    time to move

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 8 days ago

    Lol India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka uses almost 20 spices in almost every food 😂😂

  • gacha potato
    gacha potato 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who said OCTO-DOGS like from yandere simulator

  • Tahya M
    Tahya M 8 days ago

    6:12 okokokok maybe less child predo content

  • Sankhron Louis Louis

    woooooww !!!!! so cute and lovely my dear,,,,

  • BTS_lover 27
    BTS_lover 27 8 days ago +5

    *eats breakfast*
    *not even ten minutes later*
    My Mexican mom: aRe yOU hUnGry?!

  • Dancerx Doll
    Dancerx Doll 8 days ago +1

    What my meals in America are like
    Breakfast: Oreos
    Lunch: nothing
    Dinner: carry out or fast food sometimes homemade

  • Tania Ramirez
    Tania Ramirez 8 days ago

    I’m hungry now

  • karina gentzler
    karina gentzler 8 days ago

    The breakfast I want but doesn't have time to make
    Pancakes w/ syrup and whip cream and a strawberry on top
    Toast with jelly on it
    Orange juice or a milkshake
    I am very hungry even though America isn't a poor country I am just really hungry

  • Evan Tallant
    Evan Tallant 8 days ago

    I eat that soup all the time its hella bomb😋😋

  • FoodShowFan
    FoodShowFan 8 days ago

    I am Japanese, but live in the US. I realized after writing this, I need to go back to eating whole foods. Just have to drive a bit to the Asian store....
    Breakfast: IPA or guava corona
    Lunch: cookies Oreos or ritz
    Dinner: whatever's in the freezer

  • I love Hearts
    I love Hearts 8 days ago

    I don’t drink soup in the morning but I drink chocolate milk (I don’t like the white milk)

  • Dibyanshi Dash
    Dibyanshi Dash 8 days ago

    That's looks like dinner... Not breakfast

  • ** Sophia **
    ** Sophia ** 9 days ago +3

    In Italy we eat:
    Breakfast: A good plate of AIR
    Lunch: Pasta
    Dinner: Pasta