Walking 300 Reference vs The Godkiller || Pantheon: Old vs New

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
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    The Pantheon rework is finally revealed, which means it's time to dive into the juicy lore and do a deep-dive on the new design and model... once it's out on the model viewer so I can look at his animations.
    In the meantime, let's compare the two Pantheons and talk a little bit about the character design communication each version of the character is engaging in. Spoiler alert: Old Pantheon Is Bad.
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  • Khaisea Soeng
    Khaisea Soeng 26 days ago

    Doing some research!!!!
    Can someone make make pantheon wear casual clothes, preferably a t-shirt, that might or might not contain......moisture,.....for science. pls and thank you!!!!

    • seki schro
      seki schro 3 days ago

      @Khaisea Soeng theres fanart of stripper pantheon

    • Khaisea Soeng
      Khaisea Soeng 3 days ago

      @seki schro because it's......sexy LMAO.
      and by make, i mean make fanart

    • seki schro
      seki schro 3 days ago

      why 🧐

  • Carson Brinkman
    Carson Brinkman Month ago

    his head being on fire might also be a biblical reference to Christianity when the disciples of Jesus had their heads on fire as they where filled by the holy spirit (a godly power but still human) after Jesus was crucified

  • Caster Gilgamesh
    Caster Gilgamesh 4 months ago

    Pantheons splash looks like Diana's splash art but in the day time...makes me annoyed that Leonas doesnt look the same

  • Dandy
    Dandy 4 months ago

    I'm VERY happy you mentioned old Panth had one of the worst designs in the game. I used to tell my friends constantly how much I despised his old design because he just looked like a clipart Roman soldier. And even then, that was still an insult to actual clipart Roman soldiers.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 4 months ago

    The problem I have with Pantheon, is that his update has made Taric into just an asshole.

  • Mediocre Male Gender
    Mediocre Male Gender 4 months ago

    Old Pantheon: "300 SPATA"
    New Pantheon: "MAN POWEEEEEEEEERRRR!!!!"

  • K0baias
    K0baias 5 months ago

    Man, this IS the best rework riot did in a really long time. He's way more fun, not horribly broken, the lore surrounding him is really intresting. Like what tthe hell riot, I was expecting nothing and instead I got a new main.

  • Chestnut the Owl
    Chestnut the Owl 5 months ago

    Okay I just noticed panth's right hand (holding the shield) is backwards in that still of his reveal, his fingers are going over the back part of the handle instead of going under

  • J Four
    J Four 5 months ago +4

    "Change the gays"

  • Menura De Silva
    Menura De Silva 5 months ago

    just a thought, i always imagined that the warriors behind pantheon on his old splash art were the previous generation of pantheons. if u look at it like that, the old pantheon looked directly at the viewer with his past behind him. New pantheon looks away solemnly with aatrox, who destroyed the pantheon behind him.

  • Joa Lampela
    Joa Lampela 5 months ago

    I have always found the argument from sexualization to be odd. I think we can agree on a few things: People develop some sort of a sexuality as a result of puberty, whatever that may be. Those can be applied to a normal distribution within a population pretty reasonably, with the vast majority being heterosexual one way or another. Let's focus on this one for the reason of staying simple.

    So we have a population of men who like hot women and want to be strong. We also have a population of women who like strong men and want to be hot. I think most people get this far. Now here's where the disagreement starts: Some people say that hot women are just for men to enjoy and strong male characters are just for men's power fantasies. You leave out the other side where a good chunk of women prefer playing hot women themselves.

    You'd find an argument which stated "Strong female characters are just for women's power fantasies and hot male characters are just for women's sexual pleasure and this means we have a problem with catering to women in media" to be completely off the wall, but some people believe the same thing if you swap the sexes. Both men and women do have fantasies and kinks. Focusing on one side makes you make up these really vague non-reasons for why it's okay when the other sex has the same thing and it being a war crime to have it the other way around. The whole argument is just made by people who have a vested political interest or who are unable to view things objectively. Or at least that's my conclusion.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  5 months ago

      @Joa Lampela I don't give a shit about convincing you of anything, dude, media critique isn't Debate Club, nobody is here to win at Being Right About Art.
      Anyway, define "feminist critical gender theory," would you. Who are its prominent theorists? Could you name some scholars who do work in that field? Have you read their work, and can you critique it? Could you name some prominent critics of their work, and summarize the nature of their critiques?
      I'm not asking you to actually answer those questions for me, just ask them of yourself. Have you actually read any scholarly work on the subject you're talking about, or is your knowledge primarily 2nd and 3rd hand?
      If it's the case that you haven't read a lot of scholarship and you want some works to read and criticize, Judith Butler's "Gender Trouble" is a good place to start into some of the modern relevant gender politics of media (although she has a lot of feminist critics as well, who might be interesting to you if you greatly disagree with what she writes), and if you want a historical perspective, "Women In European History" by Gisela Bock is a solid place to start (you should be able to find both if you have a decent local library).
      And again, I don't give a shit about convincing you of anything - read them and disagree vehemently if you want to, plenty of people do. Hell, I disagree with plenty of the feminist scholarship I've read (looking at you, Germaine Greer), but do READ them - understand the thing you are rejecting from personal, first-hand experience. Understand it enough not to confidently use terms like "feminist critical gender theory" as though those words convey any kind of meaning or content. WHICH feminists? WHAT critical theory? From whose perspective? Western upper-middle class white feminism? Post-colonial African feminism? Marxist feminism? Libertarian feminism?
      Again, please don't bother answering any of those questions for me, they're entirely rhetorical. Answer them for yourself.

    • Joa Lampela
      Joa Lampela 5 months ago

      @T B Skyen I think your argument only works if you accept the less-than-factually supported feminist critical gender theory when it comes to representation in media.

      My argument is made to dismiss the "why". I'm saying there's no reason for it to be a subject in critical discourse because it is completely explained by what I just said and market forces.

      If your argument basically boils down to a blanket dismissal of my argument and you essentially cite "reasons" as why it's wrong then I'm not going to be very convinced. For a person with such a large platform, where you try to make other people see your point of view on design, you're terrible at convincing others of your point of view when it comes to this subject.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  5 months ago

      Your argument only makes sense if you consider it in complete isolation from the last 150 years of sociological, political, literary, economic and, perhaps most relevant, feminist scholarship. It neglects to consider the wider real world context of how media is created, mediated, commercialized and operationalized within sociocultural and political processes, and how the structural constructs of western, and especially capitalist societies, influence and are influenced by media in a constant process of cultural self-invention and enforcement.

      Or, to put it a simpler, less wanky way: your argument has to purposefully ignore all of the underlying reasons WHY sexualization is a subject of critical discourse in media in order to be coherent. Which makes it a very weak argument.

  • ppmi 2002
    ppmi 2002 5 months ago

    Varus isnt sexi??

    What have you seen him i am hetero and if he asked i would blush

    • ppmi 2002
      ppmi 2002 5 months ago

      @T B Skyen i think they are bit i can be wrong so tell me the diference.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  5 months ago

      "sexy" is not the same thing as "sexualized"

  • Count Jeffery
    Count Jeffery 5 months ago

    Yes please keep making them

  • Yenki El Demente
    Yenki El Demente 5 months ago

    They *ascended* him from a 300 guy to LEONIDAS

  • E. Grey
    E. Grey 5 months ago

    Lots of thirst. Good for LOL community. Live you lives~

  • Mael Lemoine-S
    Mael Lemoine-S 5 months ago

    I think we could apply the same thing to olaf, man he's soooo generic, his character "thing" is purely "I'M A VIKING !!" aaand that's his whole personality, even if as opposite to pantheon he has a reason to be a viking since he comes from freljord, I think he's one of the most freakin' generic and uninspired characters in league ever, all viking clichés in one entity... I think he really needs a rework while keeping the essence of the character, just like pantheon had (plus his character model, splash arts and skins are getting really old, they are the only ones wich have this old league feeling, with skarner, old Allistar skins, Dr mundo, old Cho'gath skins, Corki and a few others...)

  • mark anjello agrabio
    mark anjello agrabio 5 months ago

    OLD PANTHEON : I'm sexy and i know it
    NEW PANTHEON : I...!!! AM...!!! HANDSOME...!!!

  • Raigan Avalon
    Raigan Avalon 5 months ago +2

    I vote for more sexy characters for everyone.

  • Vlaze Skylax
    Vlaze Skylax 5 months ago

    That's what the ideal male body looks like, if you don't skip leg day

  • Spedu Mon
    Spedu Mon 5 months ago

    As a gay man I can say he's physically very sexy, but not sexualized at all like the women in the game are. I'm kinda sad about Ruthless' splash art, it could've been a good opportunity to show him in a more sexualized way, but instead his body is hidden in shadows and smoke.

  • Fish
    Fish 5 months ago

    Of note is that the head of his spear has a few unattached floating parts, which is a subtle way of indicating magic or divinity.

  • tpl001
    tpl001 5 months ago

    Please condemn Riot about their sexism and hostile work environment toward their game developers.

    • tpl001
      tpl001 5 months ago

      @T B Skyen Thanks. I do notice that on some of your video about LOL. Just recent report on their COO behavior make me furious.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  5 months ago +1

      I do on a fairly regular basis.

  • The alertArchitect
    The alertArchitect 5 months ago +1

    I love these analysis videos on character design. Have you ever heard of the band Lords of the Trident? They're a metal band with characters for each of the members, and I'd love to see you discuss and critique their design.

  • Mișu
    Mișu 5 months ago

    Did someone saw Aatrox in Pantheon's splash art? His face is right behind Pantheon, or am I wrong?

  • herobrine_mase critcel mase

    well aatroxe literally knocked the god out of him and now he has his body back and he wants to defend humans from other gods and darkin

  • Shield Breaker
    Shield Breaker 5 months ago

    Ironic that you say the updated version looks like like 300 cosplay despite how the current look is actually closer to the aesthetic of the movie than his previous look was. Hell, even replacing the shadowed face and red eyes has revealed a Leonidas-like visage to match the movie take of not even wearing a breastplate to battle.

  • Moe
    Moe 5 months ago

    New panth remindes me of Pool Party Graves, their bodies are very similar and well, they both appeal alot to the community in alot of ways

  • Law Pascua
    Law Pascua 5 months ago

    That's Aatrox behindi him in the splash art, right?

  • Michael C. R.
    Michael C. R. 5 months ago

    Im a straight male and I see pantheon as a Empowerment proyection. He is the kind of guy that I would admire and follow

  • Prae
    Prae 5 months ago

    How do we know that TBSkyen hasn’t already been assassinated and fed to the clone babies?

  • Asked out of Curiosity
    Asked out of Curiosity 5 months ago

    While I love the way you go about characters, I think it was good that there was no individulalistic things in old Pantheon. He was the aspect of war and he embodied it. No character, just a shield, his armor and his spear. War and jothing else. That WAS characterwise Pantheon.

  • Olli Casey
    Olli Casey 5 months ago +1

    Taking away the breastplate just takes Pantheon closer to the 300.

  • Joshua Farrington
    Joshua Farrington 5 months ago +2

    I’d say the presence of aatrox in the background is representative of how Atreus has now taken it upon himself to save the world and aatrox being one of if not the greatest threat within runeterra (not including the void). Aatrox being such a threat is why his presence is so strong in the background showing how he’ll always be a looming danger. The effect of aatrox being in the splash art is seen on panth as you can see from his posture he looks tired but his hand is still firmly gripping his spear representing that despite the weight and responsibility his new god-like powers have placed on him he will persevere which supports Atreus’ “undying will”

  • T Bone
    T Bone 5 months ago +2

    My OG main is getting much love finally

  • Leech
    Leech 5 months ago

    Can't help it, even the new Pantheon is blant to me.

  • Blacktwinswords
    Blacktwinswords 5 months ago +3

    I like to think Pantheon's new look is a win for everyone. His new gruff personality combine with his scarred but chiseled body displays high levels of confidence and testosterone that many guys aspires to be. On the flip side, it also causes straight women and gay men to drool in excitement so win-win.

  • Hateful Hans Peter
    Hateful Hans Peter 5 months ago +1

    disliked for bad title, aatrox is the god killer, not pantheon

    • xD
      xD 5 months ago

      Pantheon too

  • Adrian Atienza
    Adrian Atienza 5 months ago +7

    not enough sexy men in league
    Taric, rakan, gragas, urgot: are we a joke to you?

    • Adrian Atienza
      Adrian Atienza 4 months ago +1

      @Caster Gilgamesh how dare you compare these plebs to gods like daddy gragas and daddy urgot

    • Caster Gilgamesh
      Caster Gilgamesh 4 months ago

      this comment...
      Braum, Spirit guard Udyr , May tie Lee sin : Are we a joke to you?

  • lautaro asis
    lautaro asis 5 months ago

    Thats not a targon space on the back. But i guess someone told u that by now

  • Davis Maximus
    Davis Maximus 5 months ago

    Hooray For Booobies!!!

  • Chemsdine Khayali
    Chemsdine Khayali 5 months ago

    he didn't talk about Aatrox on the background, i guess there is nothing to say about it

  • The Gazellion
    The Gazellion 5 months ago

    You earned a like for your comment on how pantheon looks in his old splash art to be comparable to Age of Empires. A man of culture. Ya gave me a good laugh man have a great day.

  • Tyler Feary
    Tyler Feary 5 months ago

    That man went from being right hand dominate to left hand dominate what do you mean nothing massive.

  • TheTekOr Oleg
    TheTekOr Oleg 5 months ago +1

    That moment, when Pantheon is more attractive than all the female league characters

  • British Banana
    British Banana 5 months ago

    daddy pantheon crush me with ur thighs

  • Shent
    Shent 5 months ago

    The one gripe I have with the vid is that Pantheon did not reject divinity or chose to live as a mortal. The aspect died, nothing volountary about it, a mortal man is all that's left - albeit one carrying divine armaments

  • Aenys
    Aenys 5 months ago

    his fucking THIGHS and that ACCENT

  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 5 months ago

    17:05: I wish I could use the word "versimilitudinous" without people looking at me funny.

  • Earadon
    Earadon 5 months ago


  • Qold Qalm Qollected
    Qold Qalm Qollected 5 months ago

    Riot nailed this character design 100%

  • Aethewulf
    Aethewulf 5 months ago

    But there is no Pantheon,god is dead all hail the man!

  • Qold Qalm Qollected
    Qold Qalm Qollected 5 months ago

    I love how riot respected this rework so much, feels the same unlike the gp rework..

  • Daniel Kniffin
    Daniel Kniffin 5 months ago +4

    Be careful who you make fun of in high school.
    And middle school.
    And college.

  • Xonix Striker
    Xonix Striker 5 months ago

    Pool Party Pantheon anyone? Beach bbq or something haha

  • Hh Hh
    Hh Hh 5 months ago

    he kicks when crit tho

  • FacelessGreen
    FacelessGreen 5 months ago

    Isn't that Aatrox in the background of his splash art and not mount Targon?

  • Leviticus
    Leviticus 5 months ago +6

    "The God died, the man lives." He was once forcefully inhabited by the Aspect of War, Pantheon and not like Leona, Diana and Taric where their Aspects lend their power, Atreus (his real name) was imprisoned in his own mind, until Aatrox struck him down, actually killing the God Aspect. Atreus once more became himself, got the dead Aspect's gear and went back home. Later on, his tribe was under attack by barbarians, which were attacking because Aatrox is causing shit, who he then fights. Aatrox mocks him (he loses his arm later because he lost lmao), because he is just a man now, but Atreus just keeps fighting on. He later discovers that his pure willpower re-empowers the former Aspect's gear, to the point that Pantheon's constellation lights up again.
    He abandon his immortality, he just lost it, and prefers to keep it that way.

    • Fiora Main
      Fiora Main Month ago

      Atreus went to recover in his brother pylas home where pylas wife lives.

  • Violet Hermit
    Violet Hermit 5 months ago

    I think Kayne was petty much the first LoL "tittybabe for the ladies"

  • GhostRiderTheVangance
    GhostRiderTheVangance 5 months ago

    his critcial strike animation... 300 reference

  • Sirduck Ouf The North
    Sirduck Ouf The North 5 months ago

    what makes you use Firefox?