Love, Simon - Movie Review


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  • Benaiah Burns
    Benaiah Burns Month ago

    A story about a guy deciding he wants to have sex with other guys is... ADORABLE. Is it adorable that I want to screw girls? Didn't think so. Why are people celebrated for choosing to have sex with someone? Oh... I KNOW... Because it seems rebellious... WRONG.. EVIL!!! and against society, nature, and therefore... it must be ... RIGHT, in the twisted minds of people today.
    Good is evil and evil is good. Christians are repulsive bigoted nazi's, while a degenerate who wants to commit what the majority of human kind since the beginning has called a detestable or even abominable act is.. as this guy said... ADORABLE, just in the same way thugs, thieves, murderers, illegal immigrants, etc. are all so awesome, as are every CULTURE, and religion, besides Christianity.
    Have you ever wondered why every religion and cult under the sun is CELEBRATED under the umbrella of Culture, and DIVERSITY, yet Christianity is hated and loathed, as if somehow, some people don't have a right to .. .THEIR culture? Odd isn't it. It is because in the end, it is a spiritual war, with atheists, evil doers, idolaters, marxist, socialists, humanists on one side, and Christians and Jews on the other side.
    Who gets mocked and ridiculed in movies for their religion? Hindu's, Musllims, etc.? Nope.. Christians. Who do people have to supposedly apologize for being? WHITE? Who has pushed Christianity in the world, and created a nation based on Biblical laws? White people? Who do people hate? White people. Why do people hate the police? Because it was white men that made those laws, under a government guided by Christianity. All of this is pretty simple, and if you aren't the cookie cutter liberal, then you are WRONG!!! End of debate. Its just time for name calling.
    If you are a White Christian, especially male, you don't deserve a say, or a chance to speak your mind. You should be shouted down, ridiculed, silenced, and maybe even pummeled. That is where we are in the world, and especially in this Country, where voting for someone will get you harassed or beat up, but being gay will make you famous.
    How far we have fallen.

  • Karl Espina
    Karl Espina 2 months ago

    Deeply satisfying movie. A catharsis of some sort for me, and so it begins..

  • harrylover531
    harrylover531 2 months ago

    I loved this movie!!! It was so amazing!! It made me cry and laugh and by the end i was cheering him on! I could relate to him in a lot of ways. I baught the movie i loved it that much

  • Jake Maddia
    Jake Maddia 2 months ago

    Fav coming of age movie Eighth Grade, IT, and Spiderman Homecoming

  • Ada
    Ada 4 months ago

    I expected to like this movie, but I went to see it right after finishing the book and all I could do for two hours was cringe at how exaggerated and dumbed down the movie made the story.

  • LilBlasian Peep
    LilBlasian Peep 4 months ago

    Definitely 100% recommend. It’s super cute and can relate as an lgbt person my self but anyone can watch it if they love a good cute love story. A++. 🌈❤️

  • MegaOmega
    MegaOmega 4 months ago

    I love this movie, it's genius. But to be honest, the ending felt a little shoehorned in and a bit too forced but i like the movie none the less. The ending keeps it from a 10/10.

  • Jeremy Kennedy
    Jeremy Kennedy 4 months ago

    I disagree, for myself. For others yes they might feel some type of good feelings, I did not though. Pushed me farther away.

  • Joe Ruiz
    Joe Ruiz 5 months ago

    He adored it! Sounds gay!

  • vacationboyvideos
    vacationboyvideos 5 months ago

    Far fetched!

  • Jas Bell
    Jas Bell 5 months ago

    Lol parent says "remarkably self aware" and good point about people being deeper than their sexuality.

  • Whitney2022
    Whitney2022 5 months ago

    I am still sad that you never did a review on Call me by your name :(

  • Schmidteren
    Schmidteren 5 months ago +1

    9/10 .. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. :)

  • Nick Alexander
    Nick Alexander 5 months ago

    This is legit my favorite movie of all time

  • FJ Nemo
    FJ Nemo 5 months ago

    Hannah Baker was a THOT

  • aman chamola
    aman chamola 5 months ago

    Nick Robinson was in Jurassic world Jeremy

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger 5 months ago

    Love this film gotta see it again

  • Nikkie J.
    Nikkie J. 5 months ago

    I finally got around to watching this movie and I absolutely loved it. There were definitely some scenes where I teared up because they were emotional and so good. Nick Robinson did an awesome job as Simon. I would definitely watch this movie again. Even the music was really good and the ending. Oh the only ending was really cute. If I were asked to give this movie a rating, I would give it an A+.

  • Adjewa Adjei-Saifah
    Adjewa Adjei-Saifah 6 months ago

    I agree with everything you said‼️genuinely this was me the entire time during the movie, I’m glad you agree.

  • Morgan Ross
    Morgan Ross 6 months ago +2

    Caught the movie with a bunch of friends last evening, and we all loved it. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Jeremy.

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 6 months ago +2

    I was turned off from this movie by one line of marketing. I was at a movie theatre, one of Love Simon's posters said, "At the concession stand, you have to form a line, but it doesn't have to be straight." I knew right there I would not be seeing Love Simon

  • Carlos Miguel Ugalde
    Carlos Miguel Ugalde 6 months ago +3

    shit review

  • Carlos Miguel Ugalde
    Carlos Miguel Ugalde 6 months ago +1


  • Roman Romero Ramirez
    Roman Romero Ramirez 6 months ago

    This movie was fucking 4 hours long. I can't believe you recommended this self congratulatory teen drama as something compelling, man! You said it was for everyone. You lied to me. That's what hurts the most, man....
    Top 10 anime betrayals

    • Roman Romero Ramirez
      Roman Romero Ramirez 6 months ago

      Hey if this basic, candy-ass teen drama did it for you. Well, that's great. To me it felt derivative, trite and over-bloated. Maybe I'm bitter. I still hated it.

    • Roman Romero Ramirez
      Roman Romero Ramirez 6 months ago

      I know that, obvious TVclip twat. It felt 4 hours long.

  • Combat Medic Mercy
    Combat Medic Mercy 6 months ago

    Someone take me to see this dammit

  • Jonah Karlin
    Jonah Karlin 6 months ago

    Wish I could've heard your thoughts on Call Me By Your Name!

  • amira hamadeh
    amira hamadeh 7 months ago

    hey do call me by your name

  • robk1990
    robk1990 7 months ago

    One of the years best!

  • Steph's Vids
    Steph's Vids 7 months ago

    Drama teacher was hilarious 😂😂 this was an amazing movie and yes I hated Martin too

  • Dannyll Kannan
    Dannyll Kannan 7 months ago

    Your so sexy 😍😍

  • wickd658
    wickd658 7 months ago

    My girl is my favourite coming of age story

  • Matts
    Matts 7 months ago

    I was blown away by this film. Very funny, and quite emotional. I don't think you have to be gay to relate to Simon, it's not that one dimensional.

  • Denis Desmond
    Denis Desmond 7 months ago

    For me, this was an extremely dangerous movie in that it was too lovie/dovie in your face gay friendly sending the message to young people that its ok to be gay without even remotely touching on the homophobic aspect of it. There are young males out there who may think they`re gay and this movie might push them to come out and then be subjected to grotesque vulgar homophobia where they`d end up becoming depressed because of it and feel suicidal because of the hellish existence homophobes have made their lives and then the realization that they`re not gay but misdiagnosed as gay because of an inadequate sex education but the damage is now done and they had to live with a gay label forever. This movie is extremely reckless and careless in not at least touching on the homophobe aspect of being gay which homophobia is a harsh reality and whether I or anyone else doesn`t like it, it does exist.

    • Benaiah Burns
      Benaiah Burns Month ago

      Are you serious? Gay people are applauded and celebrated for coming out. Straight people, with actual families, that haven't divorced fifteen times are the ones who are under attack now. As for me, I am completely against the gay lifestyle, but I will not call you names if you are, or harass you. Everyone has a free will, and has the right to choose what they do in life..
      It does NOT mean I have to agree with it, and favor it, or accept it. Today though, if people don't ACCEPT everything everyone else thinks is RIGHT, then they are haters.. To those cry babies, I say get a life, and grow up!

    • Denis Desmond
      Denis Desmond 7 months ago

      Did you not read the part of the comment where I say ...... homophobia is a harsh reality and whether I or anyone else doesn`t like it, it does exist. ...? So please explain to me why I`m part of the problem?

  • Kj Lampley
    Kj Lampley 7 months ago

    Simon gay Lul

  • The Darkfrost
    The Darkfrost 7 months ago

    Thanks Jeremy imma use that

  • Tyler Kaga-Davis
    Tyler Kaga-Davis 7 months ago +1

    the theme sounds like Call Me By Your Name

  • Rejaul Karim
    Rejaul Karim 7 months ago

    He was in Source code

  • kpenny523
    kpenny523 7 months ago

    just saw love, simon last night and i completely agree with EVERYTHING

  • Excelsior Books
    Excelsior Books 7 months ago

    I loved the book. You're right it wasn't just about him being gay. It was about him as a person. I hope it conveys well on film.

  • Squire Whitney
    Squire Whitney 7 months ago

    Perks of being a Wallflower (the bok, not the movie) is my favorite coming of age story. Edge of seventeen is a very close second!

  • Do Camepau
    Do Camepau 7 months ago

    Jeremy watch Kings of Summer
    he is amazing in it

  • Faith W
    Faith W 7 months ago

    this movie looks so gooood!!

  • gyarreto
    gyarreto 7 months ago


  • jboaby snoddie
    jboaby snoddie 7 months ago

    Please do a spoiler review on this as it would make a big impact as a gay person hearing a straight person who appreciates this movie talk bout it more in depth x

  • Bradarious Spar
    Bradarious Spar 7 months ago

    Loved this movie. When Josh’s apology scene happened I was tearing up but this movie had a lot of laughs too

  • Vito Lucci
    Vito Lucci 7 months ago


  • Kyle rutherford
    Kyle rutherford 7 months ago

    I loved loved loved this movie really cute

  • hyperchocobo
    hyperchocobo 7 months ago

    I've watched this movie 8 times now with different groups of friends and i still love it its just omg the feels and jsut seeing the huge happy smiles on everyone's faces lgbt or not after it ends its a wonderful feeling

    GEEKYGAMEZ 7 months ago

    Omg. I love this movie. there’s comedy. Drama. Romance and a tiny bit of mystery. It’s hella adorable from beginning to end. The young actors were so goood. Quite “unknown” but I see them becoming the next big names in Hollywood :)

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter 7 months ago

    Ha! Gay!

  • Max Power
    Max Power 7 months ago

    People asking about the comment section... When in your country education is more expensive than a house, this comment section happens...

  • Xyradis
    Xyradis 7 months ago

    I plan on watching this movie but I'm baffled that Jeremy watched this movie but never reviewed Moonlight.

  • adam7mma
    adam7mma 7 months ago

    loved the movie and love your review

  • Agent of Kremlin
    Agent of Kremlin 7 months ago

    It seems like everything becomes gay in states of united America. That is so gay.

  • George R. R. Mountain
    George R. R. Mountain 7 months ago


  • Paul Delgadillo
    Paul Delgadillo 7 months ago

    The movie didn't have to redeem Martin Addelson because in the book Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Martin keeps apologizing but Simons final comment is that he doesn't really know if he'll ever forgive Martin. Simon's reasoning is very clearly stated when Simon is being followed by a Martin as Simon heads to his car after his first day of having to endure the entire school's reaction to what Martin callously wrote on the school sponsored Tumblr site. Near the very end of the book Martin writes a huge apology saying that he envies Simon for having so many friens. Martin doesn't realized that is over the top ego prevents him from establishing any real friendships at all.

  • The Fandom Channel
    The Fandom Channel 7 months ago +1

    I'm gonna read my bible.

  • First Last
    First Last 7 months ago

    Jeremy is WOKE

  • fillyy_
    fillyy_ 7 months ago

    Lady Bird is my favourite coming of age movie.

  • Sophie Haslam
    Sophie Haslam 7 months ago +2

    as a lesbian i cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have a teen coming of age drama with a gay lead and an accurate portrayal of coming out so i just love this movie

  • KnightRaymund
    KnightRaymund 7 months ago

    To be fair, I don't really think they were overreacting. I mean, he was kind of manipulating them because he was scared. Ok the initial anger is understandable. Eventually I'd probably forgive that friend.
    Oh yeah, drama teacher was fantastic.

  • Lady0asis
    Lady0asis 7 months ago

    Did Simon got a tape?

  • Steve Stevenson
    Steve Stevenson 7 months ago

    100% Kid Flash is the gay person

  • D. Almeida
    D. Almeida 7 months ago

    Gay agenda????

    • B R
      B R 6 months ago

      okamilover99999 Wrong.

    • B R
      B R 6 months ago

      okamilover99999 If it was really normal,it wouldn't be such a hot/controversial topic that gets brought up alot.

    • B R
      B R 6 months ago

      D. Almeida Pretty much.

  • Abi Spanner
    Abi Spanner 7 months ago

    Haha, if I ever said something like"I'm a kid, I'm supposed to overreact" that would not be an acceptable excuse in my family 😂😂

  • mariah hardnett
    mariah hardnett 7 months ago

    I don't understand conservatives you hate sjws censoring things yet you want to censor anything with gays in it either all of is ok or non of it is also republicans used to censor gays with the motion picture production code that didn't stop gays from existing these movies aren't propaganda

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White 7 months ago


  • aj richardson
    aj richardson 7 months ago

    Not watching this movie

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee 7 months ago +1

    So excited to see this movie! Pretty sure Nick was in Melissa and Joey and Jurassic World, love him, glad he finally got a lead in a movie! "I'm shit with faces apparently" 😂😂😂😂 dead!

  • Tomato Soup
    Tomato Soup 7 months ago

    you have to fucking review 'Blades of Glory'

  • morzansreddragon
    morzansreddragon 7 months ago

    My favourite recent coming-of-age film is 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl', in which I'm also looking forward to seeking Olivia Cooke in 'Ready Player One'.

  • Tyson Wheeler
    Tyson Wheeler 7 months ago +16

    Saw this movie in my hometown which is 90% Mormon, surprised a Tuesday late showing was very full.... Then was even more pleasantly surprised by the audience reaction... In Idaho... with about 100 Mormons. A movie that can elicit sniffles, laughs, and finally awwws at the kiss in the last scene is obviously doing something right. Great movie.

  • Blake Gasner
    Blake Gasner 7 months ago

    Great review

  • ilovevirtualconsole
    ilovevirtualconsole 7 months ago

    Nice review Jeremy.

  • Noelle Shamlian
    Noelle Shamlian 7 months ago

    It was so funny hearing this review because when my friend and I discussed the movie after watching it we literally said the same thing that you did about all the characters

  • Wubet Jean-Baptiste
    Wubet Jean-Baptiste 7 months ago +1

    review one day at a time

  • Vitacity
    Vitacity 7 months ago

    Yo man, you should review "I Can Only Imagine"

  • Ezra Campanelli
    Ezra Campanelli 7 months ago

    Please tell me you saw Lady Bird, Jeremy.

  • Wella Anne
    Wella Anne 7 months ago

    Can you review “The Greatest Showman” please? 😊

  • LAZRAK zied
    LAZRAK zied 7 months ago +1


  • Adam ET
    Adam ET 7 months ago

    As a "Dice, Camera, Action!" fan, that title is too on time.

  • AugustEverlasting
    AugustEverlasting 7 months ago

    Holy crap, Nick Robinson (Simon) is that creepy kid from Jurassic World!
    Alexandra Shipp (Abby) was incredibly attractive in this film.
    I was waiting to yell "Fuck Yeah" if that kid ever got punched.

  • TheLadySilverMoon
    TheLadySilverMoon 7 months ago

    Me, Earl and the Dying Girl is a really good coming-of-age movie.

  • jesse rollins
    jesse rollins 7 months ago

    I can’t believe I’m old enough that josh duhmel plays the father of a teenage son

  • Sandro Alaniz
    Sandro Alaniz 7 months ago

    What a gay movie

  • Robert Currie
    Robert Currie 7 months ago

    great review. Glad you liked it. I thought it was very well done.

  • Mars Khan
    Mars Khan 7 months ago

    Movie gets R for retarded Crap

    • Mars Khan
      Mars Khan 7 months ago

      okamilover99999 I love you

    • Mars Khan
      Mars Khan 7 months ago

      okamilover99999 with that shitty user name of yours you should just shut the hell up also the only kid here is you

    • Mars Khan
      Mars Khan 7 months ago

      okamilover99999 piss off dumb ass

  • Mars Khan
    Mars Khan 7 months ago

    Shitty gay crap 💩 pathetic that gay movies are being made and idiots watch this shit

  • Random Human-Being
    Random Human-Being 7 months ago +1

    I love how the movie (LIKE HOW YOU SAID) isn't just about GAYNESS! It shows that gay characters can be whole lot more than just 'gay', I also preach the movie's interpretation of the different kinds of gays (Masculine, Feminine/Steryotypical). This was an overall amazing film, go watch it!

  • Buff 999
    Buff 999 7 months ago

    Nah, coming out in 2018 isn't a struggle and no one will judge you or cares about it. Very few people are genuinely homophobic but I'd never support a movie like this.

    • Jeremy Jahns
      Jeremy Jahns  7 months ago +5

      Say that last sentence again, only slower.

  • Garret Liones
    Garret Liones 7 months ago

    I hated highschool lol

  • tropicAces
    tropicAces 7 months ago

    The drama teacher is in INSECURE and she’s great there too

  • Hammond Denzel
    Hammond Denzel 7 months ago


  • Ted Farabee
    Ted Farabee 7 months ago

    I will not subscribe to a TVclipr who promotes perverted films. Unsubscribed.

    • EdgyZiggy9538
      EdgyZiggy9538 4 months ago

      it's not perverted though... this dude certainly knows nothing. He's trolling. I really shouldn't feed into his satisfaction, but imma reply anyway. He says some dumb shit, I'll reply with something dumb. It just ain't as dumb as this

    • spooky scooby
      spooky scooby 7 months ago +2

      Ted Farabee
      how,, is,, it,, perverted,,,,,

  • Javier Lozano Guiler
    Javier Lozano Guiler 7 months ago

    It’s a movie about an homosexual, then it’s a movie making a mistake

  • Darth OwenZ
    Darth OwenZ 7 months ago

    Jeremy, I'm currently watching "The Mentalist" you should see this too...this is awesome :)

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez 8 months ago

    Love, Simon is my favorite movie ever now. I saw it opening night and I absolutely loved it. I laughed and cried and maybe felt my heart melt a few times. Overall, great movie. 9/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • EdgyZiggy9538
      EdgyZiggy9538 4 months ago

      "Favorite movie ever" and you give it a 9/10... so... is there a point for the 10? Or are you just that critical?

  • rose novel
    rose novel 8 months ago

    I saw the movie. Cried several times. It was beautiful

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen 8 months ago +1

    U should watch perks of being a wallflower

  • foreverfree26
    foreverfree26 8 months ago

    Someone tell me why this review made me cry