Why Norway is full of Teslas

  • Published on Jun 10, 2017
  • Oslo is the Tesla capital of the world.
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    I spent a day in Oslo before traveling to Svalbard, and noticed that there were Teslas everywhere. Upon further investigation, I learned that the Norwegian government heavily incentivizes ownership of electric cars: Tesla doesn't pay a sales tax on the models it sells, electric car owners are exempt from automobile tolls, and they can charge their vehicles for free. The catch is that Norway funds these initiatives through its sovereign wealth fund, which is almost entirely comprised of profits from Norway's oil and fossil fuel exports.
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  • Vox
    Vox  Year ago +625

    Hey everyone: this dispatch video is part of the Vox Borders project. I'm visiting six places around the world to investigate the human impact of borders, and those six videos will be released in fall 2017. In the meantime I'm making these vlog style shorts.
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    • Evaan Luthra
      Evaan Luthra 17 days ago

      Norway ethier likes the guy tesla or Elon Musk or electricity

      GAMING OF RED ARMY 18 days ago

      Tesla refuel by electronic fuel

    • Kenneth Ring
      Kenneth Ring 2 months ago

      Phillip Miranda Kristiansand isn't even close to Oslo

    • AlphaApple
      AlphaApple 2 months ago

      I am inspired by how countries are trying to reduce the effect of carbon emission. If countries pass laws to gradually phase-out gasoline-powered cars, we would see a drastic change in the environment.

    • Filppo Michelini
      Filppo Michelini 2 months ago

      ipo can get thoss rright?

  • Gabriel Walker
    Gabriel Walker Day ago

    Norway sells oil to run electric cars.

  • JAKY
    JAKY Day ago

    Norway is so beautiful hopefully I can visit this amazing country one day

  • Julian Losekoot
    Julian Losekoot 3 days ago +1

    I love the video very much however, I do think that filming on a cemetery is not very appropriate as it is a place were there should be quietness and it should be respected.

  • Jack Cade
    Jack Cade 4 days ago

    They are over of the richest countries in the world.

    MARYAM B.M 4 days ago

    great video , thanks enjoyed it

  • Apple Zhang
    Apple Zhang 5 days ago

    1.53 graveyard?

    BIG NIGGA 5 days ago


  • RAAVAN #
    RAAVAN # 6 days ago

    Poor me🤤

  • ABM W
    ABM W 8 days ago

    Is it really?

  • AliveC4T
    AliveC4T 9 days ago

    Yeah, replacing the battery pack for 10 000$ is also efficient, very efficient...

  • Knut und Thomas forever

    Tesla is Jew JUNK.

  • Lemendeer
    Lemendeer 10 days ago

    6 Minutes and I hate this guy to the bone.

  • allegra D
    allegra D 11 days ago

    Great video, is there any chance you’d be willing to visit India ? Just to compare on how the environmental consciousness in that country is quite different.

  • otty rups
    otty rups 11 days ago

    but then again the streets seem empty of cars

  • Panzer Blitz
    Panzer Blitz 11 days ago

    Norway pretends to be green but they are swimming in oil and they're not gong to give it up. Also the Norwegian government is corrupt as well, full of wildlife hating dirtbag corrupt politicians. Norwegian welfare sucking cowards in pink frilly outfits with their snowmobiles (they use those to rip up the environment since they're too fat to walk) tried to gun down the last Norwegian wolf pack. The wolves had to escape to Sweden to get away from the Norwegians. Norwegians are one of the last renegade criminal nations that are wiping out our whales, again by cowards who are swimming in oil money. Everything that's alive the Norwegians are gunning for including seals (like equally criminal Canada is doing)

  • Grzegorz Rutkowski
    Grzegorz Rutkowski 11 days ago

    I was in Norway twice and I love this country

  • Louis Calata
    Louis Calata 11 days ago

    Its in every corner in San Francisco.

  • Solayman Hossen
    Solayman Hossen 11 days ago

    This is great

  • rick tm
    rick tm 11 days ago

    answer: "because norwegians don't have enough testosterone to know and own real cars".

  • whitefangv
    whitefangv 12 days ago

    It's kind of ironic that they are using oil money to fund their green revolution

  • macforme
    macforme 12 days ago

    Attention Norwegian Prospective Tesla owners... check out the maintenance and repair costs first. You may end up living in one of those shacks we saw in this video. ;-)

  • Click ThumbsUp
    Click ThumbsUp 14 days ago +4

    The drone footage and graffiti contributed nothing to the topic. Edit them out next time.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 14 days ago

    Stupid people thats why

  • Saifu Nazer
    Saifu Nazer 14 days ago

    India need to learn this.....

  • Saifu Nazer
    Saifu Nazer 14 days ago


  • sisir360 || TheLoneGun101

    How ironic. They’re a large producer of oil, yet they incentivize the use of electric cars. Gas must already be so cheap there!

  • Reed Daniel Cuevas
    Reed Daniel Cuevas 14 days ago

    Norway looks like north korea

  • Michael Lidster
    Michael Lidster 15 days ago

    You’re not going to the North Pole. You can’t afford it

  • Michael Lidster
    Michael Lidster 15 days ago

    One way for us to think about what Norway is doing is that it is helping kickstart electric cars. This will gradually reduce the need for petroleum, globally. Norway may end up winding down their oil extraction before they’ve taken it all out. They have already got a good chunk of change from oil, and can perhaps move the money to other investments. You do need to use oil while transitioning to other energy sources.... Who am I kidding. We’re going to extract and burn every bit of oil we can. Hopefully nothing bad will happen. Fingers crossed lol.

  • pccalcio
    pccalcio 15 days ago

    Let me get this traight, you're friends with the mighty Thor ?

  • Young Yun
    Young Yun 17 days ago +2

    Love tesla!!! Sexy as hell!!

  • Bb og gjengen
    Bb og gjengen 18 days ago

    I'm living in Norway we have only 3 Tesla Model X

  • Anand Krishan
    Anand Krishan 18 days ago +1

    Why other countries are so sluggish to adopt electric cars?

  • aly janeo
    aly janeo 19 days ago

    Whats the name of the song in 2:26 T.T

  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy 19 days ago

    Why is this on my recommended vids? Seriously, such ignorant pos. Making a video about why there so many cars from one company.

  • Finnegan Letson
    Finnegan Letson 19 days ago

    Where TF does this guy live

  • IndiaRockLovers
    IndiaRockLovers 20 days ago

    They don't care because its not norway where tge fuel is getting burned. They are happy that their country is green. And I appreciate that but its a connected world, ine world. Its all gonna come back. If you are truly committed to going green you would be like Bhutan, which although being a poor country spends its tax money on nature effectively being carbon positive and they are not stopping at that, they are working to make the world and not jusy Bhutan a better place.

  • _ _
    _ _ 21 day ago

    Wow Norwegians sound like Americans o.O? 5:57

  • _ _
    _ _ 21 day ago

    3:48 *T.T*
    Man Norway on its way to being free of oil :D

  • Echiiru
    Echiiru 21 day ago

    what free charges ! damn

  • Sadir m
    Sadir m 22 days ago

    The pink building at 00:01 is my school

  • DrWaqar
    DrWaqar 22 days ago +1

    I am lucky i am norwegian my dad owns a wolkswogan it electric

  • Space Racer26
    Space Racer26 22 days ago

    Hopefully Germany doesn’t invade again

  • Kevin Kiesel
    Kevin Kiesel 23 days ago

    I see teslas a lot around my city

  • Mr. Bodymassagemachine

    Dams r bad

  • Adfywiad Celtaidd
    Adfywiad Celtaidd 23 days ago

    A cuck for a corporation

  • Brandon Lester
    Brandon Lester 23 days ago

    0:36 use your ears you idiot that is not a tesla!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rcmen231
    rcmen231 24 days ago

    What camera was that?

  • Joey Matthew Jones
    Joey Matthew Jones 25 days ago

    Why? Because Norway has real concern for their environment

  • ian gillespie
    ian gillespie 25 days ago

    I would like to know How they make their power( oil, nuclear, solar, wind). I find it funny that the areas of the USA that has a high amount of Evs primarily uses oil to produce electricity.

    • Grendal
      Grendal 16 days ago

      That's just nuts. Your solution to a problem is to ignore the problem until there is a simple solution. EVs are four times more efficient than a gas car. Even using the worst case of 100% coal created electricity, which is very hard to do in the USA, the EV is still more clean than burning fuel. It's an improvement but it isn't completely green and it never will be. Industry causes pollution and dropping industry isn't going to happen. So you make the improvement if you can afford it and you continue to make improvement in your electrical grid as well.

    • ian gillespie
      ian gillespie 20 days ago

      Greybone62 62% of the electricity produced in the USA is produced by fossil fuels. Hydro is only 7%. Until we can find a better way to produce electricity evs are useless.

    • Greybone62
      Greybone62 20 days ago

      Most of our Powerplants are Turbines that runs by moving Water..

  • Cable
    Cable 25 days ago

    Might be cheaper to buy a tesla here, but any other car is just dumb how much it costs in Norway..

  • Mats Reinderink
    Mats Reinderink 26 days ago

    I wouldn’t wanna walk around in norway as a pekka

  • King Espen Playz
    King Espen Playz 26 days ago +1

    Its normal with Teslas in Norway

  • Hann Film
    Hann Film 26 days ago

    Why would you wear a downs jacket during rain?

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet 27 days ago

    0:39 are you sure thats a tesla?
    For what i know they are completely silent

  • SmaZe
    SmaZe 27 days ago +1

    1:42 He is passing through a graveyard...

  • Kaushal Parmar
    Kaushal Parmar 27 days ago +2

    Wish to see tesla on indian roads badly

  • kartikey singh
    kartikey singh 27 days ago +3

    Norway is clever.......

  • Riya Webster
    Riya Webster 27 days ago +1

    1:47 and why is he walking through a grave yard????🤔

  • Asad Janjua
    Asad Janjua 28 days ago +1

    Wow! Mind blowing for a Pakistani. Thanks for sharing!

  • MultiSkyman1
    MultiSkyman1 28 days ago

    I am American. My fathers parents are from Norway. Wonder if I can move there. Willing to do blue collar work!!

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 28 days ago +1

    For non-americans, 100k/mh is 62m/ph.

  • L
    L 29 days ago

    Come to California and you'll find many in Orange County. They are not a big deal around here. Just another luxury car for the rich to drive around. Another status symbol to separate themselves from the common folk.

  • Indie
    Indie 29 days ago +38

    Norway makes money by selling oil to other countries and let them burn, so they can use the money to run electric cars to keep their air fresh. What a deal.

    • Jer Jer
      Jer Jer Day ago

      There is demand for petrol in the EU, Norway as large amounts of it so they exploit the resource. Because they exploit this resource it's not ok for them to be a clean society and run electric cars? Are you pretending petrol is strictly used for cars?

  • utpal barman
    utpal barman Month ago +1

    Tesla electric cars are welcome to India. Come soon

  • Gierlang Bhakti Putra
    Gierlang Bhakti Putra Month ago +1

    I wonder how do actually people in Norway think. Seems like they think in different ways

  • Techno Rage
    Techno Rage Month ago

    Half of the views on this video are norwegian, Heia Norge :)

  • The Modern Viking
    The Modern Viking Month ago +1

    norway also own stock in Tesla

  • The Modern Viking
    The Modern Viking Month ago

    The bigest reason is becuse of the incance gass prices here in norway, and also we dont pay toll if you drive electric. Norwegian (tesla owner)

  • barsenovic
    barsenovic Month ago

    Not anymore buddy! they changed the laws

  • kid cali
    kid cali Month ago

    Name of song from drone scene

  • Alex Weronski
    Alex Weronski Month ago

    Using oil revenues to invest in more green technologies is the best Norway can do! Why shouldn't they use their resource endowments to support a sustainable future; and why would deriving wealth from oil reserves offset the good they are doing with where they are investing?

  • Michallo50
    Michallo50 Month ago +1

    They sleep on oil that's why they have money for E cars.

  • Sizwe. A Mabaso
    Sizwe. A Mabaso Month ago +10

    in South Africa this wouldn't work because people would steal the charging stations

  • Fritz Kulern
    Fritz Kulern Month ago

    Electric cars is super cheap as of now

  • Georg C
    Georg C Month ago

    because they are dirt cheap

  • Watermelon Nuclear
    Watermelon Nuclear Month ago

    Lithium ion batteries have a very high carbon footprint
    Hydrogen fuel cells are the future

  • Sunset Studios
    Sunset Studios Month ago

    Those drone shots were amazing

  • Pink Crystals
    Pink Crystals Month ago +3

    Imma go buy a Tesla in Norway and send it back home

    • Pink Crystals
      Pink Crystals 28 days ago

      The Modern Viking no one can stop me from getting my Tesla and that’s the tea😤

    • The Modern Viking
      The Modern Viking 28 days ago

      want to buy it buy it in danmark or sweeden as its in eu, no exsport fees i think and maybe not inport fees

    • The Modern Viking
      The Modern Viking 28 days ago

      sadly no. and you also nead to pay for re-registration (but that somting you nead to do when u buy a new car anyways)

    • Pink Crystals
      Pink Crystals 29 days ago

      The Modern Viking lmao u kidding right

  • Daniel Tati
    Daniel Tati Month ago

    Tesla's T symbol looks like Thor's hammer.

  • Aakanksha Singh
    Aakanksha Singh Month ago +4

    This dude has the best job in the world!!

  • Feno 3000
    Feno 3000 Month ago

    Oil is not just used for burning but becomes more and more essential for lots of products, obviously plastics, but also medicine. In a few years with the ressources shrinking like they do now it will become too expensive to burn it just for heating or driving or making electricity.

  • Dave Daniel
    Dave Daniel Month ago

    oooo i have a Prius and i'm helping the world.
    says old people

  • hasan affandi
    hasan affandi Month ago +1

    Sounds like hippy yappy hoo country..

  • iHisam
    iHisam Month ago

    what kind of camera is this

  • Edgy turtle films 105

    *goes to Norway, buys a Tesla cheaper than in the US. Then moves car back to US. Via some form of transport.. Boom. Just saved some money.

    Actually there are some flaws

  • rk mishra
    rk mishra Month ago +1

    The roads are awesome

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    Don't forget Norway also leads in domestic violence. See: Nordic Paradox.

  • Katy Roberts
    Katy Roberts Month ago +1

    Anyone know what kind of camera Johnny is using??

  • alanOHALAN
    alanOHALAN Month ago

    What is the camera you using? and the elevator at the end, it had a low ceiling and fun lighting, i wonder who made it?

  • Eli Za
    Eli Za Month ago

    Short explanation: white rich people

  • Paul S
    Paul S Month ago

    It's so sad to see there are so many who doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission car, think that it's so fun to drive a car with only 2 pedals.

    • TheKisj
      TheKisj Month ago

      ikr, it's sad, that is why i refuse to buy an automatic transmission car, there's no fun in driving anymore.


    0:35 how come an electric car create such noise?

    • TheKisj
      TheKisj Month ago +1

      did you see the yellow mustang that was waiting for a green light? that is what caused the noise, not the tesla :P

  • Akbar Haditya
    Akbar Haditya Month ago

    Backsound title please?

  • xWolfdale
    xWolfdale Month ago

    I have not seen a single Tesla so far here in Germany, but our Greens are so backwards, they pushed through an abolition of nuclear energy in favour of relying on coal and imported energy from our neighbours [who heavily use Nuclear energy anyways - looking at you France]. Very eco friendly.

  • Deborah Rogers
    Deborah Rogers Month ago

    I forget to charge my phone at night. How would I be with one of those fancy cars?!
    * Me in morning..
    Checks phone
    ‘21% battery. It’ll last me till I get to the office.’
    Turns on car
    ‘Well poop’

  • sen D
    sen D Month ago

    This is the best case that shows government policy affects people's life

  • PapierPanierPiano
    PapierPanierPiano Month ago

    When a dealer doesn't smoke his own product, that's how he becomes rich. Norway has understood.

  • PapierPanierPiano
    PapierPanierPiano Month ago +1

    when you die if you have lived a good life you get to live there in the next life