Why Norway is full of Teslas

  • Published on Jun 10, 2017
  • Oslo is the Tesla capital of the world.
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    I spent a day in Oslo before traveling to Svalbard, and noticed that there were Teslas everywhere. Upon further investigation, I learned that the Norwegian government heavily incentivizes ownership of electric cars: Tesla doesn't pay a sales tax on the models it sells, electric car owners are exempt from automobile tolls, and they can charge their vehicles for free. The catch is that Norway funds these initiatives through its sovereign wealth fund, which is almost entirely comprised of profits from Norway's oil and fossil fuel exports.
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  • Vox
    Vox  Year ago +666

    Hey everyone: this dispatch video is part of the Vox Borders project. I'm visiting six places around the world to investigate the human impact of borders, and those six videos will be released in fall 2017. In the meantime I'm making these vlog style shorts.
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    • 787brx8
      787brx8 Month ago

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    • Evaan Luthra
      Evaan Luthra 2 months ago

      Norway ethier likes the guy tesla or Elon Musk or electricity

      GAMING OF RED ARMY 2 months ago

      Tesla refuel by electronic fuel

    • Kenneth Ring
      Kenneth Ring 3 months ago

      Phillip Miranda Kristiansand isn't even close to Oslo

    • AlphaApple
      AlphaApple 3 months ago

      I am inspired by how countries are trying to reduce the effect of carbon emission. If countries pass laws to gradually phase-out gasoline-powered cars, we would see a drastic change in the environment.

  • Elle Bis Studio
    Elle Bis Studio 9 hours ago


  • No ob
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  • nnatrakul
    nnatrakul 20 hours ago

    Before everyone else is rushing into electric cars, we all should realize that the key point here is that their electricity comes from hydrothermal powerplants which has huge implications on the sustainability of electric cars. To run a country on sustainable sources of electricity alone is absolutely incredible and is much much more difficult if not near impossible for most countries. I think that is their greatest achievement and would love to hear more about it.
    For countries that are run entirely on fossil fuel powerplants, electric cars offer little to no benefits (maybe reduce urban pollution, but you add pollution somewhere else.).
    Energy is loss in each step of conversion. If electricity is produced from natural gas, may as well run the cars on liquified natural gas instead of turning gas into electricity, invest on the infrastructure and transfer that to cars. Some may argue for electricity from coal or nuclear. True, you cannot run cars directly on that, but both have their own complicated issues to consider. It answers the issue of resources availablity depending on what each country has, but not really on sustainability.

    MUNISH KALIA Day ago

    I just love Vox.

  • zleevz
    zleevz 2 days ago

    such a great thing for the environment , less fossil fuell cars , yes norway is very aware of those situations, i wish we did that over here in holland , cleaner air , less polution, i hear they don,t allow Telecom Towers & Wifi near schools and rural areas aswell

  • Philip Dolan
    Philip Dolan 2 days ago

    Yes Norway is so great hahaha. But I think as a reporter you should dig deeper and to see why it's so great. Let's just look at their population it's a little over five million people and their biggest city only has 500000 + people so when you think about it to make policies let's just say for electric vehicles clean air to get off fossil fuels. It's a lot easier because you have a smaller population to work with. Versus the United States with somewhere close to 300 million people and cities that are that are we over a million people. Plus I'm sure in Norway there's a lot less bureaucratic red tape to work through. This episode sucks you should just stick to borders a lot better. Plus if you want to see lots of Tesla's come to California actually come to the San Francisco Bay Area they're all over the place. Fremont California is the home of Tesla. Maybe you could do an episode of just Tesla and electric cars

  • Sunil Ipe
    Sunil Ipe 3 days ago

    Good love from india. We will use only oil as near to iran

  • ali babaei
    ali babaei 4 days ago

    "Here comes another one up the road"

    Sounds like a v8 .WTF?

  • Mihai Muntean
    Mihai Muntean 4 days ago

    There’s a Camaro right over there as well:)

  • Jasper Valino
    Jasper Valino 5 days ago

    Because they are smart

  • catterdays
    catterdays 6 days ago

    ive seen 1 ever. mi 16

  • Target Tech
    Target Tech 6 days ago

    I shifting to Norway...

  • Selene Nguyen
    Selene Nguyen 6 days ago

    Wish I could afford one ;))

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 7 days ago

    wish I could afford 1

  • angel b
    angel b 7 days ago

    this dude has the coolest job

  • lidia shelly ruitan
    lidia shelly ruitan 7 days ago

    Even thugz cry

  • Raj kishore
    Raj kishore 7 days ago

    I concur.... Even thugs cry

  • Iver Graabræk-Dyndahl

    The EL. Now its EL, EK AND EV

  • Animasjon
    Animasjon 7 days ago +1

    I live in norway and my uncle have a tesla x

  • mr_godman
    mr_godman 7 days ago

    isn't tax insane in Norway lol?

  • Desi Gamer - AL
    Desi Gamer - AL 8 days ago +1

    Damn norway is a cool place ... I hope one day our politicians start thinking bout developing the country for good other then just doing something which doesnt helps the people at all like changing names of places making bullshit rules and shits like that

  • Bee Mail
    Bee Mail 8 days ago

    They're worthless

  • Emmanuel Paz
    Emmanuel Paz 8 days ago

    I like a cemetery walk with this guy

  • Tezza Lam
    Tezza Lam 8 days ago

    That's cute, u shuld see Hong Kong

  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar 8 days ago

    What Free Electricity !!! Damn !! I wanna go to Norway !!

  • scoochie goon
    scoochie goon 10 days ago

    Alot of money in Norway

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 10 days ago

    Sell oil to other countries
    Use global friendly e vehicles in your country

  • Zer0
    Zer0 11 days ago

    This was in general a nice and fun video to watch, well done Vox!

  • Natalie
    Natalie 12 days ago +1

    what if someone just unplugged the charger while you're gone....

    • Nelson Villafane
      Nelson Villafane 10 days ago +1

      It gets locked into the port until the car is unlocked

  • Maria Saskia
    Maria Saskia 14 days ago

    What type of drone does he use?

  • Dkaloger
    Dkaloger 14 days ago

    0:35 why does a Tesla sound like that ?
    Electric cars are silent

  • Doug Magee
    Doug Magee 15 days ago

    Gasoline is almost $10 a gallon in Norway. Figure how much would be spent on gas in a year. I'd be driving an electric car also.

  • Guru Xara
    Guru Xara 15 days ago

    Did Norwegians know that a global warming will affect them too? Right?

  • Adiemi Irsyad
    Adiemi Irsyad 15 days ago

    Really hope my country do this to us, But likely not, Our Sovereign Wealth Fund is made as private acc bank by Najib razak. MO1 Corrupt EX-PM and leader of blue whale biz.

  • Lourenco Vieira
    Lourenco Vieira 15 days ago

    Thats happening everywhere in Europe.

  • Luciano Wevers
    Luciano Wevers 15 days ago


  • hihuia hhu
    hihuia hhu 16 days ago


  • Nikola Genchev
    Nikola Genchev 16 days ago

    Because they can afford to buy a tesla

  • tafadzwa nyangoni
    tafadzwa nyangoni 17 days ago +1

    Dude takes a walk through a grave yard absent minded ended up being lost lol

  • John Buterbaugh
    John Buterbaugh 17 days ago

    Teal and orange color grading?

  • Adrian Choong
    Adrian Choong 17 days ago

    Why he makes video while hiking? Blur and shaky

  • xiaxu nobunaga
    xiaxu nobunaga 18 days ago

    norway is a rich country..

  • TheMarker2015 L.S
    TheMarker2015 L.S 19 days ago

    Norway is RICH, because it isn't with the (((European Union or the United Nations. ))) plus it helps when you're not (((multicultural)))

  • Mo Cuishle
    Mo Cuishle 20 days ago

    There are electric cars everywhere in China, what is unusual about this?

  • ritik katoach
    ritik katoach 21 day ago

    In Norway govt. Takes 35% of tax from salaries....

  • Elina Karvinen
    Elina Karvinen 21 day ago

    Norway represents

  • Mcstikman
    Mcstikman 22 days ago

    The main issue with this series is the audio, host/ dialog audio is too low and the music is too loud. It really ruins the video having to constantly lowering and raising volume.

  • lili M
    lili M 22 days ago

    R u Norwegian?

  • CrApPy cHaNnEl
    CrApPy cHaNnEl 23 days ago

    I recently moved to norway and within a week i lost count of how many teslas i saw lol this vid is soo true

  • Why Me?
    Why Me? 23 days ago

    Even thugz cry 😂

  • Karim Younes
    Karim Younes 23 days ago

    Ure still walking?

  • lilmannorcross54
    lilmannorcross54 25 days ago

    Anybody know the song in the background that starts at 1:25? Thanks

  • Dude Marcus
    Dude Marcus 25 days ago +2

    I live in Norway and my family have 2 Electric cars including a tesla😃

  • Shirley Chang
    Shirley Chang 25 days ago

    To be honest, Americans are spoiled. I have a friend from Texas. We talked about the climate change. I had to put on coat in the office in hot summer because the AC setting was low. I went like, if we could just raise the temperature of AC setting up a little bit in the summer and lower down a little bit in the winter, it could help to reduce the global warming in some way. Not to mention it really make yourself healthier that way. She shrugged and said I don’t care. I went like , think about our kids, next generations...she went like, I really don’t care...Don’t get me wrong. I like my friend. But the way she really doesn’t care, the way she won’t even sacrifice a little bit comfort, it reminds me of a spoiled kid from rich family...

  • Weazel
    Weazel 26 days ago

    Free charging? Lol. That is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • FullMetalPP _
    FullMetalPP _ 26 days ago

    weird flex but ok

  • lai timothy
    lai timothy 26 days ago +2

    Cause they are rich. THE END

  • Bernie Wen
    Bernie Wen 27 days ago +1

    So in a way, the US subsidizes the cost of Teslas for Norwegians.

    • Bernie Wen
      Bernie Wen Day ago

      You are right about Norway subsidizing the cost of Teslas (and other electric cars), but Norway subsidizing doesn't mean that the US doesn't subsidize. The Tesla subsidization is not mutually exclusive. Tesla is only a company because of govt subsidies. Without subsidies, the MSRP of a Tesla would have to be way more expensive in order for the company to break even. Even with the subsidies, Tesla had an operating income of -$1.7B in 2017.

    • Emil Amundsen
      Emil Amundsen 21 day ago

      Bernie Wen actually not, norway is dipping in to it’s rainy day fund to exert Tesla from paying tax for every car sold. Even free charging.
      It’s in the billions by now

  • Filip Jacobsen
    Filip Jacobsen 27 days ago

    My aunt had a bmw and now she has a tesla model s XD

  • Ridiculously Gracious
    Ridiculously Gracious 28 days ago

    Well if those fee savings match the overprice of the car and the thousands of dollars in maintaining cost after warranty, that could be worth it at some point... for urban not going far life

  • renyin wang
    renyin wang 28 days ago

    Norway has the worlds’ most expensive gas dud!

  • Rune Vestervik
    Rune Vestervik 29 days ago

    Norway is a great country. But we need to get away Erna Solberg

  • Eggpie_614
    Eggpie_614 Month ago

    And I come there to ruin it :D

  • Issac Gurung
    Issac Gurung Month ago

    Even thugz cry 😢

  • PuNicAdbo
    PuNicAdbo Month ago

    Which camera module is that?

  • Zy Xu
    Zy Xu Month ago +1

    free charging? this is why north Europe has the most clean environment

    • Man O' War
      Man O' War 10 days ago

      Except most of Northern Europe now has an Open Borders policy, which will effectively lower their quality of life quite substantially

  • ckxrs
    ckxrs Month ago

    0:37 wow was that the camaro? that was loud!

  • Luiz Nicolau
    Luiz Nicolau Month ago +1

    So many because gasoline is very expensive, and they love environment, and, of course, have money enough, not like in Brazil, my country, only gasoline is very expensive,

  • Moshe Villaizan
    Moshe Villaizan Month ago

    I hope one day the world will only have Tesla cars and 0 combustion engine cars, that's a world I want my kids to live in.

  • Vega Vega
    Vega Vega Month ago

    Norway is actually on a mission to end the use of fossil fuel overall, alot of popular cars in Norway are either hybrid or full electric now.

  • Anuj Vohra
    Anuj Vohra Month ago

    I have embedded this video on my recent blog post.
    This video is available in written words. #NotCopied

  • Akil liyanage
    Akil liyanage Month ago

    in aussie i dont think ive ever seen a tesla im so coming to live there

  • Zakariah Lafreniere
    Zakariah Lafreniere Month ago +2

    Um where are all the hot white women?

  • Zakariah Lafreniere

    Wet jacket and backpack unnecessary

  • Ola K
    Ola K Month ago

    HEY! Electricity is not GREEN in itself. It's "green" if it's produced in certain way or if it is actual electromagnetism coming from a Tesla tube / Ed Grey tube right (yes theres so much to add to this and there are no absolute boundaries in my statement that does not leave room for arguments). A "GREEN CAR" would be a car without any components imported from third world countries containing no finite resources like a electric car from today. Show me a " No controversy battery". Show us a car that can be repaired easily. Tesla is not what comes to mind. Musks business is a hoax, a circus.

  • Sita Mundri
    Sita Mundri Month ago

    One of my friend is from Finland.
    And she nearby tell me all about you said in this video.

  • Dan Dolittle
    Dan Dolittle Month ago

    Why are electric cars so expensive for what you get compared to old tech. combustion cars? Are EV buyers being ripped off?

  • Dcc Minn
    Dcc Minn Month ago

    Good government, good country

  • James Gant
    James Gant Month ago

    Weeeell fossil fuels reportedly take 5.3 trillion a year in handouts from world governments. So is it profit that has been redistributed it is it subsidized trade that has been redistributed. Anyways I think I could imagine a world with minimal fossil fuels it Just would require something else to act as a incentive to funnel money cause when all is said and done much of the money that is funneled into fossil fuels and banking is just direct monetary stimulus and having said that that is not really democratic or sustainable the difference is that Norway has chosen to deal with the problem in the way they can, but the fundamental problem is that fossil fuels have a relationship with world governments which is not really net profitable but is instead net extracting. If that money is well directed by some through trade and reinvestment then that’s good, but there is no reason why we could have the same kind of thing for sustainable technologies and monetary policies geared towards sovereign money for public investment and trade...

  • torrace12
    torrace12 Month ago

    Oil is not causing Global warming - the sun does.

  • István Makai
    István Makai Month ago

    Mostly correct...
    - Its a relatively big country with low population.
    - With good natural resources crude oil and gas, and high amount of hydroelectricity (cheap, renewable).
    - Relatively diversified economic from crude oil mining.
    - With Scandinavian and nordic christian european culture.
    - The education and the social system is effective.
    - High reallocation rate which financing this systems and which equalling the differentials of the incomes.
    - High average earnings (relate to US, EU) => Wide customer segment
    - Low criminal rate
    - Not member of the EU
    - But member of Council of Europe, the EFTA, the EEA, Schengen, NATO
    The high quality of life, the wealth and the democratic state form are consequencies of these.
    Relate this to Saudi Arabia
    - Its a big country and relatively overpopulated.
    - With good natural resources of crude oil and gas, and high amount of solar potential (relatively cheap, renewable).
    - But even so the saudi electricity (>90%) comes from burning high amount of crude oil.
    - Ortodox islamic (Wahhabi) culture
    - I think the saudi education system is not so effective(but they have started to improve), and their social system is wasteful.
    - This country living only from the saling crude oil, and some petrol products.
    - Non democratic state form, state influenced media, and millitary overspending.

  • QQminusS
    QQminusS Month ago

    The beast operates in a similar fashion. It extends into where many cannot see. Norway is full of Teslas because they have more self-awareness.

  • kawaii JP
    kawaii JP Month ago

    can i get adopted by a norway parents?

  • Alex Scher
    Alex Scher Month ago

    Are there any gas stations in Norway?


    To distract your eyes from the snowflakes...?

  • Jonathan Peña
    Jonathan Peña Month ago

    Cool video, but there was absolutely no point in going to Norway to share this info. Guy got an amazing free trip to talk to Thor, visiting the pole, hiking around Oslo, and little. So jelly. But seriously, waste of a plane ticket for this video.

  • TheGreatGuySP
    TheGreatGuySP Month ago

    0:36 hear the sound of the tesla engine

    wait teslas are quiet

  • Paragonix
    Paragonix Month ago

    Theres the reason why Norway is doing something better than america

  • Pippo Oppini
    Pippo Oppini Month ago


  • Airoop
    Airoop Month ago +1

    fun to see what Norway did with their oil money. compared to mine. Iran. c..coool where's my shotgun i need to kms

  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 Month ago

    so without oil how would norway make its money?

  • sagun khadka
    sagun khadka Month ago

    We need electric cars everywhere in The World

  • the watcher
    the watcher Month ago

    1:40 the guy spits thoroughly on my screen! Ebola in Europe confirmed!

  • Noe F
    Noe F Month ago

    00:35 Tesla's don't make petrol engine sound.

  • Cezar Patrascu
    Cezar Patrascu Month ago

    How will be on 8 years when the betteri is out of garanti,all the cars need to change the batteri on 8 years?will be more trash?

  • KindaRustySocks24
    KindaRustySocks24 Month ago

    7 minute video that should’ve been 2 and a half

  • santiago carreño
    santiago carreño Month ago

    Dear Johnny how do constantly look like a liberal douche in every video you make?

  • Thetiger 213
    Thetiger 213 Month ago

    I SEE like 10 teslas a day and i live in a little town near Oslo with Only 5 k people

  • Thetiger 213
    Thetiger 213 Month ago

    Its so many because the fuel prize in norway is like 2$ or 16kr ik IT i an from norway