Why Norway is full of Teslas

  • Published on Jun 10, 2017
  • Oslo is the Tesla capital of the world.
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    I spent a day in Oslo before traveling to Svalbard, and noticed that there were Teslas everywhere. Upon further investigation, I learned that the Norwegian government heavily incentivizes ownership of electric cars: Tesla doesn't pay a sales tax on the models it sells, electric car owners are exempt from automobile tolls, and they can charge their vehicles for free. The catch is that Norway funds these initiatives through its sovereign wealth fund, which is almost entirely comprised of profits from Norway's oil and fossil fuel exports.
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  • Vox
    Vox  Year ago +729

    Hey everyone: this dispatch video is part of the Vox Borders project. I'm visiting six places around the world to investigate the human impact of borders, and those six videos will be released in fall 2017. In the meantime I'm making these vlog style shorts.
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    • Gisa R.
      Gisa R. Day ago

      Do a rwanda/burundi borders. I'd like to see my native Rwanda and the sheer differences between it and Burundi

    • ViaMirage
      ViaMirage 7 days ago

      Foolish question - Norwegians are rich, very into conservation and they love nature. So the combination of these factors make the answer obvious.

    • AlphaApple
      AlphaApple Month ago

      It's good to learn that Norway has the highest number of electric cars.

    • adad
      adad 2 months ago

      the irony is that oil is Norway's major industry

  • pankaj ranga
    pankaj ranga Day ago

    How does an electronic car sounds like that?

  • Gisa R.
    Gisa R. Day ago +1

    Rwanda is planning to electric, thanks to our successful opening of a Volkswagen assembly plant, which plans to toll out electric cars in the future.

  • Chris Travers
    Chris Travers Day ago

    More like why are there so many Tesla’s in Marin county

  • Liam McGregor
    Liam McGregor 2 days ago

    Legend has it, he’s still walking

  • shirley tompkins
    shirley tompkins 2 days ago

    Wait arent they socialist

    • shirley tompkins
      shirley tompkins 21 hour ago

      +Songbird645 Fox news

    • Songbird645
      Songbird645 21 hour ago

      +shirley tompkins
      Did you thought that the socialist model was terrible? Why?

    • shirley tompkins
      shirley tompkins 23 hours ago

      +Songbird645 but thought such model was terrible

    • Songbird645
      Songbird645 23 hours ago

      shirley tompkins
      What you mean by socialist? They are following the so called Nordic model which has socialist elements .

  • duckcluck123
    duckcluck123 2 days ago

    Imagine being an american company with an american presenter making a video for a mostly american audience and using kilometers

  • raymond zou
    raymond zou 2 days ago

    Have anyone noticed that e golf in the thumbnail?

  • commentaire 1
    commentaire 1 2 days ago +1

    Just casually vlogging through a cemetery

    IAMU IAMU 3 days ago

    no hk
    has teh

  • JäyΔr
    JäyΔr 3 days ago

    I thought that E stands for Elon

  • Henrik Kibsgaard
    Henrik Kibsgaard 3 days ago

    Teslas are startih at 120K because of taxes in Norway.

  • KFum BS GANG
    KFum BS GANG 5 days ago

    Im from norway

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 6 days ago

    funky music

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 6 days ago

    4:27 =D

  • Ron Cecchetti
    Ron Cecchetti 7 days ago


  • ViaMirage
    ViaMirage 7 days ago

    Foolish question - Norwegians are rich, very into conservation and they love nature. So the combination of these factors make the answer obvious.

  • Pimp Lotion
    Pimp Lotion 7 days ago


  • Cihat Y.
    Cihat Y. 8 days ago

    In Austria i saw so many Teslas used as taxis

  • Aditya Kabu
    Aditya Kabu 8 days ago

    What drone did you use ?

  • Elias Boesersson
    Elias Boesersson 9 days ago

    Tons in Vancouver as well.

  • QSC Caddy
    QSC Caddy 9 days ago

    So at about 40 seconds where he says"here comes another one" and I hear motor roaring down the street...correct me if I'm wrong, but the tesla wouldn't make that kind of noise, no? Confused.

  • Lilkeer
    Lilkeer 9 days ago

    Come to California Los Angeles, you’ll see more tesla

  • Sastrvggah
    Sastrvggah 9 days ago

    A things a country can manage when not investing in war and corruption

  • ElOtroJuanjo
    ElOtroJuanjo 10 days ago

    because they are not idiots?

  • Kim Satterwhite
    Kim Satterwhite 11 days ago

    One of the girls at my school mom has a Tesla

  • Bill
    Bill 11 days ago

    And here in the US , there are internal battles against selling coal and natural gas to China because it would be "used". So compared to Norway " feel " better, but don't make the dollars. Smart ?

  • Paul Manners
    Paul Manners 11 days ago

    The truth
    4 million people of which half are within 1 hr of oslo
    Tesla can drive in bus lanes
    They get 80 pct + electric from hydro
    As everything is in Oslo the driving distance is short
    The Oslo people are rich
    They have a massive tax credit on electric cars
    They like to pretend to be green

  • Amanda Corcoran
    Amanda Corcoran 12 days ago

    I'm from Long island, I see about 3-10 Tesla a day

  • Yumydude
    Yumydude 12 days ago

    *Walks into Norway*
    Norwegian guy: IT SMELL LIKE BROKE IN HERE

  • da da
    da da 13 days ago

    maybe norway people are rich....

  • warlock
    warlock 13 days ago

    awesome videos... ur the boss of information

  • valarie 254
    valarie 254 14 days ago +1

    I have made up my mind
    Norway here i come regardless the weather

  • Fool Edits
    Fool Edits 14 days ago

    You forgot to cover the plates

  • DK 69 :P
    DK 69 :P 14 days ago +1

    Just wait until it become norwaystan 😂

    SARBAJIT DAS 15 days ago

    Superb....idea by Norway but this is a environmental crisis for other countries like India , Pakistan, ect
    Please Norway don't do like this our world would be destroy....!

  • s
    s 15 days ago

    Norway is so beautiful

  • Be Positive
    Be Positive 16 days ago

    Heres comes another one, (WAAAAAAAPWAAAAP PPP WAAAAAA) 100% electricity 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yea ok bro

  • R. Ramström
    R. Ramström 16 days ago +1

    Tesla’s are very common in Seattle. I know there’s at least two dealerships here.

  • Annie O
    Annie O 16 days ago

    Even thugs cry

  • ©ZEUS®™
    ©ZEUS®™ 16 days ago

    Are those VW Golfs fully electric or hybrids?

  • MAVIC 514
    MAVIC 514 17 days ago

    That’s a good thing

  • Thalia Lemon
    Thalia Lemon 18 days ago

    60% of Canada runs on renewable energy - the rest is in pretty remote areas where electric cars would not make a lot of sense.
    So for the urban centers that house 80% of our population, this would be a great standard. If only we nationalized our resources like Norway, we'd have funds for things like clean air incentives .... :(

  • Lord Rudra
    Lord Rudra 18 days ago

    Hmmm I want to move to Nordic place and learn from them to implement in Tamizh nad u :)

  • Marcell D'avis
    Marcell D'avis 20 days ago +1

    A friend of mine in Norway worked at a Tesla show room in Tromsø and he was allowed to drive them (to deliver it to customers for example). He said it was lots of fun.

  • iaw94
    iaw94 20 days ago

    How do Scandinavians afford such a high life all the time????

  • diegoskater626
    diegoskater626 21 day ago

    0,9 vs 29 % but how many cars are those? Norway has 5 million people and the US more than 300 million, you can actually say that more electric cars might have been sold in the US than in Norway

  • Omar Elshmly
    Omar Elshmly 21 day ago

    Guess I am moving to Norway.

  • One Voice
    One Voice 21 day ago

    Tesla’s are unaffordable unless your wealthy. They are toys for the rich and electric cars cause mass pollution making the toxic lithium batteries.

  • Melón Collie
    Melón Collie 21 day ago

    I bet this guy just keeps walking around because the air there is soooooo tasty and clean

  • DestroyerMachine
    DestroyerMachine 22 days ago

    Believe me. There’s more Tesla’s in Norway in 2019. 30 percent cars are Tesla’s in Norway.

  • DestroyerMachine
    DestroyerMachine 22 days ago

    Norwegian Gang?

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk 22 days ago +1

    Teslas dont roar, that was another car

  • Yana S
    Yana S 22 days ago

    I live in Toronto and Teslas are quite popular here, probably thanks to the green programs our government implements. Probably not as popular than in Norway... But I was surprised when he said he only saw 5 Teslas so far... I would see at least 3 every day at the time this video was posted.

  • Daniel Foulke
    Daniel Foulke 22 days ago

    why is skandinavian countries and iceland have a revolutionary idea for preserving our planet. Why another country couldn`t do that ?

  • W-Films
    W-Films 23 days ago

    American car company btw

  • DYNO
    DYNO 24 days ago

    3:35 thats bullshit

  • DYNO
    DYNO 24 days ago

    0:37 that mustand up the road tho

  • Mees
    Mees 24 days ago

    I got a kia ad

  • Indonezian Rider
    Indonezian Rider 24 days ago

    anyone knows what is the song title? .-.

  • Andy T
    Andy T 24 days ago +6

    0:27 The yellow camaro stole the show.

  • pizzahands
    pizzahands 24 days ago

    Norway is monarcy!!! This is back wards country!!! They are buying tesla just to look modern!!!!!

  • 조호랑이
    조호랑이 24 days ago

    thx for korean subtitles! and nice vid:)

  • Tech through Toni
    Tech through Toni 25 days ago

    So Norway sells oil but use electric cars. Lol

  • Miguel DoCarmo
    Miguel DoCarmo 26 days ago

    That didn’t sound like a Tesla

  • AlbSam Games
    AlbSam Games 26 days ago +44

    The real simple answer
    Norwegians are rich

    • anders
      anders Day ago +2

      shirley tompkins They’re still 21 trillion$ In debt

    • shirley tompkins
      shirley tompkins 2 days ago

      usa is poor? 8 billion for a wall

    • August Millerjord
      August Millerjord 14 days ago

      @Voidberg Høyeste jeg har sett er 35kr fra bunnpris.

    • August Millerjord
      August Millerjord 14 days ago

      @Voidberg Da har du ikke vært I trondheim, har sett flere butikker der 0,5 liter er over 30kr.

    • Voidberg
      Voidberg 14 days ago +5

      +August Millerjord Off, blir lei av norske folk som sprer feil propaganda om hvor "dyrt" det er for oss i Norge. 5 dollar er 42 kroner i dag 06.02.2019, en halv liter cola koster 22-23 kr i Norge, og 1,5L 32-34kroner. 1,5 liter coca cola selges på snitt rundt 2-3 dollar USA. Ja, det finnes steder som er veldig billig, og plasser som selger ting til "gi-bort" pris i USA, det er tross alt 325+ millioner innbyggere der og en del store forskjeller. Men det er ikke så mye billigere eller forskjell fra Norge i pris i forhold til inntekt om du faktisk tar en tur dit eller researcher litt.

  • Highlighted reply
    Highlighted reply 26 days ago

    Vikings have come a long way since boats!

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman 26 days ago

    Norway, I admire you so much, keep being awesome

  • Cristina Vălan
    Cristina Vălan 27 days ago

    Mom, I'm moving!

  • Anders Pettersen
    Anders Pettersen 27 days ago

    Flex: I have tesla❤️

  • beckty saputra
    beckty saputra 27 days ago

    Norway, im comi......ng. . . .

  • Alex Nevi
    Alex Nevi 27 days ago

    Because they can? -__-
    If I could, I will have Tesla too! -__-

  • Konstadinos Xenos
    Konstadinos Xenos 28 days ago

    Same thing in Amsterdam.

  • JasmineSkyy
    JasmineSkyy 28 days ago

    Free charging? How does one make money then? How does it benefit Norway?

    • Inquire about it
      Inquire about it 23 days ago

      It's government controlled, paid for by taxes. Not owned by a private company. If you drive a Tesla in Norway, you are not charged any tolls and you get to drive in the bus lanes for free, passing all the other cars, simply because you're not polluting.

  • JasmineSkyy
    JasmineSkyy 28 days ago

    Johnny that camera stabilizer is no joke!! Which brand is it? (The focus is off though in some clips)

  • Zyipitoe
    Zyipitoe 29 days ago

    Ohio must have extremely clean air not just because the electric cars but because of all the trees there.Go to the drone scene and you will see what i am talking about

  • Chris Santos
    Chris Santos 29 days ago

    Norway's Green Campaign is funded by oil sales to developing countries like China and India, When China and India becomes fully developed they will stop buying oil, so no more funding for Norway's green campaign so they will start using oil for transport and everything and try to convince or sell oil again to other countries so Norway can show the world they are concerned for the Earth's environment.

  • Bak Lava
    Bak Lava 29 days ago

    Can we say Wireless Charging?

  • Norbox
    Norbox Month ago

    this video tell me something like, that in north europe they have no idea how real EMOTIONAL CARS IS MADE

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall Month ago

    Less in usa voz usa is a backwards country

  • TheLuismondo
    TheLuismondo Month ago

    Please don't call them green. They are just people with money that do what ever they wish for they confort.
    It's like churches that talk about mercy for the starving poor people while maintaining opulent temples, airplanes and enormous parking lots to park their Benzes Ws Lexus and give a bit to them just for show, it doesn't change nothing (poor population is always growing).
    Nothing wrong with having money, I like capitalism and enjoy it, the wrong part to me it's the label (Green or church). They should be called rich society not green or social club not church (or change the definition of green and church).

  • Galactusz007
    Galactusz007 Month ago +7

    Just hearing that V8 revved up sound of that parked yellow Camaro overshowed that moving Tesla, lol.

  • Mamba 101
    Mamba 101 Month ago

    In your face Saudi Arabia!

  • Gaming with Minato Namikaze

    Because rich people live there. Duh!

  • David Cheney
    David Cheney Month ago

    I am 100% for clean environment and clean energy. Electric car? Where does electricity coming from? Hydro dam generated electricity simply it is too small scale to make a difference. Maybe it works for Norway with a small population but it is not practical for America, Germany, china, India and others. Exporting dirty oil to other countries and use that money to make Norway a better place to live is only shifting its pollution to other part of the earth. While makes Norway environmental friendly, makes other countries more polluting by shifting its carbon trade. Just like America, Australia, Canada and other developed nations send its plastic and other garbage waste to Asia every year, makes them environmental progressive and healthy places to live, at the same time, countries like china, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and India which imported those plastic and toxic waste more polluting and hazard for human. It is a balanced equation, bad exchanges for good.

  • Seller
    Seller Month ago

    E stands for erection

  • Abhishek Goyal
    Abhishek Goyal Month ago

    Exports oil imports green

  • PS Machado
    PS Machado Month ago


  • Hell On wheels
    Hell On wheels Month ago

    Unfortunately these tax incentives are temporary and used to start a shift in the market and this fund they speak of will slowly run out seeing that oil exploration is becoming almost non profitable in Norway with oil prices going way down and the market becoming extremely saturated

  • Beto Meza
    Beto Meza Month ago

    Why can’t we have that in America -.-

  • Alice Is kawaii
    Alice Is kawaii Month ago

    Meh in my country we don’t have tesla’s we have cheap cars u can rarely see b or c class rides

  • norberto silva
    norberto silva Month ago

    taxes/ fees

  • DeizonXX 2016
    DeizonXX 2016 Month ago

    our country have a sovereign wealth fund...it was mess

  • LordArioh
    LordArioh Month ago

    there are so many electric cars in Oslo, that there's more traffic jams on BUS lines than regular ones. this dude is like my friend, everytime he see Tesla on the street he says - Tesla, so he rarely shuts up. Did not got used to them in 6 years. But anyway, if you drive far or live outside big cities, especially mountains, electric car is not an option yet.

  • Melshawn Vaz
    Melshawn Vaz Month ago

    Norway, here i come😍😍😍😍😻😻

  • Tri Mulyadi [ TM9CHANNEL ]

    Wow... I like Tesla, I dreamed it.

  • minny245 45
    minny245 45 Month ago +2

    Did he mention the Norwegian government is one of the biggest investors in Tesla?

  • VK89000 XaLo
    VK89000 XaLo Month ago

    I think they're living in 2040

  • gregs1020
    gregs1020 Month ago

    Norway is a great example of what can be.

    • nathen4twenty
      nathen4twenty Month ago +1

      Norway is a great example of what can be if you only have the population of a US high school in for much of your towns. What can be with only 5.2 million people is easy.

  • Francisco Rodriguez Jr.

    Great video