HOW I LOST 20kgs (40lbs) AS A TEENAGER | My Weight Loss Story | Annie Jaffrey


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  • Melissa Jones
    Melissa Jones 4 hours ago

    I've been working on losing 40-50lbs for 9 months now, my weight has been up and down at times, I started at 186 and I'm now at 165 so I'm going to continue until I reach my goal.

  • Maram Diaa
    Maram Diaa 16 hours ago

    I'm too big for kids clothing and too small for women clothing

  • Fazila Zaheer
    Fazila Zaheer 22 hours ago

    I have been trying few activities in my life for 2 months and literally I love my routine I lossed 4kg, glowing skin, stress free, active. Here is my routine.
    1. I getup early in the morning 5.30.
    2. Firstly I perform 5 time pray a day. Its help to glowing skin and clean my heart i feel relex.
    3. Do some cardio.
    4. Eat healthy like fruits, soup, yogurt, grill fish, green vegetable, natural juices. Etc.
    5. I avoid junk foods.
    6. I play football cricket its increase my heartbeat.
    7. I recite Holy Quran with translation.
    8. Draw sketches.
    9. I drink a lot of water. 8 to 10 glasses per day.
    10. I research science progessing through the holy book.
    Thank you for reading. Ignore my weak English I'm not good at in english. Have a wonderful day.

  • Legally Brunette

    LOVED this encouraging and inspiring, thank you!!

  • ok ·___·
    ok ·___· 2 days ago

    How do I tell my mom I want to lose weight?

  • Sal & Ave
    Sal & Ave 2 days ago

    For I me I can not go into the 120s I just stay at 130

  • Sal & Ave
    Sal & Ave 2 days ago

    I want to do the chocolate thing but I eat the big chewy bars that have little chocolate chips in them also I have lost over 15 pounds this year but I still have more what motivated me was my friend who is skinny and my other friend who is like 81 pounds, but also my doctor cuz she told me to lose weight and I did but I still want to lose more

  • Ari Ni
    Ari Ni 2 days ago

    You are so inspirational 💕💕💕💕

  • Derya Muezzinoglu
    Derya Muezzinoglu 4 days ago

    This was so inspirational I started crying. I'm sure you're a role model for other young girls and women everywhere. You're dedications and stories are significant and I really appreciate you for sharing this time of your life with us. You just got yourself one new subscriber!!

  • Ameera Maing
    Ameera Maing 4 days ago

    Thank you so so much. I'm a teenager and this video help me a lot. 💕💕💕

  • Odia Ja
    Odia Ja 5 days ago

    you're such an inspiration..

  • Maribel Barrios
    Maribel Barrios 6 days ago +1

    I am at a not healthy weight I weigh at 174 pounds at 5”0 I am 12 going on 13 I want to just be comfortable in my skin and be healthy I feel like my thighs are wayyy too big and my arms and face this is really motivational and I’ve already started. :)
    1 like =10 jumping jacks

  • Vani Grover
    Vani Grover 6 days ago

    I was doing jumping jacks throughout the video.. so proud of myself im already down 13 pounds out of my weight loss journey.. wish me luck!!! im 12 yrs old 5ft 3 in and 105lbs tryna get to 85pounds

  • patri.wdwimagines
    patri.wdwimagines 6 days ago

    You are so inspirational💖And because u im trying right now to work out💞💞💞

  • Helow it’s my Sudjcnnne

    I would like to thank you as I am a 13 year old girl who is not what u could call skinny and i have been trying to loose weigh and have been on and off diets but by watching this video u have given me that push and inspired me to lose weight and right now I am experiencing what you went through so thank you for the inspiration to help me to exercise and it may not seem like much but it really means a lot

  • Maija Romanovska
    Maija Romanovska 7 days ago

    i love this video❤️

  • ᴠᴀɴ ᴊᴏ
    ᴠᴀɴ ᴊᴏ 7 days ago

    I’m 180 pounds and 5’3 and I believe this really is gonna help me ❤️

  • Vaishnavi Yettapu
    Vaishnavi Yettapu 8 days ago

    Thank you!!! but what if you eat a lot (not including choc.) and you are not allowed to stop it?

  • Cicy A
    Cicy A 8 days ago

    how tall are you ? :)

  • Julia Zoladek
    Julia Zoladek 8 days ago


  • i am a misteak
    i am a misteak 9 days ago

    oh dear god get to the point

  • Zealous Zombae
    Zealous Zombae 9 days ago +4

    I watched this and immediately made a pact with my mom! Both of us want to lose weight so she swore off Alcohol and I swore off of sweets and ramen for the next year! Let's see if I can keep it up!

  • Lauxy
    Lauxy 9 days ago

    I’m currently 86kg at 15 and 5’8 so I can really relate to you...I’m deffo gonna lose weight.

  • Aine Donnelly
    Aine Donnelly 9 days ago

    This helped to motivate me and get me back onto my weight loss journey properly again, thank you and well done this is amazing 🙌🏼❤️

  • Olivia Brasier
    Olivia Brasier 10 days ago

    Mmmm no 400 calories of chicken will make you the same amount of full as 400 calories of lettuce

    • Valerie Jargon
      Valerie Jargon Day ago

      No actually. Proteins are more satiating on a physiological level. Yes they have the same amount of calories but you will feel more satisfied and full from eating something high in protein vs something high in carbohydrates.

  • Grace H
    Grace H 10 days ago

    I'm 14 and 112 lbs but i feel fat ughh

  • Hello Nobody
    Hello Nobody 10 days ago

    Ur glowing

  • hollie abundance
    hollie abundance 10 days ago

    This is so inspirational I’m watching this every day to motivate myself!!

  • Tominemk
    Tominemk 11 days ago

    I think ive watched every video on the internet about this but this is the only one that really motivated me because I can relate so much

  • camila cabello
    camila cabello 11 days ago

    I've been looking at yo collar bones the whole time they are goals XD
    Also i am 5'4 and 122 pounds (55kg maybe) is that overweight?

    • Zainab Hussen
      Zainab Hussen 10 days ago

      That's not overweight at all! You have nothing to worry about!

  • camila cabello
    camila cabello 11 days ago +1

    I have a friend who talks like you and i miss her so much 😭😭😭😭😭

  • duck quack
    duck quack 12 days ago +1

    I'm actually trying to gain weight. I am in 7th grade 5'2 and 108. Now I know that it's not bad for my age (12) but I just want to gain weight around some few places.

  • Ghazala Khan
    Ghazala Khan 12 days ago +1

    Hi. I loved this video. I am now 53 years old and my nightmare 12 years of being overweight due to depression and self image issues were disastrous. Dark. This was ages ago and now behind me. that goes to prove that a positive attitude is great and really have excess weight on as a teenager or a young adult is not such a big deal as one sorts out these issues at one time or another. Cheers!

  • Persephone
    Persephone 13 days ago

    i love your eyebrows

  • Alexis Kay
    Alexis Kay 13 days ago

    Guys I weight 96.8 and I'm 11 I'm so overweight but I can't start eating healthy 😥😫

  • Selena
    Selena 13 days ago +4

    Watching this while eating a 10pc of McNuggets...

  • Katy Deml
    Katy Deml 14 days ago +4

    Y’all I need some super duper pooper scooper motivation right now.
    1 like=1 day of diet and exercise

    help me plz

  • AlohaMia
    AlohaMia 14 days ago

    We both have the same Hometown!! Hope to look like you someday :) I gave up chocolate for lent last year, geez that was hard

  • Lola Martinez
    Lola Martinez 14 days ago +2

    Those collarbones.

  • crystall l
    crystall l 15 days ago

    inspirational 💘 .

  • N A
    N A 15 days ago +1

    What’s your height?

  • Nesma Bieber
    Nesma Bieber 15 days ago

    I'm about 55 kilos and 5'8 (173cm) but I am not comfortable about my body inspite of the fact that everyone tells me that I'm skinny and underweight but I couldn't see it sometimes I feel fat and sometimes I feel the opposite.. I'm really confused I don't know what to do!!

  • Crisbeth fernandez garma

    I have 12 kilos to lose, you encourage me♡

  • Austeja S.
    Austeja S. 20 days ago

    What’s your height?

  • Drizzy daya
    Drizzy daya 21 day ago

    omg i love youuuuuu

  • Hello ItsMe
    Hello ItsMe 21 day ago +1

    You are gorgeous, thanks for sharing your story. I've always been a petite girl (4'11 and around 105 lbs) since having my 3 yr old, my highest weight has been 146. I'm currently 132 lbs and want to go down to 110 so if like to lose about 22lbs. Going to start making a change now 😭✋. I am curious though, I plan on starting to vlog, anyway you can show what you use to record videos (editing software, camera, mic etc)?

  • 사리카
    사리카 23 days ago

    This is really helpful, I love the fact you started off with something as making a bet to stop eating chocolate. I think this would definitely help those who don't know where to start, like me. I might try this as a starter.

  • bee llaa
    bee llaa 23 days ago

    hi ! I,am 14 years old girl
    and I,am 88 kg for 168 cm
    help me guyes pleas

  • zaynab merchant
    zaynab merchant 25 days ago

    How old was she when she started losing weight?

  • Tavia Parham
    Tavia Parham 25 days ago

    I can’t give up chocolate, I’m made outta that

  • Susa Saku
    Susa Saku 26 days ago

    How much does you weight now?

  • Rosie S
    Rosie S 27 days ago +1

    You know what I’m gonna start my weight loss journey today! My goal is to lose 10-20kg

  • puteri puteri
    puteri puteri 28 days ago

    I’m like 5’5 and I’m like 124 pounds :(((

  • annie :0
    annie :0 28 days ago

    i complain about not losing weight all the time. but i really enjoy how im watching this while eating nutella out of a jar❤️ im so depressed loll

  • Dark Flora69
    Dark Flora69 28 days ago

    gorgeous and amazing woman

  • stars light
    stars light 28 days ago

    you’re so mindful 💝💓💓

  • crystal simon
    crystal simon Month ago

    She has such a cute personality you can tell she’s really proud of herself💖

  • hana m
    hana m Month ago

    awe your weight loss journey seemed so beautiful! I feel really motivated rn. so let’s hope I don’t give up bc I’m tired of not being happy/confident within my own body.

  • YehetGirl
    YehetGirl Month ago

    thankkkk you very much I am 80 kg and I am always afraid of losing weight because I didn't want to get loose skin but seeing you inspire me so much

    • Melissa Levitt
      Melissa Levitt 18 days ago

      +Luisa because when you get loose skin you'll have to surgically remove it and the scars are terrible and might make you look at your body differently for some people. It's normal to fear loose skin

    • Luisa
      Luisa 26 days ago

      Why would you fear that? That's dumb

  • izaa idek
    izaa idek Month ago

    I have one question. I am in my early trenage years and i want to eat more plant base food and less meat but we are tought in school that we need meat and lots of protein to grow. I just want to know if eating less meat will have an effect in my growth. It might be a dumb question but anyway.😅

  • izaa idek
    izaa idek Month ago +3

    So i am 13 years old. I am going to be 14 in march. In the beggining of summer 2018 I decited to weigh myself, bc I hadnt done so in a long time. And i actually was 87 kg. I have been overweight all my life but that year hit me hard in the face. The stress and everything proved to be too hard. So I ate and gained weight. After seeing the number I was so upset but I wanted to change so this summer I decited to change my diet. Just no junkfood or anything like that. Then when the school year started I started going to a zumba class and i started working out at home. I started of easely. First few weeks I just went to my course and continued the diet. Then i started doing abb excersises at home. Started of slowly then they got harder. Now I work out almost everyday go for bicycle rides on weekends go to my course and ofc eat a healthy diet. I am now 72 kilos. I know I still have a long way ahead of me but I know I can do it. My goal is to reach at least 65 kilos untill summer.

    • Ivy Gwendo
      Ivy Gwendo 6 days ago

      wow that is commitment i wish i had! good luck! i'm going to be 14 in April btw :)

  • Mask Of Confidence
    Mask Of Confidence Month ago

    please do a workout routine video! p.s I love your videos and you really help my motivation with weight loss!😘

  • lil k
    lil k Month ago

    am i the only one who thinks shes so cute like i just wanna squish her little cheeks

  • PanPan POWER
    PanPan POWER Month ago

    I'm an athlete. I swim competitively and play water polo year round. My shoulders are super muscly and so are my legs. I want to be muscular but without all the big, bulky muscles. I've tried some other things but I'm really short so some of the regimes that I have tried have said that they might not work for shorter people, saying that they might make them MORE muscular. I'm really at a loss for trying to loose the extra weight at this point. Would you be able to help me?

    • Courtney Flowers
      Courtney Flowers 24 days ago

      PanPan POWER Although you swim, you may need a different kind of cardio. Like HIIT...I have a similar body type & my volleyball coach in HS recommended Doing intervals on the elliptical for 30 mins or 3 miles & it helped me slim down. Since you're an athlete, you won't lose your muscle tone. Embrace it girl!

  • Eva Rotteveel
    Eva Rotteveel Month ago +1

    i really really enjoyed this video, i love that you're so positive

  • bye bye
    bye bye Month ago

    I’m also on my weight loss journey and this is so inspiring and I relate to this because like you my goal was to lose 20kg I’ve lost 4.3kg so far i have 15.7kg left to lose 💪🏼 your what i ate today inspire me to eat healthy starting with little things like oatmeal for breakfast instead of cereal and sweets potatoes for dinner instead of pizza

  • onwednesdayswewearpink

    waait what you're from switzerland too?

  • Mieke Bosland
    Mieke Bosland Month ago +1

    Literally me, my bestie is rely thin and has a great metabolism and then I'm like you I can eat the Same thing as her and my body Handel's it way different. I can relate so much to this ❤️

  • Vivi
    Vivi Month ago

    you are such an inspiration! thank you for doing this video!!

  • CathBrim
    CathBrim Month ago

    This is such a good video because most weight loss videos on this site are based around fad diets or other types of diets, which are (in my opinion) quite dangerous to the young viewers as losing weight should be part of a healthy lifestyle change, but because people want change fast they resort to the dieting which does work, but only for a short period of time. Everything you said was so well researched and knowledgable, it was just super refreshing to have someone talk about losing weight the right way, with a good healthy diet and physical activity.

  • Rini's life
    Rini's life Month ago

    I'm 12 and I weigh 176lbs so I'm trying to lose weight and I'm going to secondary school in a few months

  • Abi Caterina
    Abi Caterina Month ago

    I am an Indian,but h e always veen in guld...i still go on vacation tho but i wanted to tell tht i was damn thin back then whn i was livin in india even in gulf but.....whn i crossed 12 years i jumped from saudi to bahrain thats where this whole shit got real!
    I started gaing weight and i didnt care about it ...🤨
    But now m 16 ....same country....nd i weight frickin 149lbs ...i feel INSECURE ...oh my at least can i look thin ?! My gial is to reach 14p or 138 !!!!😑😑😑
    Pls suggest me hun i will pray that u ALWAYYYYYYYS stay healthy and fit + make us smile till u grow old😉😉😊😉😉

    • Abi Caterina
      Abi Caterina Month ago

      Oh my ....a lottts of mistake sorry my phone setting changed .....holy moly thats fricking embArassIng...

  • Genesis Mc Clay
    Genesis Mc Clay Month ago

    Thank you for this inspiration. I love how you’re not afraid of talking about your past. I’m on the road on weight loss, and you are very inspiring to me. And again, thank you for this video, and thank you for not letting others get in your head when you were younger.

  • TaewithSuga AndKookies

    This is meant as a compliment, you are gorgeous but you kinda look like Emily from the corpse bride if she was still alive (and obvs not animated 😂) also thank you for this video it's really inspiring and motivating xx

  • Aarika V
    Aarika V Month ago

    Such a good video! I love it ♥️

  • La Nion
    La Nion Month ago

    two years ago I lost like 9 kilos in less than 3 months
    then I realized it was way more than needed (54kg for 1m73)
    I gained three kilos back
    but two weeks ago I realized I was less than 53.9 kg and now I'm fighting for gaining back weight, I want to work out but I am in college and I don't have the time and I have back issues

  • Danielle Lockwood
    Danielle Lockwood Month ago

    I can relate so much :(

  • Sadichchha Sharma
    Sadichchha Sharma Month ago


  • 10 subs is enough for Me Challenge

    Motivate me Guyss Plss..

  • BaileyBeats
    BaileyBeats Month ago


  • tracyslipstickstain

    I lost 25 kg in last year, being 17 and working so hard on this is really hard

  • Marty Grier
    Marty Grier Month ago

    Artigianal ice cream is not a junk food, if you don’t eat it too much

  • Smileyxalina
    Smileyxalina Month ago

    When you loosed 20 kg have you lose your period too? Because sometimes when you lose that much weight you can lose your period and I was just wondering

  • Michelle Spouse
    Michelle Spouse Month ago

    awww you sound and are soo loveley😢

  • Anna Chiara Rota Martir

    Losing weight is fantastic, and if you have a beautiful body boys like you, but if your face sucks boys don’t like you anyway

  • Liza Voloboeva
    Liza Voloboeva Month ago

    This is sooo inspirational

  • Kim Na Na
    Kim Na Na Month ago

    i was like you + 2 more kg at my heaviest and started my diet one year ago and lost over 20 kg. now i am 62 kg and want to loose 12 more.

  • jolina m
    jolina m Month ago

    Oh my god you really touched my feelings, because I'm a teenager right now and I can relate to so much of your story. Thank you a lot, because you gave back a lot of motivation to me :)

  • Dalia Kraiz
    Dalia Kraiz Month ago

    how tall are you? and grocery haul pleaasee

  • The Shopping Bag
    The Shopping Bag Month ago

    Hi my names Kate! I started a new youtube channel with thrift hauls, makeup, and vlogs! I only have 25 subscribers and would love to grow more! Ive subscribed to your channel as well! Check me out if you have a chance and subscribe if youre into thrifting, shopping, and vlogs! Thanks for your help!

  • Megan O'Malley
    Megan O'Malley Month ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! It is great inspiration for me. I love that you included that you felt better not just looked better. That is so important. Sending love your way!

  • Breanna Ackerson
    Breanna Ackerson Month ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this video. I have been trying to lose weight for quite a while now, but I just kept giving up, but after watching this video you have really motivated me to keep at it and not give up. Thank you.

  • Devon Knight
    Devon Knight Month ago

    Just watching this inspired me to not eat chocolate for a year let's see if it goes well !

  • ruby _
    ruby _ Month ago

    an ad for chocolate came up just as she was talking about giving up chocolate for a year

  • Helen Park
    Helen Park Month ago

    Omggg werent u in a tv show called back stage when u were s teenager?

  • Esraa Mohammed
    Esraa Mohammed Month ago

    There was an old video for you about losing weight i think from 4 year ago and u really inspired me

  • Joni Michiels
    Joni Michiels 2 months ago

    Omg, thank you! This motivates me so much!

  • Katharine Tremblay
    Katharine Tremblay 2 months ago

    You're so pretty!

  • Zeina tarek
    Zeina tarek 2 months ago


  • NyaMarie13
    NyaMarie13 2 months ago

    im 13 & i can relate to this so much ! this was so motivating