HOW I LOST 20kgs (40lbs) AS A TEENAGER | My Weight Loss Story | Annie Jaffrey


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  • H rod
    H rod 3 hours ago

    this girl looks so much like the cat in the hat 😂😂

  • Lana Lalala
    Lana Lalala 3 days ago

    How tall are you?

  • Maia Mallery
    Maia Mallery 3 days ago

    I’m 15, I’m 5’8 and I have 54 kg(a lot ik) I also have hip dips and annoying long torso and short legs.I’m not fat and not skinny but I wanna reshape my body to have a flat stomach,wider hips and skinnier legs.It’s so hard to archive this idk I think i’m just getting muscles when I workout not losing wait.

  • Andjela Jelic
    Andjela Jelic 5 days ago

    I am 15 and I think two months ago I decided to weight myself cuz I never really did that. I was too insecure to look at the number but it said 75kilos and that hit me like a rock and at first I gave up sweets and junk food, I go on bike rides almost daily and I exercise also almost daily and now I am at (I think) 70kilos. I'm not happy with that number and I'm going to try to get to 60kilos till summer but I don't think I'll do it (I have about 3 or so months) but I really wish I will do it I just need a bit more confidence and I might actually succeed

  • Dana Elona
    Dana Elona 8 days ago

    Your arms!! I have lost 12 pounds but my arms don't seem to be losing fat... How did your arms get that small without lose skin or stretch marks??

  • Emma Jarvis
    Emma Jarvis 8 days ago

    Always make sure a doctor or nutritionist is observing you if you're trying to lose weight as a teen. I lost 40 lbs when I was 12 years old in a healthy manner, but a few months later I developed anorexia. Based on my own experiences, I don't think any young teen should devise their own weight loss plan

  • Cocoa's Animations
    Cocoa's Animations 9 days ago

    Omg 185 ib is exactly how much I weigh
    Not important info, just got exited lol

  • Abner Gil
    Abner Gil 11 days ago +1

    I’m so happy that you’re happy!

  • inspired by0816
    inspired by0816 12 days ago

    Okay, i want to do kind of the same thing, but i am not really sure, what. Bc if i would stop eating chocolate, i would replace that maybe?

  • jeniffer santiago
    jeniffer santiago 13 days ago

    I feel like you got too skinny 🙄😐

  • Sal 2y
    Sal 2y 13 days ago

    You are literally me omg
    I was 85 when I was 13 & then started my journey♡
    You look gorgeous

  • Ruth A
    Ruth A 13 days ago

    i really wish there was an efficient way to lose weight quick but I'm learning there's nothing better than putting the work to get the body I want. So tomorrow my fitness journey will begin!

  • Odette Stremel
    Odette Stremel 14 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. You were beautiful back then and are gorgeous now.

  • cloud campos
    cloud campos 14 days ago +3

    I just had 4 chocolate chip cookies before this.....the guilt is real

  • rozi jednorog
    rozi jednorog 14 days ago

    Where are you from?😊

  • Helen D
    Helen D 16 days ago

    Agree 💯 👍

  • Special Snowflake
    Special Snowflake 16 days ago

    This is the best transformation video I've ever seen ❤ SO DAMN RELATABLE

  • later ?
    later ? 18 days ago +2

    Im so stressed!! I never eat junk food or sweets, but my weakness is pasta. I restricted my calorie intake and started being a little bit more active, and STILL can't seem to lose weight, it's been 2 weeks and not a significant change was seen..

  • dangerously in love
    dangerously in love 19 days ago

    The only thing for me is i dont know how to eat healty i eather eat a lot or starve myself...

  • tyler
    tyler 19 days ago

    I'm 14 and I've lost 40+ pounds (and still losing)

  • MK Norris
    MK Norris 20 days ago


  • lia haszard
    lia haszard 22 days ago

    i feel like you are so real because you are so open and relatable

  • Janar Parkja
    Janar Parkja 22 days ago

    I'm sooo jealous of those like who eat like 3 pizza's and littraly get SKINIER?!?!?! LIKE I EAT 1 PEACE OF CHOCOLATE AND I LITERALLY GAIN 1 KG?!?!?

  • Klaudia Toporowska
    Klaudia Toporowska 24 days ago

    My issue isn’t with eating junk food. I actually eat very healthy.. but I struggle with overeating..😫

  • Maitri Doshi
    Maitri Doshi 24 days ago

    I am in love with your health videos like legit love and I am starting to eat healthy like you from tomorrow.

  • Cinderella UK
    Cinderella UK 26 days ago

    you ain't easy gurl, proud of you

  • Lovely Lisbonner
    Lovely Lisbonner 27 days ago


  • GG Yas
    GG Yas 27 days ago

    So far I’ve lost 7 pounds in a month at 13 which I’m personally proud of. I started at 127 pounds and have so far gotten down to 120! I’m still working too

  • Gina Lee
    Gina Lee 29 days ago

    where is your earing from? so pretty

  • Roma Summers
    Roma Summers Month ago +1

    thank you so much annie! i adore this video :) definitely my favorite x

  • Steffanie Olsson
    Steffanie Olsson Month ago

    Gyms are so expensive! They cost like 150 $ a month.

  • Aiden Parin
    Aiden Parin Month ago

    So like I’ve been big bodied my whole life, currently weighing in 178 pounds being 5’9 or 5’10, so I’m a decent sized guy. But early 2018 I was the lowest I had ever been, 163 pounds, I felt so good about myself, and I was so happy. Now I’m realizing I need that feeling again, every time I eat I get sad. I’m realizing now I just need to eat healthy. I will be updating this comment with my weight every month, so just remind me in the comment to do that.
    Month 1: 178
    Month 2:
    Month 3:
    Month 4:

  • Zara Soemadinata
    Zara Soemadinata Month ago

    you are so cute

  • Megan TS fan
    Megan TS fan Month ago

    I am 14 almost 15 and I weigh 117 pounds and I am 5’4. I know that is a healthy weight but I want to lose a little bit of weight and tone up a bit. I want to gain a thigh gap and lose my stomach fat for a flat stomach. I am super picky I hate fruits and vegetables and pretty much everything healthy. Anyone have any suggestions. I will start exercising but if I don’t eat healthy will it work. All I drink is milk and water

  • Christine Christensen

    thank you so much for motivating me again. I am the same age as you when you started. At the start of school the year I started working out everyday and being more aware of the amount I ate because some girls are saying things about me at school and comparing me to my twin and calling me the fat and ugly twin. I'm not fat, I know I'm not fat but when I found out what people were thinking about me really helped to trigger the changes I was making. But then came the exams and I didn't feel like I had time to workout and i became really stressed. I told myself that I would take a break from exercise and study, I promised that I would workout again tomorrow. Little did I know that I would only have more work to do and tomorrow would become tomorrow and I haven't really worked out ever since apart from my weekly dance and fitness classes and occasional runs. I have thought especially after the new year that I really need to start again because no matter how many excuses I can think of there will never ever be the perfect time to start. I need to live in the moment. anyway, thanks again. truly.

  • Fashion Design
    Fashion Design Month ago

    You are amazing I love your videos Then you will you're speechless And Help More teenager to lose weight

  • A. R. R Tolk
    A. R. R Tolk Month ago

    You'er underweight though

  • babygirl x
    babygirl x Month ago +1

    I'm 13 years old and 164cm but my weight is 60kgs. I actually used to be 64kgs from the holidays, when I was 12 I exercised often with my dad, doing Ab workouts, jogs in the afternoon and sometimes morning, telling me things like you can't spot lost weight. I was in great shape when I was 12 given that I wasn't very sporty.. Then when it was 2018 I stopped working out since my dad got more busy with work so I was never pushed to do things (I weighed 55kgs) and gained weight. Now in 2019 I'm trying to get back to 55kg or less then that. I've already lost 4kgs and probably lost some more. Wish me luck 😊

  • Blach ØR white
    Blach ØR white Month ago

    My goal is to loose tight fat I don't really care about weight but just the distribution of fat that angry me I used to have That pear like shape and my facial bones look very clear
    Now evrey body tell me that I became slim and I look ill cis my face became even slimmer and yellow colored under my ayes
    My hip bone started to show but those damn thight😠 no change
    I am not following any kind of diet I eat healthy and toooo much but I lost weight that coool but the fat around my thighs didn't dicreased even when I follow diet and work out plans to the point I get ill with no changes in this erea only
    Recently I started filling pain under my booty in the thighs erea I can't sit down confortably nether lay on my back without felling extrean pain in that erea
    I don't know what to do

  • Benjamin Foster
    Benjamin Foster Month ago

  • Dr Usmle
    Dr Usmle Month ago

    I love your necklace. Where did you get it from?

    UNICORN VLOGS Month ago

    I am 13 years old and I am so depressed of how I look specially my body , my height is 173cm and I was 90 kg and I lost 9 kilos which is now I am 81kg , still I am not happy of how my body looks , I am losing weight now but in really hard way , I am eating always salad in lunch , or maybe I am making calories diet, it’s not that hard but I feel it that it’s hard , everyone laughs of how I look which is so hard for me of being bullied , I use to think to commit suicide , but now I am being proud that I am losing weight and now I don’t care about people who bullies me , my dream weight is 60 kg which is left for me about 20 kg

  • Madz 910
    Madz 910 Month ago

    I play hockey to you r very inspiring

  • bles villan
    bles villan Month ago

    I feel hopeless in my weight ..can you give me a tip to continue ...

  • Bibi
    Bibi Month ago

    I always watch this vid for motivation💛💛

  • Freja Cao
    Freja Cao Month ago

    Thank you so much! this video truly motivates me!

  • Xxx X
    Xxx X Month ago

    Anyone want to support each other and stuff? X (I’m 14 btw)

  • fartt.
    fartt. Month ago +1

    You look like someone from Riverdale but I can't put my finger on it...

  • a butterfly
    a butterfly Month ago

    I'm 16 and weigh 42.2 kg, I just need to lose 2.2kg more. Urghhhhh, the last few pounds are the hardest. I'll use these tips well, thank you!!

  • ahmed qt2016
    ahmed qt2016 Month ago

    how old are you rn??

  • Nevaeh Marshall
    Nevaeh Marshall Month ago +105

    *1 like = 1 push-up*

  • Nomi Foggy
    Nomi Foggy Month ago +6

    Today is the first of January. I made new years resolutions to work out more and eat healthily so that by summer i can have tonnes more body confidence. It helps that my brother wants to be a personal trainer so he is helping me

  • Annie Lamouche
    Annie Lamouche Month ago

    You sound so sweet

  • Savni Patel
    Savni Patel Month ago

    Wat did u do with ur stretch marks?

  • Faith YU [11C03S]
    Faith YU [11C03S] Month ago

    Omg I feel so like motivated wow!! Thanks♥️

  • ♪(v^_^)v

    I’m a teenage girl and I weigh 53kg.. now that may not sound like much but it is too much for my height (158cm) and whenever I look in the mirror I see a chubby person staring back at me. Thank u so much for this inspirational video & u really motivated me to start exercising and managing my eating. Also, ur so beautiful !

    • ♪(v^_^)v
      ♪(v^_^)v Month ago +1

      neptune mermaid thank you so much! I’ll try not to focus too much on numbers. your words mean a lot :)

    • neptune mermaid
      neptune mermaid Month ago

      Hey, don't look down at yourself! I am 160cm and I was my heaviest at 52kg and now I am 45/46 kg. And I am still insecure. Don't focus on the number, don't go to extreme. Just exercise and eat healthy. And remember that being 53kg at 158cm is a completely healthy weight!

  • Natalie Zak
    Natalie Zak Month ago +3

    my new year's resolution is to loose weight to 40kg

  • Roudayena Jarana
    Roudayena Jarana Month ago +2

    Anyone December 2018 ?

  • Angel Sachdeva
    Angel Sachdeva Month ago

    All i saw while you were talking was ur collar bone moving in and out
    BTW loved ur video *inspiring*

  • Ashlea’s Daily
    Ashlea’s Daily Month ago

    Omg such a good video how you looked in that photo is how I look now I’m trying but it’s easier to say your going to do something than actually doing it

  • scairip a
    scairip a Month ago +1

    definitely going to try this chocolate challenge next year !! this video is so so powerful.

  • mynameisden
    mynameisden Month ago

    I am a teenager girl, who really really hate herself. I am 84 kg and I have a crush on a boy from my school since a year, but he doesn‘t know that I exist. Your video was so inspirational.. maybe this is a sign that I am ready to change myself.

  • Aya Shahak
    Aya Shahak Month ago

    you blew my mind. i have no words.

  • Suvda khofsoul
    Suvda khofsoul Month ago

    i don't think chocolate is unhealthy, it is just the bad habit and quantities are.....

  • prisha gorakh
    prisha gorakh Month ago

    can u make a video on what all exercises u did??

  • Claire G
    Claire G Month ago

    I'm not unhealthy I do eat junk but not huge amount and I play competitive soccer I'm not even considered overweight for my height but I'm not playing hs soccer this year bc Im taking 3 ap classes and i need to focus on school and I haven't been to practice in 6 weeks I can tell I've gained some weight i feel flabby i just want to loose 10-15 pounds and tone up a little but I'm struggling so hard with this for some reason idk why i need encouragement yall

  • oularbi어미나
    oularbi어미나 2 months ago

    Hi im 12 1,63 m 54,6 kg i realy dont like m'y bodyyy i want To change

  • Roro !
    Roro ! 2 months ago

    How old is she

  • Natasha Lapierre
    Natasha Lapierre 2 months ago

    How old are you?

  • Jana Chalupová
    Jana Chalupová 2 months ago

    thank you

  • alisa sullivan
    alisa sullivan 2 months ago

    Okay....I know a lot of people say and do this...but I need motivation....ive tried sticking to diets and they just don't work becuase my life is so busy I can forget easily. I'm pretty decent (healthy) but I'm still bigger and larger and I want to loose weight. So.... every like I'll do a jumping jack. Thanks💓

  • •NemoSkates•
    •NemoSkates• 2 months ago

    i was going to start this journey in the new year and i saw this on my suggested and i’m glad u did wow your an inspiration!!

  • Gülbüz Ramadan
    Gülbüz Ramadan 2 months ago

    64 kilos you should be 6 foot to be that heavy

  • Mellitten Playz
    Mellitten Playz 2 months ago

    for those who r lazeh like me 84kg in stone is approximately 13.2277

  • LUNA
    LUNA 2 months ago

    I actually started to cry and I don't know why. You seem like a good person...

  • Malak Fawzy Sayed
    Malak Fawzy Sayed 2 months ago

    Omg I’m 12-13 and I’m 84 kg people make fun of me 😏

  • OveratedMeme
    OveratedMeme 2 months ago

    I watched this vid 3 months ago ive now lost 16pounds from it ive only got another 12ppunds left boi

  • Melissa Jones
    Melissa Jones 2 months ago

    I've been working on losing 40-50lbs for 9 months now, my weight has been up and down at times, I started at 186 and I'm now at 165 so I'm going to continue until I reach my goal.

  • Maram Diaa
    Maram Diaa 2 months ago

    I'm too big for kids clothing and too small for women clothing

  • Fazila Zaheer
    Fazila Zaheer 2 months ago +118

    I have been trying few activities in my life for 2 months and literally I love my routine I lossed 4kg, glowing skin, stress free, active. Here is my routine.
    1. I getup early in the morning 5.30.
    2. Firstly I perform 5 time pray a day. Its help to glowing skin and clean my heart i feel relex.
    3. Do some cardio.
    4. Eat healthy like fruits, soup, yogurt, grill fish, green vegetable, natural juices. Etc.
    5. I avoid junk foods.
    6. I play football cricket its increase my heartbeat.
    7. I recite Holy Quran with translation.
    8. Draw sketches.
    9. I drink a lot of water. 8 to 10 glasses per day.
    10. I research science progessing through the holy book.
    Thank you for reading. Ignore my weak English I'm not good at in english. Have a wonderful day.

    • Fazila Zaheer
      Fazila Zaheer 7 hours ago

      +Laila I yaah I'm a teenager and btw thank you girl :)

    • Laila I
      Laila I 17 hours ago +1

      Wow. Very good I need to do this . Also, are you a teenager?

    • dontfeedmeplz
      dontfeedmeplz Month ago +3

      Fazila Zaheer InshaAllah

    • Fazila Zaheer
      Fazila Zaheer Month ago +3

      +dontfeedmeplz thank you ❤ you should try inshallah you'll get result soon. 🙃

    • dontfeedmeplz
      dontfeedmeplz Month ago +6

      Fazila Zaheer that’s a really good routine’

  • Legally Brunette
    Legally Brunette 2 months ago

    LOVED this encouraging and inspiring, thank you!!

  • ok ·___·
    ok ·___· 2 months ago

    How do I tell my mom I want to lose weight?

  • Sal & Ave
    Sal & Ave 2 months ago

    I want to do the chocolate thing but I eat the big chewy bars that have little chocolate chips in them also I have lost over 15 pounds this year but I still have more what motivated me was my friend who is skinny and my other friend who is like 81 pounds, but also my doctor cuz she told me to lose weight and I did but I still want to lose more

  • Ari Ni
    Ari Ni 2 months ago

    You are so inspirational 💕💕💕💕

  • Derya Muezzinoglu
    Derya Muezzinoglu 2 months ago

    This was so inspirational I started crying. I'm sure you're a role model for other young girls and women everywhere. You're dedications and stories are significant and I really appreciate you for sharing this time of your life with us. You just got yourself one new subscriber!!

  • Ameera Maing
    Ameera Maing 2 months ago

    Thank you so so much. I'm a teenager and this video help me a lot. 💕💕💕

  • Alexis
    Alexis 2 months ago

    you remind me of olivia culpo!!! so pretty, and so inspiring and helpful! i loved the details you gave, which helps me more than just watching someone lay out what they did. congrats, and wish me luck on my journey i’m starting now. ☺️🤗
    And your video just ended and it looks like you have MORE videos about your journey....thank you 🤩

  • Odia Ja
    Odia Ja 2 months ago

    you're such an inspiration..

  • a wander affair
    a wander affair 2 months ago

    Annie you beautiful human!! 😘

  • Maribel Barrios
    Maribel Barrios 2 months ago +12

    I am at a not healthy weight I weigh at 174 pounds at 5”0 I am 12 going on 13 I want to just be comfortable in my skin and be healthy I feel like my thighs are wayyy too big and my arms and face this is really motivational and I’ve already started. :)
    1 like =10 jumping jacks

  • Vani Grover
    Vani Grover 2 months ago

    I was doing jumping jacks throughout the video.. so proud of myself im already down 13 pounds out of my weight loss journey.. wish me luck!!! im 12 yrs old 5ft 3 in and 105lbs tryna get to 85pounds

  • patri.wdwimagines
    patri.wdwimagines 2 months ago

    You are so inspirational💖And because u im trying right now to work out💞💞💞

  • sister shook
    sister shook 2 months ago

    I would like to thank you as I am a 13 year old girl who is not what u could call skinny and i have been trying to loose weigh and have been on and off diets but by watching this video u have given me that push and inspired me to lose weight and right now I am experiencing what you went through so thank you for the inspiration to help me to exercise and it may not seem like much but it really means a lot

  • Maija Romanovska
    Maija Romanovska 2 months ago

    i love this video❤️

  • ᴠᴀɴ ᴊᴏ
    ᴠᴀɴ ᴊᴏ 2 months ago

    I’m 180 pounds and 5’3 and I believe this really is gonna help me ❤️

  • Vaishnavi Yettapu
    Vaishnavi Yettapu 2 months ago

    Thank you!!! but what if you eat a lot (not including choc.) and you are not allowed to stop it?

  • Cicy A
    Cicy A 2 months ago

    how tall are you ? :)

  • Julia Zoladek
    Julia Zoladek 2 months ago


  • i am a misteak
    i am a misteak 2 months ago

    oh dear god get to the point

  • Zealous Zombae
    Zealous Zombae 2 months ago +4

    I watched this and immediately made a pact with my mom! Both of us want to lose weight so she swore off Alcohol and I swore off of sweets and ramen for the next year! Let's see if I can keep it up!