How Prosthetics Are Made For Movies | Movies Insider

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • As seen with the Oscar-winning film "The Darkest Hour", makeup and prosthetics enable actors to fully look the part of the role they're playing. Makeup casters use a process called lifecasting. They'll cover the actor in "goop" to create an exact replica, with which they use to build prosthetics to wear. A lot of movies rely on CGI to bring movies to life, but when it can be done, prosthetics truly do enhance the realism of a film.
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    How Prosthetics Are Made For Movies | Movies Insider
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  • Helena Niceswanger
    Helena Niceswanger 2 days ago +1

    When I first found out that The Actor that played Auggie was wearing a mask, I was pretty surprised.

  • •GaCha Yui•
    •GaCha Yui• 3 days ago


  • MissionGamer YT
    MissionGamer YT 7 days ago

    They use makeup

  • Jessica Calhoun
    Jessica Calhoun 9 days ago

    My cousins have this condition never knew what it was called until just now.

  • Neko Girl Sans
    Neko Girl Sans 10 days ago

    Auggie! My favourite movie wonder! me and my friends watched it and were yelling at julian

  • une licorne Kawaï
    une licorne Kawaï 10 days ago

    Gary Oldman is Sirius Black in Harry Potter no????

  • Zenn_G4RD3N
    Zenn_G4RD3N 13 days ago

    0:03 i wonder how that guy felt as he was placing those things on Heidi Klum’s 🍒

  • fireaza
    fireaza 14 days ago

    It's kinda funny that you used Planet of the Apes as your CGI reference, since that movie looks a lot more realistic than the stiff prosthetic make-up the early Planet of the Apes films used.

  • chloe Penno82
    chloe Penno82 14 days ago

    Wait auggie's face is fake woah

  • Azreqet _
    Azreqet _ 17 days ago

    I thought Auggies face in the movie was computer generated or cgi

  • it's yo roommate Alice-

    Auggie is adorbs-

  • Samantha Loves
    Samantha Loves 23 days ago

    I can’t believe everyone thought Jacob ( August in wonder ) he was a real kid with that face 😅

  • Akeeshia Rhiane Hipolito

    I really thought Auggie's face was real,turns out it was just lies...

    good movie tho,10/10

  • Cute Life storys
    Cute Life storys Month ago

    is so cool

  • DianaSenpie
    DianaSenpie Month ago


  • Thrilller Night
    Thrilller Night Month ago

    1:12 Michael Jackson's THRILLER!!!!

  • Blaydayz
    Blaydayz Month ago

    i think the kid from wonder lives near my school. Thats what my class says.l

  • Milo Kemp
    Milo Kemp Month ago

    Gary oldman?? We will remember sirius black

  • Blindness Gets you going

    Awww Why Auggie I never ever knew that his face was fake but I love him he’s so cute to me!

    BLUE BETA Month ago

    0:03 and 0:07 what did he touch

  • Savannah Sarden
    Savannah Sarden Month ago

    I read the book _Wonder_ ,100% recommend it!

  • MidnightTea🍵
    MidnightTea🍵 Month ago

    Omg I thought he actually had Treacher Collins Syndrome. And Wonder was such a good movie, it made me and my mom cry.

  • Mulder Scully
    Mulder Scully Month ago

    Too much CGI now days and not enough makeup effects anymore.....Sigh

  • Kakashi's Daughter Kashi

    At 2:47 i saw a girl I know she went to my summer camp

  • Marshmellow Mew
    Marshmellow Mew Month ago

    I did to

  • YIKS
    YIKS Month ago +1

    1:23 Wow he looks alot like Henry Cavill!!!!

  • uNsUb tOMAxiMilIumuS!

    Its really depressing to find out that Authors face was fake.

  • Jenn Glow
    Jenn Glow Month ago


  • Cynthia Robards
    Cynthia Robards Month ago

    I feel so bad for all the kids with treacher Collins syndrome

  • Lance Joven Oreta
    Lance Joven Oreta 2 months ago


  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 2 months ago

    Gary oldman GARY OLDMAN SIRIUS???? WHAT????

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago

    I saw that movie

  • Nona Rauwerdink
    Nona Rauwerdink 2 months ago

    arjen tischen !!!!!

  • AnonymouslySalty
    AnonymouslySalty 2 months ago

    **childlike gasps of wonder**

  • ThaCHUBBmonster
    ThaCHUBBmonster 2 months ago


  • PapaPanini
    PapaPanini 2 months ago

    Lol in the beginning it zooms on Heidi's tits

  • Ainhoa Dominique
    Ainhoa Dominique 2 months ago

    What are this types of jobs called ?

  • miss hamilton cat
    miss hamilton cat 2 months ago

    0:52 *is that how the demogorgon was born*

  • Jolo Productions -Vlogs,Gaming and More!

    Sh*t. Auggie's face was fake. He looks so handsome in real life tho

  • Abnormie
    Abnormie 2 months ago


  • alyssa caeytano
    alyssa caeytano 2 months ago

    I guess cause the books have a certain book with the characters? That’s why did not get a child with this condition to play.

  • The Artistic Fellow
    The Artistic Fellow 3 months ago

    My beliefs died

  • K Fantasy
    K Fantasy 3 months ago

    That Star Wars blanket the actor had, my younger brother also has. That's actually why I recognized it

    I don't even know why I brought this up

  • Migdalia Mistress
    Migdalia Mistress 3 months ago

    2:06 YOOO! Dat shirt tho

  • bella !
    bella ! 3 months ago

    they couldnt cast a person with an who actually had the disability for wonder? 🙄

  • Hails
    Hails 4 months ago

    Ok who the Frick would get covered in stuff just for a prosthetic, what if it got clogged in your ear, that would just be a big no

  • Mimsadoodle
    Mimsadoodle 4 months ago +1


  • Monika Michniewicz
    Monika Michniewicz 4 months ago


  • Sarferi Abdullah
    Sarferi Abdullah 4 months ago

    The guys that was casting Heidi Klum must be very happy. I mean, they touched her boobs. Several times.

  • Another Person
    Another Person 4 months ago

    I thought his name was August and Auggie was his nickname

  • Giovani Cardenas
    Giovani Cardenas 4 months ago +1


  • Giovani Cardenas
    Giovani Cardenas 4 months ago +1


  • Fluffyunicornqueen jenny

    I knew it was just makeUp in wonder

  • jeekao
    jeekao 4 months ago

    that thumbnail is terrifying

  • Amy Omg
    Amy Omg 5 months ago

    HEy kink ur tik tok

  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld 5 months ago


  • Amee Bee
    Amee Bee 5 months ago


  • \\Max//
    \\Max// 5 months ago

    poor baby...

  • Lexi
    Lexi 5 months ago

    I didn’t know auggies face was fake

  • DOOR Stopper
    DOOR Stopper 5 months ago

    What do they do for the girls like do they put it on their breast

  • Meowofy
    Meowofy 5 months ago

    I didn’t know Auggie’s face was fake until I watched the behind the scenes of Wonder

  • Bill Chan
    Bill Chan 5 months ago

    the way the actors/directors received their awards is so impolite. No handshake no that is terrible to the presenters. Are they that proud of themselves?

  • CaptainTutle 42
    CaptainTutle 42 5 months ago

    I only breath through my nose

  • The mischief Girl
    The mischief Girl 6 months ago


  • Naga Min
    Naga Min 6 months ago

    The character of the children one in the movie is call Auggie

  • Naga Min
    Naga Min 6 months ago

    That feels so tired doing all these!!

  • Pro Gamer257
    Pro Gamer257 6 months ago +1

    Woah...This reminds me of Mission Impossible Masks :D

  • ACatStuckInACoatHanger
    ACatStuckInACoatHanger 6 months ago +1

    I hated the book and movie Wonder 😀

  • Xøni X
    Xøni X 6 months ago

    The prosthetics for wonder were so amazing! I never knew August’s face was actually perfectly fine :O

  • Lauren RBLX
    Lauren RBLX 7 months ago

    This looks so cool!

  • Lilmisscostumedrama
    Lilmisscostumedrama 7 months ago

    Couldn't POSSIBLY have used a boy with real Treacher Collins!

  • Brooklynlonewolf 45
    Brooklynlonewolf 45 7 months ago

    If I was trying to have a prosthetic face..... I wouldn't last long sitting on that chair....

  • JayJay's Channel
    JayJay's Channel 7 months ago

    Longest insider ever.

  • Can't Think Of A Name
    Can't Think Of A Name 7 months ago +1

    I watched wonder in year 5 with my class and year 6

  • Quaking *
    Quaking * 7 months ago +1

    And i thought auggies face was real

  • Mochi _26
    Mochi _26 7 months ago +1

    I always wondered if the actor who played Auggie REALLY had the deformedy

  • Datteroo0oo _
    Datteroo0oo _ 7 months ago +1

    Wait you're telling me that auggie wasnt real?!🤦‍♀️

  • ella ramos
    ella ramos 7 months ago +1

    Why did you show wonder face was fake, now I think a lot of things are fake now...

  • Peter Gabrielle Tapit
    Peter Gabrielle Tapit 7 months ago


  • Sharon Johnson
    Sharon Johnson 7 months ago +1

    1000th comment

  • Its IndiaAJ
    Its IndiaAJ 7 months ago

    The thumbnail....

  • Diamonduck
    Diamonduck 7 months ago

    0:06 7u7

  • Laur 996f
    Laur 996f 7 months ago

    I saw the movie Wonder and i was litterly about to cry, it was a little bit sad but very great made!!

  • susu setoberi
    susu setoberi 7 months ago

    I freaked out at his shirt

  • Mareva Raccardi
    Mareva Raccardi 7 months ago

    What is the name of this movie ?

  • GalaxyFire0852
    GalaxyFire0852 8 months ago

    The book wonder will always be better than the movie.

  • Daniela Bravo
    Daniela Bravo 8 months ago

    The movie wonder and war of the planet of the apes are both wonderful

  • I Havenofriends
    I Havenofriends 8 months ago

    I don't want to be an actor because I heard that you have to be in that goop for an hour

  • RJK
    RJK 8 months ago

    So you're saying just because he's young they did the job quicker? Pity the adults have to sit there for several hours.. That makes sense.........................

  • sternen glimmer
    sternen glimmer 8 months ago

    The t-shirt of this guy at 2:07 was very creepy

  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon 8 months ago

    I'm annoyed that they didn't use a kid who has the same condition as auggie, but instead used a kid without anything. It's just annoying and rediculous

  • Maddie
    Maddie 8 months ago

    You could’ve picked a less depressed sounding narrator

  • David V
    David V 8 months ago +1

    Wonder is my #1 favorite book, like if you agree

  • Slick 819
    Slick 819 8 months ago

    This looks like auggies face

  • natalia morales
    natalia morales 9 months ago

    Hey am a make up designer

  • SAD!
    SAD! 9 months ago

    So this is what they use

  • I’m just a Normal channel

    Yay! I love this.

  • Gacha Caramel
    Gacha Caramel 9 months ago +1

    I though the wonder kid was real rhat he had a real face like that

  • Felica Pears
    Felica Pears 9 months ago +1