10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.

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  • Mademoiselle du Sfonctionelle

    When you try to exemplify the "yogh" sound in Bach and Loch, you...sort of don't.

  • WeirdMatty
    WeirdMatty 5 hours ago

    Sweet.., time to be that buzzkill at parties again

  • nekosans1234 animations and more!

    Number 15 burger king foot lettuce the last thing youd want in your burger king burger is someones foot fun guUuUus but as it turns out that might be what you gaæet

  • Alifa'an
    Alifa'an 7 hours ago

    Yogh kinds sounds and looks like the arabic letter Ghain غ

  • Leigh Lasley
    Leigh Lasley 8 hours ago

    I love cæts & dogs.

  • A.L.P Arts
    A.L.P Arts 10 hours ago

    the lo3 ness monster will kill you

  • GD Soulfull
    GD Soulfull 13 hours ago

    Kißing is gross

  • Janelle Northcut
    Janelle Northcut 13 hours ago

    Letter 27

  • HuMan bEing
    HuMan bEing 14 hours ago


  • HuMan bEing
    HuMan bEing 14 hours ago

    Æ æ

  • hugo dashi
    hugo dashi 14 hours ago


  • Robin Chesterfield
    Robin Chesterfield 16 hours ago

    On a lot of this stuff, I always thought the "ye olde" differences were due to a DIALECT or antiquated spelling, or conditional thing. Like maybe "the" was written and actually _pronounced_ "ye" in certain circumstances, or that "ae" was an old way of spelling those words with a SEPERATE "a" and "e" together in a row due to an old spelling. Same for "oe".
    And speaking of "that", no idea we used to have a letter that was a word. Also ampersand is very much still used today...but is up on the symbol row instead of down with the letters. And "thorn" is kind of a badass name for a letter. Some other languages do still have a "th" as one letter and also a distinguishing between the hard and soft "th"'s, so that in and of itself isn't as surprising, but that ENGLISH used to have that I had no idea.
    And the long "s", aka "f"? I dunno, I guess I just thought it was a writing-stroke trend for a while...if I had seen a document from back then that had BOTH "s"s in it I probably wouldn't've thought that as much, but...
    Anyway, language for the wynn! ;)

  • iDigStuff Adventures
    iDigStuff Adventures 16 hours ago +1


  • Stół Anty Grawitacyjny z Polackiej Ziemi

    Yogh - З з (its still in russian)
    Ampersand - &
    Ash - Æ æ
    Ethel - Œ œ

  • Edrummer 13
    Edrummer 13 18 hours ago

    The letter 3

  • Ram P
    Ram P 18 hours ago


  • håvard
    håvard 21 hour ago

    I use 3 (or 4 if you count in &) of these letters in two separate languages wow how cool am I

  • Harry
    Harry 22 hours ago

    In Denmark we use "æ"

  • Acediaaa
    Acediaaa Day ago

    okay but
    i remember being in science talking about the parts of a heart and being like "wait doesn't 'vena cava' have an 'o' before the 'e?'" and someone simply said "ethel"
    me, being confused, never knew what she was talking about until this video
    so thanks dude
    i got more knowledge

  • Antonie
    Antonie Day ago

    Several countries like mine, Norway, use æ in their everyday life. Also ø and å.

  • greg
    greg Day ago

    Basically, you use a long ass whenever you've got a word that uses a single ass, or when a word uses two asses at once - in which case, the long ass is used as the first ass, and then you use the regular ass as the second ass - but only if that ass is at the beginning or in the middle of the word in question.

    Clear as mud, right?

  • Gaming master jackson


  • Willow
    Willow Day ago +1

    The whole part about Latin not having a “w” sound isn’t accurate; they did but they just pronounced Vs as Ws (so veto would be pronounced weto. Also why wine is pronounced as that and not vine (root being vino)). We know this from Greek texts used to teach Greeks Latin wherein the letters are spelled phonetically. I would assume V already had its use in English.

  • Shubham Benani
    Shubham Benani Day ago

    Ash? is pokemon million years old? Was he 9 years old at that time too?

  • MrWolf1X1
    MrWolf1X1 Day ago

    We can drop 'c' and 'x'

  • Runar Andersen
    Runar Andersen Day ago

    In Norway Æ is a common letter. Lots of towns have it in their name. Like Henningsvær, Svolvær, Kirkenær, Bærum and so on. Plus the letters Ø and Å.

  • 2ManyLayersOfIrony

    W, X, Y, *&* ,Z

  • Preston F.
    Preston F. Day ago


  • ProtakuEmmie
    ProtakuEmmie Day ago

    The long s....

    *Remembers Reading the Reynold’s Pamphlet*

  • Cattie XD
    Cattie XD Day ago

    ӕ need some water ples

  • George Cowsert
    George Cowsert Day ago

    Friend: "I want to die."
    Me: "Sæm."

  • Evermore
    Evermore Day ago

    UUouu! This uuonderful video is so uuhimsical.

  • TnseWlms
    TnseWlms Day ago

    Did you hear about the efficiency expert who recommended laying off the letters C, Q and X from the alphabet because they can't do anything a K or S can't do? Mark Twain proposed this once.

  • The Block Buster


  • Bluey
    Bluey Day ago

    2:41 What's so scary about "At the opposite, my brother." in another language?

  • WesIsaLeo
    WesIsaLeo Day ago

    Drop all the letters. We'll communicate from now on by pointing at stuff.

  • Guy Reece
    Guy Reece Day ago

    u, v, w, x, y, z and per se "and"

  • Skills4Life
    Skills4Life Day ago


  • Pockets MacCartney

    stopt listening after the first cutesy cork "pop".

  • Duchy Of Luxembourg

    Đ is still used in the ex-yugoslavian languages like serbian, bosnian, croatian, etc. And its basically a Dž, dj, dsch or dsh. For example the word "Grandfather" translated is "Đedo" or "Džedo". (Serbian actually doesnt use the Đ because theyre using the cyrilic alphabet, but theyre still using this letter in words)

  • Paige
    Paige Day ago

    If they had kept those letters, the English's pronunciation would have made more sense

    • Mikaela Abelanes
      Mikaela Abelanes Day ago +1

      i know this is an unrelated reply but i smiled when i saw your prof pic hehe

  • CyronGaming
    CyronGaming 2 days ago

    is you say suck would it turn to fuck

  • Kazuichi Souda
    Kazuichi Souda 2 days ago

    Paridife Loft.

  • Lockhart
    Lockhart 2 days ago

    Why nobody makes that kind of videos for Russian languages? We have some letters, like yat or feta (taken from Greek)

    • Lockhart
      Lockhart 2 days ago

      And Ash is still used in Icelandic or Ossetian

    • Lockhart
      Lockhart 2 days ago

      Huh, we still have letter like Yogh in Russian, it's Z.

  • Sean Wilkerson
    Sean Wilkerson 2 days ago

    Only Younicode can bring Ye Olde English back into the limelight.

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran 2 days ago

    That "Stupid old d with a line through it" is used in other languages, so please don't be so offensive

  • Online Gamer
    Online Gamer 2 days ago

    Which S do I use in ASS, is it S for ASS or s for Ass. or I used S and s for AsS.

  • Sylentlight
    Sylentlight 2 days ago

    BRING BACK THORN!!! We must do this! Phonetically speaking, having one letter to represent a sound that we instead use two letters crammed together that sound nothing like the sound makes perfect sense!

  • Asher Highchurch
    Asher Highchurch 2 days ago

    That Ye Olde Buggy Bath has been torn down :(

  • Olivia Boice
    Olivia Boice 2 days ago

    So many of these letters are still used in Arabic!!! Love this

  • Northern Whispers
    Northern Whispers 2 days ago

    We need to bring back þ and ð, þey would be so dope! Í ðink þat þose words þat use “th” would be easier to read.
    Bathroom - Baðroom
    Through - Ðrough
    Theory - Ðeory
    Them -Þem
    Gothic - Goðic
    Netherlands - Neþerlands

  • Maxime Clermont
    Maxime Clermont 2 days ago

    The animation is unnecessary and the music is annoying af.

  • lili9000c
    lili9000c 2 days ago

    My great aunt was called Ethel! xD

  • eerie_shroom
    eerie_shroom 2 days ago

    Change my mind
    EDIT) Also, I am laughiŋ so hard

  • Anirudh
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  • Penrico salsa
    Penrico salsa 2 days ago

    I tip my fedora to you sir

  • Khiya likes puppies!

    &£ I don't know what that was just goofing around

  • Moonect
    Moonect 2 days ago

    I always use ampersand

  • Shar Nay
    Shar Nay 2 days ago

    You called 3 a letter twice, luckily your patron saved you the shame :)

  • Héron R Reza
    Héron R Reza 2 days ago

    we should bring thorn back it seems rather useful

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot 2 days ago


  • 7z
    7z 2 days ago

    looks like something that belongs to Chinese

  • Doggle Boggle
    Doggle Boggle 2 days ago

    Æ is a person on pokémon

  • Eric Dannug
    Eric Dannug 2 days ago +2

    7:37 That eng word (ŋ) is also known as NG sound which is it is also part of a Tagalog/Filipino alphabet in the Philippines which it's sound as en-gee or "nga". Damn, that letter should had been part of the Tagalog/Filipino alphabet in the first place! 🇵🇭

  • Coffee
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  • Adam
    Adam 2 days ago

    & ??

  • The Saharan Spy
    The Saharan Spy 2 days ago

    þicc bois be liking þiccer bois
    the Avengers turned into Æ


  • hdkkdox jgod
    hdkkdox jgod 2 days ago

    Now i know why the Ww is called "double-u"

  • Carver Ivens
    Carver Ivens 3 days ago

    "C needs to fuck off, right?"

  • Social Awkwardness
    Social Awkwardness 3 days ago

    Æ Đ Œ

  • Brem
    Brem 3 days ago

    We should also add Č and Š

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 3 days ago

    It's pronounced as Locgh, not lock you pleb.

  • Isildur Son of elendil


  • xXWafflewhaleXx
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  • EkkeEkkeEkkeEkke PtangZooBoing!

    All women two generations older than me are named ethel

  • Andrew Boyle
    Andrew Boyle 3 days ago

    How does he get those characters?

  • •••-_-•••
    •••-_-••• 3 days ago +1

    And when you flip the ampersand the other way, it makes a capital ‘s’ in cursive/joint writing!

  • logicaleman
    logicaleman 3 days ago

    I already use & in my notes

  • Clai Ng
    Clai Ng 3 days ago

    There is a line in the d in Vietnamese

  • cj l
    cj l 3 days ago


  • Danielsan B
    Danielsan B 3 days ago

    "Look at its stupid face... a little d with a line through it. " Subscribed.

  • GP M GP Gaming und Unterhaltung

    Ash is like the ä/Ä in the german language i just now found out that æ is on my Smartphone keyboard lol nice vid

  • An Unentitled Motivated Millennial

    Did you says strap in or strap on?

  • Dallinator298
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  • David C.
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  • Michael Ruble
    Michael Ruble 3 days ago

    Dude, I too live in Springfield MO. That's so neat!

  • Simmegaming
    Simmegaming 3 days ago

    In sweden the letter ae is ä and it still exists

  • If you're on the internet Then you have no life

    I believe this is very palatable

    SOLODVR 3 days ago


  • Shinyfire `
    Shinyfire ` 3 days ago


  • Sister Solar
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  • Z E R O X D Z N
    Z E R O X D Z N 3 days ago

    the long s looks like the f on the fangshi logo

  • pauljs75
    pauljs75 3 days ago

    So ampersand went from being a letter to more as a form of punctuation?

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 3 days ago


  • Dona Magcawas
    Dona Magcawas 3 days ago

    Wow 😯

  • Cool Tuber
    Cool Tuber 3 days ago

    Ðis is a good video

  • Odin Bellmare
    Odin Bellmare 3 days ago


  • Odin Bellmare
    Odin Bellmare 3 days ago

    Æ Œ

  • Odin Bellmare
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  • Teslablade
    Teslablade 4 days ago

    Is it sad that i use "æ" for some words still? A classic that i use is Cæsium, since "Cesium" should definitely be pronounced like that, and not close to "Césium".