10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

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    * Determination

  • Mip 2
    Mip 2 Hour ago

    just so you know it æ is stil a danish sweden norway letter so you should have said that like in this danish sentence: kan jeg få et æble or this one: kan du lave et spejle-æg

  • Jordan Perry
    Jordan Perry Hour ago

    I have 2 comments. 1. Ethel is my GRANDMOTHER'S name NOT my great aunt. (No joke) 2. We both live in Missouri. (I was in St. Louis)

  • Kaitlyn Wagoner
    Kaitlyn Wagoner Hour ago

    Someone’s probably already done this but,
    No disrespect to the &.

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    In before every word gets replaced by a cancerous emoji.

  • Allan Of El Salvador

    Mind blown at that w part

  • John Werner
    John Werner 2 hours ago

    We still use æ Æ in Denmark. We also have ø Ø and å Å

  • DJ Programer
    DJ Programer 3 hours ago

    This is the kind of edumaction that I need. Thank you for existing

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle 3 hours ago

    Anyone else remember when English was written with completely different letters? You know, the Runic ones?

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle 3 hours ago

    Woo! Ye Olde Jerusalem Inn! Great place! Ye Olde Salutation's alright as well, but nah, not in comparison!!

  • Noneofyou Business
    Noneofyou Business 4 hours ago

    Do you know, what position these letters had in the alphabet? I notice on the final image you've placed the thorn between g and h, is that correct (or just for display) ? Also what sound did the ampersand have?

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    I got lost at about 2:00 🤔

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    Æon œ boom

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    "ßßßßßßßßßß" The german snake whispered.

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    he definitely *knows da wae*

  • Storytelling Carina
    Storytelling Carina 6 hours ago

    As much as I like the idea of bringing back old letters I just keep thinking about when people tried putting æ back in Bae and ending up with a slightly less endearing word without knowing it 😂

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    Congrats on the shorty

  • Axel Þór Kolbeinsson

    Þessar æðakollur... :D

  • Everything and anything

    Real names according to pronounciation:
    Thorn = Þorn
    Eth = Eþ
    Ash = Æsh
    Ethel = Œþel
    Wynn = pynn
    Yach = Yaз
    Eng = Eh

  • Everything and anything

    3 symbols are still used in icelandic, 2 have the same pronounciation, while æsh turned into a 1-letter diphthong, pronounced /æj/

  • Everything and anything

    Thorn: Þþ
    "Thorn wannabe": Ðð
    Ash: Ææ
    Ethel: Œœ

  • Everything and anything

    By thorn, you mean þorn oh wait what have i done

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    UUOUU -Dat's really cool austin

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    You are really annoying. Thumbs down.

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    Some of these are diphthongs LOL

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    Larisa Johnston 13 hours ago

    I like English because it's crowd sourced :)

  • Taylor Gibson
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    Wait a minute! "ENG"... as in "ENG-Land"?

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    & 'em up

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    shortyawards.com/10th/austinmcconnell Vote for Austin at the Shorty Awards for best Breakout YouTuber!

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    "They're the building blocks of words" Don't do morphemes dirty like this my guy

  • gen101394
    gen101394 15 hours ago

    Why do we still have letter 'c'? Both its sounds are covered by 'k' and 's'

  • Ben Does Gaming
    Ben Does Gaming 16 hours ago

    Wow. turns out the German word for daughter (Tochter) is very similar to the intended sound.

  • USA Ball
    USA Ball 16 hours ago

    Æ Œ

  • Matej Mađarević
    Matej Mađarević 16 hours ago

    Đ is still used! check my name

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    This is amaziŋ

  • Trevor Martin
    Trevor Martin 17 hours ago

    Is the long S what they used on the Bill of Rights when spelling "Congress," or did they just have terrible handwriting?

  • Tacomatic
    Tacomatic 17 hours ago

    Þ, Ð and Æ are still used in Icelandic. Æ sounds like “I” as in when you’re speaking about yourself. Example: I sound like the letter “Æ”. The name of the letter is also just the sound it makes. That was overly complicated.

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  • AlexGG
    AlexGG 18 hours ago

    We have Æ (æ, ae) and Ø (ø, oe) in the Danish alphabet along with Å (å, aa).

  • Ted Tschopp
    Ted Tschopp 19 hours ago

    I was hoping ʃ would get some love....

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  • Jesus Christoph
    Jesus Christoph 19 hours ago

    8:34 Seeing all these cool letters from the past it fills you with DETERMINATION

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    on beyond zebra

  • Diamond Redstone
    Diamond Redstone 19 hours ago

    b + p + - = "That" symbol

  • Nein
    Nein 20 hours ago

    It's quite interesting how Æ and Œ seem to be very similar to the german Ä and Ö. I guess you can see their common Indo-Germanic roots in such examples? Even though it's pronounced differently "fetus" or "fœtus" means "Fötus" in German. Æon for example, just means Äon.

  • Nikita Poletaev
    Nikita Poletaev 20 hours ago

    Honestly, i am too lazy to write 'and' and just use &

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 20 hours ago

    everyone knows this but ethel is still in french for sister

  • Kat!668 Japan!668
    Kat!668 Japan!668 21 hour ago

    I have been told that I pronounce words weird. . . Now I have discovered why. . . ( Specifically words involving silent gh. . . Or how I've always pronounced ye as the. . . I am a weird child)

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    Great video as always

  • This channel got beaten up.

    P P CE AE p n 3 & D f

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    Aybeeseedee'eeefjee'ehchaijaykay'elemenopee'kyuarress'teeyoovee'duhbelyoo'ehkswaizee'ampersand. - The alphabet as one word.

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    Mon frere?
    Did you just _assume my gender_ ?

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    whenever im on my pc ima use that symbol whenever i refer to newgrounds as ng xd

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  • David Cuny
    David Cuny Day ago

    There are ten digits, not ten numbers. Digits are to numbers are letters are to words.

  • EUSSR Drone
    EUSSR Drone Day ago

    good riddance

  • arsaeterna91
    arsaeterna91 Day ago

    For everyone who is interest, letter "ash" and letter "ethel" come straight from latin, like in "Caesar" and "moenia" (which means walls, if you're asking), they used to be written with ash and ethel in older times (and in my latin textbook too), and then the letters was separate in the spelling we all know

  • GuyFromSomeWorld

    The ash and ethel letters are used for a name of something when you don't have an 'ö' or 'ä' on your keyboard and you're talking about a name or a place like "Töllinen", "Töllilä" or "Kiiskilä", then foreigners to that language's (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish) 'ö' and 'ä' usually write them as "Tœllinen", "Tœllilæ" or "Kiiskilæ" (I'm using Finnish names because I'm Finnish), unless they have 'ö' and 'ä' on their keyboard.

  • Queen
    Queen Day ago

    Intro too long

  • Guillermo Zamorano

    A few additions I was waiting for but weren't mentioned!
    The long S is still present in German as the ß and the same antique English rules still apply (in most cases) in German grammar.
    The Eth, Thorn and That come directly from Icelandic, which is still used in modern Icelandic today. With that said, English has tons of loan words from Icelandic, as it is a direct descendent of Icelandic the same way German, Swedish, Dutch and some Danish are! English derives all of our phonetics from the amalgamation of all those languages including some Irish and it’s own (English) phonetic creations. I personally love the ETH!
    The & was also a simplification or shortening of the Latin “et” meaning AND (still used in French) which, if you look at it closely, the & looks just like a cursive way to write ET, slanted down a little. Very cool.
    Great video! Thought I would chime in on some more of this awesome letter history :)

  • Astronaut Monkey Trainers

    What software did you use to make all those nice text animations?

  • JEFF66
    JEFF66 Day ago

    in germany, we have a "Ä" instead of ash

  • Stuart Moore
    Stuart Moore Day ago

    The & is a ligature (two letters squished together to form one symbol or glyph) of the Latin word “et”, which means… “and”.

  • Yukaii
    Yukaii Day ago

    Iz it juzt me or waz the end really meta. Cool video tho.

  • Hörður Ingi Gunnarsson

    In Icelandic we still use Þ, Ð and Æ. As a result we do not use th. The letters are pretty handy but sometimes pose problems when travelling abroad where the computers at airports sometimes aren't that happy with them.

  • Thái Phạm
    Thái Phạm Day ago

    Wait so the letter "Đ/đ" in our alphabet may have originated from old English :o
    but it pronounces like "the" with "th" sounds like "D"

  • Call Me Bomb
    Call Me Bomb Day ago

    The W looks a lot more like a double V rather than a double U

  • DAK4Blizzard
    DAK4Blizzard Day ago

    I think there should be a distinct letter for the voiceless postalveolar affricate Ch, as in Champ and Chalk. That would distinguish it from the voiceless velar fricative Ch, as in Challah and Loch.

  • Riswan Hanafyah Harahap

    Just, uuouu!

  • Alexander Raptakis

    In Greek we still have 2 different letters for TH, it's Δ (Delta) & Θ (Thita)

  • Dhairya Mistry
    Dhairya Mistry Day ago

    (tvclip.biz/video/zUrDUxh5xS0/video.html?t=2m12s) replace 's' with 'ass' and see the magic

  • Jennifer Wang
    Jennifer Wang Day ago

    I love the person doing the voice-over and how their jokes develops into forced, dying sarcasm- me everyday.
    Actually though, they should make more videos like this!

  • RonJohn63
    RonJohn63 Day ago

    Very interesting, and almost worthy of a thumbs up, except... for the gross overabundance of jokes.

  • michael carandang

    w sounds like double u but it looks like double v. w is a homophone of double u but looks the same word... of double v or something. I tried ok, I just suck at remembering english terms.

  • AssajB9
    AssajB9 Day ago

    Foetal is a spelling used (by an American first in the 19th century, i think) to make the word/themselves sound smarter. It actually was never spelled like that in English. Just fetal.

  • firstname iskowitz

    þis & þ-* is the ðiŋ for moſt pœple ænd it's ƿonderfully ȝood
    *Letter not in ascii form

  • rockerseven
    rockerseven Day ago

    There's some letters that I think are unneeded still. J doesn't really need to be here, because a G can make the same sound. Q is pretty useless, since it just makes the same sound as CU or CK. In fact, almost every word that starts with a Q is followed by a U anyways, so it's not like it's making things easier. W, well, as the video said, it's literally UU. It's not needed. X can go, since it just makes a Z or CKS sound. Y is basically just a vowel to use when the other vowels aren't used, even though it makes the same sounds as the other vowels, depending on how it's used (Lynyrd Skynyrd!). And finally, K can go away, since it just makes a C sound.

  • Kenneth Ferland
    Kenneth Ferland Day ago

    We do need more letters, particularly to differentiate hard and soft vowel sounds. Getting rid of lower case letters would be a good place to free up some room too, they serve no purpose.

  • Porky Minch
    Porky Minch Day ago

    so if we still had the long f the SS would be the FS

  • Roman Hamilton
    Roman Hamilton Day ago

    Wow, I never knew this! Thank you! Something to learn every day.

  • Chris Nemec
    Chris Nemec Day ago

    Not long ago, Spanish dropped a couple of letters from their official alphabet. The letters were ch and ll.

  • TonyDaBaloney
    TonyDaBaloney Day ago

    & thats why letters are cool

  • RainbowUnicorn
    RainbowUnicorn Day ago

    i thought you were gonna say Alexander Hamilton i was crushed

  • kamikazegargoyle

    so there are some scottish names, e.g., mackenzie, menzies, culzean, dalziel, which used to be spelled with yogh but when that was dropped the yogh was changed to a z. Some like mackenzie have transferred entirely to a /z/ pronunciation, but in the others, it is silent or has unpredictable effects. Menzies is /ming.is/, culzean is /kuh.lein/, and dalziel is /dii.el/ (mad, right??)

  • Raven Barickman
    Raven Barickman Day ago

    I've been doing this since I was a fœtus.

  • Cat The Hacker Dog

    Because of this I felt inspired to make letters for all 44 English phonemes, I like the results, looks like some viking language. Can we all just make the alphabet make sense so we can be vikings?
    Wonts ȹȧ waz ä yuŋ rat namd Āȸur, hů kud nevr mäk up his mïnd. Wenevr his frends askt him if hë wud lïk tø gö õt wiȸ ȹem, hë wuld önly anser, “Ï dönt nö.” Hë wudnt sä “yes” or “nö” ëȹr. Hë wud alwäz ŝirk mäkëŋ ä ĉoys.
    Ⴔat nït er waz ä big craŝ. In ȹu mornëŋ sum men-wiȸ sum bŏs and girls-röd up and lukt at ȹu bam. Won uv ȹem møvd a börd and hë saw ä yuŋ rat, kwït ded, haf in and haf õt uv hiz höl
    Āȸur stud and waĉd ȹem hurë awäy. “Ï ȸink īl gö tømorö,” hë calmly sed tø himself, but ȹen agan “Ï dönt nö; its sö nīs and snug hir.”

  • agriperma
    agriperma Day ago

    "&" Rules.
    by the way, in Spanish, "W" is still called uve doble ( double U V ) or ve Doble ( double V ), or Doble U ( Double U )

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    Pandaman Gaming Day ago

    Do more vids like the parachute video

  • SG Haeghe
    SG Haeghe Day ago

    Reminds me of russian

  • HexManiacMaylein

    so the long s symbol is the english cousin of the German ß(Eszett)?

  • Wa Imotell
    Wa Imotell Day ago

    what a fucking nerd

  • Samuel He
    Samuel He Day ago

    wait. double. u. O.O!!!

  • Jordan Botelho323

    A letter that should be dropped from the alphabet: the letter C. C is useless. We can easily replace soft C with S (e.g instead of ceiling it will be seiling) and we can easily replace hard C with K (e.g instead of cookies, it's kookies)

  • Marius Lindgren
    Marius Lindgren Day ago

    In scandinavia we still use "Æ" and we also use "Ø" and "Å"

  • NX berry
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    3:00 holy shit my mind just exploded

  • Darkavenger_13
    Darkavenger_13 Day ago

    Dude Æ is still used in some countries

  • Kookee Penguins
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  • Ross Ramsay
    Ross Ramsay Day ago

    okay, so is aesthetic spelled with an ae or an æ?