I Spent 24 Hours in a Strangers House...


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  • Lukus and Marcus Dobre

    What’s the game called

  • Christine Mar Laquindanum

    The ship is a titanic

  • Sharda K
    Sharda K 14 hours ago

    It's Titanic ship

  • Frank Mc Crossan
    Frank Mc Crossan 15 hours ago


  • Vanjo Evangelio
    Vanjo Evangelio 18 hours ago


  • Ruth Timmins
    Ruth Timmins 23 hours ago

    Why are you in there I mean why are u in the queen Mary
    It’s really creepy I know your brave so u should stop worrying
    Ok you should stop worrying

  • Ka6 Op
    Ka6 Op Day ago

    Just kidding

  • Ka6 Op
    Ka6 Op Day ago

    I saw a shadow behind you I was soo sraced

  • ROROROSI101BOI Welcome to my gaming chanel!

    I bet alex 20 dollars she wont reply☺💵

  • dy12
    dy12 Day ago

    Get out of the game like if you agree

  • tamia fahey
    tamia fahey Day ago

    I love you Alex but we know the first one was a role play CSU’s Eric your in someone’s house and you want to eat you have to be guest for roommate or co owner

    • tamia fahey
      tamia fahey Day ago

      It’s a role play cause if you want to eat you have to be guest or roommate

  • Duhhh it’s Nataly


  • Evan Neale
    Evan Neale 2 days ago

    The picture moved and went back to normal

  • Nancy 2k4
    Nancy 2k4 2 days ago

    You mean corn dogs

  • chloe morris
    chloe morris 3 days ago

    The by redjected your kawii

  • Marina Ocampo
    Marina Ocampo 3 days ago +1

    Get out of the game

    • dy12
      dy12 Day ago

      Yeah like you said


  • Javaeh King
    Javaeh King 3 days ago

    Is this boloxburg

  • Javaeh King
    Javaeh King 3 days ago

    Um.. So what game is it......!!!!!!

  • Pretty Perfection
    Pretty Perfection 3 days ago

    What game is this????

  • GENESIS Princess
    GENESIS Princess 3 days ago

    You want to get out in the house why you really why you didn't reset it's easier than to getting out normally

  • Ariana Sasha
    Ariana Sasha 3 days ago


  • rose chaeyoung
    rose chaeyoung 3 days ago

    nice vids alex👍👍🎊🎊

  • Rania Khalil
    Rania Khalil 3 days ago

    Hi inquisitormaster I love you vids when I'm sick I hop in my bed and watch your vids


    What game do u play?

  • OMGitzKiwi Queen
    OMGitzKiwi Queen 3 days ago


  • amberry stelf
    amberry stelf 3 days ago

    Do a live stream. I posted something to you on Facebook. Check it out

  • Graciela Diaz
    Graciela Diaz 4 days ago

    Can u please tell me what game in rodocks this is

  • karen ornelas
    karen ornelas 4 days ago

    More bloxburg pls:)

  • Sherlyn Tapia
    Sherlyn Tapia 4 days ago


  • de smorepandaunicorn

    You could have just run away when you were outside!!!!!

  • Erando Limushaj
    Erando Limushaj 4 days ago

    hi Alex i give you frend Requests can you add me pliss

  • Erando Limushaj
    Erando Limushaj 4 days ago

    Hi lok yors fan Requests end ad dem ol

  • DJ cupcakes 101
    DJ cupcakes 101 4 days ago

    First of how is that girl crazy when you broke into her house and stole her food

  • Victoria W
    Victoria W 4 days ago

    Alex will you reply to this comment like all comment?

  • girl i
    girl i 4 days ago

    Am Love jou soo

  • Felicity Holcombe
    Felicity Holcombe 5 days ago

    why are you playing

  • Felicity Holcombe
    Felicity Holcombe 5 days ago

    yeah it is creepy

  • Athena Lopez
    Athena Lopez 5 days ago

    wow that's dangerous to do in real life
    you could get killed

  • Da’Lacia Jones
    Da’Lacia Jones 5 days ago


  • Liberty Brewer
    Liberty Brewer 5 days ago

    I live in the same state as you! Plus I saw a ghost! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Faisal alzaidi
    Faisal alzaidi 5 days ago

    I love alex

  • Lisa Carr
    Lisa Carr 5 days ago

    You should’ve ran dummy

  • Henry Ala
    Henry Ala 6 days ago

    You are so pretty alex 1

  • RiceKrispie
    RiceKrispie 6 days ago

    Hehe I love your roleplays :)

  • Kharhia Dailey
    Kharhia Dailey 6 days ago

    she got invited to a party she could have went and stayed ther or she could restart her character

  • Clare de Labry
    Clare de Labry 7 days ago


  • Yuridia Fraire
    Yuridia Fraire 7 days ago

    Yeah 8 love you too lol

    ROSE CHIPMUNK 7 days ago

    You justr make All this

    BLACK PINK 7 days ago

    This is Alex

    She is staying in a haunted ship

    1like=alex survives one night

  • Jessica Villavicencio

    So planned 😒

  • Trenton Hoover
    Trenton Hoover 8 days ago

    I look up those people on your videos but I can't find them on ro

  • Tiffanie Schmidt
    Tiffanie Schmidt 8 days ago

    Who else saw a blurry thing fly by at 0:19

  • Brian Renata
    Brian Renata 8 days ago

    Plzz do it again in the same house plzz i know ur famous

  • Rosey Bella
    Rosey Bella 8 days ago +1

    Why 981 disliked this video it nice

    MAX SRT 9 days ago

    That house is creepy

  • Seth Ameim
    Seth Ameim 10 days ago

    But i still lovr ALEX

  • Seth Ameim
    Seth Ameim 10 days ago

    yoU are soo dum its youre Dult that you got in her house and you dezever to be hotdogs

    HERMIONE GRANGER 10 days ago

    Hey alex I love u. Do not mad if somebody makes fun of u. U are the best ,')

  • Bea Studionator
    Bea Studionator 10 days ago

    How can you buy a car

  • Daira Lopez
    Daira Lopez 10 days ago

    Alex is that the Queen Mary boat nicknamed the gray ghost if it is it is super haunted be careful plz

  • Joshua Hoffman
    Joshua Hoffman 10 days ago

    I am so scared

  • Morgan Sauls
    Morgan Sauls 11 days ago +1

    Hey alex um that panting behind you a hand reached out

  • Journee Calvin
    Journee Calvin 11 days ago

    That was my house OMG I should have been watch this video I'm not kidding that is my house sorry Alex now you know not to sneak in and eat my hotdogs

  • whyyouallwayslying ohmygog

    9:17 did she really just run back in the house

  • Meadow Flagg
    Meadow Flagg 11 days ago


  • Jasmine T
    Jasmine T 11 days ago


  • Rebecca-rose Gacha
    Rebecca-rose Gacha 11 days ago +1


  • Alice Mujar
    Alice Mujar 11 days ago

    Seriously stop acting like a child

  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez 11 days ago +1

    It simple you just reset and you would be out of there thumbs up👍🏻 if you like this video and if you agree😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Layla Sanchez
    Layla Sanchez 11 days ago

    Hiii Alex love your vids 😄😜

  • Bunny gaming Girl101
    Bunny gaming Girl101 12 days ago

    The were things that happened in your background was a dark light and thunder and lightning!

  • shahbana adel
    shahbana adel 12 days ago

    Remember to like this if u luv alex 's vid

  • shahbana adel
    shahbana adel 12 days ago

    I've only watched half of it and I'm saying OMG

  • Vane8181
    Vane8181 12 days ago

    Sorry for my sis locking you in her house

  • Ana Tellez
    Ana Tellez 13 days ago


  • Jaimie Sorvaag
    Jaimie Sorvaag 13 days ago

    I love your videos I'm your biggest fan I love you so much Inquisitor master

  • Anne Ong
    Anne Ong 13 days ago

    Something walked in your backround im spooked

  • Harlie _Playz
    Harlie _Playz 13 days ago

    U should’ve teleported to ur house

  • galaxykitty 6410
    galaxykitty 6410 14 days ago

    hi inquisitorMASTER

  • Leonela Sanchez
    Leonela Sanchez 14 days ago

    I love your videos Alex i hace a big fan of your vedios

  • Maria Mosby
    Maria Mosby 15 days ago

    Please do another challenge little creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep house

    • Maria Mosby
      Maria Mosby 15 days ago

      My favorite friend and I want to tell you to say let's play

  • Maria Mosby
    Maria Mosby 15 days ago

    The song when you get out or Killa

  • Gladys Salinas
    Gladys Salinas 15 days ago


  • Jeremy Smelser
    Jeremy Smelser 16 days ago

    The pillow moved and the paining moved

  • Robin Thompson
    Robin Thompson 17 days ago +1

    You could extepe the invite you could exapt

  • Robin Thompson
    Robin Thompson 17 days ago +12

    👢this is Emma and every like is how old she is. 😀😀

  • Yesenia Hernandez
    Yesenia Hernandez 17 days ago

    Were do you live huh

  • jungshook ;_;
    jungshook ;_; 17 days ago +1

    I shouldn’t of watched this whilst I was alone at home in the evening.

  • Mranda Toth
    Mranda Toth 17 days ago

    Hmmmm who is that behind you

  • Filippa R
    Filippa R 17 days ago

    I love these vids

  • Evelyn martinez
    Evelyn martinez 17 days ago

    Wow why is that lady something I would do I would low-key as well say that the kid that went into my house will be the next hot dogs

  • Glendale Cooper
    Glendale Cooper 18 days ago

    what is your profile

  • Crystal Jones
    Crystal Jones 18 days ago

    1 home nope

  • Walter Salgado
    Walter Salgado 18 days ago

    Wow alex you just got in there and you did it you did not have to

  • ErinaVlogs
    ErinaVlogs 18 days ago


  • Ellie Yeo
    Ellie Yeo 18 days ago

    I know how u can get out... leave game

  • Vicente Fabila
    Vicente Fabila 18 days ago

    :O ¬~¬

  • shaheeda brown
    shaheeda brown 19 days ago +1


    • shaheeda brown
      shaheeda brown 19 days ago

      You need to get a life stop being on TVclipYou stupid dumb

  • shaheeda brown
    shaheeda brown 19 days ago

    Are you just fax

  • Syahirah Gaming
    Syahirah Gaming 19 days ago +1

    Umm Alex... I think i see a shadow in the background, but i didnt really think of it because i think it was Zachary. I think you should really ask him if he ever entered the room