DP/30: Black Panther, Ruth Carter

  • Published on Feb 26, 2018
  • Ruth Carter is a 2-time Oscar nominee (Amistad, Malcolm X) who is now experiencing the biggest commercial hit of her career and is already getting Oscar buzz for this February release. The industry legend Ruth E. Carter sat down for a chat with David Poland.
    Shot in Los Angeles, February 2018
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Comments • 11

  • richfictionfighter

    I can see Black Panther getting an Oscar nomination for the costumes

  • ecrowe327
    ecrowe327 Year ago

    I really enjoyed this interview thank you. Though, I wish you could have asked her about 3D printing some of the costumes.

  • Natalie Barnwell
    Natalie Barnwell Year ago

    I like her...very interesting interview.

  • swordwhale1
    swordwhale1 Year ago +1

    So much costume design is either centered on a historical period, or, like Lord of the Rings' (awesome) design, based on European medieval things. It's utterly refreshing to see this unique set of designs combining ancient, traditional Africa with futuristic science fiction with functional modern clothing. Ruth Carter is genius. And thanks for putting women in armor that actually works!

  • Constructing Joy
    Constructing Joy Year ago +2

    I absolutely must say I enjoyed watching her not being phased bye the Oscar Noms it's almost like when Spike told her just do what you do don't worry about getting an Oscar she has never let that leave her mind she just does what she was put on this Earth to do great job Ms. Carterđź’ś

  • LaDonna Washington
    LaDonna Washington Year ago +1

    She is a delight!

  • The0Way0i0Figure0it
    The0Way0i0Figure0it Year ago +1

    She a real one.

  • MJ W
    MJ W Year ago +7

    I'd love a coffee table book showcasing the costumes.

  • peaches
    peaches Year ago +12

    her work on Black Panther is extraordinary, I hope she gets an oscar nom at least

    • A MW
      A MW Year ago +2

      She should win!!

    • swordwhale1
      swordwhale1 Year ago +3

      I really hope she wins!