• Published on May 25, 2019
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  • paola Pellegrino
    paola Pellegrino Hour ago

    In another video you can custom hats

  • Orazio Brosio
    Orazio Brosio 6 hours ago

    Which color he use?

  • Jane Loly
    Jane Loly 10 hours ago


  • Jehoash
    Jehoash Day ago

    What kind of paint and markers do you use? Does it come off when you wash the clothes? This looks mean AF and something I want to do. Love it

  • LEGOmaster 648
    LEGOmaster 648 Day ago +1

    Looney tunes so real it’s an illusion it’s great 👍 artwork

  • Spicy Quesadilla

    Paint your hat

  • Jordan Pascoe
    Jordan Pascoe 3 days ago

    Sale that cost $129.00

  • JosephE Tetteh
    JosephE Tetteh 4 days ago


  • Norah Hamilton
    Norah Hamilton 4 days ago

    You should paint a beanie

  • Tanya Quintero
    Tanya Quintero 4 days ago

    Wait but your whereing shorts not phants

  • Kat 231008
    Kat 231008 5 days ago +1

    Can you open a store for customiz objects for the subscribers?

  • Amaterasu
    Amaterasu 5 days ago

    I just hit like on the first 3 seconds of this video because of the edit

  • Destinique Brown
    Destinique Brown 5 days ago

    Custom Jackets; jean, bomber, etc.

  • אריאל נירובסרי

    colors name ?

  • David Capetillo
    David Capetillo 7 days ago

    what kind of brushes do you use ?

  • nikonikoni jimin
    nikonikoni jimin 7 days ago +1

    Bro can you tell me your paint companys plz I need to try too

  • Mohit Rana
    Mohit Rana 7 days ago

    Nxt video should be on painting on mens underwear😉

  • Mohit Rana
    Mohit Rana 7 days ago

    Pls send one of such a creation

  • Chileleko Halumamba
    Chileleko Halumamba 7 days ago +1

    Oh my God he love's reading my comments😍

  • Kaeyla Noble
    Kaeyla Noble 8 days ago

    LOVE the design!! Honestly would love of video of how to prep shoes and what to mix and all that jazzzzz

  • Gregory David
    Gregory David 10 days ago

    I wasn't expecting looney toons when I clicked but still love it along with all ur other vids
    And I think u should do a custom window where u can still see out side obviously

  • nihal ajmeri
    nihal ajmeri 10 days ago

    Try your beautiful art on Samsung galaxy gear

  • Jeff Berbobersoncin
    Jeff Berbobersoncin 11 days ago

    Customize bed sheets

  • Lotta Wintzer
    Lotta Wintzer 11 days ago

    This is insane!!!

  • 陳旻君
    陳旻君 12 days ago

    Master of customizing 😍😍

  • alivia crespo
    alivia crespo 12 days ago +1

    custom hoodie or custom soccer balls

  • loreta19781
    loreta19781 12 days ago

    Ur intros fire man

  • nikeee
    nikeee 12 days ago

    Do duckling shoes

  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez 13 days ago

    What kind paint did you use ?

  • Margaret Wade
    Margaret Wade 13 days ago +1

    Can you customize a girls bikini?

  • Sharifah Ain
    Sharifah Ain 13 days ago


  • Lemon Grass
    Lemon Grass 14 days ago

    *M having anxiety for his artistic talent.* 😱

  • Alexander Somoza
    Alexander Somoza 14 days ago

    That looks wicked 😀👌👍

    JAMES NIGGEMANN 14 days ago

    the subscribe button has been smashed :D

  • myrcyy isnt cracked
    myrcyy isnt cracked 15 days ago

    whats the intro song name?

  • Veer Dabasia
    Veer Dabasia 16 days ago

    How you gonna wash those 😂😂😂

  • Deepa Boban
    Deepa Boban 17 days ago

    Bro you are the best i am the mostly inspired by your vid pls reply to me i am your greatest fan in this world

    PRIYA RATHORE 17 days ago

    Doesn't the paint comes off when he washes them?🤔

  • alryx b
    alryx b 17 days ago +3

    he has more control on his paintbrush than i have in my life

  • Noe Anahí
    Noe Anahí 18 days ago

    I really love your videos, I'm not just get learning english I'm also enjoying a beautiful paint work

  • mho Desty
    mho Desty 19 days ago

    Can u make a video on the kind of tools and colours you use for your art

  • Raquel Tavares
    Raquel Tavares 20 days ago

    You can do some watermelon’s customs

  • perla meraz
    perla meraz 20 days ago

    this guy is so talented btw you costimise gucci belt

  • ѕeвaтιan/raмoѕ yт

    maybe customize a jacket🔥

  • raelene fuhr
    raelene fuhr 21 day ago

    mention me in one of ur vidoes

  • raelene fuhr
    raelene fuhr 21 day ago

    it looks sik well done

  • Yogesh Shahu
    Yogesh Shahu 21 day ago

    It's washable color

  • I.G Uncle Steve
    I.G Uncle Steve 22 days ago

    I liked the video bro I wish you had more of those abd by the way I'm new to the channel and I'm about to subscribe ⚠....I probably break my phone today cause I'll smash tht subscribe button

  • Crisanta Fariñas
    Crisanta Fariñas 23 days ago

    I want to customize your own table

  • coool17im
    coool17im 23 days ago

    I’d love to see sneakers with insects🤣 like some caterpillar, leaves, flowers, bees. Whatever nature like

  • Remruata Chinzah
    Remruata Chinzah 23 days ago +1

    Please custom sock

  • Ana Castellan
    Ana Castellan 24 days ago

    Cade a melanciaaaaaaaaaa?????????????

  • Alyxa Milano
    Alyxa Milano 24 days ago

    Marko next you should do a shirt or a hat

  • Friend Dearing
    Friend Dearing 24 days ago


  • Lucia Ferron
    Lucia Ferron 24 days ago

    Marko cook something!!

  • Patrickmoore Moore
    Patrickmoore Moore 24 days ago

    You should do a hoodie custom

  • Suzannah Montgomerie
    Suzannah Montgomerie 24 days ago

    real cool editing marko

  • Abrar Vadgama
    Abrar Vadgama 26 days ago

    That was amazing!

  • Mariano Ronaldo
    Mariano Ronaldo 27 days ago


  • Jaylene Cabrera
    Jaylene Cabrera 27 days ago

    Paint ur beanie