Why Black Panther Will Blow You Away


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  • Looper
    Looper  11 months ago +92

    What kinds of Black Panther comic/movie features would you like us to do next?

    • rashida7777
      rashida7777 10 months ago

      Looper Well, I would like see if they come out with a Namor movie. The Atlanteans destroyed Wakanda. Will a Marvel water-man supplant the DC aquaman? Will there ever be a Namor movie? I sure hope so! His character has so much to offer in anyone's movie. That, would round out the Infinity war for me!

    • James James
      James James 10 months ago

      Make one more movie!

    • Tee Taze
      Tee Taze 10 months ago

      Robyn and I will have to get you

    • hotties3v3n
      hotties3v3n 11 months ago


    • hotties3v3n
      hotties3v3n 11 months ago

      Thank you looper.

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog 2 months ago

    Crappy movie, technologically Advanced Black nation is just too much Fantasy. Not even a shred of believability

  • D_ estroyz
    D_ estroyz 2 months ago

    It's still not the best marvel movie

  • Travis chaffin
    Travis chaffin 3 months ago

    I guess I'll be the first to say it.... but this movie blows. I mean I haven't seen special effects this bad since Avatar. Aside from the lame cgi we have terrible actors. You know in ten years nobody will be talking about this trash.

  • brandon vasquez
    brandon vasquez 5 months ago

    Black panther was a ok movie could have been way better

  • Dav RoZ
    Dav RoZ 5 months ago

    Extremely over rated .critics didn't dare say anything negative about this movie.

  • John Paul
    John Paul 6 months ago

    it was a Shit movie

  • Shooken Sis
    Shooken Sis 7 months ago

    Because he's black

  • Apoorva Lundchuse
    Apoorva Lundchuse 7 months ago

    It's an entertaining movie but even this one is over-hyped. Cos black people are starring in it???

  • Eng
    Eng 8 months ago

    So many triggered black people in the comment section...

  • Essynce Jones
    Essynce Jones 8 months ago +1

    Christianity versus Black Panther

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 9 months ago

    dude, this is cool

  • Gorga Simbolon
    Gorga Simbolon 9 months ago

    Just know that this "cultural pride" they're talking about is rooted on the idea of seeking the approval of institutions laid down by a certain dominant culture. Hollywood is only the central of the world because we allow ourselves to think that way. You wanna be culturally proud ? Build yourself into a good person so that your community may strive. Don't worry what other people think about you. Moreover, don't bother what Hollywood thinks. Just keep doing our own thing. Don't seek white man's approval. Seek your own approval ! Peace

  • S Singh
    S Singh 9 months ago

    If you want to inspire people inspire to do something which can change Life in higher dimension but inspiring the new generation to create movies which promotes individuality, separateness, hate and war is not sign of intelligence. An Intelligent person seeks well being for oneself and others. ✌🏻

  • genegeneish
    genegeneish 9 months ago

    Your people are to easily impressed. Just for the record, two jewish guys made this to A, make a profit, B, make it as easily as possible. Do you really think a friggin movie will help in anyway, the rampant dysfunction in the american black culture?

  • Delon Parkinson
    Delon Parkinson 9 months ago

    Like it so much

  • john boss
    john boss 9 months ago

    Because you will never see so many black people working

  • melina.ismyname
    melina.ismyname 9 months ago

    that's my favorite movieeee

  • melina.ismyname
    melina.ismyname 9 months ago

    that's my favorite movieeee

  • jennifer
    jennifer 9 months ago

    This is the Best ,the best Movie. OMG. I would watch it over, and over, again. I love it. those Ladies are BAD. WOW

  • Amber Hayes
    Amber Hayes 9 months ago

    I personality think this is the best marvel movie yet

  • glennard coleman
    glennard coleman 9 months ago +1

    I love this movie a lot. It's the best ever.

  • Lokitty Laufeyson
    Lokitty Laufeyson 10 months ago

    It won't. It was very meh.

  • castletriglav
    castletriglav 10 months ago +1

    Too chocolate for my taste. Gotta have some fine white broads, or I don't watch.

    • Jessica Nwosu
      Jessica Nwosu 10 months ago

      castletriglav they will soon but then it just only Africa culture that is fighting for the spot to be the king!!

  • castletriglav
    castletriglav 10 months ago +1

    Who gives a shit about pop tunes in a film?

  • Jono
    Jono 10 months ago

    Ya mean “did”

  • milo357
    milo357 10 months ago

    Fake fake Wakanda forever...go figure

  • 405 BOY
    405 BOY 10 months ago +2

    This is the best movie in years..The black film director, did a great job with this predominant black class..

  • Nexco Soco
    Nexco Soco 10 months ago

    The movie is overhyped NOTHING wonderful about it,Nothing African. The language,dressing all White. Copy cats.

  • Thankgod Wilson
    Thankgod Wilson 10 months ago

    movie of the century period

  • T Marginau
    T Marginau 10 months ago +1

    1 billion in less than a month, and people can't stand that shit! lol
    I love it!

  • RatDaddy3
    RatDaddy3 10 months ago

    When Theyed were making Man called Horse or Dances with Wolves,theyed showed thated Native Americans showed thier pride on thier cultures and I thinked its important for the african american community can also do the same,its not about Gangsters or other kind,it shows,what Black History is all about familes and gettin together,I hope thyed continued to make theses kind of films,Look out,there's another Acandemy award going to this Movie.

  • Lord Fire
    Lord Fire 10 months ago

    Nope did not blow me away, it was a little entertaining, but not worth seeing in the theaters. Wait till it is on netflicks.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze 10 months ago

    Where's the diversity...I have to give this film a thumbs down, there are no Asian people, no Mexican people. No diversity, purely racist.

    • Jessica Nwosu
      Jessica Nwosu 10 months ago

      Purple Haze ok is there a black people in Asian movies I don't think so. Africa culture fighting for the spot to be the king in Africa. It only Africa but next time is going to be mix because is not Africa is different culture!

  • Guens
    Guens 10 months ago

    Black Panther has demolished so many records, it'll make you cry.

  • Erin H
    Erin H 10 months ago

    Definitely will not be a part, too. Carry on story.

  • Erin H
    Erin H 10 months ago

    Yeah, this movie was a flop.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 10 months ago +1

    Wez wuz wakandaz an shieet!!

  • nicandlucian
    nicandlucian 10 months ago

    I'm sorry but I was not blown away, it was a good movie, but to people like me been there done than, most of the special effects I've seen on shows like stargate Atlantis and SG1 you watch any of these show then you would not be impressed that much with black panther. Once again it was a good Movie, I encourage people to watch it, me I was not impress to be blunt I was expecting a lot more the way people and my friends was hyping it up.

  • H. M.
    H. M. 10 months ago

    Lupita Mtoto wetu! malaika wa Afrika

  • Ashok Piano lover
    Ashok Piano lover 10 months ago

    What African culture is he talking about. Hollywood making money by making an imaginary African Super Power Wakanda. While African people are suffering with poverty and disease due to exploitation and ignorance.

  • nono
    nono 10 months ago

    This movie was so boring. Storyline was weak. Character development was weak.

  • geraldine R
    geraldine R 10 months ago

    Yes africa best film i seen in a long time. Its fantastic....

  • pstuddy
    pstuddy 10 months ago


  • Addisu Badima
    Addisu Badima 10 months ago

    search about adwa. . .

  • RC Hinrichs
    RC Hinrichs 10 months ago

    Excellent movie! As it is in America, it's unfortunate so many have to be negatively focused on race. It proves how much time has been lost in holding back talented people just because they are not what Hollywood deemed correct (and profitable). Kudos and here's to hoping there are many more movies to prove the hierarchy wrong.

  • BJ Clemons
    BJ Clemons 10 months ago

    Powerful movie

  • Sharon Blythe
    Sharon Blythe 10 months ago

    it a good movie love it watching it a gen

  • oo oo
    oo oo 10 months ago

    Btw the do u know de wae meme is in black panther

  • j kish
    j kish 10 months ago

    It didn't blow me away
    It's a nice movie sha

  • B B
    B B 10 months ago

    yoooooooooo! Black Panther💜

  • Nakia Grant
    Nakia Grant 10 months ago

    Ì ám so fly my name is in the movie, NAKIA. MAN I'M ON 1.

  • diana Ortiz
    diana Ortiz 10 months ago

    Loved it one of the best movies so far it blew me away strong and with meaning.

  • Christopher Bennett
    Christopher Bennett 10 months ago

    As some one who was waiting for this to come out I was a little disappointed. They had great actors and amazing CGI but the writing wasn't that great. I feel like people are looking too hard into this movie. Is it great that they have a diverse atmosphere? Yes, but I feel like they rushed the movie in order to come out around Black History month.

  • stephenmwyatt2
    stephenmwyatt2 10 months ago

    There are tons of every day people who would never consider seeing this movie

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger 10 months ago

    Will be back in the theater to watch it again. Oh my my! Exceleeeeeeeent!!!

  • Ann
    Ann 10 months ago

    I went to see it but found it kind of boring. Def overhyped

  • J P
    J P 10 months ago

    This movie *BLEW ME AWAY!!* I saw it yesterday for my birthday and it was the best present I ever gave myself. Great job! I'm so proud of everyone involved. *WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!!* 🙅✊

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  • MegaGolgo13
    MegaGolgo13 10 months ago +1

    Movie of the Year. Hands down.

  • Nson C
    Nson C 10 months ago

    it sucked!

  • Okabe Black
    Okabe Black 10 months ago

    Congratulations Black Panther much success to everyone.

  • Ukiah Stone
    Ukiah Stone 10 months ago

    Haven't seen the movie yet due to limited seating and sold out tickets. I will definitely plan ahead and purchase my tickets to see Black Panther this weekend including the soundtrack from my neighborhood record store :-)
    I appreciate the narrators insightful commentary of the movie, thank you. :-)

  • Vittoria Colonna
    Vittoria Colonna 10 months ago

    I've been collecting comic books for more than 25 years. And Marvel's portrayal of Black characters have really surpassed what's in Hollywood. It's never been condescending, neither has it ever veered into 'noble savage'. No Marvel comics are not what they are. But they've for the most part portrayed Africans as being human beings with dignity.

  • Dumi Sani
    Dumi Sani 10 months ago

    I love it! Love it! Love it ♥️💃🏾🙌🏾

  • muttleo
    muttleo 10 months ago

    The Social Justice League: The Flaming STD, Rainbow Skittles, The Black Death, Captain Kabbalah, The Incredible Schmuck, NAMBLA Manboy, The Amazing Analman, Lemon-AIDS, The Hasidic Faygala and Obama the Wonder Chimp

  • Mike Mikesell
    Mike Mikesell 10 months ago +1

    This movie is gonna make black people wanna go to Africa thinking it's a paradise. Only to find out just how bad it really is and how great they actually have it in America. This will be a wakeup call to them for certain.

    • Bryce Barnett
      Bryce Barnett 10 months ago

      Umm. To be honest, I would love to live in the most life rich/diverse continent. Because my dna is compatible with the sun kisses. You can't even survive

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 10 months ago

      Jillie Macks what are u talking about lmao

    • Jillie Macks
      Jillie Macks 10 months ago

      Mike Mikesell So..you want us to stay? So that you can murder us in the streets at will?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 10 months ago

      Mike Mikesell good, let them leave, and watch america flourish

  • AJ444ful
    AJ444ful 10 months ago +1

    I loved this movie!!!

  • Bernie Mat
    Bernie Mat 10 months ago

    In the age of Trump’s shithole comment. The timing couldn’t be more perfect

  • datno hi
    datno hi 10 months ago +1

    Can't wait to see this

  • Exia2004
    Exia2004 10 months ago

    didnt blow me away but it is a good movie

  • L Cruz
    L Cruz 10 months ago

    kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kiill kill kill kill kill

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson 10 months ago

    This movie sucks..the only good thing about it was it ended

  • Maya Mohammed
    Maya Mohammed 10 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that thinks 'black panther's sister looks too much like Rihanna!?

  • Nduduzo Ngcobo
    Nduduzo Ngcobo 10 months ago +1

    Great review by the way. What I applaud most about the movie [Black Panther] is its portrayal of where or what Africa can or could've been in the absence of colonialism and the snatch of its natural resources.
    No one knows what kind of a place Africa could've been in the greater scheme of things, what I do know is the movie itself did a great job at showing what Africa and the world can be if we pride ourselves and the cultures that make us this rich in diversity. I don't believe worlds should advance in silos, but I also don't believe that stronger nations should oppress the weaker... that shift of sharing of resources and advances because you can is what makes me appreciate the content of the film most.
    Big ups to Marvel for representing South Africa with our Queen of Qgom: Babes Wodumo's
    The long an short, I'm looking forward to the next instalment of Black Panther...

    • Nduduzo Ngcobo
      Nduduzo Ngcobo 10 months ago

      Well if you say so boet, I'd rather keep it at that.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 10 months ago

      No. The best would have been to leave Africa alone. Of course.. BUT Africa wouldn't have been better of, I'm quite certain of that. There would be more disease and poverty, even more than now.. BUT there at least wouldn't have been this victimhood that every black person seems to feel.

    • Nduduzo Ngcobo
      Nduduzo Ngcobo 10 months ago

      Hence in your perspective, you feel colonialism did Africa a favour...?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 10 months ago

      Nduduzo Ngcobo not from the west. The East did it as well. Reality is that specifically africa is so far behind everyone else.

    • Nduduzo Ngcobo
      Nduduzo Ngcobo 10 months ago

      In other words, Africa could only move forward after being colonised and had no prospect of being self-sufficient. This notion that the only form of innovation comes from the west is silly quite frankly...

  • Julian .H
    Julian .H 10 months ago

    The movie is cool but it didn't "blow me away"
    Its just a typical marvel film but all black people think the movie is "the greatest they ever watched" because its in Africa. The movie has nothing to do with the continent so

    • Bryce Barnett
      Bryce Barnett 10 months ago

      Der Purche Prian everything to do with the continent........ Africa has has the resources in the trillions China and USA got eyes all over it. They are gonna diplomacize their way through to it (Colonial age 1.5)

    • Jillie Macks
      Jillie Macks 10 months ago +1

      Der Purche Prian But ain't you glad we got one small movie in four hundred years to make us briefly happy? I gotta' say.. you don't seem happy for us...we all up from slavery and everything...so....??

  • Yahkema J
    Yahkema J 10 months ago

    I saw some black panther action figures in Walmart today and they were all white I just laughed my ass off

  • Emily Radics
    Emily Radics 10 months ago

    I’m not into marvel movies but when I saw it it was soo good I recommend it on so many levels

  • Jabuznik
    Jabuznik 10 months ago

    this movie was so over rated, it was good but not nearly as good as civil war or spiderman or the first iron man

  • the exorcist
    the exorcist 10 months ago

    Couldn't even hear the movie all the Bros were hollering and all the sisters was yelping plus we got spat on and told to leave

  • The Josephs Daily.
    The Josephs Daily. 10 months ago

    Great commentary!

  • Dee Naijaboi
    Dee Naijaboi 10 months ago

    Well done to my people who put these together.awesome really

  • Bent Mathiesen
    Bent Mathiesen 10 months ago +1

    Thanks for the warning, will not watch the movie.

  • curtis
    curtis 10 months ago

    Did he said I'm pretty I laughed out load

  • Gian Laplume
    Gian Laplume 10 months ago


  • Tania Akoumou
    Tania Akoumou 10 months ago

    When will part 2 come out???

  • Koffa Tallawford
    Koffa Tallawford 10 months ago

    I will need to watch this movie more than 3 times before I can stop enjoying it lol. I feel like I haven't watched it yet lol

  • issack hassan
    issack hassan 11 months ago

    The birth place of humanity... cultural awaking...I am proud to be an African.. immense talents..wakanda forever. I always love my African chocolate and roasted coffee beans .

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 10 months ago

      issack hassan that theory isnt fact anymorr

  • Fela Kuti
    Fela Kuti 11 months ago

    Such a wonderful film. Everybody say "Yeah Yeah"

  • ‡ Føx Sên ‡
    ‡ Føx Sên ‡ 11 months ago

    But do dey kno' da wae?

  • Mash my face in your face

    Black panther is my holy water

    TRONICVISION 11 months ago

    This is an excellent movie. I was wow factored by the script, the casting, the directing, and the action. It was great to see a Black film without that arrogant fat wig wearing gospel wailing black woman, and that weak felony charged no love interest clown of a black man. The casting was so great with those slender sexy Africanized kickass Black women soldiers. (Sex always sell in movies.) And the Black men were strong and grounded. (Hooray for that!!!!!!) The cut scenes from the tech African kingdom to the modern world was brilliant. This will stimulate the minds of young black movie goers. My favorite stuff was the FX compositing and fight scenes which was done very well. All the seasoned actors really put out as expected, but the General and Black Panthers tech sister stole the show. Creating this fantasy kingdom in Africa was also brilliant which allowed the director to steer away from Hollywood's formula for making black movies. I know this movie will win ton's of awards, and yes, I will go and see it again.

  • TheMagnificentPower
    TheMagnificentPower 11 months ago

    It is a massive success! Coogler has raised the bar.
    The MCU will be a trillion dollar movie power house before long. Lots more superheroes on the way.
    DC is not too far behind.

  • Spider- Man
    Spider- Man 11 months ago


  • Josh Matthews
    Josh Matthews 11 months ago

    I’m so happy for the colored! This is a great moment for them, awesome jobs guys

  • Lisa Duma
    Lisa Duma 11 months ago

    I love and adore this movie..African spirit lives go guys

  • Dylan Still
    Dylan Still 11 months ago

    Wars how ready for to poo?[]

  • Dennis Dowd
    Dennis Dowd 11 months ago

    I am happy about a popular film with so many black actors, but these movies are totally boring for me. 🤔

  • Franky Daniel
    Franky Daniel 11 months ago

    Not impressed on a par with Thor ragnarock both kind of meh

  • leafshaymin
    leafshaymin 11 months ago

    just watched the movie, and I thought it was fantastic, probably one of the top marvel movies out there. but is it worth 100% rating in rotten tomatoes? nah, the pacing of the first half of the film is too slow, and the final half of the film feels a tad bit too rushed.