Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton


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  • Logan Southern
    Logan Southern 4 hours ago

    0:10 big chungus

  • Karena Short
    Karena Short 4 hours ago

    Will u guys quit making rude comments?? If u dont have anything nice to say dont say it

  • ryan Gabriel
    ryan Gabriel 4 hours ago


  • kate carew
    kate carew 4 hours ago

    I will say nothing cruel, this is not an evil man, this is a sad man who at least tries to keep clean and he walks to his trough.
    Jesus H it’s grim. Dad is enabling and can’t seem to figure the balance out.
    There needs to be therapy and rehab for folks in this situation just like drug addicts.
    It’s all the same as far as getting to those points on their life with the help of loved ones.
    You can’t do this alone.
    Damn it is grim...

  • anglekan
    anglekan 4 hours ago

    Can he avoid jury duty?

  • Lizzie uni
    Lizzie uni 5 hours ago

    I wonder how he bathes In the cold winter...

  • derek Brown
    derek Brown 5 hours ago

    Where his peepee at

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson 5 hours ago

    The sweat in them rolls 😖

    GANGSTERWAFFLE 21 5 hours ago

    Poor guy

  • Citrus Wolf
    Citrus Wolf 5 hours ago

    Let's hope that he can find a way to get his weight under control so then he could do much more. Wish y'all hope!

  • Baddie Madi
    Baddie Madi 5 hours ago

    Wait-what about the Toilet...does he poop and pee in that bath to..

  • Swankster
    Swankster 5 hours ago

    so the dad is feeding him all that food to get him fatter and fatter. Something wrong with the dad.

  • WetLikeWater
    WetLikeWater 5 hours ago +1

    damn this dude got 40 inch arms buff af

  • cinamatic the master
    cinamatic the master 5 hours ago

    😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫So sad

  • Mr. Kankles
    Mr. Kankles 5 hours ago

    scwichsy tooshes

  • jade xade
    jade xade 5 hours ago

    He bathe with dish soap? He has dish soap and head&shoulder shampoo in his bath water...Not a good choice of bath mixure

  • S MC
    S MC 5 hours ago +1

    They need therapy for *codependency* Also, *who kept overfeeding him when he was 300, 400, 500, 600, and over 700lbs, and sitting on his ass playing games 24/7????*

  • Olivia Noah
    Olivia Noah 5 hours ago

    how could he be mean to his dad but his life depends on him god ungrateful ....

  • MLGFr3ddy
    MLGFr3ddy 6 hours ago


  • Crystal Gacha Gals
    Crystal Gacha Gals 6 hours ago

    Seeing people like him make me feel better about myself

  • Shrek & Donkey
    Shrek & Donkey 6 hours ago

    At least he can take a bath

  • Julien Foster
    Julien Foster 6 hours ago

    He used the same shampoo/condichoner as me

  • Josh Hurd
    Josh Hurd 6 hours ago

    My g can not wank bruv

  • Trey Pilot
    Trey Pilot 6 hours ago

    I'm surprised he could even walk

  • CloTheBrotato
    CloTheBrotato 6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie he cute tho... and I don’t want to be mean but if he lost some weight I think he could get a partner. I think he deserves someone to love in his life, he seems really nice.

  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo 6 hours ago

    This just gave me a ghetto hot tub idea 😂🤔

  • The Saint
    The Saint 6 hours ago

    Ok so how does he go to the bathroom. If he needs a trough to bathe then what does he use for a toilet? Does he do it outside? I doubt it.

  • Vend Master
    Vend Master 6 hours ago

    Ok, how many of you would drink 12 Oz of the dirty bath water when he's all done for 100k?

  • the legendary egg
    the legendary egg 6 hours ago

    How does this happen
    What causes a human to be that obese
    Lmao he needs help wiping his ass no way

  • Angel St.pierre
    Angel St.pierre 6 hours ago

    Y'all talking crap bout the dish soap are insensitive , he identifies as a dish !!! Be more sensitive to his gender choice ! My gawd!

  • jj
    jj 7 hours ago

    Big respect to the contractor who built the deck oh my Lord

  • n haigh
    n haigh 7 hours ago

    Enough internet 4 one day

  • 21st Century Mess
    21st Century Mess 7 hours ago

    i feel so bad for him. BED is a serious eating disorder, especially at this weight. it’s scary and i wish his family would help him lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Kadesia Halls
    Kadesia Halls 7 hours ago

    And I can't even gain 5 lbs😞😞

  • _memariah
    _memariah 7 hours ago

    If his father does everything for him then his father needs to stop feeding him junk. Dads cooking the food then dad decides what you eat.

  • Ereri_Fan
    Ereri_Fan 7 hours ago

    Ok ok, im sorry but.... You cant let your son live like this... What happens in winter? When he gets out, he will FREEZE TO DEATH.

  • kotaro amon
    kotaro amon 7 hours ago

    Dang he can't even beat his meat to have some satisfaction

  • Blake Grice
    Blake Grice 8 hours ago

    "bigger guy"

    Yung MOLLIWATER 8 hours ago

    That is very tuff

  • XX Alexia XX Gachatube

    How old is he I mean nobody should be body shaming him maybe he just loves food right but it is also bad for you you can go to the gym I don't want to body shame you so if I said anything mean I'm sorry NO BODY SHOULD BE BODY SHAMEING HIM!!!!!......um sorry if I yelled at you ummm ugh bye guys I got new glass today and thay are purple !!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Lps Meow22
    Lps Meow22 8 hours ago +1

    *When shaggy figured out what Fortnite was*

  • Heather Deer
    Heather Deer 8 hours ago

    He's pretty cute for such a big fella.

  • Serenity Thomas
    Serenity Thomas 8 hours ago

    Aaawww the is pritey sad

  • Only1 True
    Only1 True 8 hours ago

    Man that is ridiculous how much food you feeding him that is what happens when spoiling your kids goes wrong 💯

  • XxNightmare BeautyxX
    XxNightmare BeautyxX 8 hours ago

    So he’s bathing with Palmolive dish soap?

  • highpro420
    highpro420 8 hours ago

    I feel bad for you 😢

  • MeMeZ_Z
    MeMeZ_Z 8 hours ago

    When fat acceptance goes way to far

  • Ben Poxon
    Ben Poxon 8 hours ago

    They actually covered the head and shoulders Logo 😂😂

  • Thomas Bangalter
    Thomas Bangalter 9 hours ago

    Why don't they use a machine that carries him from his waist and dips him inside a tall glass tube and lift him out in 2 minutes

  • Isabella Adkins
    Isabella Adkins 9 hours ago

    What if he had an itch on his butt?

  • uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn
    uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn 9 hours ago

    i cant imagine the smell

  • Chrystal pearl Goodson

    At 1.56 he farted

    • Avatar
      Avatar 7 hours ago

      Chrystal pearl Goodson Do you fart?

  • missy rodriguez.
    missy rodriguez. 9 hours ago

    I feel like these people are just existing.
    Not really living their lives; being confined in a prison of food that they don't want to get out of, or just don't care enough to do so.
    It's a dangerous position, it really is.

  • Cowy Cowy
    Cowy Cowy 9 hours ago

    I feel so bad :(

  • Gerald Vounas
    Gerald Vounas 9 hours ago

    A M E R I C A

  • 6atlantis
    6atlantis 9 hours ago

    Dish soap 😂

  • Dorothy McCray
    Dorothy McCray 9 hours ago

    No sex for him

  • neX Phantom
    neX Phantom 9 hours ago

    Quit giving peopls like this attention

  • Berlin Wall
    Berlin Wall 10 hours ago

    Did he put dish soap in his bath

  • maddie lol
    maddie lol 10 hours ago +1

    i thought i was getting "fat"..

  • I Love Zebras I love snow
    I Love Zebras I love snow 10 hours ago +1

    Enough is enough!! If he keeps this up, he might die. From a heart attack or from cannibals! 😞

  • Chidinma Irabor
    Chidinma Irabor 10 hours ago

    Why can’t he fill up the trough by himself?

  • Lenny Åkerlund
    Lenny Åkerlund 10 hours ago

    This is what happens if your fat

  • Amanda Bentham
    Amanda Bentham 10 hours ago

    Goes to jump in ocean create tunarme

  • KvngHiram 223
    KvngHiram 223 10 hours ago +1

    Never will I get wiped at 30

  • Giovani Hernandez
    Giovani Hernandez 10 hours ago

    This is why there is limits!! YOU SHOULD EAT MORE OF THESE🍇🍉🌽🍐🍊🍌🍍 THAN THESE🥞🍕🌭🌮🌯🥙🍔🍟

  • Your Local Lad
    Your Local Lad 10 hours ago

    His attitude is WAY too smug to give 1/2 a fuck about, enjoy your video games, tv dinners and dire health buddy! ☺

  • Cynthia Thomas
    Cynthia Thomas 10 hours ago

    Just lazy as Hell is all that is and his patents are catering to him when they should be living their lives a bunch of bull hes just sickening

  • xXLoco SnakeXx
    xXLoco SnakeXx 10 hours ago

    His dad is watching like a hawk that is sort of disgusting but it's what he has to do to make sure he's ok

  • Belinda Bell
    Belinda Bell 10 hours ago

    So sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😭

    • Avatar
      Avatar 7 hours ago

      Belinda Bell You should help me get fit. Lol I’m half his size, and handsome. 😜

  • LukeRiver
    LukeRiver 11 hours ago


  • Alexis_lxl_ 123
    Alexis_lxl_ 123 11 hours ago

    If that were my son I’d make him get active from a young age if he was getting obese,because I know my kid would complain and he would hate it so I’d make him exercise,because I know my child would be sad and no matter how much he hates it it’s better for him.🤷‍♀️😓

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price 11 hours ago

    "Ya know, wiping, just, my ass" 😂😂😂

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes 11 hours ago

    I’m amazed he can walk around at his size. I bet you if he would’ve just worked out before he got this big he could’ve been strong as hell. But instead he chose to be a HUGE loser who does nothing with his life

  • dalia deboest
    dalia deboest 11 hours ago

    I like ur hair tho

  • Shemoo Shemoo
    Shemoo Shemoo 11 hours ago

    مسلم مسيحي كافر كلهم ارواح وكلنا نشعر وكلنا قلوبنا تشعر الله يشفيك وعافيك

  • Sunset 101
    Sunset 101 11 hours ago


  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming 11 hours ago

    707 pounds? AND HE CAN WALK?

  • jalmanza30
    jalmanza30 11 hours ago

    Dish soap!!! Why not body wash or simple shampoo in the water

  • shadow God
    shadow God 12 hours ago

    Great food for polar bears and lions

  • Josh Webb
    Josh Webb 12 hours ago

    Why dish soap?

  • Unknown Username
    Unknown Username 12 hours ago

    Where are his nipples

  • YokaiJibanyan _YT
    YokaiJibanyan _YT 12 hours ago

    “I can’t reach anything below me” ok I’ve heard enough

  • Marcus Garvin
    Marcus Garvin 12 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the dad......................

  • Tom Marsh
    Tom Marsh 12 hours ago

    Actually grim

  • Agnese Rancāne
    Agnese Rancāne 12 hours ago


  • aludeke
    aludeke 12 hours ago

    This must be so embarrassing for both father and son.

  • idk letme
    idk letme 12 hours ago

    at least he can walk

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 12 hours ago +1

    What kind of maniac puts shampoo on dry hair

  • Mink 2005
    Mink 2005 13 hours ago

    Er is ook een moment om te stoppen met eten.

  • Gaming with error sans
    Gaming with error sans 13 hours ago

    Now he can't drop the soup

  • Drunxt
    Drunxt 13 hours ago +1

    What about the winter time ?

  • B R
    B R 13 hours ago

    I dont understand people. The very FIRST time I go to get into a tub bath tub and it's too small, that would be the very last straw that would make me not gain one more damn pound. But these people encounter that moment and continue, way beyond that, until they have to bathe outside like oversized animals smh.

  • Kilian Lemberg
    Kilian Lemberg 13 hours ago

    Omg so fat!!!!

  • CJ
    CJ 13 hours ago

    Absolutely not. I could not and would not ever wipe the adult ass of any of my children. I'd call it ends right then and there. Find someone else cuz there is nooo way I'm gunna encourage this lifestyle.

  • Chad Freeman
    Chad Freeman 13 hours ago

    Ok TLC, why can we comment on these videos but not the I am Jazz videos?

  • Anunaki atlantis
    Anunaki atlantis 13 hours ago

    There is allot big issue about his bikini button can't be reach.

  • The Tea Sis
    The Tea Sis 14 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but it gets to a certain point where it’s hard for me to sympathize. Like if this was caused by an illness of some sort, the sure I’d feel bad. But if he did this to him self, it’s like dude what did you expect, don’t put your father through this.

  • Martha Sharrock
    Martha Sharrock 14 hours ago

    what was the point in blocking the name of a brand so obviously head and shoulders ?

  • Kelley Owen
    Kelley Owen 14 hours ago

    Did he say it's whatever get off your butt n get busy n dad's an enabler