I'm Under 18 and Creeps Keep Messaging Me

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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Comments • 4 679

  • Ciara Osei
    Ciara Osei Hour ago

    I got my first phone at the age of 8

  • Dolly Daria
    Dolly Daria 4 hours ago

    Omg I have these messages all the time and I’m 10 I’m not impressed

  • Teddy B.
    Teddy B. 7 hours ago +1

    Me: *Breathe*
    Parents: That phone is a bad influence!

  • Mariella mariz Rapiñan

    She could've just deleted her social media tho

  • KyloGeorge5639 Go sub to Max imus

    That’s what my parents did they said no to a phone and then I got one

  • Layla _Cookie Playz
    Layla _Cookie Playz 15 hours ago +1

    Me: Mumm!! Im so tired!
    Parents: It is your ipad, iphone, TV, laptop and computer!
    It is 10 PM

  • Kiaja Hampton
    Kiaja Hampton 19 hours ago

    i got my first phone in second grade

  • Kiaja Hampton
    Kiaja Hampton 19 hours ago

    i’m guessing ur not gonna buy your kid a phone😂

  • Janae Kwan
    Janae Kwan 19 hours ago

    I got my phone at 5. It only is a LG phone, but, I was young, and I might get a new model later on.

  • Shade Is Sexy
    Shade Is Sexy 21 hour ago


  • Thoticcus Prime
    Thoticcus Prime 22 hours ago

    Dont be a thot and creeps wont mess with you as much..being on a trashapp and advertising youre a girl and your age will invite them .i know from experience,retards messaging me because of usernames

  • Magdalena Sanchez
    Magdalena Sanchez 23 hours ago

    Me:My eye hurts
    Mom:Its because of the phone

  • Amulya Srivalli
    Amulya Srivalli Day ago +1

    Me: **laughs**


  • Evie Worth
    Evie Worth Day ago

    friend:You can create a FAKE ID and chat with BOYS in that app
    Her: I thought that sounded really cool
    ._. Kids these days

  • Evie Worth
    Evie Worth Day ago

    3:07 Taking a selfie with her friends
    phone: only has two people in the picture

  • KawaiiPotatoAnimates :3

    Something similar to this has happened to me before (but on Instagram and somehow, Snapchat)

  • zach wu
    zach wu Day ago

    someone told her to download tinder

    I have a bad feeling about this

  • TopTank Crumpet
    TopTank Crumpet Day ago

    Me: says something slightly negative.

  • hassan morshed
    hassan morshed Day ago

    Its an indian story and i hate indiand

  • ImVexzl
    ImVexzl Day ago

    She got a new phone and don't know how to act
    Like u you think so

  • Neel the gamer
    Neel the gamer Day ago

    Holy fuck that intro up is me except I’m a boy and 5years younger

  • Michaelmells Slushies

    Me: my chicken died...
    Mom: ITS cAuSE oF tHaT DAmN pHonE

  • lunar eclipse
    lunar eclipse 2 days ago

    "At 10 years old"

    Omg I got a new phone ayayahhaha.

  • Raisa Hasan
    Raisa Hasan 2 days ago

    bro just saying u drew an android not an iphone

  • Courteney Campbell
    Courteney Campbell 2 days ago

    Gurl gets surprised when adults message her 🥴 on an adult app u fool 😂

  • Minh Phuong Nguyen
    Minh Phuong Nguyen 2 days ago

    ”They didn’t say blah blah blah”
    Lmao I’m cringing

  • Ruffy wag
    Ruffy wag 2 days ago

    How old is She ?

  • Soft fluffy ferret
    Soft fluffy ferret 2 days ago

    If she's crying over a phone before shes even 18 and hasn't had one shes gonna be addicted

  • Jaden Dodd
    Jaden Dodd 2 days ago

    Me: has asthma attack
    My parents: it’s because of that phone

  • mariemyrlene
    mariemyrlene 2 days ago

    You go girl

  • Sahana Sankaradoss
    Sahana Sankaradoss 3 days ago

    Oh wait I realized she’s Indian cause of 2:32... well NO DUH you aren’t getting a phone!!! (Btw I’m Indian I’m not trying to be racist)

  • hayleigh hines
    hayleigh hines 3 days ago

    no one:
    actually no one:
    illustrator: draws a samsung that’s meant to be and iphone
    steve jobs: i-

  • Itsyagirlyetari !
    Itsyagirlyetari ! 3 days ago

    my mom~are you talking to some boy on that phone i will throw that out the window
    me~well thats a wast of money
    my mom~GIRL!

  • Randomgamerboi
    Randomgamerboi 3 days ago +1

    Sister I don't have a phone either and I have to buy my own phone

  • Lawrence Morehouse
    Lawrence Morehouse 4 days ago +1

    Me: Stubbs my toe
    My mum: that's why you can't get a phone

  • SpringerTheStunning 16


  • Livi_Loves_Lilac
    Livi_Loves_Lilac 4 days ago

    Me: * misses that one impossible question on the test that almost no one got right*

  • Livi_Loves_Lilac
    Livi_Loves_Lilac 4 days ago

    Me: *takes a single day of from studying *
    My dad: its that damn phone! >:c

  • Livi_Loves_Lilac
    Livi_Loves_Lilac 4 days ago

    Omg 🤦🏽‍♀️ ur not supposed to put pictures of urself on social media if you don’t want that kind of shit. It’s called being a female. You could have your phone for good reasons just don’t post selfies that’s stupid. Sorry not trying to be rude :3

  • Ocean tha Gacha potter gal

    Oh wow, I have my tablet and I'm on it every chance I get, but still have time for studies and stuff...

  • TryingSomething New
    TryingSomething New 4 days ago

    *holy shit*

  • Linu Mathew
    Linu Mathew 4 days ago

    Is this girl an Indian?

  • The Wolf Twins
    The Wolf Twins 4 days ago

    Her:I want my own personal phone
    Her dad: You're too young to have one
    Also her: *She's 17*
    Us:*Sharp inhale*BOI-

  • 12twxlvx
    12twxlvx 4 days ago

    No one:
    Random boy: you single?
    Me: *I'm gay*

  • Mystical Panda
    Mystical Panda 4 days ago

    she is Indian..I know ittt

  • • Kookie Wolfie •

    Girl: I Want A Phone

    Me: I Don’t Have Tv

  • Midnight
    Midnight 4 days ago

    Girl just download online games for kids and make F R I E N D S

  • Asia Gaming
    Asia Gaming 4 days ago

    Me: mom I’m sleepy

    The earth: Asia has left the chat

  • Cenndi Brumfield
    Cenndi Brumfield 4 days ago

    That’s not a iPhone

  • Big Cheese
    Big Cheese 4 days ago

    That phone looks like a Samsung more than a iPhone

  • siga niang
    siga niang 4 days ago

    I am 8 and i have a phone

  • Taha Boufteh
    Taha Boufteh 4 days ago +1

    Minute videos: Say iPhone
    Also Minute videos: shows Samsung

  • Ora
    Ora 4 days ago


  • Jobson Silva
    Jobson Silva 5 days ago

    She's fucking 17 and doesn't have a phone I got my first phone when I was 9

  • Helena vd Boogaart
    Helena vd Boogaart 5 days ago

    Take a Samsung, then people (Creeps) can't get your number
    (This is no joke, bc I had a iPhone and now a Samsung and there is a lot of difference!)

  • Ishani Shah
    Ishani Shah 5 days ago

    Wow I wish I could do that

  • Bee
    Bee 5 days ago

    Whatt a girl on the internet gets hit on? Inconceivable

  • Simeon Northe
    Simeon Northe 5 days ago

    I went on Discord. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Some of the girls there asked me for a dick pic and I sent them one. They were like "what a large soda bottle you have"! I was fed up and deleted the app without deleting my acoount. Then my friend from school thought it was me sending them lesbian pics. I'm glad I'm off of discord. It was a relief for me. Whomever uses my account, shame on u. BTW it was MadMaxillium1618

  • its jeeennny
    its jeeennny 5 days ago +1

    "I started to spend more time on my phone than studying for my exams", hmm sounds so familiar.

  • Katt Lol
    Katt Lol 5 days ago

    Her: mad cause she doesn’t have a phone
    Also her: mad because guys asks for nudes on tinder

  • Kaytaybros for life
    Kaytaybros for life 5 days ago

    Me:mom yes I’m pregnant

  • uwu life bois
    uwu life bois 5 days ago

    Man I'm 14 and I got a Samsung note9 and I dont use it for stupid shit

  • uwu life bois
    uwu life bois 5 days ago

    I'm not lying because my mom whenever I'm sick she blamed it on me using my phone too much 🤣

  • uwu life bois
    uwu life bois 5 days ago


  • Keoni Umiamaka
    Keoni Umiamaka 5 days ago +1

    Facebook ?????? Does everybody in the class know what Instagram is .

  • BTS Talent
    BTS Talent 5 days ago

    Me: I couldn't sleep well last night.
    Mom: it's that stupid tablet!

  • Chelsea Balderas
    Chelsea Balderas 6 days ago

    *Lies about age and pictures*
    Girl: hmm wonder why they think I'm 18+

  • Addison Mistler
    Addison Mistler 6 days ago

    I'm 10 I have a phone.Whaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Janet Hapgood
    Janet Hapgood 6 days ago +1

    Me : takes a step forward and nearly trips

    Mom : get the phone Jonathan get the axe!

  • sadbird//picklub
    sadbird//picklub 6 days ago

    I got an iphone!
    *samsung camera*

  • Kamile Karalius
    Kamile Karalius 6 days ago

    Why is the back of the phone an android but the front is an I phone 🤔

  • UnicornRider 2006
    UnicornRider 2006 6 days ago +1

    ‘I got 88%, it’s not the best score’
    Me:ummmmmm.....u ok?

  • Mythiku
    Mythiku 6 days ago

    I’m 11 and I get people trying to do it all the time ._.

  • ForealReign
    ForealReign 6 days ago

    This happens to my friends but not on tinder on instagram

  • nadjie villar
    nadjie villar 6 days ago

    me:coughs i have one when am 6

  • Angelina Maine
    Angelina Maine 6 days ago

    Me: *sneezes*
    My Mom: It’s that damn phone!

  • Gizem Demirbaş
    Gizem Demirbaş 7 days ago

    Did you really care about perverts' comments and give your phone to your parents OMG lmao xd

  • InaSabina
    InaSabina 7 days ago

    Me on my phone
    My parents: sigh
    Me: what
    My parents: do u know what else to do u always spend all of ur time on a damn phone all u do is PHONE PHONE PHONE

  • Abigail Teshome
    Abigail Teshome 7 days ago

    Who’s watching on their iPhone XR?

  • MGHQ -MobileGamerzHQ

    6:04 HER: I returned it to my parents
    Me: NANI!!!

    RED ROSE 7 days ago

    I thought fb and ig was 18+

  • Jaden Madden
    Jaden Madden 7 days ago

    I’ve had a phone sense 5th grade

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N 7 days ago

    My parents would be upset with me if they spent all that money on a phone for me to give it back in a few weeks.

  • Jalxnnie
    Jalxnnie 8 days ago

    Me: Dad I-
    Dad: it’s because of ur phone

  • What a Maverick
    What a Maverick 8 days ago

    Hi babe!

    Hello Beautiful

    *How u doin?*

  • 가현장
    가현장 8 days ago

    She stupid

  • Potato Cheese
    Potato Cheese 8 days ago

    Me : Dad , Im sick..
    Dad : You watch to much of that phone of yours , get ready for school
    Me : what ?

  • Firefly Artist
    Firefly Artist 9 days ago

    11: u can have a phone!
    18: U 2 YOUNG!!!

  • Jerrod Westcott
    Jerrod Westcott 9 days ago

    A phone is to call only and sms only not files cuz it eats ur battery i hate my phone a lucky i got one

  • Jerrod Westcott
    Jerrod Westcott 9 days ago

    And spook to soon

  • Jerrod Westcott
    Jerrod Westcott 9 days ago

    Tinder dont catfish

  • Jerrod Westcott
    Jerrod Westcott 9 days ago

    Spoke to soon

  • Jerrod Westcott
    Jerrod Westcott 9 days ago

    Ur 18

  • Indoraptor Unstoppable

    Only download Facebook and Messenger. And probably Discord if you're a gamer.

  • Jerrod Westcott
    Jerrod Westcott 9 days ago

    Same thing

  • Taryn Evans
    Taryn Evans 9 days ago

    It’s clearly an iPhoneX
    The artist just drew it different in other shots

  • Remsangi Hmar
    Remsangi Hmar 9 days ago

    A huge thumps up to the narrator.you did a great job making this story extra interesting and your voice is soo soo soo cute

  • Alyssa Scranton
    Alyssa Scranton 9 days ago



    *13 year old watching this on there own phone*

  • Yoshi Yt :7
    Yoshi Yt :7 9 days ago

    Facebook app
    Instagram app