Australia bushfire: 'Catastrophic' fire danger as thousands flee homes

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as more than 100 blazes are still raging across Australia's east coast.
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Comments • 97

  • Gabriel Comerford
    Gabriel Comerford 13 days ago +1

    I’ve always prayed for the people that have lost there 🏡

  • Momtaz Moni
    Momtaz Moni 16 days ago

    Love from Bangladesh..we Bangladesh have gained sustainable development against natural disaster

  • 50,000 subscribers with bad videos challenge Noah

    Oh... um... uh oh..... uh..

  • annieladysmith
    annieladysmith 21 day ago

    Everyone is a Californian now~

  • Dolores Martinez Ortega
    Dolores Martinez Ortega 24 days ago +1

    Capitalism is destroying our planet and causing these catastrophes. What we need is to change who runs things.

  • 호주반찬
    호주반찬 24 days ago

    소방관님들고생 하십니다 힘내세요

  • Andre Alcantara Nelson de Araujo

    OUR LUNGS IS BURNING HELP!!!! HEY MACRON SEND MONEY TO 🌏AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL INTERVETION GREEN PEACE🌏AUSTRALIA Burning fireWorld must ocupate Australia florest and protect the world environment .🙏🏻🌏 world Koala in the Fires

  • gaming with angelica
    gaming with angelica 25 days ago

    Everyone stay safe act smart think smart stay smart plan smart

  • Master of Lightning
    Master of Lightning 27 days ago

    How did all of this happen

  • Naila Sarki
    Naila Sarki 28 days ago

    Allah bless ur country
    From Pakistan

  • That Guy
    That Guy 28 days ago

    Did my mixtape get leaked?

  • savita Singh
    savita Singh Month ago +3

    hope it is not an attack ...

  • Cherry 2020
    Cherry 2020 Month ago

    I fell so sorry

  • Naveen S
    Naveen S Month ago

    We were praying 🙏.. from India

  • fendi oz
    fendi oz Month ago +4

    Pray for Australia. love the people, love the animal. love from Malaysia

    • Fin tukuafu
      Fin tukuafu Month ago

      Thx I live in Dee why and fire is a big problem

  • Aust First
    Aust First Month ago

    My heart bleeds for these Poor Souls going through this. My stomach is churning at the Government sitting there watching it. "Army on Standby", get the Guts to DEPLOY them, get them in with their heavy machinery and start helping People. Get our large Transport Division transporting water to back up our RFS, have the Guts to call the shot.

    • Aust First
      Aust First 4 days ago

      @JA, I will say it again, A Government that turns it's back on Australian's when we are in peril, has no place in our Australia. Deploying the resources of the Army on the Fire Fronts would be huge benefit. The heavy Transport Vehicles could be fitted with purpose made water tanks getting vital water supplies to the RFS, also they would be huge benefit in the war on Drought getting water supplies to affected townships. Yet what do we get from this Imbecile, Religious Discrimination Rubbish. Would not be a PMs Boot Lace.

    • JA Douglas
      JA Douglas 4 days ago

      Aust First and scomo still says no while RFS are crowdfunding to buy supplies.

  • nur amiela
    nur amiela Month ago +2

    Omg , i had know just now ! after brazil now its turn australia i'm very shock ! may god ease everything for all australian ❤❤ hope everything can back to the normal ya. From malaysia ')😌

    • nur amiela
      nur amiela 28 days ago

      @American Defender ouh yaa i see

    • American Defender
      American Defender 28 days ago

      amiela ahamad - California also under attack for satanic Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s one world government! Bilderberg Group working through UN Agenda 2030 to have communist control of all land, resources and people!

    DAVID MICHAEL PYPER Month ago +1

    Stop talking about it Action stations Big fire chiefs 🌲🍁🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zeeshan Nazeer
    Zeeshan Nazeer Month ago

    Very sad 😔

  • Jo Griffin
    Jo Griffin Month ago +9

    Thoughts and Prayers to Australia. Please stay safe everyone.

  • Safraz Khan
    Safraz Khan Month ago

    Probably a punishment from God for this ungodly nation

  • Damian
    Damian Month ago

    I'd say insurance companies are going to be busy after this disaster

  • Semper Occultus
    Semper Occultus Month ago

    allo all. i really proud and sorry for my hearth to australia. my friend in sonoma california lost wine sherry sweet bourbon champagne every think ready to sell at more 5000 customers to celebrate xmas. 300 employers just unenployed.unespeted again wildfire this year thd energy supplier cut power for 2 week for save cable and remote central powerline. is world beware to clima? mah! but i hope in this video when police chef say: we dont garantie 3 time!!! 1 question. just cut 5 % to mod defense and stop to buy more 35 F-35 jet and all the money give to poor and unlucky family to lost EVERY THINK. i want cry when many video shoe cow horse sheep farms to wine cheese production .,... lot farm lot small business just missed.,, vaporized. please use militar fund secret budget for help this unlucky people.

  • Kieran O'Reilly
    Kieran O'Reilly Month ago

    How was this started? Arson or natural cause?

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago

      Both, when bushfires start, arsonist think they can easily get away with starting some fires

    • char
      char Month ago

      Kieran O'Reilly i few cases have been arson apparently. mainly natural though

    • Amber Johnson
      Amber Johnson Month ago

      Not all was natural some was lit deliberately

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Month ago

      @Kieran O'Reilly :)

  • Fack Huyak
    Fack Huyak Month ago

    Agnidev this track is hot !!!!😀😀😀 incendiary dance💖

  • ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about Month ago +2

    Living nightmare 😢 signs of the times,rev 16:8 rev 11:18

  • brent addis
    brent addis Month ago

    Why the ....... dont aussies prepare for the fire season and remove scrub from the housing perimeters. Its not as if there trees look any good anyway.

  • Eagle,Spokesperson of India

    It is the problem for climate change

  • Beano
    Beano Month ago

    We already have standards in place following Europe with emission laws. It's large over populated countries that have no such standards causing problems with massive smog clouds and rivers of plastic. They are the ones that need to change more than anything. It's already too late though I think.

    • Bock Keat
      Bock Keat Month ago

      That is not true. The richest 10% contribute almost 50% of Co2 emission.

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman Month ago

    Just saw an EAS on the TV.

  • M P
    M P Month ago

    Strange how most of the comments here are end of the world this, God coming that, no one has a joke to lighten the mood.

  • Simple Life
    Simple Life Month ago +1

    Oh lord help help it please 🙏🙏

    IVAN THE GAMER Month ago +3

    The world is dying😪

  • ohdwight
    ohdwight Month ago +1

    north texas heat wave of 1980 ; extreme but NO fires ; this fire crap is new and by design

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Month ago

      What does that even mean?

  • James 1994
    James 1994 Month ago +1

    The world is ending climate change or not there is somthing Bigger than anything we can ever imagine coming .volcanos everywhere exploding earthquakes n the rest. The cover up is undeniable

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Month ago

      Throughout all of Human history we've had nothin' but disasters just like this. It's only now thanks to the Internet that we're all made aware about every disaster from every corner of the globe everyday that it seems like it's gettin' worse.

  • Tom Dick
    Tom Dick Month ago +6

    They had to get Climate Change in at the end FFS.

    • Tom Dick
      Tom Dick Month ago +3

      @Shehan Nanayakkara And they're wrong.

  • KLJF
    KLJF Month ago

    big fire down under , god does have a sense of humour .

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature Month ago +8

    It's amazing the ignorant things people say to deny climate change.

  • Tuatha DeDanaan
    Tuatha DeDanaan Month ago +1

    Bush fires are entirely natural. But hey let's ban more cars and prevent people from using shopping bags. That'll help.

    • Georgia Arg
      Georgia Arg Month ago +1


    • Nambi N
      Nambi N Month ago +5

      Bush fires are natural, their intensity and longitivity are not. Australia's many regions are going through the worst dry season in its recorded history. And yes, gasoline cars needs to be banned ASAP.

  • Oswaldo
    Oswaldo Month ago +5

    Mr Morrison wouldn't answer questions about climate change or if we have contributed to what is happening and he just brushed the question off as if he was dead to the question. Trump won't recognise it either. We are all doomed on this planet if we carry on as we are destroying the place

    SAUNDIEEE Month ago

    G b u

  • Roger Stubbs
    Roger Stubbs Month ago +8

    This is what the UK will look like if brexit is not delivered in Jan 2020

    • Nambi N
      Nambi N Month ago

      @Shadow Rage lol we'll see about that. Scotland is going to leave UK immediately after Brexit. Ireland border question is going to be daunting. Without free trade with EU, the entire region's economy will be badly hit, especially UK's. UK will end up a much less significant entity in the years and decades to come. That's BREXIT nonsense in a nutshell.

    • Shadow Rage
      Shadow Rage Month ago

      @Nambi N not really. After Brexit whe can start governing our country how we see fit. Rather than being told.

    • Damian
      Damian Month ago

      This was the UK a few years ago during the riots in London.

    • BubbleBlacKa
      BubbleBlacKa Month ago +2

      Roger Stubbs That’s what people said would happen on October 31st lmao

    • Nambi N
      Nambi N Month ago +2

      This is UK *after* Brexit.

  • Mohammed Akbar
    Mohammed Akbar Month ago +9

    Bushfires have been around for a long long long time so don't even try to say climate change

    • my toughts
      my toughts Month ago

      I finally found a thread not mentioning religion or disproved "science". Good to know that some people actually know how to value information.
      Climate= weather statistics over minimum 30 years. If the fires continue for another 20 years we might have a pattern that deserves recognition.

    • Gordon Freeman
      Gordon Freeman Month ago +3

      We’re in the south hemisphere that’s why.

    • Yex
      Yex Month ago

      @Keishla Peters Ye earth is a one weird place

  • Julpepsi fortold of in the Bible Repent

    Worried about Lisa and family I hope they Are ok

  • Edin Watson
    Edin Watson Month ago

    Looks like Hong Kong.

    • Kalyan Kc
      Kalyan Kc Month ago

      Looks like Nepal 😭😭

    • Beano
      Beano Month ago

      Pretty sure they are partly responsible for global warming and the lack of rain that led to this. I'm not a greeny but they are filthy

    • Julpepsi fortold of in the Bible Repent
      Julpepsi fortold of in the Bible Repent Month ago +2

      Looks like California

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner Month ago +6

    Climate change

    • W:E:I:R:D:O !
      W:E:I:R:D:O ! Month ago

      Just read an article were the LNP cut 35 million from the NSW Fire services.

    • Tuatha DeDanaan
      Tuatha DeDanaan Month ago +2

      My SUV is to blame. Ban it and everything I own or do.

    • Benjamin Playford
      Benjamin Playford Month ago +3

      Yep climate change is bullshit. Heard greta the creep thunberg caused this by discarding a ciggy...

    • Mohammed Akbar
      Mohammed Akbar Month ago +5


  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda Mullins Month ago +2

    To all please stay safe

    SUNSHINE OF ZION Month ago +5


  • Side Oiler
    Side Oiler Month ago +13

    Had to add in at the end. Fake climate change crap.

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago +11

    Damn. All the best ot everyone

    • Jack Gray
      Jack Gray 20 days ago

      How good is climate change?!!???

    • Beano
      Beano Month ago

      Yep, it's devastating. My heart to all those that have lost and most likely going to lose their livelihood and lives. Just evacuate, it's the safest option.