5 Common Traps In League of Legends That Make People Hardstuck! League of Legends Guide 2019

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • Put together a collection of common traps I see people falling into when they are trying to climb in league! Let me know what you think open to all feedback and critique.
    0:00-3:33 Preventing Stagnation
    3:34-6:24 Lane Dominance Trap
    6:25-10:02 Focusing on Things You Cant Control Trap
    10:03-13:45 The Yasuo Trap
    13:46-17:26 The Too Many Champs Trap
    #Season9 #Climbing #Leagueoflegends
    Trap image NikiVandermosten on deviant art
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  • Evangelos Alexiou
    Evangelos Alexiou 2 months ago +1

    If i am a support main, can't i play more champions in ranked? I usually end up playing max 3 for coverage but i still when i get bored play other things like fiddle

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  2 months ago +1

      This is where a lot of people drop their mmr when you get bored of mains go on a alt account or play something else stick to your core champion pool.

  • Nicol Stark
    Nicol Stark 4 months ago

    Ok, so I am in Bronze IV right now (started in iron IV, so I'm counting this as a win). I belive I may have a variation of trap IV. I main top with bottom secondary. I play Fiora, Camille, and Akali top, with Kai'Sa and Sivir bot. They all feel very consistent (ok maybe not Akali but I save her for blinds because it's fun). The problem is that both my top laners are actual garbage in team-fights, and amazing at dueling. Therefore, I should splitpush, because that is what duelists are good for. The problem is that splitpushing often tilts my team because they want me to group (and this is made VERY clear in team chat). As previously stated, my top lane pool has the dies to cc problem in team-fights. So is there a quick way to explain splitpushing well? Should I just ignore them? Should I group to prevent tilt and just see what I can do? I really want to keep playing these champions, but I might have to add Ornn or Sion or something if there really is no solution. Thanks in advance!

  • A lonely boy with his cig

    im a midlaner i main lux morg and ahri i struggle so much cuz of the teams that i get every time they either throw or feed n inte . can u give me an advice on how to help my team n comeback in the game . im a silv 4 hard stuck lol

  • Kaveen Samaraweera
    Kaveen Samaraweera 5 months ago

    Number 6 sneaky

  • Scrungo
    Scrungo 6 months ago +3

    Do you plan to make a guide for jax or tahm in s9?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago

      Yeah definitely will get around to them going to try and do them all eventually xD

  • Maged Ayman
    Maged Ayman 6 months ago

    i am a support main i was gold 1 solo/flex last season i am a thresh/braum/blitz main can you look at my op.gg and tell me about how to optimize my build and win those losing games "this is my op.gg info eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Toxic%20Support%20QQ" hope to see your replay thanks

  • Death Mwauthzyx
    Death Mwauthzyx 6 months ago +2

    well first off, why would you show your champ masteries if they are so low? only 2 mastery 7 and the the rest mastery 5 or below? I have 8 champs on mastery 7 like 15 on mastery 6 and 25 or so on mastery 5.....maybe I should be making this video instead? Second, if you are consistently going 20-3-15 per game and losing I'm pretty sure it's your teammates fault, lol. It's such hyperbole to say stop blaming teammates it's you. You and everyone else have no idea what other's play rates, win rates, or more importantly than all that....skill level is. Can we do an advice video just one time on TVclip where it's not assumed you are a moron and have no idea how to play? Third, more hyperbole....stop blaming teammates, don't look at teammates, it's your fault you lost because you went 20-3-15 while 1 guy banned your champ in select, 1 guy quit after 5 minutes, 1 guy is watching netflix, and 1 guy just sucks and is kinda feeding. But hey, it's your fault you lost right? This is such a unreasonable stance to have that I struggle even listening to it. Sure, sometimes you can do more, no doubt. But to be so stupid as to say that game I described is your fault for losing is just idiotic. I'd say something like 80 - 90% of the games I lose is some combination of what I described and 80-90% of my wins are because I hard carried. I can't make my teammates stop banning each other selections or watching netflix so.....great advice here....Fourth, I'm not looking at teammates to make me better, that doesn't even make sense. I am saying the majority of my loses are because of ridiculous teammates not because they have some profound impact on my skill but because I have critical thought and am not stupid. Facts are facts and trying to pretend otherwise is not very smart. Fifth, you go through all these things you could have done but you never mention getting mad. Anger is power if you know how to use it. You go on about maybe you could have warded this and maybe you could have done that but you are talking about .2% improvements in your already amazing gameplay and not the 99.8% reason you lost. You should be mad, report them and hopefully enough other people get mad and report them or do something too. This is how improvements are made. This is how we got a report system, ban system, rules....this is how we change things by taking responsibility, getting mad, complaining, reporting then Riot hopefully implements better systems to punish the morons, the afk, the netflix watchers, the trolls....You think Riot would ever care about any of that if we didn't get mad and complain? They just want people playing the game, if people are playing and not getting mad at these idiots then Riot will do nothing and the problem continues. Putting your head in the sand and de-evolving your critical thought does not help anyone. We should not be trying to ignore these people. We should be trying to get them removed from the game. But hey, you go on thinking the kid watching netflix has nothing to do with you losing the game you carried...Sixth, finally, some good advice. You should play meta champs with easy mechanics in solo queue. It's obvious, but at least it's real advice. Seven, good advice again. I stick to 2 roles and 3-4 champs per role. This is already partly how I do so well. But again, have heard this advice everywhere. Me, and the people like me, are the reason the rules, bans, reporting, and punishments exist not the people who would act like you advise or act. I don't expect gratitude or even acknowledgment of that. But it would be nice if you didn't purposefully try to undermine all the work we have done to get this game in the state it's in with rules, bans, reports, etc. I think you should rewind 3 or 4 years and try to remember what that was like before the people like me got mad, complained and forced Riot to actually implement some changes.
    Sorry if this get's a little mad but I've dealt with this pedestrian advice for a long time. It was helpful after week 3 in the game but after year 3 in the game it's kinda offensive and counter productive to making this game better and more fair.

  • Sunny J
    Sunny J 6 months ago +1

    Hey man just some feedback and asking for advice.
    First of all your really well presented and kind, great for viewing, you don't flame which is really good to watch.
    2nd the support tip was really good advice which 'm going to try out as a second role.
    Lastly i'm kinda stuck as to who i should main atm with 2 champs in the primary. I was thinking either liss (defs a main) and ori mid, or liss and ori top. LS recommended i think you could take ori into the top lane atm with the current meta but im unsure as to whether taking ori up there is a good option.
    Would there be any champ i should pick up that i should play as a secondary in top besides liss as a substitute in top lane im kinda stuck, was thinking sion/maokai or someone else you would suggest?
    I'm like iron 2 for the record and was thinking of playing yas top and mid with liss but he's pretty high skill cap so im thinking of doing the above options instead.

  • Pink Meg
    Pink Meg 6 months ago +2

    I mean, my problem is that I just wanna have fun and ranked is just to see my improvement. I know I could climb cause I’m killing it so far. But, I just take this game like a nice hobby and just have fun. Unless it’s my job I don’t like to stress myself over it too much.

  • Alejandro Vasquez
    Alejandro Vasquez 6 months ago +1

    you the best

  • ian jung
    ian jung 6 months ago +2

    That one dislike is the yasuo main

  • MissVampy
    MissVampy 6 months ago +1

    Great video! I love seeing more video likes this since it's super helpful when you're stuck in that bad mindset, or have hit a wall and don't know what else to do when you're stuck in a certain elo. Really helps clear things up!!
    Keep up the awesome work :D

  • YasuoGod
    YasuoGod 6 months ago +5

    What to do if someone has also watched this video?

  • Monstermushmush
    Monstermushmush 6 months ago +2

    I have fallen for the "too many champs" trap. I get bored with playing 1 champ for too long.

  • Monstermushmush
    Monstermushmush 6 months ago +4

    I'm a trap

  • Jerzane
    Jerzane 6 months ago +2

    Very helpful tips that are never bad to repeat! Like some of my teachers at school say, "After seeing this in class, repeat it again and again on your own." You aren't as likely to make the mistakes highlighted here if you don't forget!
    I really appreciated the tip about dominating lane or having that one really good game and thinking you're going to just hard carry with that champ from then on. I've had stellar games with some champs and overshadow myself afterwards, thinking I have to play that well at minimum and then end up losing hard to a rough or even matchup.

  • khresp
    khresp 6 months ago +5

    Best supports to climb fast pls
    Love ur videos

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago +1

      tvclip.biz/video/qWwqCHD7Z2c/video.html did this video a while ago best champs for climbing in each role
      tvclip.biz/video/XyIGHgjh-jY/video.html 5 tips for support to climb as well
      Let me know if you have any questions :D

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr 6 months ago +4

    #2 Lane Dominance, instead of Land lol

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago +1

      ugh Flubfit thanks for pointing it out man xD

  • Sami
    Sami 6 months ago +2

    I still can't believe that you got inspired by our Chat earlyer 🙃 But this is a good video like you really should have more time to do videos😉

  • TooniXon14
    TooniXon14 6 months ago +3

    I really hope Filipino League players especially goddamned Internet Cafe kids here would watch this.

    • Kuya Jhun
      Kuya Jhun 6 months ago

      TooniXon14 pinoy here hahaha

  • TeaserZ
    TeaserZ 6 months ago +5

    I wish RIOT forced every league player to watch this!

  • ReportMe4Living
    ReportMe4Living 6 months ago +12

    Hey I’m on the climb atm actually
    (Iron 3, 12 LP) and I think that I’ve accrued enough experience with 10093 games in my elo to comment that there are no traps in low elo it’s just your team. I have like a 14% win rate and it’s literally because of my team also I got permabanned for toxicity :(
    So I get like that you’re good at the game but I am more fit than you lolfit to give advice for low elo so stop making these videos of lies. It’s obviously your team
    Message me on client: LowIQYESUOmain

    • Andrew Bailey
      Andrew Bailey 6 months ago

      The enemy’s will be as bad as your teammates. They will make mistakes too

    • Sami
      Sami 6 months ago

      @LoL Fit What a man tho Matt :Joy:

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago +3

      You made my morning thank you report me xD

  • zen zilla
    zen zilla 6 months ago +2


    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago +1

      Thanks man been on a diet really trying to slim down thank you so much :D

    • zen zilla
      zen zilla 6 months ago +2

      hey man. you look like you've lost like 15 pounds. just camera effects or...