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Nickelback - The Betrayal Act III [Official Video]

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
  • New Album, ‘Feed The Machine’, Available Now:
    Produced by Anthem Films
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  • Vaughn Glugla
    Vaughn Glugla 16 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhhh old memes

  • Jitesh Punjabi
    Jitesh Punjabi 22 hours ago


  • yee yeee
    yee yeee Day ago

    Different person these days

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 2 days ago

    when Infinity war comes out, someone make a music video with this

  • River Holly
    River Holly 4 days ago

    Anyone else hear "we're just potatoes" instead of "you've just betrayed us?" lol

  • Jon Wilson
    Jon Wilson 4 days ago

    The Bass is strong with this one

  • Evelaine Fernanda
    Evelaine Fernanda 4 days ago +1

    Minha banda do coração. 😍😍😍

  • axl soto
    axl soto 7 days ago

    como extrañaba este estilo

  • Wolfgang Staudacher
    Wolfgang Staudacher 8 days ago


  • Nibu Rajendrababu
    Nibu Rajendrababu 8 days ago

    fukin good one.

  • Nick జ్ఞ‌ా
    Nick జ్ఞ‌ా 8 days ago +1

    How is it that Chad Kroeger looks like Nick Cage and Chris Evans at the same time?

  • Los primos Lol
    Los primos Lol 10 days ago

    Soy la unica que habla español

  • Bad Trips
    Bad Trips 10 days ago

    This sounds like it's about Judas

  • CJSM935
    CJSM935 12 days ago

    this song is fantastic and but nickleback are theyre way better than todays pop music

  • Agris Volkovs
    Agris Volkovs 12 days ago

    I hope to see this one live in Tallinn

  • Conor McDany
    Conor McDany 13 days ago

    Finally song with music video like This means war. Love it!

  • Jaylson Antônio
    Jaylson Antônio 14 days ago

    Nickelback minha banda preferida pena q não lança música direto

  • AC/GC Rocker
    AC/GC Rocker 14 days ago +1

    This way heavier than the others

  • Heavy Metal James Dean

    I absolutely despise this band but this isn't all that bad. Never thought I'd ever say this but good job NB

    • AniMaL
      AniMaL 7 days ago

      Heavy Metal James Dean if you don't hate this side of NB, you should check out Because of You, Flat on the Floor, Just to Get High, and Feed the Machine

  • Louie Schultz
    Louie Schultz 15 days ago

    heavier then Stone Sour? (sold way more albums too)

  • Jas Pur
    Jas Pur 15 days ago

    First Nickelback Video in black and white

  • Danielle Perry
    Danielle Perry 15 days ago

    💝💝 this is awesome . 😍😍. Great song . Love this when,you guys do,this. Damn chad you are,very pissed off In, this one nice. Rock on.

  • Max S.
    Max S. 16 days ago

    Einfach nur geil Leute ! Ich wünsch euch nur das Beste und jede menge erfolg !

  • atwarwithsatan27
    atwarwithsatan27 17 days ago


  • Alisson
    Alisson 18 days ago

    Cadê os br porra

  • Layne Staley
    Layne Staley 18 days ago

    Bubblegum rock for girls....Creed fans should be happy

  • Jas Pur
    Jas Pur 18 days ago

    1996 to 2018 means 22 years of pure joy

  • Jas Pur
    Jas Pur 18 days ago

    This Means War By Nickelback Part 2

  • Laura Mastrocola
    Laura Mastrocola 19 days ago

    Exelentes artistas

  • Sandra Strydom
    Sandra Strydom 19 days ago


  • Souvik Halder
    Souvik Halder 19 days ago


  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 20 days ago

    The song is a step in the right direction, but this video is just awkward as hell.

  • thekaiser d
    thekaiser d 21 day ago


  • tonebeatz24
    tonebeatz24 21 day ago

    This is some hard BADASS sound. This is the kind of Nickelback I like.

  • Gabriel Henrique
    Gabriel Henrique 21 day ago

    Palmeiras não tem Mundial

  • Daniel PC
    Daniel PC 22 days ago

    Great music, Great band...power of rock'n roll...

  • JohnyilluminaTEA
    JohnyilluminaTEA 22 days ago

    The Intro kind of reminds me of Opeth. This might be the best song they've ever written.

  • Antonella Colangelo
    Antonella Colangelo 23 days ago

  • gimie602
    gimie602 23 days ago

    i'm impressed. this is actually quite a good song, unlike every other piece of crap they play o_O

    • AniMaL
      AniMaL 7 days ago

      gimie602 If you like this song you should also check out Because of you, flat on the floor, and feed the machine.

  • Emo Tears
    Emo Tears 24 days ago

    When was this I love it sooooo much

  • Martin Inzunza
    Martin Inzunza 24 days ago

    My second Nickelback's favourite song

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming 25 days ago

    Demon in your knee?

  • seulment thomas
    seulment thomas 25 days ago +1


  • Alex jouot
    Alex jouot 25 days ago


  • Katherine Galvezgarro
    Katherine Galvezgarro 26 days ago

    :3 ame esta cancion

  • anarchisttomato
    anarchisttomato 26 days ago +1

    Have Nickelback been listening to Dead Letter Circus by any chance?

  • Thedokkanlegend 64
    Thedokkanlegend 64 27 days ago

    Nickleback still sucks

  • Ryan Dempsey
    Ryan Dempsey 27 days ago

    O O F

  • Berni Gagnon
    Berni Gagnon 27 days ago +1

    dam nickleback is the greatest

  • Greg Dorris
    Greg Dorris 28 days ago

    Leave it to nickleback to figure out how to make a 7 string sound like cock rock

  • POK4
    POK4 28 days ago

    Pena, não virem a portugal :s

  • Tara K
    Tara K 29 days ago

    Always a NB this 😊

  • Evan Costain
    Evan Costain Month ago

    Who still likes Nickelback?

  • Dawn Corrigan
    Dawn Corrigan Month ago


  • Dawn Corrigan
    Dawn Corrigan Month ago

    Good music !!

  • Christopher Harmon
    Christopher Harmon Month ago

    They're baaaaaaccccck!!! 🤘🤘

  • AdamPastor
    AdamPastor Month ago

    Yo i cant even hate on this, this is awesome

  • Mutton Bash
    Mutton Bash Month ago

    Holy shit his mouth is huge

  • H. Art
    H. Art Month ago +1

    Where are the haters now?

  • Arrin28
    Arrin28 Month ago +1

    The beginning sounds so much like Metallica I love it!

  • Ozzie
    Ozzie Month ago

    I just finished watching The Strain and this song would fit in that series like a glove. Great work Nikelback I love it !

  • SPIKE508 Gamer
    SPIKE508 Gamer Month ago

    Nickleback is awesome

  • lolson
    lolson Month ago

    this intro........ yeahhhhhh

  • Alpollo-00-
    Alpollo-00- Month ago +3

    i miss his old nose and hair!

  • johan ah
    johan ah Month ago

    just like when you're 2001 emo outs

  • Wali
    Wali Month ago

    Feel like I just got punched in the face :D

  • nickelback thailland

    เพื่อนกู. รักมากๆ

  • Austrian Mapping
    Austrian Mapping Month ago

    Next song Look at dis graph lel soool

  • [AP-STUDENT] Nico Gangan

    Always my Favorite Band!!

  • J Boyd
    J Boyd Month ago

    What's the beef!!?? This IS a cool song!!

  • AXE Distortion
    AXE Distortion Month ago

    Ok y does everyone hate them?

  • rick horwat
    rick horwat Month ago

    Good job, even the chorus sucks.

  • Maltese Cross
    Maltese Cross Month ago

    Go back to Portugal hahahahaahahahahah. Ahahahahhahha. Maybe you can open for stone sour hahahahaha. Haaahahahaja.

  • OrnateCaesar18
    OrnateCaesar18 Month ago

    I remember when this was on trending and then it went down and down and down...

    Some say that he's still saying down but they're wrong because nickelback is too awesome to keep going down!

  • RONAN Vieira
    RONAN Vieira Month ago +2

    Nickelback é a melhor banda do mundo ♥♥♥

  • Ramon Pereira
    Ramon Pereira Month ago

    Coisa linda!

  • Kamel Kadri
    Kamel Kadri Month ago

    Please Nickelback make more songs like this

  • Lucas Pereira
    Lucas Pereira Month ago

    cadê os BRs?!!

  • Ahmad ibodi
    Ahmad ibodi Month ago +2


  • Rison Bison
    Rison Bison Month ago +2

    It's honestly disappointing that this song has been out for 2 months and still hasn't hit a million views. It's one the best songs they've written in a long time.

  • Kate Candy
    Kate Candy Month ago

    N I C K E L B A C K 'S G U I T A R S G O T O E L E V E N.

  • Eric Therrien
    Eric Therrien Month ago

    Never understood the hate towards Nickelback....always loved them...not all the songs but it's a mood thing, sometimes cheesy pop and other time more rock. Love the new songs. If this song had been release by a new band, they would have been the band of the year! My tought anyway.

  • Silvena Marcheva
    Silvena Marcheva Month ago


  • محمد احمد
    محمد احمد Month ago

    This and feed the machine are the best of the album

  • Nancy Beam
    Nancy Beam Month ago

    This song is about Judas Iscariot betrayal.

  • Diego Lima
    Diego Lima Month ago


  • Melissa McCurry
    Melissa McCurry Month ago

    Love, Love, LOVE!!!

  • Fizzee
    Fizzee Month ago

    FUCK YEAH 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Kibo Toishi
    Kibo Toishi Month ago

    Nick got ooooold

  • jutaro thug
    jutaro thug Month ago +2

    Came here after listening to meshuggah

  • abcdefg hijklmnop
    abcdefg hijklmnop Month ago

    yooo this is sick

  • Alana Santos
    Alana Santos Month ago +1

    Sensacional ❤️

  • Goudie
    Goudie Month ago

    Never hated this band.......but why the hell didn't they do this type of music all along?! Good shit

  • Elias bozedomov
    Elias bozedomov Month ago

    fuck the haters awesome band always love them

  • Dante Sparda
    Dante Sparda Month ago

    Nice song again :D

  • Míriam Ellen
    Míriam Ellen Month ago


  • Martin Grand'Maison

    I swear their singer reminds me so much of Jaime Lannister from GoT with his short hair.

  • Geoffrey Kelty
    Geoffrey Kelty Month ago

    Well I'll be; they finally locked the A&R man out and put out a record with balls. I am most impressed.

  • Kng Smith
    Kng Smith Month ago

    Big fan of this band