GoPro Max review: the most accessible 360 camera

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • The GoPro Max is a $499 durable 360 camera with dual 180-degree lenses that shoots both photos and videos. With the Max, GoPro borrowed from Insta360’s playbook and made the most accessible 360 camera I have used.
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Comments • 358

  • The Verge
    The Verge  Month ago +93

    Where is the coolest place you would shoot in 360?

    • Beethovan Benny
      Beethovan Benny 3 days ago

      My Motorcycle would be the perfect place to shoot 360 when I travel or just ride!😁

    • Jimmi Kumar Parmar
      Jimmi Kumar Parmar 15 days ago

      please bro send me a free review unit i want it

    • Ijlal Zeeshan
      Ijlal Zeeshan 28 days ago

      Kaabah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  • Jay Without a hellcat
    Jay Without a hellcat 7 hours ago

    What’s up guys I’m JAY Without a Hellcat Subscribe to my channel I have zero videos zero content let’s see how many subs I can get , plus I don’t have a hellcat

  • Beethovan Benny
    Beethovan Benny 3 days ago

    The horizon leveling works fine.
    Almost. Because it can be better.
    I beleive that the problem you faced was because (Horizon leveling is required for situation when the camera pivots around like when a motercycle takes a corner but in your case there was no actual horizon visible due to the presence of trees ) the camera took the terrain as the horizon as there's no actual horizon visible so as it's clearly visible from the shot that it was tilting according to the sloppy terrain.
    So I believe that you used a wrong situation to check the horizon leveling feature but because of that the camera's flaw could be noticed.
    I'm not good at solving problems but what I thought of fixing this problem was to saperate the way horizon leveling works on the camera and integrate it with gyro so that the pair of sensors work like a north pointing magnet inside a glass globe (Like Technically) So regardless how the camera moves, when the shutter is pressed, the gyro sensor values are recorded and reflected in the processed output image.
    I hope this comment was of use and if yes can you add me in your GoPro Max Community or any Forums?
    Beethovan Benny

  • hola hola
    hola hola 3 days ago +1


  • Hayden king
    Hayden king 5 days ago

    Thank you young man!!!

  • Schalk Smit09
    Schalk Smit09 6 days ago +1

    I subscribed and looking forward to see more

  • Schalk Smit09
    Schalk Smit09 6 days ago +1

    Nice video

  • Arnie Carlson
    Arnie Carlson 7 days ago

    Can the GoPro Max shoot bracketed photos? I am thinking of getting a Ricoh Theta 360° camera, but the battery is not replaceable and the memory is internal only. Plus it only really works tethered to a phone. I don't care so much about video. I need bracketed still shots to make true HDR still images for use in 3D applications.

  • Kundaniel Ouk
    Kundaniel Ouk 8 days ago

    When you can't be famous, you gotta be infamous.


    What is your Video shot camera name I am from India

  • N
    N 10 days ago

    Hey i just bought my gopro max, i was wondering if there is any way to capture photos continuously with no need to press the button on the camera everytime i want to take a pic, or tap the button on the gopro app.

  • B K
    B K 11 days ago

    Which one to you is better say for a documentary setting the max or the hero 8?

    BRIAN VANDUYN 12 days ago

    Great review!

  • muslimin karben
    muslimin karben 18 days ago

    It is good for motovlog?

  • Silvio Maximiliano Forgione

    What is the name of the accessory?
    sec. 018 thank you???

  • Brent Allen
    Brent Allen 20 days ago +1

    That would be great for race drones...30 fps...nevermind.

  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung 20 days ago +1

    Where can I buy that gopro zipline? :o

  • Cem Koker
    Cem Koker 21 day ago

    Is she a he or a she ?

  • Dainius K.
    Dainius K. 22 days ago

    is it that bad idea to film review with camera that you are reviewing?

  • Eatmigos: San Antonio's Best Tacos

    Great vid, I'm getting mine today

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown 23 days ago

    It looks a nice 360 camera. Thanks for posting this great review.

  • Xxztunez GamingxX
    Xxztunez GamingxX 23 days ago

    Who else found this channel from the pramana mall in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Joseph Antenucci
    Joseph Antenucci 24 days ago

    When will 360 just be built into a phone?

  • jflint46
    jflint46 25 days ago

    Best video and review I seen yet I really enjoyed this !

    3 OF A KIND HACEESA 25 days ago


  • DigitalDan
    DigitalDan 27 days ago

    Would've been sooooo attractive....if it had been 4k :(

  • Henrique Andrade
    Henrique Andrade 28 days ago

    Como se chama esse acessório que corre no cabo com a camera?

  • Michael
    Michael 28 days ago

    Becca is an awesome reviewer!!

  • pappys productions
    pappys productions 28 days ago

    Great video. You kept my interest, with all the info, great filming and awesome personality. Rock on

  • 달콩율이
    달콩율이 29 days ago


  • ASMR Soap Cafe
    ASMR Soap Cafe Month ago +1

    i need this camera =)

  • Gamer Zee
    Gamer Zee Month ago

    Wtf is on ur head

  • Sasuke Kun
    Sasuke Kun Month ago

    Idk y, i dont like 360 video

  • Jerald
    Jerald Month ago

    This was a really well-constructed video. Good job!

  • king0cans
    king0cans Month ago

    Wish I knew how to edit.....

  • Im not mark
    Im not mark Month ago

    Pigeon eye

  • Systems
    Systems Month ago

    WTF is that? Pat?

  • Montang Manting
    Montang Manting Month ago


    SJFTV Month ago +3

    Can you tell me more about that cabled device you mounted the camera to in the intro, what is it, and where did you get it?

  • Two Nomads
    Two Nomads Month ago

    How can we use this while trekking or hikking i mean apart from holding n hands can we use chest mount or head ?

  • anything
    anything Month ago

    Bro what about gopro8 boost hypersmooth is in gopro max boost hypersmooth???

  • Kevin Kunze
    Kevin Kunze Month ago

    This is some bs

  • Empire Queen Ph
    Empire Queen Ph Month ago

    What monopod did you used?

  • Brandy Lynn
    Brandy Lynn Month ago

    Really awesome review!! I want this camera. I have been researching and found a good budget camera to get by with for now. I have actually created a channel called Brandy Lynn Montreal and Beyond that I have been shooting with a five year old$180 GoPro from Walmart!! Check it out. I always follow back. Peace!

  • MI.X.KO
    MI.X.KO Month ago

    What's the name of the device holding the gopro @0:15

  • Bryan_skates M
    Bryan_skates M Month ago +1

    We wide we wide we wide this is widest camera that GoPro has mad

  • onnie1968
    onnie1968 Month ago

    Thank you Becca, I love the energy you bring with your vids :)

  • J & Shay
    J & Shay Month ago +2

    I'm getting zero audio in about half my Max 360 5.6k clips, both in camera and when I export to the app to edit...anyone else having this issue? It is set to 360+stereo.

  • JC Laurent
    JC Laurent Month ago

    You’re good, make your own channel ;-) !!! Love your personality

  • Tomasz Szcz
    Tomasz Szcz Month ago +1

    Hi! How long can you record with this camera? Can record with the charger connected? Will MAX be good on motorcycle rides?

  • jxtrakk
    jxtrakk Month ago

    You are so cool and nice - great video!

  • Dennis Casinillo
    Dennis Casinillo Month ago

    What is the best gopro?

  • Ducati NYC Vlog
    Ducati NYC Vlog Month ago

    What an awesome presenter. big fan of you!

  • Oru Kidilan Journey by Reji Ramanchira

    Pl subscribe my channel

  • FreeTime
    FreeTime Month ago

    Shemale? 🤔

  • EnhancedNightmare
    EnhancedNightmare Month ago

    Didn't LG make a 360 cam in 2016 that was functionally the same to the one in the intro?

  • andrukthegreat
    andrukthegreat Month ago

    you call 500 dollars accessabile. You are really great financially .

  • Sendmetimes
    Sendmetimes Month ago

    What do you mean it's not waterproof? I just bought one and was about to try it in my pool

  • Luda_Cris
    Luda_Cris Month ago


  • Nizar Noor
    Nizar Noor Month ago

    I wish the dynamic range was better