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  • Patience Huckelby
    Patience Huckelby 22 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Jackson Eloranto

    2019 anyone?

  • Zack Fry
    Zack Fry 2 days ago

    Ok so I was at a pool with my boyfriend in his backyard it was a pool party so we had people over from all around town so one of my neighbors didn’t know I was gay and he walked up and said “hi are you gay by any chance “ clearly I said yeah why I was confused he walked away and said being gay isn’t a choice. Like what the hell

  • Candle Eggword
    Candle Eggword 3 days ago +1

    Hey youtube

  • Candle Eggword
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  • Challenge Masters
    Challenge Masters 4 days ago

    Bryan’s boner lol 4:33

  • Arcele' Merriman
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  • Nate Ellefsen
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  • Lonnie Kelley
    Lonnie Kelley 7 days ago

    *bloody nose on Bryan* ///O.O///

  • Randy Cheena
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  • Ayanna Van Eck
    Ayanna Van Eck 7 days ago

    I think cheated on the last round

  • Nancyzeidan Nancyzeidan

    I pee in the pool

  • lorenzo sugiharto
    lorenzo sugiharto 8 days ago

    does anyone know what the name of their background music

  • Noah Mallory
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  • Zayd Ahmad
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  • Haylie Mask
    Haylie Mask 9 days ago

    I have a challenge for you touch the wall tack your hand off rub your elbow then try to touch it and my name is Ladies Bissell

  • Nicholas Balaban
    Nicholas Balaban 10 days ago

    j freds pencil dive tho

  • michela moran
    michela moran 10 days ago +1

    "story time" I was in the pool having the time of my life with my cousin and some guy just screamed "some kid pooped in the pool GET OUT!!!!" me and my cousin were in the deep end and the kid was in the really sallow end!!!!!! HAHAHA

  • Autumn Jones
    Autumn Jones 11 days ago

    They need to do more videos shirtless

  • Lil Tim & Itzyeboi
    Lil Tim & Itzyeboi 11 days ago

    I did a back flip and hit my hed on the bottom of the pool lol it hurt realy bad 😬😭

  • nikoleaddyson
    nikoleaddyson 11 days ago

    2019 omg Matt GET BACK WITH TEAM EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 11 days ago

    Matthias oh ok

  • hahae huehuehue
    hahae huehuehue 12 days ago

    Who saw the gills on J-Fred

  • XxBanana17xX YUBullyMe
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  • SK Lane
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  • SK Lane
    SK Lane 12 days ago

    Yo what was that thumbnail tho😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Saul Morales
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  • Gabriel Ysr
    Gabriel Ysr 13 days ago +1

    We.we're playing don't laugh or splash and I laughed and my sister pushed me but on I got hit in the nuts on the side of the rale.

  • MYST Version
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  • Aden Kadner
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  • Colby Boland
    Colby Boland 13 days ago +2

    Even this video is so old I am still going to tell my pool story my bathing suit got stuck in the drain and this was a public pool so I held my breath until someone notice me for 20 minutes

    • Spicy Gorl Gru
      Spicy Gorl Gru 2 days ago

      There is no way you held your breath for 20 minutes

  • Kitty Gaming
    Kitty Gaming 13 days ago

    My story is a secret

  • MinionBoy 100
    MinionBoy 100 13 days ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Brendan Lloyd
    Brendan Lloyd 13 days ago

    I can make a bigger one then j-fred

  • toby johnson
    toby johnson 13 days ago

    my funny story is my brother scard my mum wi we were in the pool she hit me in the noise by accedent and my noise stared bleding

  • Nan Tran
    Nan Tran 14 days ago

    What’s confusing to me is Bryan is older than Matthias and Joseph but he has zero chest hair and Joseph and Matthias both have chest hair and they’re younger than Bryan

  • Tony Perkins
    Tony Perkins 14 days ago

    someone hit me in the tush

  • Captain KEV814
    Captain KEV814 14 days ago +1

    So matt you forgot you were married

  • Cringe army
    Cringe army 14 days ago

    4:33 Brian gets too excited

  • SweetHeart
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  • 1,000 subs with no videos

    4:35 Brian’s a bit excited there

  • Jesus Campuzano
    Jesus Campuzano 15 days ago


  • Jesus Campuzano
    Jesus Campuzano 15 days ago

    i slipt in the pool once or twice and got to the bottom both times

  • Jack Kopytko
    Jack Kopytko 15 days ago

    Anyone 2019?

  • Jayson Uhl
    Jayson Uhl 15 days ago +1

    who here is watching in 2019

  • Panda Castro
    Panda Castro 15 days ago

    Bryan had a boner while Matt was throwing the missiles

  • Weston Humphreys
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  • luna504co
    luna504co 15 days ago

    2019 anyone???

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez 16 days ago +5

    2019 anyone?

  • Jazzy plays games
    Jazzy plays games 16 days ago

    My bottoms fell off me when I was going to get my ice cream and they fell down😆😆😆😆😄😄😄😄😄😆😁😄😄😃😀😀😃😃😄😄😆😆😆😁😄😄😃😂😃😄😁😆

  • Alaina Mathew
    Alaina Mathew 16 days ago +1

    I miss their old vids

  • anthony gaming
    anthony gaming 16 days ago

    hi team edge can u plz keep the intro like use did for underwater challenge guys

  • Jordi Quintana
    Jordi Quintana 16 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Kye karcher
    Kye karcher 17 days ago

    Anyone watching 2019

  • Bailey Blankenship
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  • Gabriel Boulhane
    Gabriel Boulhane 17 days ago +2

    2019 anyone?

  • Andrey Pus
    Andrey Pus 17 days ago

    I was at one of my friends pool party and they had this go down to move Stone slides onto a Emoji floating singing and I hit it but then it pop

  • La Page Thompson
    La Page Thompson 17 days ago


  • Tim -Emil Kvisvik Godtland


  • Hy3r1d JFox
    Hy3r1d JFox 17 days ago +1

    4:36 Bryan had a boner

  • Carleigh Gerber
    Carleigh Gerber 18 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Jadon Shea
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  • javi peral
    javi peral 18 days ago +3

    Happy new year

  • Maxx Fredriksson
    Maxx Fredriksson 18 days ago

    Any one 2019

  • mohamed riadh gaming
    mohamed riadh gaming 18 days ago

    OMG!!! J-FRED HAS BIG NOISE in the thumbnail

  • Brady Nobles
    Brady Nobles 19 days ago

    Whale call

  • The.Blue.wolves
    The.Blue.wolves 19 days ago

    What the hell happened to Matt's face?! 7:12

  • boss gamer2118
    boss gamer2118 19 days ago

    I saved my brother from drowning

  • Lillianna Friday
    Lillianna Friday 20 days ago +1

    Small splash:Matt
    Big splash:Bryan or Joey

  • Terry Talton
    Terry Talton 20 days ago

    When Jferd did his small splash Matt said it was bigger than Brian it was actually smaller and big on his big splash

  • Evan Ferragamo
    Evan Ferragamo 20 days ago

    Something that Happened to me was I was in the pool and I got caught in a net and I thought that I was still underwater but the whole time my mouth was above the water and I wasn’t breathing so I am most passed out until I open my mouth and I can breathe

  • Jakob Thomas
    Jakob Thomas 20 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks joey Can sing

  • ChrisDiss
    ChrisDiss 20 days ago

    Is Matt gay

  • Ryan Rochester
    Ryan Rochester 20 days ago

    Bryan is the best

  • Alexandre Medina
    Alexandre Medina 20 days ago

    I sometimes feel lime matt is bullying j fred. Maybe cuz hes always complaining what j fred does

  • Suhani Talwar
    Suhani Talwar 21 day ago

    Thumbnail is the bestttt😂

  • Electro acid
    Electro acid 21 day ago

    I love this video

  • Veronica McDivitt
    Veronica McDivitt 21 day ago

    J fred is awesome

  • Scooby the service dog

    Boner 😂

  • Callie Hansen
    Callie Hansen 21 day ago +1

    one time i jumped in my pool and i was swimming and my foot put a hole in my pool and my foot got stuck in the pool

  • Wwe Super fan
    Wwe Super fan 21 day ago

    3:35 J-Fred twitches his peck

  • leonardo Carrillo
    leonardo Carrillo 22 days ago

    Look at j-feeds small splash

  • Liane Pech
    Liane Pech 22 days ago

    i said hi dad and it was not my dad

  • dallas cowdoys dak and jason

    Where j freds nipples moving

  • Kourtney Lenard
    Kourtney Lenard 22 days ago +1

    I was walking by the eage of th pool and my friend shuvd me in the pool

  • Hayes Wendell
    Hayes Wendell 23 days ago

    Who's watching 2019

  • Stephen Colambot
    Stephen Colambot 23 days ago

    what is the full name of bryan

  • Sarah Ricks
    Sarah Ricks 23 days ago

    I almost drowned my friend crawled on top of me

  • Wesley McDaniel
    Wesley McDaniel 23 days ago

    Look at j_fred 3:32

  • KaeleyPlayz
    KaeleyPlayz 23 days ago

    I know I'm not first but she I was little my little cousin pushed me into the local pool I did not know how to swim at the time I was like Four and I almost drowned but my mom saved me it was like ten feet deep so yep that's my pool story.

  • Michael Higley
    Michael Higley 23 days ago +1

    The things you called missiles. Are torpedoes

  • Anthony Peasnall
    Anthony Peasnall 23 days ago +1

    7:04 matt didnt cheat it was a stratagey,matt i got your back.: }

  • Micheal Slash
    Micheal Slash 24 days ago

    2018 or 19

  • Mirabel
    Mirabel 24 days ago

    I miss these episodes

  • David Moore
    David Moore 24 days ago

    What happened to your eyes in the thumbnail?

  • Car Gamer7777
    Car Gamer7777 24 days ago +1

    Hi clay

  • Aaron Cooling
    Aaron Cooling 24 days ago


  • Katitco Gacha
    Katitco Gacha 25 days ago

    3:34 Why J-Fred...STAHP...Why are ya doin that with yo pecs?!

  • Hailey Ryerson
    Hailey Ryerson 25 days ago

    I was in the pool and I was swimming and this kid kicked me in the face very hard and I’m all like you o meh gosh wat just happened and the kid that kicked me said oh I kicked you and I’m like I going kill you and he was like o heck naw and I’m like o you better run boiiiiii

  • Marilu Chavez
    Marilu Chavez 25 days ago +2